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USS Sampson (DDG 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sampson (DDG 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 434 crew members registered for the USS Sampson (DDG 10).

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Edwards, Jeff/eddieSH31984 – 1988supplyhad a great time on board,love the guys, but not the red tape.I saw the pictures of her getting sold for scrap, made me sad.I will always remember her as the super sam!
Lee, ShannonFTM21984 – 1985WeaponsI worked in WDE, run the TSTC in CIC for the short time I was there. Had a great time, made some great freinds.Came from Conyngham #17, when they were taking Weapons Direction equipment off her...
Holder, Mikems31984 – 1986supplymade some good friends and fond memories,ms1richard reese,ms1 kress, mssn perez, kruger, alex,sproul,and our wonderful chief if anyone wants to email me feel free to do so.peace out
Gosper, Michael JSTG3Jan 1984 – Aug 1985ASW
Hill, KennethBTFeb 17, 1984 – Jun 13, 1984B
Puffer, Jeffry/puffQM2 SWMar 1984 – Oct 1987NAVIt was the greatest time of my life. I still brag about it all and miss all my old friends.
Fout, WayneRM3Mar 13, 1984 – Jul 1, 1985operationsI only served a little over a year. Had fun. Seen a lot of countries. Wondering whether Steve Hill, Ed Tartaglia or Jeff Sullivan are still kickin'.
Benedict, SteveEM2Apr 1, 1984 – Sep 23, 1988EI look through my Cruisebooks and I remember the great guys I served experiences with you and onboard "Super Sam" have stuck with me throughout my life to date. Was a great and unforgettable time!
Becker, Dennis "Doc"HM1(SW/AW)May 10, 1984 – May 26, 1986NXEnjoyed my 1st shipboard assignment. Assigned as non-designated seaman, reassigned as Hospital Corpsman working with HMC Parziel and HM3 Velazequez and later with HM1 Turpin. Great ship, great crew, great memories. Went on to Independent Duty.
Jewett, TomETCAug 1984 – Sep 1987OERelieved ETC Grubb while at GITMO for REFTRA, made Med '85 & Persian Gulf deployments. Transferred to NAS Cecil Field in 1987 - retired in 1989. Civil Service at NADEP Jax as GS-0855-12 now.
Becker, DennisE-6Sep 1, 1984 – Nov 1, 1986NXSuper Sam sleek at the bow, a real war ship, in appearance and firepower. Great crew, great times......always remember all the great experiences as a junior Hospital Corpsman on the way to a long and exciting career
Vancil, Scott /vanGMG 1 (SW)1985 – 1987GHello Shipmates This was my first ship I am now retired and living Tampa FL.
Covington, GeorgeYNC(SW)Jan 1985 – May 1989NAV/X"Super Sam." What can I say? Spent the rest of my career looking for something - and couldn't find it. The ship, the crew, the experiences. Magnificent! Wouldn't take anything for the memories.
Vitito, RichardBT!Jan 11, 1985 – Jul 19, 1986B-Div.Had a great time, loved every minute of it.
Burtnett, BretOS2Feb 1, 1985 – Sep 23, 1988OI
Watkins, RatmanE-7Apr 1, 1985 – May 15, 1990BI was stationed on board from 1985-1990, I made chief in 1987. It was one of the best ships I ever served on. I am looking for Lou Cordova he was a BT2.
Kruger, RusselMS2May 1985 – Dec 1988supplyI have so many fond memories from my time on the Super Sam. I met some great guys while I was aboard. Would be great to talk to the guys again, so feel free to email if you wish.
Galvez, GuidoMM3Jun 15, 1985 – Jun 15, 1988B4looking to hear from Jerry Bunch, Dan Croft, Paul Truax, Daniel Crook or any one from B4 or B2 from 1985 to 1988. You can find me in Facebook too.
Pindell, MichaelDCCS (SW)Jul 2, 1985 – Jul 2, 1990RepairGreat Crew.
Pindell, Michael E.DCCS(SW)Jul 15, 1985 – Jul 30, 1990RepairRetired and enjoying life, but I miss the good times we had on the Sampson. She had a good crew and a great career.
Galvez, ReneMM3Jul 15, 1985 – Jul 15, 1988B4I loved to serve in B4 with my friends like Dan Croft, Jerry Bunch, Paul Truax, Crook and Dan Knighten among others. Hope to hear from any of them or anyone who knew of us.
McHugh, JimHT2Aug 1985 – Apr 1989RepairHad a good time, met some great people and seen things most will never.
