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USS Mason (DDG 87) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mason (DDG 87). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 63 crew members registered for the USS Mason (DDG 87).

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Siefert, ChristianMA22001 – 2004OPS/ONPLANKOWNER/SAR SWIMMER
Clarke, RaymondET22001 – 2004CE
Roach, TerryET2001 – 2005CEGreat experiences as a PlankOwner
O'Hara, GeneFCCS & FCCMJul 1, 2001 – Nov 1, 2004CSGreat crew!
Rivera, FelixCTR2Jul 16, 2001 – Aug 1, 2004OTI have a lot of great memories while on that ship. Good friends made some good times.
McCaffery, PorkchopGSE2(SW)Aug 13, 2001 – Apr 2, 2004MP
Grandey, ShaneFC1Oct 2001 – Jun 2005CFPLANKOWNER
Mack, GregoryFC1Oct 24, 2001 – Apr 2, 2005CF
Brown, RaymondSTG1 (SW)Nov 1, 2001 – Sep 17, 2005CAWhat's uuuuuuppppp, Shipmate and Plankowners!!
Moore, TonyaCT02Nov 10, 2001 – Nov 5, 2004OperationsBest command I have ever been at.
Merckel, RichDCC(SW)Dec 21, 2001 – Nov 12, 2004RPLANKOWNER
Reeves Now Porter, Mary "prairie Dog"EW22002 – Apr 1, 2005OWPlankowner! Had a good time. glad to be off, it was better than shore duty, glad to be out!
Hurst, RandyGSM22002 – 2004MP
Jefferson, DerrickGSM22002 – 2004MPPlankowner
Hidalgo, AndreaE-4Jan 2002 – Jan 2003weapons
Dieges, EricLTJGJan 7, 2002 – Oct 7, 2004Ship's Services/DisbursingPLANKOWNER
Napier, Ervin (George)GMC(SW)Feb 2002 – Feb 2006WMhad fun most of it, didn't love all of it though! Gotta love the weapons, without us its just a Carnival cruise line!!!!
Ferrebee, Ken (Ferbs)E-5/GSE2Apr 18, 2002 – Apr 18, 2005MPPlankowner
Kemp, FredDC3Apr 28, 2002 –Plankowner
Anderson, MarkLT(JG) AUXOMay 2002 – Aug 2004APLANKOWNER
Gurley, JasonGM2May 26, 2002 – May 22, 2006WGPLANKOWNER, miss it already
Roundtree, JamaicaE4Jun 24, 2002 – Nov 2, 2007S-3I loved the memories on USS Mason DJ Roundtrizzle mixing up at the steel beach cookouts .... I had a blast !
Gandy, OrlandoBM2Jul 10, 2002 – Nov 12, 2004ODPLANKOWNER
Huth, Jason L. HuthGM1(SW)Jul 25, 2002 – Sep 1, 2006Weapons / MissilesAwesome Crew and Finest warship on the water front.
Blackstad, ChristineSN NOW YN2!Aug 15, 2002 – Jan 15, 2002ODPLANKOWNER! Great Ship, Great Historical Namesake!
Keye, JasonFC2(SW)Sep 2, 2002 – Mar 15, 2004CFPLANKOWNER... I miss the entire crew... hit me up at or search jason keye on myspace...
Warden, JohnSNSep 20, 2002 – Apr 6, 20041st divison(deck)
Green, Eric KOS2/E5Oct 2002 – Dec 2006OILong four years on the ship; lots of memorable times, both good and bad, but for the most part served with a very professional and dedicated crew. I surely will never forget my time served on the MASON.
Houser, MelvinCS E5Nov 2, 2002 – Sep 20, 2006Supply
Jones, MichaelGM1Nov 22, 2002 – Aug 4, 2004WGPLANKOWNER
Cantu, DanielE-4 / BM32003 – Oct 1, 2005ODOne med cruise and i got a fine looking wife out of this one. I served with great sailors who will be hard to forget.
Santillan, Misty profile iconCTTSN2003 – 2006OPERATIONS
Roland, BradleyHT2Jan 8, 2003 –Plankowner
Kekauoha, AdamSK2Feb 3, 2003 – Jul 9, 2007S-1That was a LOOOONG 4 1/2 years!! Hope everybody onboard is doin alright!! GO PLANKOWNERS!!
Perras, ChrisFC2(SW)Mar 28, 2003 – Mar 2008CFPLANKOWNER
Ewart, TimEW3Jun 1, 2003 – Aug 5, 2004OWGREAT SHIP AND PEOPLE
Daley, AudieCS3Jun 20, 2003 – Apr 18, 2007S2met some great people
Canales, Timoteo "Teacher"GS-12Jul 1, 2003 – Aug 31, 2003PACE Instructor of HistoryMy last PACE Instructor assignment was on this ship under its first captain, David Gale; pier sided mostly, but did get to visit Florida during inspections. Not "teacher." Had to leave PACE due to assignment slowdowns. Now FT college instruc
Cantone, MatthewE-4Aug 14, 2003 – Jan 2, 2007MPThe crew are the best people I have ever worked with. I consider them all family, and hope nothing but the best for all who serve on board Mason. All feel encouraged to contact me through email or phone I will respond.
White, DanielE-3 SNNov 14, 2003 – Dec 30, 2004ODI joined the vessel in a Norfolk dry-dock after she had already been commissioned. I wish I was a plank owner. I was on her first work-up and deployment. I miss my time aboard. I left the Navy in 2007 as an IT2.
Williams, HeatherFC3(SW)Dec 13, 2003 – Aug 2005WGGreat Ship and crew! I've been retired for almost three years now(medical) but still miss it every day. Everyone take care and if you're ever in San Antonio, look me up.

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