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USS Robison (DDG 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Robison (DDG 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 429 crew members registered for the USS Robison (DDG 12).

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Stevens, Fred1984 – Feb 1986OEAny of the old OE Division Guys out there? Mike Finneran, Mike Blankshen, Chief Eft, Chief Clarke? Send me a note!
Colletti, MarkFC 11984 – 1989WeaponsMany good times remembered. Long cruises short time in port. Too much rice at meals....Question most asked, What will you do when you get out? Answer Cartwheels!
Allen, RogerSTGCS(SW)1984 – 1987A/SHello gang. Good to see the names and remember the faces. Retired in 1991.
Wehmeyer, ScottMM31984 – 19871 and 2Great times with great people.Should have stayed in touch.Lots of memories I'll never forget.Parties at the house in San Diego.
Squier, RickMM21984 – 1988Engineering DivisionGreat ship, great guys! I enjoyed serving on the Robi!!
Destefano, Dennis OS21984 – 1986OIRockin Robi Tweet Tweet... It is Robison not Robinson we are not a Caruso....
Mann, DavidGMG 1Jan 3, 1984 – Sep 9, 1986Combat systems
Powell, Donnie/donaldBT3/E4Jan 17, 1984 – Oct 1986Bi was a member of repair 5 and search and rescue. I WAS ON 2 WEST PACS, VISITED HAWAII 13 TIMES AND 16 COUNTRIES. WAS ALSO STATIONED IN SUBIC BAY,PI, AND CHESEPEAKE VA.
Kahler, SteveHT1Feb 5, 1984 – Feb 4, 1986R / ERO9I'm a DCCM in the Reserves now. Miss the memories and good friends made along the way. Fair winds and following seas "Robie". DCCM Steve Kahler
Gorbea, DanielGMG3Mar 1984 – Mar 1985gLooking for anyone who served on the Rockin' Robison during west pac 84-85. Steve Koch, Dale Merkle, Tom Bell, etc etc.
Sandblom, DaleSNApr 21, 1984 – Aug 26, 19851st.What a blast.West pac 84-85. Just Before I became a shellback,I was the one that creamed the weapons officer with nasty rotten eggs while he slept peacefully in officers country.No one could ever figure that one out.
Thomas, William (Bt1)BT3Jul 1984 – Apr 1986EB01LOOKING FOR ALLSNIPES FIREROOM#1
Reiss, R. (Aka: "Hollywood")MM2Aug 1, 1984 – Apr 28, 1989A-GangDespite the long watches, the OPPEs, REFTRAs, TREs, the lost sleep and sweat and toil, the Robi was a fine warship with an even finer crew. During my three WESTPACs and port visits to Portland and Vancouver, AE&R played like they worked...hard.
Frey, DavidBm3Aug 8, 1984 – May 4, 19871stJust looking to reconnect with some of the best people I have ever meet. I'm living in Michigan now and miss San Diego and all of my freinds very much.
Oiler, Tomqm3Oct 1984 – Mar 1987navagation
Rose, Ron profile iconE6 HT1Oct 1984 – Oct 1985RHull Maintenance Technician - Supervisor HT-4954 and HT-4955 Welder until excepted into the TAR Program - San diego, California. Retired DOJ FBOP Senior Officer Specialist 2010.
Rose, Ronald profile iconHull Maintenance Technician First ClassOct 1, 1984 – Oct 1, 1985Repair (Fresh Air Snipe)
Fisher, Dave "Fish"TM3Oct 10, 1984 – May 1, 1987ASWDid 2 west Pac's (84-85 & 86-87), Rose Fest in 86. Became a shellback in 85 & recrossed the equater in 87.I remember stgsn Lucie-I beat his ass on that 2nd crossing. Him&stgsn Daniels were my own personal woggdogs. What's up Lucie -
Midura, MikeOS3Dec 2, 1984 – Mar 3, 1988OIWow - what a ship! My first and only command. 2 West Pacs and tons of fun I'll never forget. Thanks to all for the memories, Nyman, Dillon, Wiltz, Silvey, Taylor, Klaus, Sabers, Dodds, Powell....The best crew ever!
