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USS Hoel (DDG 13) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hoel (DDG 13). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 438 crew members registered for the USS Hoel (DDG 13).

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Bailey, Gene BillChief1960 – 1965Missle systems
De Montegre, LarryDC21961 – 1963West PacGood ship. Entered Navy as a high school drop out...made E-5...earned GED...went on to college...taught High School 37 years... Navy gave me a chance. Worst experience: carrying Higgs out of sick bay in blinding smoke
McIntyre, DonBM (E4)May 1961 – Dec 24, 1964Deck CrewBest part of my late teen aged and young adult life. Turned me into a man. Loved the travel. Wished now I had reenlisted and served more time on the HOEL
Willis, Carroll?the RatMM3 TO MM1Jun 15, 1961 – Nov 15, 1967M and AMy first sea duty And next to the USS Missouri BB-63 my best duty in 31 years of service .Retired 1991 now Living in the Philippines
Prescott, SamuelFTM21962 – 1965Best time of my life. I loved the sea, my ship and job.
Weitzell, Darrell (Whitey0RD11962 – 1964OI
Gustin, JerryBT3/BT2Jan 1962 – Sep 12, 1963BForward Fire Room
Sir Louis, Robert " Bob"SN TO QMSNFeb 1962 – 1963OpsCommissioning crewman
Erspamer, Walter (Yogi)BT3/BT2Mar 1962 – Aug 1963BForeward fireroom
Rexrode, MarkE-3 S/NApr 1962 – Aug 1963Deck crewServed aboard during shake-down, up until the ship left for it's first westpac tour, was in during the Cubin blockade
Spieler, GreggRM3Apr 1962 – Jul 1963opsPlank Owner and great friends and ship
Starling, JosephSN / E-3Apr 12, 1962 – Oct 10, 1963First devisionIt damn near sunk at the pier december 24 1962 lt Trail was officer of the deck at the time
Hamson, JimGMG 3Apr 15, 1962 – Jun 12, 1963GunneryPlank owner,PO honor guard
Johnson, HenryDK3Apr 23, 1962 – Jul 1, 1963Supply1st duty, went to DK school in Newport, made DK3 in Hawaii. What a great crew. What a day when we done review for President Kennedy and then listening to radio on fantail when he was shot. All the DK equipment was manual. I'd do it again.
Davis, JimSK3May 1962 – Nov 1963supplyI am a member of the 1st. crew aboard the USS HOEL DDG-13...My chief was Chief Wolfe and supply officer was Lt Stevenson..It was a privledge and pleasure to serve aboard a great ship...
Pickney, DaveMay 7, 1962 – Oct 21, 1964ASROC
Duncan, BillE5Jun 1962 – Jan 1965GIt has been a long time. I have met with Walt Davis and will soon meet with Bob Ford who served on the ship. It has been a long time.
Clifford, RobertLTJGJun 1962 – Jul 1965R, ASI came aboard as an Ensign in Boston, about 4 days after the commissioning. Served as R div. officer, AS div. officer, and Fire Control officer. Left in July, 1965 for the ROTC unit at M.I.T.
Broussard, WayneRD1Jun 1962 – Jul 1964OI
Bishop, LloydIC3Jun 1, 1962 – Aug 1, 1964EngineeringI was on onboard in 6/62 until 8/64 and made the 1st WESTPAC cruise. I would like to hear from former shipmates.
Bishop, LloydIC3Jun 4, 1962 – Aug 2, 1964R Division
Dirks, VernonBT/3Jun 15, 1962 –Engineering
Carver, TedBMSNJun 16, 1962 – Feb 13, 1963Deck ForceRetired
Alford, Phillip (Al)MM2Jun 16, 1962 – Nov 19, 1964MPlank Owner / would like to hear from M division 1961 to 1964. Contact number 985-863-3464. Wonderful time of my life made some great friends. Would do it again! Hope to see some of you Aug 2013 reunion Everette Seattle.
Willis, CarrollMM3 - MM2Jul 1962 – Nov 1967mFirst ship Was Their 5 years Loved ever min of it
