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USS Conyngham (DDG 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Conyngham (DDG 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 382 crew members registered for the USS Conyngham (DDG 17).

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Stansell, TommyE4/DK3Mar 1900 – Jul 1990DECKI was a member of the deck department but worked half day in the disbursing office with DK1 Ard. I had just crawled into my rack from the 00-04 watch when the fire broke out.
Crady, JohnIC31962 – 1964EngineeringI was a plank owner'' was on board for ORI Guantanamo
Gray, KennethYN31963 – 1965OperationsFirst Ops Yeoman Plankowner
Kiner, LannyFTG-21963 – 1965WeaponsOriginal crewmate. Leading Petty Officer. High Gunnery score. During Med. cruise. Retired USNR as FC-1.
Bohl, Rodney (Tex)ETN 31963 – 1965looking for crew members to tell about reunions contact me at
Rivers, JerrySN1963 – 1964supply
Smith, Larrycs31963 – 1965commisaryi treasure the time on the uss conyngham ddg17. totman and i were cooks stateside and bakers at sea. many memories, but saddened about the fire. yes i am a PLANK OWNER.
Guffin, JohnCPO1963 – 1966Chief
Larkins, LarryTM2Jan 7, 1963 – Aug 1, 1964ASWIt was a different experience after serving 3 yrs on DD783. I bet most of you were not as lucky as me ,I got to serve with Hammerin Hank again in 82/83 when we both had 2 stars at CRUDESGRP2.Reunion May Charleston,SC.Be There!
Smith, DonSOG-3Feb 1963 – Aug 1964WeaponsJoined crew in Newport, RI proceeded to Phily. for commissioning. Served under H. G Ballard in the Sonar gang; separated as SOG-3- prior to STG rating replacing SOG. Serving under H.G. Ballard was a great experience.
Zavada, EdFTG-2Mar 1, 1963 – Aug 1, 1964WeaponsJoined pre-com crew in RI. Had great experiences on her.
Price, Richard / JackMM1 TO MMCSApr 15, 1963 – May 15, 1968mEvery one transferred off before I was transferred. Every one remembers Lcdr Mustin.
Suckow, DavidMM3Apr 15, 1963 – Jan 30, 1966MWorked forward engine Rm. Contact me if interested in joining the ship's association, I'm the Historical Officer and Editor of the newsletter
Ken, KelleyRD2/RD1May 1963 – Sep 1965OIGREAT SHIP GREAT CREW
Stoy, FrankBT3May 1963 – Jul 1965PLANK OWNER. CAN CONTACT ME AT
Bohl (tex), RodneyBT3May 1, 1963 – Jul 13, 1965BLooking for everyone who served on the Conyngham...
Wynkoop, ThomasRM3May 16, 1963 – Apr 15, 1966OperationsI joined the crew when she came back from her shake down cruise. She had every squadron "E" there was. Really a gung-ho bunch. My radio Chief Walker was Ham Radio W4SSN. We used to call home from the Med. via a ham radio patch.
Dickey, SteveSM3Jun 6, 1963 – Apr 23, 1966OperationsPlank owner, first cruise, shake down in Carribbean. I remember Bob Hines, AJ Wiscount. 2nd XO was Hank Mustin. 2 MED cruises, Carribbean many times. Discharged out of Norfolk. Did lot's of plane guard for the Forrestal.
Filipkowski, ThomasMT3Jun 15, 1963 – Apr 15, 1965G.
Douglas, David (Doug)STG2Jul 12, 1963 – Jul 27, 1966ASWServed with Hammerin' Hank. Learned to shined Urinals into mirrors. Very fortunate to have H.G. Ballard as supervisor. He took me from a Seaman to 2nd Class and taught me a trade that carried me thru my working life.
Mazetis, JerryENS-LTJGJul 13, 1963 – Jul 13, 1965ELEC, MPA, DCARod Wing was my boss in Eng., with E. Falk my immediate supv. Ralph Carter my roommate. Good times in the Med by us Plank Owners...with Hammering Hank Mustin tough as nails on us youngsters.
