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USS Tattnall (DDG 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tattnall (DDG 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 409 crew members registered for the USS Tattnall (DDG 19).

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Laws, DavidMM31982 – Jun 20, 1986A-GangLooking for others that served aboard the Tattnall. We also need support for the efforts to save a CFA class boat.
Toffton, JimFTM21982 – 1986SAM
Rodriguez, Dannymm21982 – 1984m#2 engine room
Mahoney, John (Jack)DS21982 – 1985OECame aboard when she was in the Philly Shipyard and departed about year after Beruit. Had the opportunity to see her again as a Tech Rep with Unisys around 1988. Great times and a great ship
Luse, Richard / DocNC11982 – 1986Nav/Exc/Command Career CounselorI learned much and enjoyed my time on-board Ratty Tat. My first ship board duty in 14 yrs prior sea duty with USMC. Lessons followed me thru my career of 25 yrs. Now ret. in Fl.
CULP, JERRYBT2Jan 1, 1982 – Jan 1, 1985NUMBER 1 FIREROOM
West, Ron (Cuban)HT3Jan 20, 1982 – Mar 28, 1985RepairOut of my 9 years in the Navy, this was the only command I enjoyed!
Smith, ThomasHT2Feb 19, 1982 – Nov 1983RRemember a great time on a cruise to South America/Brazil. Went to Beruit for bombing runs after the Marines were killed. Left the ship in Hafia, Israel for Deep Sea Dive School just before Thanksgiving 83.
Smith, MikeSM2Feb 20, 1982 – Sep 26, 1986OCAnyone know of the whereabouts of QM2 Hesse or any of the signal gang!!! Hey Mr Cunningham!. Lots of good memories. PNSY, Multinational peackeeping force cruise, ETC.....Any old shipmates drop me a line. how about a ships reunion????
Harrison, Roosevelt/rolloDDG 19Mar 1982 – Aug 1984OC
Osinski, TedBT2Mar 11, 1982 – Apr 10, 1986BThose were the days.
Cseh, SteveEM3Mar 26, 1982 – Mar 13, 1985
Lanier, MarkMM3Apr 20, 1982 – Sep 30, 1982SupplyI was TAD during an overhaul period at PSNY. I remember BM3 Deal, he knew his stuff!
Fenk, FredEW1Apr 30, 1982 – Dec 16, 1986OW01
Colvin, Bill2ND CLASS / GUNNERS MATEJul 1982 – May 5, 1985Anti Sub AS
Cushnie, MichaelBT-3Jul 1982 – Sep 1986fire room 1
Jarriel, DavidGMG! (SW)Jul 1982 – Sep 19842ndJust looking for old friends befor i get to old to rember them
McGarry, Tom profile iconHT2Jul 1, 1982 – Aug 31, 1984R DivisionLanded on DDG-19 in Phili ship yard. worked with Tom Smith, Ron 'The Cuban' , Corey, and Mr Brinker. Ron and I rode bikes from Phili to Mayport Tom will remember Naussau ...Brinker- Haifa Israel bar and a boot !
Mobley, ByronFC1 (SW)Aug 1982 – Apr 1988SAM
Golding, DavidEM-E-3Sep 1982 – Jul 1985E
Knight, Leonard / DirtyredYNSNNov 1, 1982 – Jun 18, 1985admini had fun on the ratty tat
Potter, SteveYN2Nov 1, 1982 – Sep 1, 1984AdminHow many shipmates remember OUR bar in Jacksonville (Big Daddys) popping kegs every hour for the first 3 hours then 2 for 1 shots?? Remember Beirut when we heard "Vampire incoming" I was sitting in the powder room
Smith, JerryFC11983 – Apr 1988S.A.M.I have never been more proud of any other crew or ship. I had some of the best times of my life with the friends I made while there. I miss you all very much!
