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USS Hoel (DDG 13) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hoel (DDG 13). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 438 crew members registered for the USS Hoel (DDG 13).

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Taylor, KellyETN31973 – Dec 23, 1975OESome of the best friends I've ever lost track of were on this ship...
Koepp, BobETNSN1973 – 1977opsI made two westpacs on this ship and many good memories are with me still. I also had great friends which I still think about. Kelly Taylor ,what a time we had. I would sure like to see you again. play the orange blossom special loud!
Owens, JimBT FN1973 – 1975boiler tec.
Woods, DennisIC31973 – 1976E divisionRemember so many of you. I got out and then went back in and did 20. Glad I did! Got married in Guam to a beautiful lady I met in Japan. Who remembers this: "Now hear this: Chase is now giving face on the mess deck"
Cashion, BenMM2Jan 1973 – Nov 1975Rwonder where the old girl is to day
McGraw, DavidEW2Feb 1973 – Mar 1978OEGreat times and many Great people. Today is 12/13/13 so Happy-Hoel-a-Day to all. Would love to hear from any old OPS personnel...
Butler, Randy "Butts"BT3Feb 1, 1973 – Oct 15, 1975B"It was the Best of times, It was the Worst of Times". What a fun way to grow up, make great friends and see the world. Looking back, this was a great ride! Went on to a Carrier for a second Wes-Pac. Hated it!
Einig, KenIC2Mar 1, 1973 – Feb 15, 1976RJust now reconnecting with shipmates from the period. I posted some movie clips of WestPac 74 on the Facebook page for the Hoel.
Blasiol, LenMidshipman 3/cJun 1973 – Aug 1973EI served on board as a Midshipman during my 3d class cruise, mostly in the forward fire room with BT1 Dorsey and "Bubba" Goins, of Vidor, TX. Skipper was LCDR Coffee. I remember LT Cahill and OS3 Alexander.
Short, David profile iconRMCS(SS)Jun 1973 – Aug 1975OpsConnected with Andy... Now looking for RM2 Westwong...
Andersen, Chris "andy"RM 2Jul 3, 1973 – Jun 24, 1975OPSWestPac '74. Have been in touch with other RM's of this period: RMC Jackson; RM 2 Hutchins. Would like to hear from Allison, Johnson, Lamb, & Short or others from these years.
Eversman, SteveEN3Jul 11, 1973 – Jul 31, 1975EngineeringHey Tim Ford I am at this e-mail. Get a hold of me.
Cranston, Mike profile iconQMIAug 1973 – Nov 1975NAVMost of my tour on Hoel was in the shipyard in Long Beach. Met and married my wife while onboard, best man and groomsmen all shipmates. CDR Campbell was Commanding Officer, LTJG Washington my Division Officer.
Smith, Rob profile iconHT2Sep 4, 1973 – Dec 1, 1976E&RI'm retired now. I encourage everyone to check out the USS Hoel Facebook Page to reconnect with shipmates, enjoy sharing memories, savor the camraderie, view Hoel related photos, videos, reunion information, etc.
Vanwert, BradBT3Oct 1973 – Jun 1975BForward Fireroom. Pubic Bay. An interesting time in my life. Something I never forget.
Applington, DavidSMOct 1973 – Dec 19741 St Division
Felix, PaulE3/BMOct 1973 – Aug 19751st
Bickford, WayneE-2Jan 8, 1974 – Jun 24, 1976boiler techsomething about the Hoel made her very special .never had a better time in my life .damn i hated that bottom bunk .
Smart, RobertMMFNMar 1974 – Mar 1977MWas great time would like to talk with some of the guys that served with
Jagotka, JoelQM3Jun 28, 1974 – Jun 28, 19781st Division
Biesiadecki, LeonETR2Oct 1974 – Oct 1975OEWas stationed there while in the yards in Long Beach. Spent part of the time on the "SOAP" team that restocked the ship's stores. Wasn't on for long, once the war ended it wasn't the same living onboard so I got out.
Steyne, PaulRM1975 – 1976Tiger TeamSpent many hours in Dry Dock, with the Coral Sea in Long Beach, working nights. Had a great time on sea trials testing out all the elements of the rebuilt ship. Moved with the ship to San Diego and left before it's first West Pac in 1976.
Bodzsar, Robert "Bo"OS 31975 – 1977OI
Morales, ElbinE-6 BTJan 3, 1975 – Oct 16, 1985B
Schade, RonFTM2Jan 5, 1975 – Aug 19, 1979FOX
Lloyd, Bill (Madhatter)BMSNMay 25, 1975 – Feb 22, 19771stlooking to contact anyone that served aboard the hoel during that timeframe
Condry, Montie "Mac"OS2Jul 1975 – Jun 1977OIReported on board during dry dock re-fit in Long Beach CA, spent 2 great years with a great bunch of guys, one WesPac cruise. Now a retired Air Traffic Controller in North Dakota.
Kurek, JimSTG1Jul 24, 1975 – Oct 28, 1978ASA good ship with a great ASW gang. Had a good Westpac a had some great steaming friends. Hope to hear from some of the AS Division gang.
Zeck, Jeffrey V. ZeckGMT2Aug 1975 – Aug 1979F2Looking for Mike Ronanye.
Radabaugh, MadradSTG 3Aug 15, 1975 – Feb 27, 1978SonarGood ship, great times at sea. Enjoyed my time aboard.
