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USS Conyngham (DDG 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Conyngham (DDG 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 380 crew members registered for the USS Conyngham (DDG 17).

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Romillo, Samuel A.EMCS1985 – 1986Engineeringcan't recall exact dates, will do research and update.
Doherty, DarinMM21985 – 1989MIt has been a long time.
Schaefer, Raymond "ray Jay"OS31985 – Sep 1987ops
Berlin, Mitchsn1985 – 1988deckIt's been a long time and lots of good memories. Came on board in Philly and left in Norfolk. Lots of fun was had. Drop me a line if anyone remembers.
Heins, PeterSTG1(SW)Jan 1985 – Nov 6, 1989ASWLEO Ops to GITMO to the Stark and refueling in Hurricanes (and who can forget Greenpeace or the Irish Stowaway). THanks for the memories
Barnett, Mark "Barney"EM2Jan 1985 – Dec 1988EArrived in PNSY drydock. Was onboard in 86 when we looked for the exploded Challenger, Persian Gulf/Stark in 87, Stowaway from Ireland in 88.
Duignam, EdRM3Jan 1, 1985 – Jan 1, 1988OPSHey guys! This is DC DAGS! Onboard for the Gulf and the Stark, and also for the REFTRA in CUBA. Never forget the good times. Senior Coleman was COOL, Dano fell asleep in the tub in Montego, FOLL was a HOOT! Best "TIN CAN" in da FLEET!
Hartling, Sean profile iconDC2Feb 1, 1985 – Jul 17, 1989ENGCame on just after dry dock in Philly. Was there for Stark/Persian Gulf, North Atlantic and the stow away in Ireland. Been a long time. The GUS boat was the best.
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Womack, Ronnal (Bobby Woo)YN2Mar 1985 – Feb 1989NX DivisionRetired from the U. S. Navy as a YN1(SW) on 30 November 2004. Last ship assignment was on USS GETTYSBURG (CG 64) from April 1993 to May 1996. Decided to make last tour overseas at COMSTRIKFORSOUTH Naples, Italy.
Brookens, RonaldOS2Mar 20, 1985 – Apr 14, 1989OI
Peek, KevinDDG-17Apr 1985 – Aug 1987ETCame on in Philly (Dry Dock), the Caribbean was a ball, and left after the Stark incident. I had a great time and met some great people. Wow, has it been almost 20 years?
Payne, Kyle/clydeQm3Apr 10, 1985 – Apr 22, 1986quartermaster/nav-divisonhad to get out to make rank .i'm now a capt. in the merchant marines
Atterberry, KeithGMM2Apr 20, 1985 – Dec 15, 1988CMI have fond memories of the "Gus Boat." The Conyngham was my first ship and I earned my sea legs on various cruises and a deployment to the Persian Gulf in 1987. I retired from the Navy in 2005 as an SKC.
Ingram, RonaldMMMay 9, 1985 – Nov 10, 1989Was on her in the Gulf. She was a good ship.
Love, CharlesSK3Jun 17, 1985 – Dec 15, 1989S3Hello, to all of the crew of the USS-Conyngham. I enjoyed my time onboard, and all the crazy times during the 87 MEF. Take care all.
Wylie, MarkSTG2Jul 1, 1985 – Aug 15, 1987AS Arrived while the ship was in the yards. Soon earning medals with the CG and Expedition to the Gulf. Onboard at anchorage, when the Stark was Attacked. Read a year later in school Scottish Lass Hitches Ride 4 sailors land in brig, in the news.
Gabriel, Hans (Gabe)0S3Jul 10, 1985 – Oct 4, 1988oshad a great time made some good freinds
Morgan, JimBMSNAug 1985 – Jan 1987just wanted to say hi. email me if you want to sometime. look forward to hearing from you.
Groves, JimBT2Oct 1985 – Jul 1987AFT Fireroom B Div.Anyone have any pics from our USS Stark tow? That was a scary couple days but we did what we had to.
