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USS Buchanan (DDG 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Buchanan (DDG 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 224 crew members registered for the USS Buchanan (DDG 14).

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Taylor, RichardE61985 – 1987weapons
King, ScottEM21985 – 1987E
Jackson, Dionysus (Madd Jack) profile iconPNSN1985 – 1989Personnel ManIt surely was fun being onboard the ship, where I moved from Deckape to Administration office - what joy! I miss all members who were aboard this ship during 1985 - 1989
Simmons, VictorGMG11985 – 19902nd divmount captain mount 52
Antista, MikeGMM3Jan 10, 1985 – Nov 20, 1988TartarMK-11, Hydraulic Rain Forrest. First Ship and will always be my best. Took a 13 year break from service and have returned with and additional 13 years under my belt now, Dec 2012, few more years to retirement.
McCracken, JamesMS3Apr 1, 1985 – Jul 1987Supply SS02
Helie, Jimos2swMay 20, 1985 – Jul 22, 1988OIDefinetly was a great west pac..and a great division
Richardson, "rich"BM3May 25, 1985 – Jan 28, 19881st Deck 2 wes-pac deployments, crossed the equator 2 times, the 1st was hell, the next,"MIGHTY SHELLBACK" 06 Sept.1987, Latitude 00000 and Longitude 068 degrees 07.4E, degrees duly iniated.
Nelson, RickFC2Jul 1, 1985 – Jan 15, 19902nd
Blow, DavidDCCSOct 1985 – Jul 1989R division
Bishop, MichaelE-5/QM2Oct 1, 1985 – Mar 1, 1988NavigationGreat Ship- Great Times
Rendt, PaulFC3 - FC21986 – 1991
Mosig, ToddGMM31986 – 1988TartarGizmo to most my mates here Got in some trouble and wish i never did Enjoyed being here everyday
McCulley, StephenMMFNJan 1, 1986 – Dec 29, 1987Aft Engineroom
Edens, DouglasBT-2May 1986 – Jun 1987B
Graham, WilliamMM3Jun 1986 – May 19, 1989M
Edens, DouglasBT-2Jun 1986 – Jun 1987BMy tour aboard the Buchanan was short but I enjoyed the ship and the crew. Left a few days before Wes-Pac due to take of my wife. I just want to say thank you to the Captin and Mr Wildburger.
Sundlin, BrianBT3Jul 1986 – Sep 1987B
Stephenson, DarinET21987 – 1991
Mona, JimEM21987 – 1989The craziest best crew I was thankfull to be stationed with!!!! AWSOME TIMES
Kendricks, Derrick / Kenbm31987 – 1991firstWhat's up crew ! Miss them wild times. Hit me up -
Kendall, BarryGMM21987 – 1990TartarWild, crazy, fearless, and absolutely the best crew in the Navy. We may not of been pretty, but we got the job done. We were the most accurate surface to air ship on the west coast.
Warriner, Mark DC21987 – 1991R Div
Hammond, JohnPN31987 – 1990AdminThe Buchanan was the only ship I had the pleasure of serving on. I am very proud to have served on her, had a lot of great friends and times on her. I miss them all.
Owens, StanETCSJan 1987 – Feb 1989OE
Pickard, "Larry" LawrenceSM1Feb 1987 – Jul 15, 1989OCWEST PAC JUL 87 TO DEC 87 WEST PAC MAY 89 TO AUG 89 The best ship in the fleet, I had to leave in Australia to go recruiting in Oxnard Ca, and I left fingernail marks in the deck as they took me off the deck in the horse collar to ride the helo in
Gallagher, John DGMG2Feb 13, 1987 – Aug 19912nd
Farish, KennethOS1Mar 1987 – Nov 15, 1988OIWould like to make contact with old shipmates that remember me.
Hatfield, ScottOS2 (SW)Apr 1987 – Sep 9, 1990OI
Kupec, ColeLTJGJul 1, 1987 – May 20, 1990M, B, 2nd, 1st LtServed under Capt William "Bill" Parks, Capt Lee Gurke and Capt Fred Cole
Linsley, Grant (Groovie)E-3Jul 1, 1987 – Feb 28, 1991OC.Radioman. Hung w Pete (still friends). Lots of crazy stories about this ship. Some of u were there. G~
Naylon, TimSM3Aug 1987 – Apr 1991OC
Dekoker, ErikMM-2Sep 16, 1987 – Jul 14, 1988Mrico never brown nosed me
Hopkins, TristamOS31988 – 1988OperationsWas aboard during drydock overhaul just prior to discharge.
Touchet, RandySecond class petty officer1988 – 1991Engineering
Black, James profile iconSH 11988 – Oct 1, 1991S-3LOOKING SOME OF THE GUYS I SERVED WITH
Ursich, AlbertFCC(SW)Feb 1988 – 19912ndDecom Crew Retired 1995
Given, GlennPNC(SW)Feb 19, 1988 – Oct 1, 1991X
Terrell, JeffFAMar 1, 1988 – Dec 28, 1989b
Kohnke, HerbBT 3May 1988 – Oct 1991B
Taylor, TroyDDG 14Aug 10, 1988 – Mar 21, 1991Transferred to USS Jason at pier 3.
Davison, PhilipGMT1Aug 24, 1988 – Jul 13, 1990AS
Mata, AnthonyMM3Sep 1988 – May 1990M Division Engine room #2Had a great time with the guys hanging out at JAGS or down in TJ. West pac was a blast but the time out at sea was hella busy.
Perez, LarrySTG2(SW)Oct 10, 1988 – Mar 24, 1991ASW (CS-3)Best time in my enlistment was on this ship.
Baker, RickBT3Dec 15, 1988 – Apr 9, 19911 Fire B divisionLong ass days when we were at sea, but some good times in many ports. Still in contact with MS Davis and BT Galan. Higgins, you still around? I remember you Chris Reed and Rich Briant.
Essex, SteveMMSNFeb 10, 1989 – 1991first ship i ever served on transfered to uss lynde mcormick ddg when we were informed of decomission
Bryant, RichardHt2Jul 1989 – Oct 1991R DivisionMiss all the good times on board, I was on the decommissioning crew. Don't miss the drift ops seemed like forever when you was 20 yrs old. Miss my old partner in crime Chris Reed and all the fun we got into.
Day, TracyFCCAug 1989 – Oct 19912ndMy tour on Buchanan was probably my best. I did a lot of steaming in Vancouver and Portland with the ET shop, Brian Howdershel and all those guys.
Cooper, AnthonyGMM1(SW)Aug 7, 1989 – Apr 1, 1991FOXQM1 Vernon Dae was my homie from New York. GMCS Torres put a good wood in for me at captain mast leaving the Philippines, I was extremely greatful.
Robinson, RobFC21990 – 1991
Terhune, ScottRMSN1990 – 1991CommunicationsServed on board Buchanan from 1990-1991. I was on duty Radioman that received the message disclosing that Buchanan was to be decommissioned. RMC Andrzejewski was on duty with me at the time.
Jones, Samara (Baby J)MM3Jan 1990 – Oct 1991M Division forward engine room
Boltz, DavidBT2Jun 18, 1990 – Aug 11, 1993ENG B
Escarsiga, JosephOSSA1991 – 1991OperationsHow iis everybody doing. Im sure noone remembers me but that was my first command out of A school. I loved every bit of time I spent working on that ol tin can. I am trying to track down the jolly roger ships hat

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1968 | 1969 – 1975 | 1976 – 1980 | 1981 – 1984 | 1985 – now

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