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USS Hoel (DDG 13) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hoel (DDG 13). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 438 crew members registered for the USS Hoel (DDG 13).

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Waddel, VictorMM31970 – 1971R
Thompson, MichaelMM31970 – 1971M
Parker, Mike "poopsey"MM2Feb 1970 – Sep 1971MBest time of my life-you too?. Subic, Guam, Sasebo, Hong Kong, Chin He, Admiralty Isl, New Castle, Wellington, Pago Pago. Loved my buds-Charlie McClain & Jake Olsen I grew up aboard World's Finest Destroyer-would love to go back to sea
Dingman, BobEM2Feb 1970 – Nov 1970EI reported aboard in Subic Bay. It was a short stay on a great ship.
Ramos, RubenRD3Apr 1970 – Jun 1973OI/OEwork as radarman 1st cruise as EW 2nd cruise.. had lots of fun loading fuel and ammo... lots of running and ducking...
Shadle, Chuck (Luca)GMM2Jun 22, 1970 – Dec 12, 1975TWould like to touch base with some old friends from the past. Its been a long time that I have been looking for Barbera, and Buckley. I talk to Cesinger, and Old Fat Joe Fleming all the time.
Scott, BillFTM 2Aug 1970 – Dec 19, 1974TI made three WESPAC tours and one trip to the yards in Long Beach.
Kerins, MikeFTG1Aug 1970 – Jan 1972GI was gun plot supervisor. I'd enjoy connecting with others in Gunnery or Missile division during my time on Hoel
Hildreth, KentLTJGAug 5, 1970 – Nov 27, 1972SupplyI was the assistant supply officer during my service onboard the Hoel. I had a great time and worked with great people.
Duran, DavidE-4Aug 22, 1970 – Jun 25, 1972AS
Powell, Phillipgunners mateSep 1, 1970 – Jul 1, 1973t
Kane, BobETR3Oct 1, 1970 – Dec 10, 1973OERadar room first cruise (70-71), ECM second cruise (72-73)
Underwood, Robert, (Bob, Underdog)FTG2Oct 29, 1970 – May 18, 1975GI made 3 west pac cruses lost track of all of the guys on the ship that I wish I would have keep in touch with there is one that i do that is "Freebee" Earl Freeman. he is still my buddy in Kansas just wish I would see him more. email me
Fredrick, David 'Fred"FTMCNov 19, 1970 – May 1972Fox
Flanigan, PatrickMM11971 – 1976M I spent 5 years on board that fine lady of the sea. Had a lot of good times and bad. Subic bay what a place to grow up in. I was the one that made out the work request to put holddown bolts on the Kiityhawks Hawk. Damm we were drunk and they stil
Kohl, Karl profile icongmmc1971 – 1974tstill living in sunny california
West, Rickbmsn1971 – 1973first divisionanyone out there from the 1972 Westpac? Mike Peterson , Gary Dominic?
Bilkey, Ricksmsn1971 – 1973OC divIt's the wayback machine,WOW!! looking for signal bridge cohorts Bob"Pete"peterson,"Gee"Ezell,Wally spath,CPODave Barney or anyone who stood watch or sought refuge up there.
Perkins, Dana profile iconsmsn1971 – 1971OPSI was a signalman along with Mike "Pete" Peterson and Wally Spath. Gary Dominique was a radioman. After the 71 Westpac I transferred to USS Rowan DD-782 homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. Australia and New Zealand were great
Bohman, JoeFTMCJan 1971 – Aug 1974TGreat shipmates, lots of fun in West Pack. live in Arlington, VA . retired Navy and US govt.
Sheber, Mark0S3Jan 2, 1971 – Mar 16, 1973operations specialistdon't remember much. went to nam. was on 2 wespacs.
Crabtree, JackSNJan 30, 1971 – Dec 3, 1973DeckLoads of memories. I grew up onboard HOEL. Reitred YNCS/SS 6/94. Anyone know of PN1 Ferris, RMC Pennycuff, MMC Dunston, or LCDR Dollard.
Crabtree, JackFeb 1971 – Dec 1972Deck/EngineeringI grew up on the Hoel. Had the time of my life. Thanks to a great crew, BMC Rogers, Capt Coffey and so many.
Anderson, Millard/andyE-6Mar 26, 1971 – Oct 1971This is my dad, He passes away in 07-07-1990. I am joining the Am Legion in Colorado to ride with the Legion Riders and started researching my dad.
Swanson, FordRD 3May 15, 1971 – Jun 8, 1972OISpent my last few months in the Navy on DDG13 in the yards at Long Beach and the shake down. Had just finished a tour in Nam as an advisor and had a short timers attitude. Sorry guys.
