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USS Robison (DDG 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Robison (DDG 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 429 crew members registered for the USS Robison (DDG 12).

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Johnson, JerryOSC1981 – 1984OIA command & crew that I will always fond memories of. Outstanding OI division gang! The Robi's wardroom were true professionals. As of course was the CPO mess!
Edwards, MiltonSTG21981 – 1983ASSome of the best times of my life. I loved the life of a sailor and would not have changed it for any reason. The Robison was my first ship but my best.
Jerrold, PatrickBT21981 – 1983BThis was my last ship and was very eventfull. From shipyard to Westpac. Had some great times
Franklin, SteveSM2Feb 8, 1981 – Oct 23, 1983OpsGreat tin-can to serve on. Made 1 Westpac with her. Brought her out of drydock in Bremeton, Wa.
Butkins, William (Bill)MM2Mar 1981 – Nov 28, 1985Auxillary
Gasson, BillOS2Apr 9, 1981 – Dec 18, 1985OI2 West Pacs. Suprised and happy to find this site. I remember Rusty Cone. My division officer when I got to the ship in Bremerton, WA. Ship Mates, Mel Sharp, OSC Johnson, Bryan Hunt and so many others. I look forward to hearing from U.
Coplin, Earnest (Dirty Ernie)MM2-MM1Apr 20, 1981 – Jun 25, 1985M Div LPOMeet the ship in the yards in 81, steamed on her until 1985 when i got out. Worked #1 Er then took control of Dirty Ernie's #2 Screw crew.
Clark, MarkEM3May 21, 1981 – Oct 19, 1983E
Rose, Jefffr e 2Aug 1981 – Feb 1983engineering
Rose, JeffreyFRAug 1, 1981 – Dec 1, 1983BTM.Lee,D.Myers,W.Tabor,M.Shafer,Cpt Byerly remember hurricane Eva
Tabor, DougBM3Oct 1981 – Apr 15, 19851st2 westpacs. Had a great time, met some great people. A life changing experience that I would not trade for anything.
Tuttle, RossPN1Nov 10, 1981 – Oct 24, 1984X-2
Tuttle, RossPN1Nov 22, 1981 – Oct 24, 1984X-A
Odom, David ( Doc) profile iconHM2Nov 30, 1981 – Oct 3, 1983XGreat ship and crew! Thoroughly enjoyed my time aboard this vessel. The Rockin Robi seemed to always be "On the road again." I would love to hear from any of my shipmates.
Ellis, Alvin (John)GMTCDec 1981 – Oct 1985AS30 years, retired GMCM, living in the Phoenix area
Wallick, David M.LTJGDec 7, 1981 – Apr 14, 1984M, RGunnery Officer, legal Officer, M Div Officer and DCA
Lawyer, Henry Aka LawmanSH2Dec 19, 1981 – Nov 17, 1986S3GREAT SHIP HAD A BALL. IM LIVING IT UP GIVE ME A CALL
Van Gundy, RobertBT31982 – 1985B
Merkle, DaleGMG21982 – 1985Gunnery
Baxter, ScottSNJan 1982 – Jul 1982ocMy first ship and was only on it 6 months but very memorable as ny first boat
Nelson, Art (Hanker)BM 2Jan 5, 1982 – Sep 14, 1985Deck ForceGood memories.
Miller, GregFCM2Feb 1982 – Jul 25, 1986WeaponsWow, I decided to look up my old ship on the web and found a lot of resources out there, good to see some of the old names I remember from those days.
Caldwell, William EGMGCMar 10, 1982 – Jan 6, 19862ndI made GMGC on the Robison. Looking for MAC (Dusty Bob) Renolds.
Batchelor, BatchBTMar 12, 1982 – Sep 1, 1984BNORTHPAC and WESTPAC 83...the Hitman,Smitty,Mitch.....Lyle....the US festival..miss you guys....even you Fred
Rost, FredOS 1 TO OSCMar 15, 1982 – Sep 15, 1985OIGreat Crew, Best times of my career!!
Beckley, Kyle/beekerFTG3-FC2Apr 1982 – Sep 1986gunreally good times. didn't know it then though. great poeple, strange people, real Americans.
Weller, Jim "midjim"MIDSHIPMAN 3RD CLASSJun 1982 – Aug 1982OSSummer cruise, mostly spent preparing for Falklands War we didn't end up going to. Running mate OS2 Shaw. Hope all from then are OK now. Ended up in USMC due to ship nearly blowing up off San Clemente. Fought in Desert Storm later.
