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USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG 22) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG 22). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 615 crew members registered for the USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG 22).

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Croxall, James (Jim)STG21970 – 1971From the ocean, I remember thinking what a beautiful country Nam was, until I saw the puffs of smoke rising from exploding mortars on the hills! Septic Bay was a trip, and the two visits to Taiwan were a lot of fun (also Hong Kong).
Flow, JoeFTG21970 – 1972Fire control gunsjust passin through. Saw Ski's name and thought I would stop to say hello. Vietnam, What a ride. Those were some crazy days. If anybody remembers me, drop me a line. When did we rebarrel in Danang?
Prime, MichaelTM3/TM21970 – 1971AS
Stewart, JackEM31970 – 1972Egang
Johnson, JamieBt1970 – 1972UnknownIm actually looking for men who served with and knew my father James Lee Johnson he was a boiler tech on the benjamin and passed away about 9 years ago and sadly didnt tell us much about his navy years......
Weiler, NormFTM2Jan 1970 – Jun 1974FoxQuite an experience...always looked forward to getting underway. Worked on the Fire Control Radar with shipmates Phil Beebe, John Stevens, Phil Tansley, Allyson "Guch" Taniguchi, Tony Mariani, Richard Schee, others -- hope you're all well.
Fass, Wayne (Sgt. Rock) profile iconFTG2Jan 1970 – Jun 1974F&GLots of great memories of Hawaii and the Westpac cruises. Would like to hear from old shipmates, especially ones from the F&G division who served from 1970 to 1974. Remembering R. Mills, D. Larson and M. Micheals.
Hellwege, BillQM1Feb 19, 1970 – Aug 30, 1971NAVThe best ship I ever served in.Retired as a QMC with 21 years of service.Regards to all.
Boles, GeorgeEM3Mar 16, 1970 – Jun 24, 1971E GanG
Bennett, JohnRM3Mar 16, 1970 – Feb 19, 1971Radio DeptLooking for RM shipmates who remember docking in Danang, to pick up several men to transfer out in the Phillepines.
Young, MikeOSSNApr 1970 – 1971opsHad a great time aboard the "sweat" remember crossing the line going to Surabaja. Would love to get to a reunion one of these days but haven't yet had the chance. If anyone would like to contact me I'm at
Gunther, GeorgeSK3May 1970 – Nov 30, 1971supplyworked in supply office with chief Tougas, also remember the fire on board at Pearl
Rantschler, John "hand"LTJGAug 1970 – May 1972F&GI have made some reminiscing at: would welcome any comments one way or another
Young, Bruce/ " Otto "FTG 2Aug 1970 – Apr 1975G DivisionThe best of times, the worst of times ..... What a wild ride. Greetings to a Great bunch of guys. Hope to see you all in Seattle !!!!!
Quadro, SteveE 3 Aug 12, 1970 – Feb 7, 1972Deck force
Destromp, GaryFTM3Sep 1970 – May 1974FOXLooking for anyone that served aboard the ship during 1970-1974.. Would love to hear from you all..
Haack, AllenE3Sep 1, 1970 – Feb 1, 1972FirstHad a good time when I was there, wish I did 20.
Munjas, MikeE-3Sep 7, 1970 – Feb 2, 19721-ST.ATLEAST I GOT TOO SEE THE WORLD . BUT NOT EXACTLY HOW I WANTED TOO SEE IT !!!!!!!!!!
Gouskos, John - SNSep 11, 1970 – Mar 7, 1972Destroyer Flotilla 5
Hoopman, JimPN2Sep 20, 1970 – Dec 31, 1973NAV/ADMINRETIRED PNCS(SW)
Jansson, JayFTG2Oct 1970 – Dec 1971Living in San Luis Obispo,CA. Peggy and I have 2 great kids with a grandchild on the way. Thinking about the great Benny Sweat friends and trying to hook up with as many as possible. 805 549-0477or email at Aloha
Jansson, JayFTG2Oct 1970 – Dec 1971F&GRemembering our lost shipmates, especially Dave Larsen, great friend. I played left field on the championship 1971 softball team. Contact me at or 805 549-0477. Aloha to all and hope to see you at the reunion.
Butler, James H.TM31971 – 1972ASW
Greager, Craig E.ST21971 – 1973
Palazzo, RichCS31971 – 1972SupplyGreat memories of shipmates and a of a great ship. .
Behrend, DavidEN-21971 – 1975A-ganglooing for Loni Owens Gary Kruger Terry Husk Terry Marshfield
Knope, MikeGMM11971 – 1974F & G
Cruz, Robert (Rob)E31971 – 1973CommunicationsWould ike to contact some of my shipmates, in particular, Mac, Brad and Seabat to name a few. Hope to hear from you soon.
Drannbauer, BillQM1971 – 1972NavigationLooking for old shipmates
Houston, Micahelst1971 – 1972aswlookin for the st's while i was there and pics.. i was a sonar tech while we were in dry dock and durin the fire and refresher training
Tracy, MattFTM21971 – 1975F & GHell of a ship, hell of a time.
Krueger, GaryHT3Jan 1971 – 1974Eng/AGangGreat memories of strong resilient men during tough and trying times. Wayson Vannetta, Dave Behrendt, Marshall Tator, Black brothers, David Dennis and to all the guys from our baseball team.
Kilpela, PeteE3 ( coxswain)Jan 1971 – Feb 19721stHad a good time...lots of fun.
