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USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG 22) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG 22). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 617 crew members registered for the USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG 22).

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Wiles, ArtEW@1977 – 1979OIThe Benny Sweat was a great time with a great crew.
Kleinpeter, PaulE3/BS1977 – 1980BS
Schaefer, Richard (Rick)GM31977 – 1981G DivGood times Great Ship
Myers, NealBM31977 – 19801st div
Pike, DennisET2Jan 1977 – Oct 1979OE2 westpacs Golden Shellback/Take me back to Subic. Thanks boys for the education
Sannito, JohnBM2Feb 1977 – Feb 19791STCROSSING EQUATOR TWICE BEST OF TIMES LOVE THOSE l b f m's in subic bay ,freebird rules
Aloisio, DanielGMG3Feb 1977 – Mar 1979GOne hell of a ride 2 westpac's and lots of memories, would like to hear from shipmates
Tyler, TimMM2Feb 1977 – Jul 1980MSeeing some familiar names, Dale, Bill, Mike, Steve, etc., brings back some good memories. Two West Pacs, and everything that went along with them. We worked hard and played hard. Never will be forgotten.
Murphy, JamesOSSNFeb 16, 1977 – Jun 14, 1978OILooking for anyone from OI division
Aguirre, FrankYN2Feb 17, 1977 – Aug 30, 1979OperationsMet and worked with alot of good people. Part of the Ship's Office gang, what a bunch of great guys. Lucky enough to make 2 West Pacs. Even to this day, I still think of all the goo times on the Bennie Sweat.
Richardson, RobinOS3Apr 1977 – Apr 1979OIMy first ship and it was a good one. 2 WastPac's and I will never forget the PI!
Baker, ScottIC2Apr 1977 – Oct 1978EFirst ship I was leading ICMan on. Got my shellback listing and had fun in Australia. Was saddened when I read about her sinking in Time magazine. Go Benny Sweat!
Moore, JimFTG2Apr 8, 1977 – Jun 15, 1979WeaponsReally miss the team work. Bm3 Jimmy Pearson, GMG3 Dan aloisio, GMG3 Ed Ashe, Best supervisor I ever had.. FTG1 Jerry Kuhn. Best softball team in none. Sr Chief Nichols, nice to see your name there too.
Chiaro, LarryET2Jun 14, 1977 – Jul 1, 1979OE
Meares, MikeGMT2Jul 1977 – May 1980AS77 WestPac; 78-79 WestPac;PH yards 1980;first and great ship;crazy AS Div guys, haze gray and underway!
Basham, Brian profile iconSTG3, STG2Jul 1977 – Jun 1979ASWOne and a half WesPacs, Ordained a Golden Shellback. Wish I had stayed in the Navy! I did the 6YO and elected to let my enlistment end.
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Pullen, JimBM2Oct 1977 – May 19791stI loved westpac and all the good times over seas. Would like to hear from old friends.
Cartlidge, JimMM2Oct 1977 – Jan 1980M/BGreat times aboard the Sweat! Be cool to hear from some of my shipmates from that time.
Welch, MarkOct 1, 1977 – Jun 10, 19811stlooking for anyone in 1st div. at that time
Van Dorn, MichaelsnOct 27, 1977 – Oct 27, 19791stPearl was great for a 19 year old kid from Detroit. Loved westpac and all the crazy guys I served with.Olangapo City...what a freakin blast!!
McNeill, JohnBM3Nov 1977 – Apr 19801stAlways had fun going haze grey and underway
Baumchen, JohnEW1Nov 21, 1977 – Nov 1, 1979OERemember the EW PDL? Funafuti. 2 man EW watches in SouthPac? The fun of becoming a Golden Shellback? Gotta say though that a bad day of shore duty was better than the best day at sea.
Colt, Robert - Bob, Pony, Worm, Shaggy, etcSEAMAN, SHSNDec 1977 – Oct 19791st then later SupplyIndeed we did have some great & memorable (& occasionally difficult) times. I spent most my time either on deck, the laundry rooms, or ashore.
Lynch, PatSK21978 – 1981Supply
McConnell, PatrickEW1978 – 1980Ah yes, the PDL, Akidama wine, Olongapo, Monkey meat on a stick, Chief Pritchard, and of course my ballcap? Where is it John!
Bannister, LonBT31978 – 1981Engineering1 west pac, loved every minute of it. At least the parts I remember.
Young, MarkEW31978 – 1979OWLoved the PI, finally made it to Australia 25 years later. Hi Art, John, Wilson (you SOB) and McConnel.
Brost, JamesBT31978 – 1980BGreat time while on the Benny Sweat
Rustad, JohnE31978 – 1979OIMy first ship. Caught the Benny in Subic Bay. Wow! Welcome to a 3rd country. Missed the Golden Shellback stuff.
Pickett, JohnEW2Jan 1978 – Jan 1980OWThe EW PDL had to be destroyed or the end was near
Hughes, Dale/howieMM3Jan 1, 1978 – Jul 15, 1980M & B1 WestPac, Golden Shellback. Best time of my life. Tim Tyler where are you
Tucker, JohnIC3Feb 1978 – Feb 1980ESubic Bay! Australia, New Zealand. Will never forget this time of my life.
Hubert, Eldon "Elcid"ENFA-EN3Feb 20, 1978 – Feb 24, 1980ABennie Sweat was my first ship, she was the best DDG in the Navy. My 1st West Pac I became a Golden Shellback. I remember the crazy times I had on leave but especially in Subic Bay I had the best time of my life overseas
Gore, William (Bill) profile iconMM3/2/1Feb 28, 1978 – Feb 1, 1980MFunafuti Banyan Party, Golden Shellback, "Take this Job and shove it" Breakaway song. Little Orphan Annies, $3 high, Off-roading in a rentacar on big island. Sully, Murph, Tim and Yogi.18 silver dollar buckwheat pancakes
Liston, MikeMM3May 13, 1978 – Dec 15, 1980MHad a great time on West Pack and a lot of fun running around Hawaii
Marr, DaveJO2May 21, 1978 – Jul 1, 1981OE/IRSITE-TV journalist, Golden Shellback. Incredible experience for a young sailor!
Lynch, PatSK2Jul 1978 – Jul 1981SupplyGood Ole Benny Sweet
Nixon, JohnGMGCAug 1, 1978 – Jul 30, 1981Second
Taylor, JeffPNCAug 13, 1978 – Apr 4, 1981Commissioned LDO 81, Retired CDR 2002. Working as GS-13 for NCIS. Looking forward to the reunion in Oct 95. :-)
Turner, BrentEM1Sep 15, 1978 – Jul 15, 1980EJust wanted to say "hi" to all the guys in E Division. I worked with a lot of great guys during my short stay onboard. I hope to hear from some of you.
Theiss, LarryFTM3Sep 18, 1978 – Sep 24, 1981FOX
Doolittle, MichaelMM3Dec 27, 1978 – Jul 17, 1982MGreat Ship and great times.

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