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USS Charles F. Adams (DDG 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 223 crew members registered for the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG 2).

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Martinear, Robert/ Byrdrshsr1900 – 1976Supply
Wright, James (Jim)BT1Aug 1958 – Dec 5, 1962BI put the ship in commission. I was in charge of the foward fireroom and had 13 strickers. I was also the ship's first Oil King and had 2 strickers.
Turbeville, H. W.FTCS1960 – 1962Plankowner
McCullough, "Mac"TMCM1960 – 1962TorpedoI am writing this for my father, as he passed away 1984. He was a 30 yr man and proud of it! The Adams was his favorite....1940-1970!
Wharton, RonaldRM31960 – 1961OCProud Plankowner, very exciting period in my life.
Christy, MiltonCS2Apr 16, 1960 – Dec 16, 1963Supply
Braig, AlSK-3May 1960 – Nov 1961SupplyPLANK OWNER, I would like to say hello to all who served after me, and t"Thanks!" for taking good care of the "Jolly Charlie" or as you now call it "The Charlie Duce" I hope the crew you served with was as zany as ours.
Gault, Harry (Pete)MT1May 1, 1960 – Jun 1, 1962G
Myerly, DaveRD2May 15, 1960 – Jun 10, 1962OI DivI am Keeper of USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 Crew List and Exec Secretary of Adams Class Veterans Assn, ACVA. We are working to get ship from NAVSEA (PhilPA) and make it a museum in JaxFL. If looking for mates email me.
Carter, DonnieS/NJun 1960 – Nov 1960DECK & GUNNERYPLANK OWNER
Higgins, Herald G.BM3Jun 1, 1960 – Jul 1, 1962GHow about that Texas Bar in Lizban Portugal!!!
Collins, ClarkBT2Jul 1960 – Mar 17, 1964engineeringPlankowner
Howard, AnthonySTG-2Jul 10, 1960 – Jul 2, 1962A&FReported aboard summer of 1960 2 months before commissioning in september, from SONAR school with SQS-23 and asroc code numbers. shakedpwn cruise and GITMO. enjoyed Northern Europe cruise. detached 1962 to DDG-23
Duran, Eddie J (Chico)MM 2Aug 1960 – Jul 1962
McGinnis, Daniel C.GS3Sep 1960 – May 1961Plankowner
Groat, ThomasIC 2Sep 1960 – Dec 1962RPlank owner
Derington, VondallMM 3Sep 1960 – May 1964M DivisionCommissioned this ship
Jones, RobertGS1Sep 10, 1960 – Nov 1961GPlank owner
Schwenk, Al (Red)SFM 2Sep 10, 1960 – Oct 1963MPlankowner and yes the texas bar was a hot spot, lots of good times with a lot of the crew.
Fee, BrianENSIGNSep 10, 1960 –SupplyFirst plankowner to report to Bath Iron Works. Went on sea trials and down to Puerto Rico for missile trials.
Keator, JohnFTG2Sep 10, 1960 – Jun 1, 1962FIRE CONTROLPROUD PLANK OWNER.
Raulerson, RaulyRD31961 – 1963OperationsGood memories, great ship
Martineau, Don profile iconrm2Jan 1961 – 1962radioI was on board when the ship went on the north atlantic and med cruise in 1961 I went on board when the ship was docked in Newport, RI
Martineau, Donrn3Feb 1961 – Mar 1962can't remembermy memory back that far is poor....don't remember what transferred to everglades after I made rm3..left navy as rm2....dates on and off ddg-2 are approx...went on after grad radio school
Richman, John H. (Jack)SeamanAug 2, 1961 – Aug 1, 19631st & OCI had some of the best times of my life on the Adams I’m interested in making contact with anyone from that time
Richards, GeraldBM3Aug 15, 1961 – Jun 1, 1963GI remember the "Strip" in Charleston, and yes, the Texas Club in Lisbon, Portugal, also the beer party in Viegues during the Cuban Blockade.
Hall, William P HallGMG3Jul 15, 1962 – Jul 15, 1964secondThe Cuban crisis and the hurricane the next year (1963) will always be remembered.
Haberland, John HaberlandFTM2Sep 1962 – Aug 1964
Petrie, TomETN-3Nov 1, 1962 – Jun 28, 1965OperationsGot a good tan on the Cubian Blocade.
Morin, WilfredETR-21963 – Aug 13, 1965OperationsETR-2 responsible for the AN/SPS-37 Air Search Radar.
Thompson, JohnRM3Apr 3, 1963 – Jun 10, 1965OCGreat ship, but is was sad to see the way she looks now.
Cipriano, VinceSNAug 21, 1964 – Aug 19, 19661st DivisionThe "Dirty Duece" was my home for 2 years, 3 med cruises, one NATO cruise, one shakedown cruise, half dozen "booze cruises" to Puerto Rico. many paint brushes and chiiping hammers in 24 months... (I had fun)
Reeves, ThomasRD 31966 – 1968O I
Gradomski, Robert RD21966 – 1970RADAR/ECMRetired from FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT in 2012 as a senior technician.
Schoening, AndrewE3 IC1966 –ENGINEERINGI have come to appreciate how special it was to serve on the prototype guided missal destroyer. It was a great ship. The captain, at that time, was a real stickler. You always knew what he expected.,,consistant & fair
Brown, TerryRM2Jan 1966 – Jun 1968OC
Barnett, Robert (Bobby)e4Jun 4, 1966 – Jun 4, 1968enginering
Dreyer, ThomasSNJun 8, 1966 – Jun 1, 19681 year in 1st 1 year inSoftball Team outfielder, Ship MDCS Coordinator, Log Room Yeoman, We were a lean, mean, fightin machine & show ship as well. A proud crew, an awesome destroyer.
Hughes, Russell (Rusty) profile icongmJul 1966 – Jul 1968gunnery
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Schafer, JohnFTMJul 1966 – Jun 1970Weapons
Hughes, Russell "Rusty"SNJul 1, 1966 – Aug 1, 1968GunneryI did 2 med cruises, 1 N.Atlantic cruise. 'booze' runs to the Virgin Islands and P.Rico. I bought the ship a set of drums in Malta. We had a band on board. I've been a professional drummer ever since.
Johnson, MartinEm1Jul 31, 1966 – Oct 30, 1967R DivisonFirst Class Electrician's Mate
Rodgers, Charlie BBT-3Aug 1966 – Oct 1968BAfter Fire Room
Reeves, ThomasRD 3Nov 1966 – Feb 1968OIMy first ship enjoyed the Med cruise from Aug, 67 to Jan. 68

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