McQuillen, JoeSK2/SK11983 – 1986S1Best ship in the Navy. Had a great time. Feel free to contact me
Ramsey, DannyEWCS1983 – Dec 31, 1986Ops
Innella, MikeLTJun 1983 – Aug 1986OperationsA&E officer (briefly) EW and CIC Officer 1984-1986
McLaughlin, ThomasJun 1, 1983 – Jan 1, 1985I served aboard this ship with shipmates: Curtis Aikens, Michael Smith, Kenny Worrell
Metcalf, GeorgeDS2 (DS1)Jun 15, 1983 – Sep 15, 1987OEI enjoyed my time on the Tattnall. I went on to teach DS "A" School after my time on the ship. I now live in Florida
Fox, StephenOS3Oct 1983 – Jul 1985OI
Martin, BenRm3Oct 2, 1983 – Apr 1, 1986Radio communicationsAlot of good times. I remember drinking a big mug of beer at a bar in Hafa Isreal. Did not remember much after that! Ha! What ever happened to Captain P.T. Dueterman with his parrot?
Schonfeld, Matthew [schlong]OS2Nov 1983 – Apr 1987OIjust wanna say hey to all of my old shipmates
Andrews, Paul "opie"FTM2Nov 5, 1983 – Dec 1, 1984SAMAN/SPS-52C
Wester, TomRM1 THEN RMC (SW)Dec 1983 – Jun 1987OPS/OC CommunicationsUSS Tattnall, Caught on fire off coast of Lebanon,fixed damage and was the best steamer on East Coast for the next 2.5 years. Excellent tour, excellent crew.
Block, Adam (Chip)GMT21984 – 1986ASI enjoyed my time on the Tattnall, and am back in the Mayport area, just having been transferred from Illinois by GE.
Taft, JimSTG-1 / STGC1984 – 1986ASGood times on the Tatt
Thompson, RobertRM21984 – 1986Communications
Ivey, RobertRM2/RM11984 – 1987OCGood Ship and Crew. Had some good and bad times on board. Made some good friends while I was onboard.
Storey, John StoreyMM3,2Mar 1984 – Jul 3, 1988A/ELooking up old buddies. Glad to of served aboard.
Hiorns, ScottBT2Apr 1984 – Dec 1984B
Tubbs, JohnBM3Jun 1984 – Jan 1988DECKLooking for shipmates-Im still in the Jacksonville Fl area-look me up.
Tracy, JimMaster ChiefJun 1, 1984 – Jul 15, 1987X divisionBest crew, best ship ever!!
Scrivener, ClayOS3 Track SupervisorJun 1, 1984 – 1985OI I was a Track Supervisor. during the Persian Gulf Cruise, and on this cruise the FCC ordered tee shirts that said, I ain't afraid of no cloud because of an argument I had with a commander about tracking a cloud.
Hamilton, PaulOS1(SW)Jul 1984 – Apr 1988OIHey guys living in Washington DC
Cunningham, RogerLTJGJul 20, 1984 – Nov 11, 1986OC/MMCommo 1984 1985, Deployed to Persian Gulf 85-86; Missile/FCO 1986. Qual SWO Nov 1985. CO - CDR Charles Tuck
Patten, RussellBm3Aug 6, 1984 – Jul 14, 19861st divisionSayin howdy to all officers and crew who served on the great grand, and grey lady named uss tattnall. Hope you all are doin well. Hope to hear from you.
Reetz, BrianOS3Aug 15, 1984 – Jul 1, 1987OIGood times, bad times. I don't regret going in and regret getting out. Just renebering days gone by.
Lotti, ChrisIC3Oct 16, 1984 – Apr 6, 1988M & A/EWhats up all my old brutha's! look me up
Rodrigues, Steven RodriguesEW3Nov 1, 1984 – Jul 15, 1986OEI served as an EW under CMDR Tuck. Trying to hook up with former shipmates. P.O. Fred Fenk, Mike Wagner, David Alonso, Paul Rathbone and BM3 Gilbert Hernandez.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1965 | 1966 – 1969 | 1970 – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1987 | 1988 – now

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