Wilson, BarryFTM3Aug 20, 1962 – Aug 1965WeaponsAnyone know what happened to LT (LCDR)JG Livziey? Loved the service. CO Slifer not so much.
Waldorf, LeeRD3Oct 15, 1962 – Feb 15, 1965OPSCame aboard as a seaman duce on the deck force. Special ops in Hawaii, Back to San Diego and off to her 1st WESPAC tour. Lot of growing up on board. Just give me the chance to do it all over again. I'll be there.
Bradford, WillaimSMSNOct 26, 1962 – Aug 31, 1963Destroyer Division 12If you were on the Hoel during this time contact me at my email I need to discuss Project SHAD.
Gagnon, Richard C.GM3Nov 1962 – Jun 1966GMGHad a great time with a bunch of good guys.
Haynes, MikeEM31963 – 1966E-DivMy first ship assignment, long enough ago that when we pulled in to Hawaii we were paid with stateside currency that Had HAWAII stamped across the back of the bills.
Davis, Walt profile iconGMM E41963 –COMM DIV12
Lollis, RobertSF 31963 – 1963R/divisionwas COXAN for CAPT GIG/Became Shipfitter -3 before discharge
Neil, John Lfire control1963 – 1965west pack
Lollis, RobertSHIPFITTER 3rd classJan 10, 1963 – Aug 1966DECK 1 yr/R DIV REMAINDERET SCHOOL 4mo. DROPPED OUT/ DECK DIVISION6 mo/CAPT GIG COXAN 2 yr.3 rd CLASS SHIPFITTER rest of dutyLoved it ALL. 3 tours overseas.Live in SANTA CRUZ CA. Joined PIPEFITTERS UNION 35 yrs,Pipewelder, REMEMBERobt.Wotring.
Houchin, Henry HouchIC2Jan 30, 1963 – Nov 28, 1964R3went to IC"B" school at gt. lakes then to the USS dixie,then to the USS Coontz, the to USS Dixon, the taught IC"A" school in san diego then to the USS Coral Sea CVA43 and retired in Oct. 1978. Went to work on the Union Pacific rail
Crouch, Charles / ChuckE3Feb 1963 – Aug 1965
kenny, davidBM3Mar 7, 1963 – Apr 19641stboarded the Hoel in San diego made westpac cruise returned to San diego for discharge Had a great time a true learning experience in my life. rember spending xmas in Hong Kong at anchor
Sidney S. Millard, III, SidneySNJun 1963 – Aug 19661st.Lot's of unforgetable memories with John Davis RM2, Earl Russell, Ray Brown and many more.
Carpenter, Jr. Md Jd, Robert JDK3Jul 1, 1963 – Jul 1, 1964SupplyI was in 1st Div until DK1 Labrador convinced a 17 y/o to become an accountant. The ship, its captain and the supply div helped me meet and understand many types of people and skills that have lasted a lifetime and have been used to teach many.
Stokes, IraSM3Aug 15, 1963 – Feb 13, 1967OCSR, SA, SN, SM3, SMSN, SM3 (passed SM2 Exam but did not extend and got out for 3yrs2mos. Joined NRSD 11-10 reserve unit Flagstaff, AZ; promoted to SM2.) Returned to the Navy in APR'70 & retired in '96 as LCDR (LDO).
Lee, JamesMM2Sep 1963 – Feb 1967Mserved in the after engine room
Sankey, LeonMT3Sep 1963 – Jul 1964Tartar
Miller, MikeBT-3 BT-2Sep 1, 1963 – Oct 25, 1964B-Divison #1Fireroom Oil ShackGreat times
Colby, Wilfred "Skip"EM2Oct 6, 1963 – Feb 3, 1967"E"She was a great ship and had a great crew. I have a lot of wonderful memories from the time I was aboard her. During that time we made three West Pac cruises and was able to visit many interesting places.
Jim, RadekFNNov 26, 1963 – Mar 10, 1965B number 1 fireroomShe was my frist ship , I enjoyed my time on HER. And it was a great group of GUYS in B divisoin. Even doing firesides was fun !

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1963 | 1964 – 1966 | 1967 – 1969 | 1970 – 1972 | 1973 – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – now

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