Montes, Luis MiguelOs2Dec 14, 1984 – Sep 27, 1987Cíc.
Sullivan, BrianLT1985 – 1988A, DC and 1STI really enjoyed my time on the Robison - great crew and good times.
Padgett, RobertSTGSN1985 – 1989WeaponsThis one of the best and worst time of my life, it seem like yesterday instead of twenty plus years. If anyone comes through Houston TX look me up
Marciniak, Tom (Stevie)BT21985 – 1988EngineeringMan what a trip I have soo many stories, us bt's sure did party hard.
Williams, JoeFC21985 –CSJust trying to make contact with a few of you all. I am living in Spanish Springs, NV near Reno/Sparks. I will be retiring from the Reserves soon after 27 yrs. I would like to hear from Marc and Dean if anyone has inf
Young, SkipDK21985 – 1989SupplySome good times and some not so good times, but enjoyed the West Pac's and made some good friends while onboard.
Brady, RickET3Jan 1985 – Feb 1988OPS
Dufloth, MarkMM2Jan 1985 – Jan 1989MLots of good times and friends. B. Bartell was the best man at my wedding 17 years ago, we still keep in touch. K. Jewell remember the "wopituli" punch? Guess what? My business is in Lemon Grove.
Taylor, DanSM 2Feb 15, 1985 – Jan 22, 1989ocwestpac 88 met my wife in australia now live in Aust.good friends mike midura ray frescas 90%crap 10%fun! my nicknme was stew I was allways stewed in every port.Gus montana where are you?hope all is well.cheers from Aus
Taylor, DanSM2Mar 1985 – Feb 1989OCGreat times bad times! Westpacs Australia great experience Now live in Brisbane Australia where i met my wife when we pulled into port in 1987! Frank O'Donnell Another Jersey boy! Great 4 years in my life!
Robinson, StevenBM2May 3, 1985 – May 6, 19871stDog 12 crew.
Powell, GaryOS2May 5, 1985 – May 5, 1989OIGreat ship! Had the best time of my life going to all those places. Met some of the best (and worst) people I ever will.
Long, Ed profile iconEN3Jun 1, 1985 – Aug 10, 1989A-ganggood ship the robi was. i am retired now and still remember all the good people on that ship.
Fink, DanielCAPTJun 22, 1985 – May 17, 1988and FirstReported aboard as a boot ensign, Hinkle was CO, B-Division ate my lunch, but I learned a lot. 2nd tour as 1st LT was outstanding. 2 WestPacs, Rose Festival, Sea Fair, met my wife in Pearl. I owe FCCM Sinclair my career - a great man.
Rasmussen, KeithFC1Jun 29, 1985 – Jan 23, 1990Combat Systems"Good Times, Bad Times, You know I had my share." I regret that I had but one enlistment to serve on Robison, upon which I received my education. Special thanks to: J.Lewis, R.Griffiths, C.Dunlap, S. Morgan, S. Lillegren, J. Green & B. Rueh
Silvey, KrisQM2Jul 1985 – Apr 1989navigationanyone know where Dan Taylor went?? How about Gary Imler?? Mike Medura, living in the same town and still haven't had a beer. Mark Klaus, remember Muscat Oman??
Hamlin, Ed (Hambone)MM3Sep 15, 1985 – Sep 15, 1989Main ControlWhat`s up!!!!!!! This is funny,hollywood-I laughin my ass off. Long watches,sweatin my ass off,a whole lot of beer drinkin. 2 west pacs,San Dog to the gulf,down under and back,and all places in between!!!!! Rockin Robbies Main Screw Crew
Benedict, RichardEW2Sep 30, 1985 – Aug 22, 1987OE?I saw six total in my 20 year career and Robi was the best! Great crew and great ports and good times. WestPac 86-87 was amazing! Being locked on to by an Iranian F-4 was brown trouser time though.
Dodds, MikeDS 2Nov 1985 – Nov 1991CS
Dodds, MikeDS 2Nov 15, 1985 – Oct 1, 1991CS6 years onboard, 3 westpacs, 1 drug interdiction cruise, Portland Rose Festival in 85.
Spinney, WilliamFC2Dec 1985 – Mar 1988CG

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