Samms, BobbySTG3Sep 1975 – Mar 1977F2If I had it to do all over again, I surely would, even tho I wasn't real happy at the time. Couldda sworn that was the Ashtabula we slammed into during that UNREP.
Merrick, JamesMM3Sep 10, 1975 – Sep 10, 1978M and A-GangLoved the ship and her crew, but not in that funny kind of way.
Dong, LanceLTJGOct 1975 – May 1979OperationsHey shipmates! Still in San Diego!
Johnson, DaveFTM 1Oct 1975 – Jun 1980Foxliving north of Bremerton Wa....I replaced Bob Casey as LPO
Sawyer, Richard / TomMM1Oct 19, 1975 – Oct 25, 1979MMade 2 west pacs. Had 1 collision at sea and lost 1 sailor at sea.
Miller, B. LeePN 2Nov 1975 – May 1979X DIVISIONhad great times and was honored that i was able to meet many great individuals. I still keep in touch with the Olson brohters on a rgular basis, lifelong friends.
Sargent, David (Sarge)OS3Nov 30, 1975 – Jun 1, 1979OI I am now living in the beautiful Pacific NW working for AT &T...after the service I went back to Oklahoma and went back to OSU.3 marriages later I am still in sales and wanting to get in touch with all the OS's I served with during 75-79.
Dyer, Charles (Chuck)SH2Dec 27, 1975 – Aug 26, 1977SupplyProudly served under Capt Jackson, Lt Rivers, and LTJG Mac, with mates SK1 "Sobey", DK2 Chatterson, SK3 Dunford, SH1 Miranda, SK1 Cadelina, OS2 Smith, OS2 "Cowboy", OS3 Sargent, SH3 Busch, PN3 Miller, and more than 250 characters will
Lagravinese, DrewBT21976 – Jan 20, 1980BSpent 4 years on this ship! I look back sorta fondly on those days. Two WESTPAC cruises and a stint steaming aroung the Gulf of Oman, waving at the Russians as the Shah of Iran was leaving. Good times!
Lemons, CharlesSTG-21976 – 1978SonarArrived on board in the Yards and took a WESTPAC that included Australia and which also included a collision with the USS Kansas City. That landed us in Guam. Enjoyed my time on the ship.
Summers, RonHT31976 – 1978R1
Ronayne, MichaelTM31976 – Jul 22, 1979aswi was pretty miserable by the end of my tour but i don't regret it now. Jeff, i'm in Bakersfield have been the last 22 yr.s i thought you were pissed 'cause i was too lazy to write to Tom durring desert storm
Stonier, BobMM3Jan 24, 1976 – Sep 3, 1979MHad some of the best times of my life. Served in the aft engine room with D. Burleson, made 2 West Pac Cruises.
Pierce, MikeQM2Feb 1976 – Oct 1979N/XOlder now, find myself reminesing about the carefree days of my youth. Would like to trade some seastories with shipmates. Hey, remember that time.........
McDaniel, JohnFTM1Mar 15, 1976 – Jun 15, 1980Fox
Tucker, AlanMmse-2Mar 15, 1976 – Mar 15, 1976Mess managementHad the time of my life, also learned a few bad habits
Whitney, WaltOS3May 1976 – Nov 1979OIAfter years of systems engineering, progam management, and capture management, now a consultant (Business Development) to help tier 1 and 2 prime contractors win programs. I work out of San Diego and Reston, VA offices.
Perez, DavyPC3Jun 1, 1976 – Aug 31, 1978X DivisonWhat's up you old Squids. Great times remembered while crew member. Lee Miller, how are you. Give my regards to the Olson twins. How's your brother?
Zeck, Jeffrey V. ZeckGMT-2Aug 1976 – Aug 1979ASWGood times, great friendships that endured all these years that have gone by. I remember Birds' bos'n whistle, my first day on board, Mad Rad, a collision at sea, ASROC intrusion drills, and much more.
Shull, Jefferygmm2Aug 1976 – Oct 1980gunneryman we had a good time saw alot of the world made some great friends to do it all again can someone tell me what the f is a power barge
Canaan, RichardFTM1/FTMCAug 16, 1976 – Nov 25, 1979FOX. the best!First small boy ship, first two were carriers. Made Chief on Hoel and transferred to MOTU-7 in Yokosuka, Japan, then 2 years later to Buchannan, then to Port Hueneme where I retired to civil service.
Mowrey, ChetOS3Aug 22, 1976 – Jan 29, 1980OIThe memories are good, but they're selective. The realities are best forgotten..
Nieblas, JohnQM2Sep 9, 1976 – Jul 15, 19801stI came on board in the PI after the ship had just returned from Australia in '76. I made one other West Pac when we spent most of our time off the coast of Iran. Made some good friends on the ship espechially in 1st Division and NX divisio
Murillo, JoseMM2Dec 1976 – Jun 24, 1980MThat part of my life, I will never forget! My shipmate were part of my Family, I will never forget the men I served with.
Cornelius, BobOS2Dec 24, 1976 – Mar 26, 1980OIWorking at the Post Office in Long Beach CA Selling sea bats on the side

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1963 | 1964 – 1966 | 1967 – 1969 | 1970 – 1972 | 1973 – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – now

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