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USS Goldsborough (DDG 20) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Goldsborough (DDG 20). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 264 crew members registered for the USS Goldsborough (DDG 20).

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Traicoff, ToddE41988 – 1991Engineering
Farrell, Christopher / BunnyE5/ FC21988 – 1992FOXI would really like to see if I could get a hold of FC2 Bill McClain.
Amparano, Gilberto HMC1988 – 1989MedicalMy first ship and first duty as an IDC, made Chief on board. Great mentoring from the chiefs on board, loved serving with crew and officers. Left the ship early, because my wife was diagnosed with Luekemia. Passed '90.
Lehue, MichaelE-5 GMM21988 – Apr 27, 1992A/SJust touching base and catching up.
Anderson, Richard Steven 'Chiefmac'MACJan 1, 1988 – Dec 1, 1991Master-at-ArmsReported aboard as the new Chief Master-at-Arms.
McCandless, BillSTG1Jan 28, 1988 – Jan 18, 1993ASGoldy was my first ship. I went from a boot 3rd to 1st class on board her. I made two Persian Gulf deployments and one drug enforcement ops out of Rodman, Panama. All in all, she was the best ship and the greatest experience in my naval caree4.
Bracamonte, Dean "BRACS"MS2Feb 2, 1988 – Feb 2, 1991SUPServing the Goldy was a great experience. It made me a better person. "Going for the Gold" was a memorable phrase. It symbolizes everything we tried to accomplish on board.
Hillery, ChristopherRADIOMANApr 1, 1988 – Jun 15, 1991OCMy first ship, many memories. I'll never forget "Goldy"
Farrell, Christopher (Bunny)FC2Apr 10, 1988 – Oct 18, 1992FOXThanks for the nick name SeaMonkey. I had some great times on the Goldy, Now that I am a Chem. Prof. I often tell my students about the insane antics of my youth in the service of my contry. I really miss a few great friends.
Grindy, SeanFC3Jul 1, 1988 – Sep 2, 1992I served on the Goldy for 4 years and had a great ride. Funny I say that when all I wanted while I was on was to get off. FC2 John Mclean Served the Goldy and one of the greatest guys. I named my son after you McLean Grindy. see you on the other side
Butler, GregE-5Jul 5, 1988 – Nov 20, 1991O.I.
Sucena, StephenOS2Aug 1988 – Mar 1993
Lunak, WilliamCWO/ENGSep 1988 – Sep 1991REPAIR OFFICER/M DIV OFFICER SERVINGServing with the officers and crew was the hi-lite of my naval career. so many fond memories. they wanted to decom her, but our will to keep her going prevailed. Thx . Fair winds n following seas.
Nichols, Wayne (Nikkie)FC2Oct 1988 – Jul 1992FoxLong, Long time ago, lots of grate friends and good times.
Novak, MarkOS3Oct 16, 1988 – Aug 10, 1991OI
Ortiz, GilbertOSCDec 2, 1988 – Apr 2, 1992OITerrific Ship, terrific shipmates, terrific memories
Pope, RobertBT1(SW)1989 – 1992BRetired in 98 and still remember the goods and the bads. Still working on Boilers as they just get into your Blood!!
Moyle, Mike1989 – 1991
Bell, LaredoMM21989 – 1992M
Richardson, TrevisBT3Jan 5, 1989 – Apr 1, 1992USS Goldsborough was my first ship. Hope everyone is doing well. That was a great experience.
Holmes, RalphE-4/ MMApr 1989 – 1992MI was thinking about those days on the Goldy. I hope everybody is doing o.k.
Holmes, RalphMM3May 1, 1989 – May 10, 1992Engineering
Infante, Jeff profile iconMM2Jun 1989 – Apr 1993M-Div
Dicola, BrianE-5/OSJun 1, 1989 – Mar 21, 1993OIWe had a fantastic crew. We were always busy, always underway, and we won many awards! I will always be grateful for the teamwork we shared.
