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USS Towers (DDG 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Towers (DDG 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 406 crew members registered for the USS Towers (DDG 9).

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Vail, Paul V.RD11959 – 1962OIPlankowner
Wagner, James J.SeamanDec 1960 – Oct 1962Weapons
Bedore, KenBMDec 1960 – Sep 19641stPlank Owner
Vaudt, JohnSOGSN-SOG 21961 – 1963PLANKOWNER A member of the skeleton crew at the ship yard for the last 4-6 months before the USS Navy took over the ship.
Flanagan, RaymondSeaman1961 – 19621st DivisionSadly I only served a few months on the finest ship and crew in the Navy.
Heinricfh, Johnmm31961 – 1964Engine room
Little, CharlieSNJan 1961 – Oct 16, 1964FOXProud to have been a Plankowner, of a great ship and serve with truly great men. I cherish the good days along with the bad days. My time in Towers helped to shape the person I am today.
Garvin, John M.EMFNJan 3, 1961 – Jun 2, 1968R
Koch, PeterBT3, BT2Jan 21, 1961 – Mar 1, 1963Engineering
Gardner, WillardBT5Feb 1961 – Aug 18, 1964BoilertenderLooking back now I miss the guys I grew up with. Wish all are doing well. Plankowner
Schock, HowardRM3/RM2Feb 15, 1961 – Dec 15, 1962OC PreCom and Plank Owner. One West Pac Cruise and left for RM "B" School
Burton, Lawrence (Larry)IC3Mar 1961 – 1963RGreat times prior to and after commissioned. I recall the shakedown cruise and going to San Diego
Stockton, GaryFTG3May 1961 – Jun 1963
Noble, DanielFTG2May 1961 – Oct 1962FOXWorked on Missile radar, weapons Designation system and served as FOX div supply petty officer. Plank holder.
Schilousky, RalphBTJun 6, 1961 – Nov 6, 1964PLANK OWNER
Lykins, Gary WayneYN3Jun 21, 1961 – Jun 10, 1963OCPLANK OWNER - Maiden voyage to Callao Peru, Acapulco, and Panama. Australia Coral Sea Celebration 1962 - great ship - lot of memories
Woods, Hal (Chick)RM3Sep 1961 – Dec 1964OCOne of the best times of my life. Enjoyed visiting all of WestPac, where we went 3 times. Australia was really nice...Being a Radioman/Crypto gave me training which I used during my working life. Now living in Georgia an
Erickson, BradMT-3Dec 24, 1961 – Sep 12, 19642nd.Two WestPac cruises. I was painting the t-sams in Pearl the day Kennedy was killed.
Bradley, RandyGMG31962 – 1965
Fields, Russell1962 –
Sealey, JerryGMM-31962 – Jan 1965GMMGREAT SHIP AND CREW
Bernier, BruceETR31962 – 1963OIBest ship in the US Navy. Great Captain, great crew.
Szurgot, LarryEN3Mar 1962 – Jan 1963Engineering
Goff, William { Bill}RD3Mar 1, 1962 – Apr 15, 1963OI"Plank owner" it was a great experience also a great ship with lots of good memorys
Wight, LanceRDSNApr 1, 1962 – Dec 29, 1964OISpent some time in 1st Division then went to strike for Radarman in OI Division. Working spaces CIC.
Jackson, BobBMSNApr 4, 1962 – Jun 10, 19641stWhat a time we had....!
Smith, RonIC2Oct 1962 – Jun 1966R
Fletcher, Richard (Bugs)MM1Oct 1962 – Jul 1967M-Division Forward Engine RoomWent aboard as MM3 and left as MM1 spent entire time in Fwd Engine Room keeping those deck plates shiney. Had good times with T.D. Crowell and Tommie Joe Low.
Morey, ThomasFA/FNOct 4, 1962 – Oct 9, 1964B DivisionWe where taking on supplies in Pearl Harbor when announced over the PA System that President Kennedy had been assassinated.
Martin Bm3, Martye4Nov 17, 1962 – Oct 17, 1966firstgig cox swallow penny counts wes pac 3tours phone 903 427 5174
