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USS Lynde McCormick (DDG 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Lynde McCormick (DDG 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 188 crew members registered for the USS Lynde McCormick (DDG 8).

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Gentilcore, DonaldMT2Oct 1, 1960 – Nov 10, 1962weaponsJoined ship in builders yard. Bay City Mich. Worked on Tartar missle system.
Peterson, PhilipYN3Jan 1, 1961 – Jan 1, 1964GunneryPhilip J Peterson (plank owner)
Tune, RogerMM3Mar 4, 1961 – Aug 1964EngineeringThis was the best & the worst times of my life. I was wondering if anyone remembers myself and another sailor went to a Tender for parts while in Viet Nam. Would just like to talk to other guys I served with...
Reed, Carlton / MikeRet. BTCMApr 1961 – Oct 1968B DivCame aboard Pre-com Newport, RI, was comparment cleaner when JFK assinated, made second class left third and reinstated onboard Arlington (AGMR-2); completed 30 years day for day Jan 1991
Proctor, JamesYN2Nov 28, 1961 – May 10, 1963Admin and Personnel OfficeI recall the trip to Seattle for the Worlds Fair, the transit up the Sacramento River for a weeks visit, The refit preparing for WestPac Cruise, The crossing the equator, visits to Japan and Philippines.
Medhus, Melmm2Jun 10, 1962 – Sep 5, 1966mgreat ship and crew. left in 66 and went to vietnam 27 mo. for awhile i was station on LCU- 1619. i was there because the navy had no engineman to man the boats. made E-6. i left the navy in 1972. retire army 94 as cwo
Lough, KenETR 3Jul 1962 – Jun 1966ETCame onboard in deck crew. Studied and passed test for ETR 3. Served with a lot of good people but 4 years on the water was enough and left instead of reenlisting.
Sweet, Charles (Toot Sweet)sn1963 – 1965comisarygood times ,when larry aslett broke his arm on my head on the way back to the ship ,from our 1964 x-mas party
Brown, DewayneETR2Nov 1963 – Aug 1966OETwo Westpac cruises, part of first naval force to Veit Nam
Diorio, WilliamRD3Nov 22, 1963 – Jun 7, 1966oi
Farkas, RobertRDSN1964 – 1966OIWest Pac 1966
Wildin, DougRDSN1964 – 1965OIServed with Ken West who was later lost in 1969 on river patrol in Viet Nam. Rest in peace Ken.
Huelsman, TomSFM 21964 – 1968R3 tours to Viet Nam.a great ship with many good shipmates that I remember, the enjoyable part was the liberty in Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines. 8 years as a police K9 handler and 30 yrs as a mgr. for a Cadillac D
Huhta, ChuckSMSNFeb 1964 – Feb 1966OCWest Pac cruise in 1965. Now live in Silverdale, WA. Retired educator.
Bieler, JamesRDSA E-2Aug 10, 1964 – Jan 20, 1965radarJust wanted to say hello to a few buddies I made during my pre -school indoctrination cruise before "A" school I did a lot of mess cooking .....
Barber, RobertSTG-2Sep 1964 – Aug 18, 1968ASCall Bob Sather once in while, but not lately. One of the listed crew mentions the firefight off Tiger Island. Us guys in Sonar heard the gravel hitting the tin roof and it dawned on us we were under fire. Tape recorded whole thing.
Mayer, JoeLieutenantSep 3, 1964 – Oct 1966TartarAre you guys all coming to the September 2015 reunion in San Diego? For more info, see "" .
Tinney, JohnFTM1965 – 1966TNow living in NC--Wonderful memories of my time on the ship ---went to a ships reunion in San Diego about 10 years ago--we sure are looking old.
Cowan, Donald profile iconBT11965 – May 1968engineeringGreat times and great shipmates ! Often wondered what they are doing now ?
Phillips, Marion Raymond Sr. (Buddy)Feb 1965 – 1968enjoyed my time on ship. Later became apart of River Patrols Section 541 and 524
Wefald, BobLTJGFeb 5, 1965 – Jun 9, 1967Gunnery Assistant, Legal Officer, Ship's SecretaryShipmates, please go to our DDG8 website at
Shearer, Dorian profile iconMM3Apr 12, 1965 – Feb 23, 1967M Division
Ervin, PaulE3/BMAug 11, 1965 – Mar 1, 19671st
Frenchman, Titus1966 – 1970Deck Ape to MissilesMade two trips to Nam - I haven't been right since -
Poper, CharlesSTG2Jun 1966 – Mar 19693rd
De La Garza, LuisE-4Aug 1966 – Jun 1970OC I would like to know if anyone has some deck logs or how can i get deck logs for dates 24 Feb- 7 March 1969 and 24 March-4 April 1969 and 12 June-19 June 1969. I am trying to get VA benefits but it seems like they can't get any documentation on
Speck, Syd (Squid)FTM2Sep 1, 1966 – Nov 9, 1971WeaponsI had a good time and have many great memories of my days in the service and remember a lot of good ship mates.
McKinstry, BruceFTM31967 – 1970WeaponsAnyone remember the firefight off Tiger island while with Newport News ? Looking for the photos of "incoming" rounds!
Fraioli, JoeFTM 21967 –FTM
Cowan, MichaelSN1967 – 19711st
Vaniski, Norman "ski"BM3Feb 6, 1967 – Dec 1, 19681stLots of good times and a lot of memories, too bad Pacifics best DDG wound up for target practice instead of being saved as a museum ship. Are there any Adams class DDGs still around?
Corzan, TomGMM3/GMM2Mar 1967 – Dec 1969GI was a GMM that spent my entire tour on the guns. Didn't mind, saw more action and matured because of it. Have alot of good memories of past shipmates and of "Mac".
Grala, Andrew AjBT3Mar 7, 1967 – Oct 1, 1968M
Vaniski, Norman SkiBM3Apr 3, 1967 – Dec 3, 1968First DivisionAnybody who served onboard with me I would like to get in touch
Newham, DavidETR2Jun 1, 1967 – Apr 24, 1970OE
Cochran, De FordENS<,LT(jg), LTJul 1, 1967 – Mar 1970First, then ASWThe "Best DDG" was my first ship and I learned a great deal on two WESTPAC cruises. I was aboad for the big boiler explosion in SASEBO and for the North Vietnamese taking us underfire during Linebacker Operations.
Shaw, LeonardETR2Aug 13, 1967 – Jul 2, 1968OE
Fiedor, RichardRD3Aug 15, 1967 – May 15, 1970OII still have great memories of the guys I worked with during this time and would do it again. Looking forward to reunion in San Diego in Oct, 2007

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