Taylor, DavidDC1Jul 1989 – Jun 1992R
Harp, BillEW3/E-4Sep 30, 1989 – Nov 6, 1989OM01Loved Hawaii, I may not have actually went to sea with her since I was TAD awaiting the Whipple. But I cannot forget or daily lunch poker games!!!
Christensen, MichaelMM1Oct 1989 – Apr 1993EM01/EM02Hope to find old shipmates and freinds. Had a great experiance on the goldy and lots of fun.
De La Riva, SalvadorE31990 – 1993MSSN
Bazan, LeoYEOMAN1990 – 1993AdminThe Goldy was my very first ship. I remember all the good times on her. Hope all the shipmates I meet on her are doing well.
Martin, BobFCC(SW)1990 – 1993FoxMK 86 GFCS Tech. Good Ship, Good Crew, Good Times
Peavy, EdSM31990 –Communication
Peavy, EdgarSM3Jan 1, 1990 – Feb 1, 1992OC02Goldy was my first command and as one of the ship Master Helmsman I love the threes skippers and crew. I will miss them always.
Russell, ToddE3/ Sonar TechnicianFeb 13, 1990 – Apr 30, 1993AS
Griffin, IvorysnFeb 18, 1990 – Feb 18, 19931stthe best crew and ship i had the honor sailing with. i really appreciate my time onboard. and the friends that i made.
Hays, Craig Aka Db/ Drinkin Buddye5/osAug 1990 – Jul 1993OIMan how time has flown by since those days...What's Up "gOLDsboROUGH DOG" ! Had Wild Times the best of my life, hard to believe. Hope everyone's doing well! Specially the Twidgets, Who Rememembers 'Gussie Lamour's' LMAO
De La Riva, SalvadorMSSNAug 1990 – 1993SupplyThe Goldy was a Great ship. The Crew was Family. I started out as a SR and decommissioned the Goldy As a MSSN. I still have the Hat from the Goldy. Looking to hear from old shipmates who remember me. Part of Goldy Family Forever...
Meadows, ZaneRADIOMANAug 1, 1990 – Apr 1993OCMy heart is still with the Goldy. It was my first ship, best ship ever, and the crew was family, hands down!! Our CO's was like a father to us and this ship/crew will be surely missed.
Nelson, ReginaldBT3Nov 30, 1990 – Apr 29, 1993Engineering
Colosimo, Robert "Cosmo"BT31991 – 1993BHello All.. Shoot me an email if you remember me and want to get in touch.
French, DannyDC1 SW1991 – 1993Repair/Damage Control
Boukal, TimothyBT1Jan 1991 – Apr 1991BI was only onboard the Goldy for a few months, but it was one of the most interesting B divisions I ever worked in. Worked with some great hole snipes on this ship. Professional and highly trained. High crew morale, and excellent cooks, too.
Borkowski, Scott BorkDS3Jan 1991 – Apr 1993OPS/ WEPWas on board the finest ship in the US Navy with the hands down the best crew in the Navy. We have done so much with so little for so long that now we can do anything with nothing at all.
Reyes, Alex "L-rey"Feb 1991 – Feb 1993
Koumarianos, GeorgeBt3Jun 15, 1991 – Feb 5, 1993B
Brewer, BrewdogtrueplayerforrealAug 1991 – Jul 30, 1993ht
Cleveland, JohnE2Sep 15, 1991 – Jun 15, 1993DECKStarted as undesignated in deck division, was given the option to reenlist as either SH or MS I took the SH route. SH school was in Meridian MS, afterwards got stationed in Alameda, Ca aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln
Awalt, GaryHTFNNov 18, 1991 – Apr 30, 1993R
Mann, JohnENS1992 – Apr 1993CommunicationsThe final deployment and the decommissioning were a great experience for a new ensign (George Ensign for 14 months). I saw the end of the Adams Class era and then went to the newer Spruence Class. Great crew and wardroom.
Bailey, ShaneGMG11992 – 19932ND
Peterson, LloydDC2Feb 15, 1992 – Apr 29, 1993repair

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