Fowler, RobbieSeamanAug 21, 1985 – Mar 25, 19881st DivisionNothing but good times,underway alot but never a dull moment on the SAMPSON.Met alot of good guys but one stands out the most because I learn alot from him even though I was not under his direct command was GMGCS WEAVER.
Mark Hodder, MarkSTGC MNCSSep 1985 – Apr 1991ASWWas on Sam for over 5 years. DECOMed her. Retired from the Navy in 04 after 26 years.
Hodder, MarkSTGC(SW)Sep 1, 1985 – Apr 1, 1991ASWas there for a long time got my ESWS and CPO off the Sam. She was the greatest. and now there is a new SAMPSON DDG 102. I retired in 2004 as MNCS(SW) was the command Seinor Chief of the USS CHIEF MCM 14. Living in FL now.
Harrison, PaulJOSNOct 18, 1985 – Apr 24, 1987XOI was the ship's JO! Had many a friend and many good times. Vannucci, Perez, Iannace, Covington, Loftin, Master Chief Bates. Thanks for the experience! I learned a lot on the Sampson.
Miller, William (Bill)BT3Dec 10, 1985 – 1990BMan I really miss those times and tears came to my eyes when I saw the scrapping pictures on the internet. It was like seeing your childhood home being torn down. Would like to meet all the BT's that ever served on her
White, John R (Russ)RMC1986 – 1989OCMade Chief on the Sam, great ship/gang. Retired 94
Bukovecky, JeffreyBMSN1986 – 1988First
Tyson, WillieGMG21986 – 1990GThank God for the great memories and better friends from the Super Sam.
Vannucci, FredSH2Jan 1986 – Dec 1988S-3Served aboard the USS Orion AS-18 for 18 months and didn't realize how great the Navy could be until I got aboard the Sampson. Paul Harrison, Bobby Perez, Brad Bellis and many more. Teeter and Paul - I remember you guys!
Teter, Garry Jr.RM3Mar 1986 – Apr 1, 1988OCLookin for some old shipmates
Glasscock, PeteMM3Mar 1986 – May 1988A-GangCut my teeth on the Sampson. Worked like a dog and played like one too! I recently saw a site that had pictures of her being scraped. It was like part of my life was being scraped. Thanks for the memories.
Channels, Rusty--juniorMM2Mar 7, 1986 – Jan 1, 1990M and Bwhere are you Mac Bunch, Irwin, Crook, Fabre, Fahey, Gálvez, Croft, Blackwell, monte leone, LA, Nixon, Jimmy Hall, Perry, XO, Otto, PNut, Kirkman, Huber , logsdon, booker, truax
Fields, MichaelE-5Mar 10, 1986 – Nov 13, 1989Boiler Techniciansnype
Teter, GarryRM3Mar 16, 1986 – Apr 2, 1988OCGreat ship. Had a great time, met alot of great people.
Slaughter, Steve (Sarge)OS2Mar 17, 1986 – Aug 25, 1989OIMet some of the best friends around. Still are in touch this very day.
Paul, AndrewCDRApr 1986 – Apr 1989DCA / NavigatorMy first ship...and it showed. DCCS(SW) Pindell / YNC(SW) Covington / BMCM(SW) Bates...None better. Arabian Gulf '87 and UNITAS '88. Good friends, great Ship!
Bate, RicharfBMCM SWMay 7, 1986 – Apr 3, 1988CMCGreat Ship great cruise to Persian Gulf great steel beach cook outs strong CPO mess
Stensby, BoydOS1Jun 20, 1986 – Jun 20, 1991SC-4
Stensby, BoydOS1Jun 24, 1986 – Jun 1, 1991SC-4Best ship and best crew I ever served with. Best group of OS's bar none.
Davis, JardSTG3/SNAug 1986 – Dec 1988F2/ASI had some good times and some bad times on the Sampson, But the ship itself... she was poetry in motion for almost 30 yrs old. I remember outrunning a Spru-Can on the way back from the Gulf in '87.
Turner, ArtMS1 SWAug 1986 – 1989Sam was the best command I serve on as there was not better crew than what was on Super Sam. Unitas was the best cruise a person can ask for. Retired in Middleburg Florida work at Nas Jax would like to hear from former shipmate.
Weaver "Weav", CharlesRM3Aug 1, 1986 – Sep 9, 1989OC DIVISIONReally miss the "worlds greatest destroyer" and the "worlds greatest crew". All of you guys are like my brothers. I really enjoyed serving on the Sampson from 1986 to 1989.

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