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USS Waddell (DDG 24) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Waddell (DDG 24). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 245 crew members registered for the USS Waddell (DDG 24).

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Hall, DannyE3Dec 1963 – Oct 196601 DeckPlank Owner/I still have some commissioning papers,booklets,etc./Was on board during the collision with the Brinkley Bass
Hall, DennisE-3Dec 1963 – Oct 1966USS Waddell (DDG 24)My dad, Danny Hall was on the USS Waddell in 1963. He sadly passed away last year, Jan 2020, from cancer. He is buried at Jacksonville National Cemetery. I am serving in the US Army Reserves in Kuwait currently.
Hodson, JonETN31964 – Jul 1967ETOn board from commisioning, until I was seperated in July 1967
Lawrence, LarryDC-21964 – 1968AR
Buchanan, Donald (Buck)MM21964 – 1967M
Bienduga, RichardMM21964 – 1966M division Main ControlPrecom in San Diego, then Bremmerton-plank owner, remember Brinkley Bass hit us at main steam line for turbine, thank God for HY80 steel! '68 1st class Diver, Instructor NSDS in Wash DC Left Nav '72. Ret US Gov 2006.
Yentzen, Eugene/geneETR-5Jan 2, 1964 – Aug 1, of about 25 e-5's on board during construction. We worker with construction worker in our parts of ship to see that ships equipment was installed according to plans. most of us were married and stayed in apartments
Mutchler, BillHT2Jan 10, 1964 – Jun 10, 1966R
Wolfe, Myron ( Mike)MR3Feb 1964 – Sep 1966ARcame aboard waddell right from boot camp. If I remember correctly I was was about the 10th crew member when I checked aboard in Seattle Wa. Stayed at San Point Navel Air in Seattle and was bused to Todd Shipyard every mo
Blackmon, RobertE2/BMFeb 1964 – Aug 1965BMLooking for something that served with me on the Waddell 1964-65
McKim, LonnieSM2Feb 12, 1964 – Jun 30, 1966OPSAny more signalman out there. Was on from precom untill left in 1966.
Nickols, FredFTGCMar 1964 – Nov 1968FoxI was a plank owner and the FT in charge of the GFCS MK68.
Smith, WilliamFTM2Mar 1964 – 1968MISSILEWill never forget coming under fire from shore batteries while in the "bay". I was air defense officer & was using TDT's to direct guns @ gun implacements on the beach. I could hear their shells when they zipped by.
Andrews Cwo 3 Ret, Emerson (Andy)Apr 14, 1964 – Sep 22, 1966BWas on the Pre comm crew had a great time any one know where Snell or Howe is today
Sandoval, Antonio "Tony"RM1Aug 1964 – Mar 1968Operations (Radio)We had a great crew and good working relationships in all divisions. Still looking for some shipmates: Frank Perez, ET1. Where is Jay Patterson, O'Brian, Stouch, Malone?
Griffin, Robert D.MMFNAug 24, 1964 – 1967m
Jones, Allen L.IC-2Aug 28, 1964 – Apr 30, 1967E - IC GangI am a Plank Owner and would like to locate Greg Smith and Dennis Flynn.
Wood, Lawrence "Woody"BT2Sep 1, 1964 – Sep 15, 1966MPB1One of the orgianal ANAMALS of the forward Fireroom, remember guys "Clean don't Make Steam"
Cherriman, JohnFTM2Oct 1964 – Jul 1968WeaponsServed in Missile Plot. Did the first 2 Westpacs. Shipmate locator for USS Waddell Association Please Contact me to add yourself and to locate other shipmates. <>
Cherriman, John WFTM2Oct 12, 1964 – Jul 12, 1968Weapons MissileI enjoyed the travel and shipmates. The mishaps were notable but we survived. SHE protected her crew.
David, Alex profile iconBT 11965 – 1970MP BB Div. crew worked hard, played hard, they were the best. Glad to have served with them.
Hoffman, BobRM3Oct 20, 1965 – Jun 28, 1967CommunicationsThe slickest ship in the Navy, I'll never forget drag racing the carrier on the way to westpac, liberty in Hong Kong, and Subic of course, Midway getting all that beer. And most of all the great shipmates Smitty, Doc Puls, Big Joe Arimetta
Magee, MikeE3Nov 1965 – 1967
Melton, JamesETN21966 – 1969OEAssigned to OE Division, Communications gang, of the best ship in the US NAVY. Wonderful time and memories. Gained experience that served me throughout my military & civilian career. Made many friends.
Large, RonaldSK21966 – 1967Supply
Hoffman, BobRM3Feb 20, 1966 – Sep 27, 1967OCLooking for Radiomen who servered on Waddell in 66 and 67 were on Westpac cruises, off coast of Nam and remember boat incident where boat fell from cleat.
Morris, Melvin L.EM1Apr 1966 – Mar 1967E
Miller, C.e. (Earle)YN2Apr 1966 – Nov 1969Nav & Operations
Kerns, DanETN3Jun 1966 – Jul 1967Served as ETN3 in Combat Control and Radio.
Hernandez, EdwardLTJun 1, 1966 – Oct 6, 1968Supply
Balch, MalcolmE-3Jun 6, 1966 – Jun 6, 1968Deck
Thrift, LarryHM3Jul 1966 – Jul 1967Participated in the legendary Midway Island "vacation cruise" Serving aboard WADDELL was one of the finest experiences I had in my 21 year career.
McClure, AlvinBT2Jul 5, 1966 – Jan 15, 1970B DivisionVery good ship and very good crew
Bowden, GurnieLTJGAug 1, 1966 – Sep 1, 1968Electronics
Lee, WilburBT3Sep 15, 1966 – Jul 1, 1969B
Brewer, William I. "Bill"IC2Nov 1966 – Jun 1968Visit web site dedicated to all who served aboard the Ship:
Brewer, WilliamIC2Nov 1966 – Jun 1968EngineeringPlease visit and register in the Shipmate Forum Section.
Wickstrom, GusRD3Dec 1966 – May 1967OII spent my time in Vietnam on board the USS Waddell with the best crew imaginable
Benz, RichardRD3Dec 7, 1966 – Jan 1968OIServed as an RDSN in the scullery and CIC during Viet Nam deployment December 1966-May 1967. Made RD3 prior to departure to Guam & new command aboard USS Koiner DER 331.
Kamerman, BernardETN3Dec 24, 1966 – Aug 22, 1967OEWestPAC 1967 member of Albert Fowler's Communications crew.
Gaik, BillLTJGDec 26, 1966 – Nov 17, 1969Operatons

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1966 | 1967 – 1972 | 1973 – 1978 | 1979 – 1983 | 1984 – 1987 | 1988 – now

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