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USS Buchanan (DDG 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Buchanan (DDG 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 222 crew members registered for the USS Buchanan (DDG 14).

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Gaida, PhillipOS11981 – Dec 19, 1984OI
Cooper, ScottOS2Jan 1981 – Sep 1984The best....OI, of course!Best memory: Going up against NTDS equipped Spruance-class destroyers in maneuvering drills and beating the pants off them! That and the time Joe Schultea farted at ASW school and it stunk so bad they stopped the simulation.
Zupancic, RonaldOS3Jan 1, 1981 – Jan 2, 1983The ship was filled with men of class and dedication. Happy to have been a small part.
Smith, MichaelOS3Jan 15, 1981 – Jun 26, 1983OIScott Cooper and Joe Shultea.....that was one good fart for us to to be talking about it all these years later! Almost like seeing Zupanic drunk!
Prosser, JimENS /LTJGFeb 1981 – Aug 1983EMO, Aux/E, MPAFirst ship. Spent time in OPS and Engineering and loved it. Best ship in the NAVY. Two WESTPAC's, three CO's and some of the finest sailors in the NAVY!
Farber, GregEM2(SW)Feb 14, 1981 – Jul 10, 1984EngineeringI was the guy maintaining 450v/60 Hz/ 3 Phase Power in Main Engineering . I was glad to keep the lights on for you guys. The West Pacs were great! Oahu was the best time of my life. EM2 Merritt was my best friend.
Schultea, JoeOS3Mar 1981 – Dec 1984OISome of the best times in my life were during my time on Buchanan. Great times with great people. And, no matter what Scott Cooper was the dog, not me, in ASW School!
Jett, MerleOS2Apr 1981 – Oct 1, 1984OI
Ashbrook, MichaelFTM2May 1981 – Oct 1983TARTARMy first ship and first WESTPAC. I'll remember it and the friends I made for the rest of my life.
Villaflor, BernabeBM3Aug 1981 – Aug 19851stBM1 Bobby Gunter, though he had a heavy responsibility on his shoulders to do a professional job, remained a down-to-earth person who sympathized and built rapport with men under him. He is a true leader.
Wildberger, ArtBTCS / LTSep 10, 1981 – Oct 1, 1983BGreat times , Great memories like to hear from Doug Edens, BM2 Trevino, and Galvan
Jensen, JackRM3Sep 26, 1981 – Sep 26, 1984OCTime sure flys when your having fun. It seemed like I was stuck on that ship for decades, but when I walked down the gang plank the last time, I seemed as if I just got there the day before.
Bott, ChuckE3Oct 1981 – Sep 14, 19841st
Liechty, JimGMG2Dec 1981 – Oct 19842nd DivisionGreat ship and great crew! Deployed on two WESTPAC's and will always remember the good times I had aboard the ship. Served as Mount 52 Gun Captain
Monroe, BillGMMC1982 – 1985TartarAfter a while the dates blur. Went to NSPRSG in San Diego from her. We called ourselves the 'Buccaneers'
Sanes, SammuelOS31982 – 1987oiIt was a great experience. OI division was a like a family. long live the mighty Buchanan!!!!!!!!
Brown, Clarkos31982 – Feb 7, 1986oi division
Sheets, KenET1Sep 7, 1982 – Apr 21, 1985OCRetired from the Navy in Mar 2002. Last tour was CMC of the USS Valley Forge
Scanlon, BillGMGSNOct 1982 – Feb 28, 1986AS - First - Second
Lahchner, Robert(Bob)Ships servicemanNov 1982 – Jul 19, 1986supplyenjoyed my stay, 2 west pacs Australia rocked in 1985
Edwards, MiltonSTG1 / 21983 – 1985ASshell backed on board and will never forget the experience. I love the navy and would do it again.
Harmon, JohnOS31983 – 1985OIMy 2nd ship, great times, great memories, great friends. Love to hook up with old shipmates, facebook@
Atkinson, FloydMS-31983 – 1987SupplyLooking for The Buchanan Cooks and other friends and crew Whats Up People?
Pinckard, TravisStgsn1983 – 1987ASLooking to reconnect with my old shipmates
Roberts, DaleGMM2Aug 23, 1983 – Apr 25, 1986TARTAR
Sallot, JeffEW2Nov 1983 – Jun 1985OW
Martin, JeffSTG2Dec 1, 1983 – Dec 1, 1986ASManning the rails on the ASROC deck coming into Brisbane after breaking ANZUS treaties during Westpac 85. 90 continuous days at sea during Westpac 83. Putting on 2 ASW A's with JIm Lubrich and Mitlon Edwards.
King, MichaelMM 1Dec 24, 1983 – Jan 24, 1986MI was assigned to the uss buchanan ddg14 december 1983
Gallagher, JohnBM2/BM11984 – 19881st,I remember BM1 Bobby Gunter BMC Pickett Capt Jones, Cdr Parks, STG1 Berg STGC Noland OSSn Palmer OSSA Navarro SM2 Norman Not only was Bobby Gunter my LPO but he was also my neighbor in Chesterton housing I remember our Australia cruise
Ashton, John profile iconBT31984 – 1986PI was in Fire Room 1 but got to know other snipes as well my year on board some neat guys from all walks of life now involved in jail ministry these last years of life
Zeigler, Danne (Ziggy)FC21984 – 1989Tartar2 West Pacs. Great ship....great crew.....great times.
Cabahug, JaimeEN1(SW)Jan 1984 – 1987M and AIt was an honor to serve aboard the USS Buchanan DDG-14. Appreciate any help in getting in contact with Alan Johnson, Machinist mate in M division when we served together. His hometown was in Wisconsin. Thank you.
Dutcher, GeraldE5Jan 1, 1984 –StorekeeperI am "dutch's" or "mikes" daughter. I am hoping to look for some of my dads friends. If you remember my dad please contact me!! Thank you!!
Weaver, TomOSSA TO OS3Mar 1984 – May 1987OIA real growing up experience for me. Will never forget the Shellback initiation. Stars never brighter than on the fantail at night. Never a better crew I could imagine. Skull & Crossbones flying on the mast.
Harriman, Williamms2Mar 15, 1984 – Oct 25, 1986supplywas great time of my life looking to hook up with ms1 reggie smith / sr chief mark miller he was an e-2 when we meet
Hofmann, AndreasMMFNApr 15, 1984 – Apr 20, 1986MI was fireman in engineroom # 2
Noland, LeeSTGC(SW)Jun 1984 – Nov 1988LCPO AS DivInteresting sea tour. Good times and bad times, but that's life. Visited Australia, New Guinea, Diego Garcia and Somalia among other liberty ports. The last warship I served on before retiring in 94.
Fanene, LynnYN1Jun 1984 – Jul 1987Nav-X
Quarnberg, CarlOS2Aug 18, 1984 – Jan 6, 1988OperationsGreat times and great friends on two WestPacs working with the best people I have ever met. Friendships made that can never be equaled outside of the military.
Tatunay, RustyEM2Nov 1984 – Aug 1988EFirst ship, great people, mentors and friends. I learned a lot and pretty awesome ship.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1968 | 1969 – 1975 | 1976 – 1980 | 1981 – 1984 | 1985 – now

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