Doherty, BobBT31963 – 1966Engineering
Young, Williamrd31963 – 1968operations
Muller, Robert BobETR3Jan 1, 1963 – Sep 14, 1965Electronics Some memories: Trying to hatch a gooney bird egg in the ecm room. Exchanging uniform with a limy sailor in Hong Kong USO. Suspending a screwdriver in midair using a mysterious "Magnetic Vortex".zt5bj
Topkoff, James (Jim)RM3Feb 15, 1963 – Jun 1964OpsOnly ship I served on. Proud to be associated with the Towers and her crew.
Wight, LanceRDSNJun 1, 1963 – Dec 29, 1965OII served on the Towers for about 2 1/2 years in OI Division.
Defore, GusSTG2Nov 1963 – Sep 1966ASWWent to Vietnam twice on board the Towers. Also took part in Operation Sailor Hat.
Philbeck, Robert (Bob) (Foots)BM3Nov 20, 1963 – Nov 20, 1966Boatswainsmate I am proud to have served aboard the Towers while we served our nation in Vietnam. I remember Captain Penny and some of my shipmates. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Thanks! God Bless!
Philbeck, Bob (Foots)E-4Dec 20, 1963 – Nov 20, 1966BoatswainsmateServed aboard the Towers from 63-66. Made several Westpac tours. Ship's swimmer, Captain's Gig driver, member of Lt. Gray's shore team in Vietnam.
Kukla, JimDC/21964 –
Ramsey, Jim(Beatle)GMG3Jan 1964 – Aug 19651st & 2ndIn deck crew,then 2nd Div.(Gunner's Mate-GMG).Nickname was Beatle(given to me by the ship's barber).Remembered Operation Sailor Hat in Hawaii & pointing a 5inch54 at a Russian Trawler(Capt.didn't like that!).Looking for Conway, Schmel
Davis, Richard [rick] profile iconRD3Feb 10, 1964 – Sep 19, 1967OIServed under Capt. Harmon C. Penny who was the best skipper in the navy!
Topkoff, TomRMSN - RM3Apr 1964 – Jul 1966OCBest DDG in the fleet. Great crew and excellent officers. Capt. Penny led us well. I made 1 1/2 WesPac's and saw service several times off the coast and in country in Viet Nam. We all made it home safely.
Lawrence, JamesSK1May 1964 – Dec 1967SupplyBest of times, worst of times. Joined Towers at Hunter's Point in drydock & left her 3 & a half years later right after drydock again. Two WestPac cruises. Married & sick of Port & Starboard Liberty. In Navy 8 yrs out 51
Thompson, Lewis (Squeek)GMG3Jun 1964 – Dec 19662nd
Stevie), Calvin B Stevens Jr. (LittleSNJul 1964 – Sep 21, 19671stLooking for Tom Ussery,Stan Rodrique,and other 1st Div. guys aboard 64 to 67. Looking to recapture my youth with people who were there.
Bruck, RonGMG2Aug 13, 1964 – Aug 17, 19672nd Division Ron Bruck I am now living in Lincoln, NE 6901 Adams St Phone: 402-613-7591. I would truly serve my country again and would do it all over again with the shipmates I had. Captain Penny, you will always be in command
Harmon, RobertMM2Sep 1964 – Aug 1966EngineeringMM2 AFT ENGINE ROOM 1964-1966
Rump, TomRM3Sep 1964 – Mar 1969OCCurrently retired living in Spokane, Washington. Would like to hear from other crew members.
Bruck, RonGG2Oct 1, 1964 – Aug 17, 19672ndJoined the Navy 3 days before I turned 18 Out of boot camp assigned The Towers My best friend I met was Bob Philbeck who also has a message here The Viet Nam War and Captain Penny will never be forgotten Live in Charlotte NC 704-778-1154
Bailey, James/zoomE3Oct 7, 1964 – Jul 1, 1967R
Taylor, BillBT3Dec 1964 – May 1968B

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1964 | 1965 – 1970 | 1971 – 1973 | 1974 – 1977 | 1978 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – now

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