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USS Robison (DDG 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Robison (DDG 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 429 crew members registered for the USS Robison (DDG 12).

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Kitson, ColleyFC3 SW1988 – 1991CSGreat Ship, Great Crew, life changing experance. Never had friends like family before this Ship. I wish you all the best.
Woodcock, Tom (Woody)BT31988 – 1991Engineering #1 Fire RoomThis was my first ship and had some great times with great people whom I will never forget.
Smith, Bob (Smite)EN3Jan 1988 – Jul 1990A Gang1st and only ship, great time of my life, met my wife in San Diego while aboard the Robi. WestPac '90 was the best. No regrets.
Lowery, StaceyRM2Jan 1988 – Sep 1991OpsWhat a Hell of a ride. I wish everyone well. CowPunk
Avila, ErnestoSTG 2Apr 1, 1988 – Feb 1, 1990ASMurphy, the name was Bennett. PN1 great job in protecting the English Sailor in Hong Kong WESPAC 88-89 (Retired 2003)
Lester, JimRM3Jun 10, 1988 – May 12, 1991OpsI had a really great time onboard and miss all of my robbi crewmembers
White, Donnell "Dizzy"QM3Jul 1988 – Aug 1991NavigationWas the best crew I've ever served with. Did 2 1/2 WESTPAC's. Drug interdiction cruise, and various other U/W periods.
Wyatt, BobEWCJul 1988 – Sep 1989OWThis was the last ship I was on and it was getting old. If I must be honest, I couldn't wait to get the hell off of it and retire a couple years later and live a normal live after 22 years.
Mockeridge, GregBT3Jul 1, 1988 – Jan 1991
Cabor, RichET2Aug 23, 1988 – Oct 11, 1991OEGood times, and yes Frank (thats FRONK) it was a crack.
Cerna, DanielDK3Oct 1, 1988 – Aug 20, 1991SupplyYou get's nothing Cerna! This was my first ship, which I had some great times and memories. If anyone knows the where abouts of SH3 Gilbert, Stanley let me know.
Walters, FrankOS3Nov 1988 – Jul 4, 1991OI
Shadden, JeffreyOS3Dec 1988 – Aug 1991OI Great ship with Great friends
Stahl, JamesGMG3Dec 1988 – Jul 1991Weapons
Leggett, DavidE6/EW1Dec 20, 1988 – Oct 1, 1991OEI really don't miss the 3 section duty in port, but I do miss the comaraderie. I forget the port/starboard watches while underway & some of the ports we visited but I still remember how we were great friends.
Tanner, BillSTG21989 – 1990ASGreat ship! My last ship before going to shore duty as an Instructor. I remember Pattaya Beach! West Pac '89 was one of the finest!
Delgado, BrandoMS31989 – 1991SUPPLY
Fuentes, MannyGMM31989 – 1991ASW1st ship. Loved her. Still miss all the crew that was on when I was there, Even Mater-At-Arms Chief Fournier...LMAO !!! Hurt my knee, West-Pac, LEO OPs, PI, Prtlnd Rose Festival, Vancouver. Wog Day !!! contact me at
Fecht, KyleBt 31989 – 1991B# 1 hole where the real men where lol. but I will have to say this ship had the best of bunch of guys to serve with.Great ship and I met some life long friends there
Guzman, BillySN1989 – 1991deck crewThe Robison was my 1st command. It was filled with a great group of guys. I hope that they are all doing well, would be great to reconnect.
Guzman, Jesusen3Jan 5, 1989 – Sep 20, 1991a gang1 st ship but the best. west pack/rim pac/leo ops. I am still a reservist getting ready to retaired hope to hear from any of the crew from the robi.
Singleton, RobertFC3Feb 6, 1989 – 1991wepsGreat ship and great times....sure wish I could remember half of them.
Thomson, DanSTG2May 2, 1989 – May 2, 1991Sonar (Weapons)great ship, best Chief in the Navy, STGC Kevin Burr. Lots of good memories including 3 stops in Subic Bay.
Wolfe, BryanFC3Jun 1, 1989 – Jun 1, 1991CSI worked on the 51C/D Radar system with Jason Thompson, Jeff G, Steve L, Brad, Rassmusen, Sean & Others aswell as a few great guys in the division like Dan D, Willie, Trombone. It was a great experiance, and made some great friends. Email me...
Baker, BrianSNJun 14, 1989 – May 30, 19911st DivFirst Ship, awesome time with great people. West-Pac 90.
Brand, Christopher (Brand-x)DC3 - DC2Jun 15, 1989 – Jun 15, 1991Repair DivisionThe Robi was indeed my most memorable command. One of the tightest crew you will ever find served onboard from the time I was there till DECOM. I still have great memories, and photo albums. Im a retired DCC living in Honolulu, HI.
Kendrick, Karl / Inspector GadgetMM 3Jun 20, 1989 – Oct 1, 1991AMy first ship. My favorite ship. A lot of great memories. A-Gang truly ruled!
Ramirez, DagoMM2Jun 28, 1989 – 1991MWog Dog '90 Busted firemain riser somewhere off Alaska - anyone remember? 2" crack in structure Wrecking havoc with Marc Martinez, Chad Barker, Chris King, Shaun Fuller, Decom Crew
Gagliardi, TonyDS1Aug 13, 1989 – Aug 10, 1991CSThe best command I ever been to with the best shipmates to have served with
Weimer, JeffDS3Nov 11, 1989 – Sep 17, 1991CSFirst ship...finest ship. I miss the good times and the people. 1st WESTPAC, hit Hong Kong, Singapore, PI. Heady stuff for a 19 year old suburban kid!
Flynn, Kevin FlynnEW 3Dec 1, 1989 – May 1, 1991EW
Parson, PatrickBT3Dec 10, 1989 – May 20, 1991eng/p2rockin robi my first ship. had alot of great memories serving with a great bunch of snipes, lasted a little over 9 years in the navy and ended up with a medical retirement. it would be great to hear from some old friends
Mapes, MichaelEW31990 – 1991OpsWas a member of the Decommisioning crew
McVay, RandyEM31990 – 1991E-Div1st time i've been to the Rose fest in "90". it was great!
Scott, Curtis profile iconEm31990 – 1991electrical
Archer, LeroySNJan 1990 – Oct 19911st DivisionUSS Robison was on of the best commands I've ever been apart of. It was sad when I had to go on to A School after the ship went into drydock. But I truly enjoyed my experience aboard the Robi as I would call it.
Mitchum, Stanley (Aka Mitch)YNSA NOW YNC(SW/AW)Jan 28, 1990 – Oct 15, 1991ADMINRobby was my first ship for this Bama boy. Still one of the best ship's I'd ever served on. Did a Westpac/Port Rose Festival and Drug Ops near Central America.
Davis, BobRMCFeb 1990 – 1992OC
MacAraeg, XeroxGMG3Feb 1, 1990 – Oct 15, 1991G DivisionBest ship ever..awesome crew...lots of memories on my 1st Wespac 90...Subic,Perth,Sasebo and Persian gulf..i missed her
Singleton, RobertFC3May 23, 1990 – Oct 1, 1991
Valdes, SteveFC3Jul 1990 – Sep 1991My first ship, What a great experience.
Matlack, DavidAOC(AW) NOW- THEN FAJan 1991 – Jun 1991BRobison was my first ship! Used to be a SNIPE now an Airdale!! What a change...

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1964 | 1965 – 1968 | 1969 – 1972 | 1973 – 1976 | 1977 – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – now

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