Fleming, JoeFTM3May 30, 1971 – Aug 15, 1975Just wanted to say hello to everyone. My time on the Hoel was the best of times.... even if I didn't realize it back then!
Freeman, Earl (Bud) FreebieFTM3Jun 1971 – Aug 8, 1974TLookking to make contact with others from T & G divisions during this timeframe. Catch up on what you are doing now. Got out, moved back to Kansas and been here ever since.
Dale, Wayne DiggerFTM2Jun 10, 1971 – Jun 13, 1976TI worked in Missle Plot. Nicknamed Digger by the senior FTs because I had studied to be a mortician before joining.
Higdem, AllynBT1Jul 14, 1971 – Aug 1976BHad fun looking to get find some ship mates I served with
Ford, TimEN3Sep 8, 1971 – Jun 6, 1975A Had a great time on the Hoel made 3 westpac's and saw things I still don't believe. Made many good friends some who I still have contact with. The person I remember most is LT. Hatten what a putz he was.
Kremer, TomBM3Sep 13, 1971 – Sep 13, 19731st.I still think back to my tour of duty on the Hoel and remember many things about it, especially the Westpac we made in 1972. I stayed in the Reserves and eventually retired as BMCM. Would enjoy contact with anyone who served on the ship.
Buesking, Scott Sea BiscuitSN/BM3Oct 1971 – Oct 19731STI stood bridge watches and GQ station was on the bridge. The first time an F4 used us as a radar screen scared the bajesus out of me but it sure was cool. It sure would be nice to see some of the crew. WESTPAC 1972
Shadle, ChuckGMM2Oct 1971 – Dec 1975T DivisionI heard there is going to be a reunion in florida this year. Sure would be nice to see what everybody looks like now and catch up with old friends.
Ward, JohnEM3Nov 10, 1971 – Nov 20, 1974rGreat times! All subic stories are true!!
May, ConradHT31972 – 1974RI spent many hours re-welding the ship after the many gun shoots. I would start at the pointy end and work myself to the rounded end. Then start the process all over again. Many hours were spent in the 1st division quarters re-welding light fixtures.
Ezell, Donald "gee"SM21972 – 1973opsI served on Hoel during the 1972 WESPAC cruise. I have several memories from that time but the one that sticks out the most was being with the Goldsbourgh when she was hit by shore artillary.
Buckley, Neil (Buck)GMM21972 – Apr 1976TMany, many, many great memories. Steak and lobster on the fantail, caves in Yokoska, Backpacking in San Diego; so much more. Many nights under the stars solving the ills of the world on the gun deck.
Stadtmiller, DarrylEN21972 – 1974R
Johnson, JohnRm41972 – 1975OpsHad a great time would love to go back who would have thought we would be on cell phones
Bellante, Bob / BoatsFTM2Jan 1972 – Aug 1976T&GWas onboard almost 5 years, did two WESPAC Cruises and used to stand Boatswain Mate Of the Watch underway. I worked in Missile Plot with Digger Dale. I hated the overhaul in Long Beach. I Still work for the Navy.
Barbera, Kim (Barb)HT 3Feb 1, 1972 – Nov 1, 1975R2WestPacs,Russian Subs,Grande Island,Viet Nam,San Miguel and Wild women!Love you no s#!t buy me air condition helicopter.Good times,great friends.Tim and Steve!Can't believe I found you.Boy are you guys old or what! e-mail me,I'm living in San
Karlin, JonEN3Jun 1972 – Jan 1975E & R DivisionHad alot of great times and met some really cool people! A life changing experience. I've been in contact with John Ward and Tim Ford. Steve Eversman; Please email me.
Johnson, Jeff JohnsonE3Jul 4, 1972 – Dec 18, 19722nd deckI came from incountry VietNam , and served out my inlistment on board , anybody remember the guy that was brought aboard by chopper wearing jungles ? that was me , up until then didn't know being on a ship could be so much fun , as in port
Allen, Kent "Big Al"MM3 back to MMFRAug 1972 – Oct 1974Main Control - a pit snipe through & throughFeels like is was all 5 years ago or so. Tons of memories-mostly good, stealing the "hawk", too much Subic, 2 combat tours, the hurricane out of Hong Kong, the water fights, and all the great shipmates I served with.
Geveshausen, Philip "gizzard"BM3Sep 1, 1972 – Dec 29, 1975DeckHad a great time on a couple of Westpac tours. Many great memories of people and places.
Faddis, ReidFNSep 26, 1972 – Sep 27, 1975em
Pritt, JimEM3Oct 1972 – Aug 1975RLot of good friends hope to catch up to.

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