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USS Charles F. Adams (DDG 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 223 crew members registered for the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG 2).

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Stockham, Willliam (Bill)BT21984 – 1988B
Wheeler, RobertFCSN1984 – 1987GDoes anyone remember me?
Kelley, KennethBT-21984 – 1988B DivWorked in the Aft Fire room, Had a great time and knew some great people
Kuehner, RickEM2Jan 15, 1984 – Sep 20, 1988EVery interesting tour of duty, did alot of deployments for those support ships that couldn't make there deployments.
Hunteman, William R. HuntemanFCCJan 31, 1984 – Dec 30, 1986GMM
Miller, TomHMCS (SW)Feb 1984 – Mar 1986NavigationGreat ship. Fond memories. Retired in 1991. Live in Braselton, GA.
Barlow, MikeQM1985 – 1987NAVGreat ship
Jackson, MarkMR21985 – 1987A Gand
Smith, DonEw1Apr 1985 – Nov 20, 1989OperationsEnjoyed my time on the Chuckie Deuce. Met a lot of great people and saw a lot of awesome places. I would do it all again.
Chapman, Samuele3Apr 1, 1985 – Jun 1, 1988operationsnone
Roberge, RayLTJGJun 15, 1985 – Feb 8, 1988Gunnery/Missiles
Coughlin, MartyDK3Aug 1985 – Mar 1989Supply
Santiago, EdBM2 (CURRENTLY MACS)Dec 1985 – Aug 19891stGreat ship, great memories!
Santiago, EdBM2 (Now an MACM)Dec 1985 – Aug 19891stFirst duty station in the Navy. Nearly 30 yrs later, I'm back in JAX as a MCPO. The Naval Historic Society is bringing the Adams back to JAX as a museum. Send me a message for more info.
Oliver, ChuckBTC/BTCS1986 – 1990
Rush, Chris/ Muck MuckMM 3Jan 1986 – Oct 1988A GANG
Winkler, Todd L.QM1(SW)Jan 1, 1986 – Apr 15, 1990NavExChucky Duce Sailors are some of the best men to serve in our armed forces.
Yaeger, Wayne profile iconQM2Jan 30, 1986 – Oct 8, 1989NAVGreat times!
Mastny, ChrisFC2(SW)Sep 1986 – Aug 1, 1990Gunnery
Fulton, DavidMM2Sep 1986 – Sep 1988MHaze gray and underway,the Chuckie deuce was a clean,top notch tin can,always ready to take on commitments under the command of Capt. Dave"Navy Davey"Watson.
Rankin, ScottHT1 / DCCSep 1986 – Aug 1990ER01She was a steamer, no doubt. Had a great time, she decommed in 1990. This ship was where I grew up, some good , some not. Made chief from being aboard her, sometimes I miss the old girl. ROADTRIP!
Hughes, Robert (Bt)OS2(SW)Nov 1986 – May 1990OperationsGreat people,good times,wonderful memories
Jernigan, DavidMM3/MM2(SW)/MM1(SW)Dec 1986 – Aug 1990Engine RoomFar most the best ship that I served on...GREAT group of people and met some of the BEST friends ever. Nothing but great memories on Chucky Duece...Would like to hear from some of you old shipmates.
Huntley, William / BillSTGSN (ESWS)Dec 17, 1986 – Jun 6, 1989Sonar
Swain, MikeSM21987 – 1989OC
Porter, JamesSTG11987 – 1990AS
Gray, JohnnySTG-31987 – 1990sonar
Zuniga, JaimeOSSAFeb 5, 1987 – Dec 1, 1990Operations
Steve Miciak, SteveYN1 (SHIP'S SEC)Jun 1, 1987 – Jun 30, 1989XHad fun on the CFA. Nothing like Drug Ops and deployments.
Garcia, RayE-4 BT3Jun 20, 1987 – Aug 1, 1990b fwd fire roomwell the cfa is was a good experience working for btcs pitts forward fire room. met some great people there. got out finally and work for the air force its alot different than the navy thats for sure well hope too hear from some past crew members.
Garcia, RaymondBT3Jun 20, 1987 – Aug 22, 1990bwould like to hear from people that served on the charles f adams
DeLosSantos, PhilippeET21988 – 1990
Stepro, SamBT31988 – 1990
Rutherford, Robert (Bob-fudd)STG2(SW)1988 – 1990sonar mk-111 techMet some unforgetable characters and made some good friends enjoyed my time there and got alot of real valuable lessons in human behavior but it is all good if ya remmember me drop a line
Pulley, StevenOS2 SW1988 – 1990OPERATIONS
Rodriguez, Ed (Chiefrod) profile iconEWC1988 – 1990OPSEnjoyed time.Terrific crew..Top notch EW crew,, Smith. Love, Mellon, Gable and the rest. Loved playing in ships band. with BTCS Pitts. Looking back have great memories. Should have beat CO Finn in 5K and Gibraltar run.
Bratke, RichardFC1(SW)Jan 1988 – Jul 1990WepsBeing the last PRO of Gun Plot was lots of fun! We had a great time shooting off the rest of the ordinance instead of off loading it! Can't wait to see the "Deuce" again in Max this year!
Niesz, AndyE-2Jan 24, 1988 – Sep 26, 1988Deck Was a good old Ship.Had alot of fun on it
Breeding, DaleBT2Jun 1988 – Aug 1990B Aft fire room and oil lab
Perkins, Chuck/juniorIC3Jun 1988 – Aug 1990Eng
Merkling, CarlOS2 (SW)Jun 12, 1988 – Aug 1, 1990OperationsHad a great time on the last days of that ship.
Crawford, JeffRM3Aug 1988 – Mar 1990
Vaughn, ThomasET21989 – 1990Operations
Costa, JohnE-3Feb 1, 1989 – Jun 1, 1990Bravo 2Number 2 fire room
Preston, KennethFC3Jan 1990 – Aug 1990Weapons39-A Radar Tech
Mickles, Spanikca (Ty)E3Sep 6, 2000 – Jun 12, 2001504

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