Yacketta, RonbmsnJul 13, 1963 – Jul 10, 19651st divisionI was 18 years old and was an original crew member that commissioned her on july 13 ,1963, I alos ran the small boats as well as coxian im retired now and live in clearwater, florida 33756..... my # 727 504 0403
Gustafson, KennethGustafson 2nd class Plank ownerJul 13, 1963 – Jun 1966Weapons div.Looking for other member on the crew , anyone know what happened to Ronald Bates GM 1
Litts, DouglasETR3Sep 13, 1963 – Sep 13, 1965OperationsPlank Owner. Precommissioning school in Newport, RI
Iddings, CharlesDDG17Dec 1, 1963 – Jul 20, 1965Engineering
Benner, CharlesFTG31964 – 1967gunneryI was a fire control technician (guns) on board the uss Conyngham DDG-17 from 1964 to 1967. I am retired now after 46 years in radio broadcast engineering. I miss all those cruises to the med. awesome 4 years on my life.
Malmquist, TommyFTG31964 – 1966WeaponsI was a Fire Control Technician (Guns) from 1964 through 1966. Zavada was Leading PO when I first came aboard. Then Kiner and Champion. Served with some great shipmates like Benner, Gill, Levine, Fitzpatrick.
Freeman, GaryEN3Aug 1964 – Jan 1967A-GANG
Cranston, DavidMM21965 – Dec 18, 1967m
Cannuli, JohnnyMM31965 – 1968Aft Engine RoomGreat times, great guys served with. Served under Chief Price and looking for Frank Sherwood. I was one of the guys in the rock band called the savages.
Kneeland, Fast EddieFTM 2Mar 9, 1965 – May 11, 1967FoxGreat gus,med,baltic,gitmo, rosy rds,st thomas,st croix , jam lots of great crewmates
Watson, GeorgeFTM3Mar 10, 1965 – Apr 1, 1966FoxFirst Sea Duty
Slocum, GordonSHL 3May 1965 – Oct 1968Ship Service
Oliver, DavidETR2May 8, 1965 – Feb 22, 1968OEServed with Sverduke, Bartlett, Lt. LP Shanks, Chief Lyles, Levi Weir, Jack Light, David Gray, Doc Marlyn Kruckenberg, DennisYork, Davis Eddins. Had many good times and formed many friendships.
Rusling, WardMIDSHIPMANJun 1965 – Aug 1965Spent ten weeks aboard in summer of '65, before returning to Penn for senior year. Went to Rosy Roads and St. Thomas. Met many good guys during that time (Ralph Carter, Bill Shaunnesy, Will Jones, Cy Nunn, et al - CO and XO not among them).
Hacker, Michael, LloydE4Jun 1965 – Aug 1969MMServed main control engine room w/ E5 Petty Officer Sherwood, E6 Petty Officer Blevins, Chief Price, Chief Stevenson, Chief Ochs, Lt. Davison anyone on board from '65-'69 contact me
Dinkel, JohnDDG-17Jun 14, 1965 – Sep 14, 1966Communications
Toney, JerrySTG-2Aug 10, 1965 – Jun 30, 1966ASServed with a great group of guys, made 1 Med Cruise, shipped over for Sonar "B" School, left ship for Key West Naval Sta. in 1966
Gray, DavidETN3Sep 1965 – Jul 1967OEServed with Levi Weir, "Doc" Kruckenberg
Biehl, MichaelMM-3Sep 1965 – Jun 1968MHad a good time,with a great bunch of crew members. Yes, M.L.H. I do remember you and Johnny, the singer how are you guys doing, fine I Hope. We had a lot of good times on that ship.
Annis, Darrell profile iconMM5Sep 15, 1965 – Nov 1, 1965MMI need to hear from anyone that remembers the incident when the person was pinned in the missle launcher and died then or later. Any details would be greatly appreciated. This . Is very important . Thanks
Kruckenberg, Marlyn ETR2Nov 1965 – Jan 1968OEServed as LPO, up to January 1968 . I think following Dennis York. I will fill in details when I find them. Currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mesa, AZ with my wife Janet

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1965 | 1966 – 1969 | 1970 – 1974 | 1975 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – now

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