Banks, WilliamMMCJun 10, 1982 – Nov 10, 1984A DivisionI was privileged to have the best A Gangers afloat.
Ray, StevenQm3Aug 1982 – Feb 1986ExecSome cherished memories with a couple screw ups thrown in .
Sullivan, John DocHM2Aug 15, 1982 – Sep 15, 1984XRobison was my only ship. I was promoted to 2nd after a ship boarding in the gulf. I loved her and the crew. One of the most memorable times of my life.
Ramos, Roberto profile iconSM2Sep 1982 – Dec 1985OCHad many opportunities to grow personally and professionally while serving on the Robison. This is where I learned that "Conflict is growth trying to happen."
Miller, AndreRM2Sep 1982 – Jun 1985OC
Williamson, Delmont (Doc)HM11983 – 1986XSee a lot of names I fondly remember. If you rmember me, send me a note.
Armstrong, DaveSTG3/STG2Jan 1983 – May 1984ASMy first naval warship and experience in #1SD. WESTPAC 84 was my "rites to passage" to manhood as a Sailor. Enough said!!
Hoag, DudleyMMMar 1983 – Jul 1985
Steven B. Koch, BoatsGMG-1,GMG-3, GMG-2, AND FINALLY GMG-1 ONCE MOREMar 7, 1983 – Sep 1989GMI am retired and living in Spring Valley, CA. I am in the phone book for San Diego. if in the area or you need some help with the SSI Admin.or the VA which I currently receive please call me or just tp have a cold one and B.S.
Reynolds, RobertMA1 / MACMar 16, 1983 – Apr 5, 1985Chief Master-at-ArmsServed as the Chief Master-at-Arms and made Chief during my tour. Served under the command of Captain D.H. McKinley one of the best CO's I worked for in my 20 year career. Went on to Law Enforcement in GA and TN.
Bruce, Stephen(skeets)SK3May 1, 1983 – Sep 23, 1986supplyskc jamrog was my first cpo to work for(nice guy but tough) Lt. Collins(i think) was Suppo,and then after LT. came Lt.Rieter and skc bowers,(yes it was me throwing your ashtrays off the fantail skcsLOL),Mr.B. sk1 abinsay,john lowery
Willis, WarrenCW04May 15, 1983 – Jun 2, 1984OEServed as EMO and OE Division Officer. I have a Robison page on my web site
Simons, Rrandy (Stimey)BM2Jun 1983 – Mar 19891st wonder whatever happenen to Madrid, Vacchio, and all the robi's famous over the side paint float crew's. Never could had done it without all the other great guy's. Really miss being on the bridge listening to all the officers, that had
Hoener, MichaelGMG2Jun 16, 1983 – Sep 2, 1986GHad a lot of fun on the Robi.
Hamel, Alan,al, (Hambone)GMT2Aug 10, 1983 – Jul 16, 1986A/SWas ships swimmer and almost got killed when Caswell slingshot me out of the water during OSCAR drill during recovery phase.Went from in the water to 30' in the air off port side davit then......SPLAT! REAL PROFESSIONAL.
Yannella, Philbt2Aug 12, 1983 – Mar 23, 1986b
Sullivan, DocHM2Aug 21, 1983 – Nov 15, 1985x DivI was the junior HM on Robi. It was a trip. Had to board a burning super tanker in the gulf. War=time steaming. It changed me forever.
Hill, Hillbilly/kevine-4Sep 1983 – Mar 1987M divisionDid tow west pac and had a good time would like to hear from any old friends!
Jewell, KenMM4Sep 1983 – Sep 1987Main ControlRemember the good times. Looking for buddies that hung out at the house in Lemon Grove. Playing horseshoes at midnight with chem lights on the stakes. Looking for Wang,Spode,Douche cloth. Miss you guys!
Hill, Kevin (Hillbilly)MM3Sep 23, 1983 – Mar 13, 1987MHEY GUYS! Just found the site, this is cool!!! I've been trying to find a few of the guys I hung around with.Horse or Butch if your out there let me know. This is not my E-mail its a friends mine crashed but you can reach me through this one for n
Buckley, John (Jack)STG1Nov 1983 – Jan 1987ASBest command ever!

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