Lawson, BruceGMG2Dec 1985 – Nov 19872ndServed during Persian Gulf deployment.
Slyke, Matthew A. VanMSSN1986 – 1990Supplyi was on board when the uss stark was shot by iraqi missiles.
Finan, PaulMM21986 – 1990M
Rogers, DonnEWSN1986 – 1988Came on right after the STARK, remember the shipyard in Norfolk, will never forget the North Atlantic and stopping in Ireland and the guys who brought back the 15 year old Souvenir. Thought the GUS boat was a good boat, just had a LOT of BAD LUCK
Van Slyke, MattMSSN1986 – 1989SupplyHad some great times,and some , I will never forget the STARK. Had alot of great friends , we need to have another reunion as i missed the last one.If Joe Roe reads this , you need to get a hold of me my friend.Hope all is well.
George, RapsonFC 31986 – 1990weapons
Boggs, CarlHT 21986 – 1989repair divisionjust goofin around and found this webstite. i see a couple of old drinking buddies. hey nootbaar tried findin u and it has been over twenty years u need to and anyone else i am forgetting.
Czaplewski, ScottFC11986 – 1990GM
Grove, Glenn profile iconE-11986 – 1987MMBermuda,Azores,Rota,and then the guy following the egyption pilot playing "walk like an egyption"I laughed so was awesome. bahrain was cool.kahrachi was filthy. and i'll never forget the U.S.S. Stark,God bless
Holder, FrankBM31986 – 1990deckLooking for old shipmates
Wegner, PeterBT11986 – 1990Bretired in 94 still steaming
Gosper, JohnMM3Feb 1986 – Jun 1989M
Taylor, SamGMG2Feb 10, 1986 – Jan 10, 19892nd-WepsI hope everybody is well. Take care of yourselves.
Fisk, ScottBT/3Mar 1986 – Jun 1990How the hell you boys been?E-mail me lets catch up.
Borja Delarivaherrera, Borja DelarivaherreraQMSNMar 1986 – Jun 1987QMWhat a great ship! Mess-cranked, served as a QM and left for the BOOST program while at Bahrain. Later became an officer.....I am proud of the Gus Boat!
Francis, EarlMMFNJun 1986 – Dec 1988m
Dowdy, StevenOS2Jun 1, 1986 – Jun 1, 1989opswe were always haze grey and underway on the cony. some really great ports. became a blue nose while on board.
Manieri, PaulETAug 1986 – Jan 1989OperationsStill have fond memories - let's reconnect.
Endsley, TerryBMSNAug 11, 1986 –1stonboard for the Stark. bagged bodies on the Stark... you guys remember the smell? still have lots of photos of her burning... sorry for bad memories, but they are the most prevalent in my mind from this period of my life (20 years ago).
Russo, Scott RuboloveBTFNAug 26, 1986 – Sep 28, 1990bravo 1what up everybody, I just got goose bumps just reading, and, looking at the site and names of some of the crew. yo! j roe still dipping.yeh man I'm a firefighter for newark n.j. fire at
Grassi, Leo (Doc)HM2(SW)Aug 27, 1986 – Sep 15, 1988NXHello Gus Boat family! I was onboard for the Stark incident and stowaway (Cork, Ireland). Nothing but fond memories, would serve with you proudly all over again. Hope to hear from you, be well!
Jackson, AnthonyPC3Nov 28, 1986 – Jul 1, 1990i would like to thank everybody who help me start my naval career.
Nichols, Don (Radar)SN/GMG3Dec 15, 1986 – Jun 30, 19901st and 2ndEnjoyed my time aboard. Onboard for Stark, our fire, and the stowaway. Great memories of friends... Lefty, Kenny, Lewis, Funkhouser, HM1 Shelley, and a host of the guys in 1st div. retired in 2007 as GMC(SW)

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