Griffin, JerrySk3Jan 1971 – Jun 28, 19727th fleet uss Benjamin stoddertOn board during the Easter offensive. In CIC as that Commie missle sailed over our heads . Brown trousers. Anyone know where Bucky McDade wound up?
Beedle, Rick Aka Ricky Aka Rickon Z ChickonFTG3Jan 5, 1971 – Aug 5, 1974F & GRemembering Davy Larsen and Bob Mills ... and all the rest who SURVIVED!!
Lipscomb, JeffLTJan 7, 1971 – Oct 23, 1973E/OPSFirst assignment out of USNA. Roomed with LCDR Mike Martin who was lost in June 1972. How about the around Ford Island Gig races. Great softball team, Pearl Harbor champs in 71. Doc Doolley was great pitcher. Never forget Chief Dan Malkov.
Jensen, Cliff profile iconGMG3Jan 10, 1971 – May 20, 1974Weapons/GunsI was on board during the Pearl Harbor ship fire, and Vietnam getting slammed by a rocket and just being missed by that missile. Lost good friends in the mount 51 explosion. Looking forward to seeing old shipmates once again.
Kohut, RobertFTM2Feb 1971 – Mar 1974F & GHad some great time on the Benny Sweat.
Icenogle, LarrySK2Feb 1971 – Feb 1973supplygood-times,lots of memories,always looking for guys aboard during this time
Craker, Dennis A.MR2Apr 11, 1971 – Aug 31, 1972A-GangI was onboard for the shipyard fire and fwd gun mount explosion.
Goss, MikeYN3Apr 28, 1971 – Apr 10, 1973Personnel OfficeI have carried a lot of fond memories throught the years of shipmates and would enjoy meeting up with ALL of them again.
Bryan, JosephsnJun 1971 – Oct 19741st divisionlooking for any BM, from 1971-1974.
Haynes, Jerry D.GMG2Jun 13, 1971 – Sep 1973Weapons
May, JimENSIGN/LTJGJun 25, 1971 – May 1, 1974Navigator/CIC Officerwas aboard for the shipyard fire, the enemy hit at Vinh, and the mount 51 explosion. Navigator for 18 mos and then cic officer. now a lawyer in Bham.
Ambrozewski, Kenneth (Ski)STG2Jul 1971 – Oct 1973A/S
Solimine, Josephe4Jul 1971 – Jul 1973MMI DID NOT LIKE WAR , LOST 2 friends which scrrewed me up for life.
Frank, DavidLtSep 1, 1971 – Dec 10, 1974ASW
Simpson, CharlesRM2Sep 15, 1971 – Mar 15, 1975CommunicationsHad a blast !! The best ship i ever served on and best Radio gang i ever worked with. I would love contacting other RM's during 71-75 timeframe.
Reid, Big Al AlanFTG3Sep 21, 1971 – Sep 29, 1974F&GGreat times&sad times
Wood, Ronald (Woody)QM3Sep 23, 1971 – Jul 9, 19751st / OpsI just found this in 2008 and will be looking up and contacting some of the most outstanding friends I've ever had. Just a few= Jeffry Lane Tidwell, Dan Boone Tidwell, Mark Lucci Look out guys, I'll be emailing photos as soon as I find t
Rosendahl, GaryOct 1971 – Jan 19721stGreat first ship. I lost a good friend in the explosion in the forward gun mount. Retired in 1993 as PNCM(SW).
Bradley, RobertRM2Oct 1971 – Dec 1973RadiomanLike to get in contact with Ken, Seabat, Charlie, Cruz, Brag, McCord, Kennedy, Hoopie, Mike Land, Chubby, Louie, Jordan, Wallie, McIntosh. Shoot me a line would like to hear from you. What about the 72 west pack!
Campbell, DaveEW1Oct 1, 1971 – Oct 1, 1974OWRetired in 1987 an EWCS(SW)
Tobin, JohnGMG-3Oct 23, 1971 – Jul 10, 1974Weapons
Haddad, SteveYN2Oct 31, 1971 – Jul 15, 1974Ships OfficeI arrived onboard shortly after the fire...worked pretty much exclusively in the ships office most of my tour...I was the 1JV phone talker on the bridge any time we went to battle stations...
Oleary, Dennisos3Nov 1971 – Aug 1974Ops
Biodrowski, LeoSH2Dec 1971 – Jul 1975SupplyWent to the reunion in St. Louis and met with with a number of former shipmates. Looking forward to the next one in PA. and hope to see everyone and more this time around.
Halvorson, WilliamSTG2Dec 1971 – Nov 1974ASWHad a great time the 3 years I was aboard. I have all the names of the guys from A/S division while I was there and am in contact with a few. Also have many Hawaii and WESPAC photos & slides. Bring on the reunion. DESRON 33 rules!
Mackintosh, John W.SMSNDec 21, 1971 – Aug 26, 1975operationsI had great times aboard stoddert would like to hear from any and all shipmates.
Burns, RonCS4Dec 21, 1971 – Jul 29, 1973supplyI am proud of having served aboard the "benny sweat", breakaway song, "Hawaii Five-O"
MacKintosh, John W. Jr (Mack)smsnDec 22, 1971 – Aug 22, 1975operationslike everyone else I enjoyed the comradery my time in the navy gave me. will answer all emails sent
Taranovich, FrankBM3Dec 28, 1971 – Aug 19751ST DivWe had the tightest crew there could be, watched each others backs where ever we were. Great memories on the g Benny Sweat. Good times, Good friends, Great memories. always in my heart. Feel free to contact me anytime TY

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