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USS Shoup (DDG 86) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Shoup (DDG 86). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 68 crew members registered for the USS Shoup (DDG 86).

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Butler, DavidGSM1(SW)Sep 18, 2000 – Apr 2005MPShoup's First and oldest crew member. I remember when she had very few decks, no paint and was not floating in the ocean.
Hudson, Michael (Hud)STG1(SW)Feb 2001 – Sep 30, 2003WAHad some great times and worked with some good people, and a few total losers, smile, you know who you are. Shout out to WEPS DEPT and to my boys J Pierce and M Harden also to GMC Campbell, you were the man!
Marquis, Aaron/aaron JohnEN2,EN3,EN2,EN1Feb 12, 2001 – Oct 1, 2005What can I really say that hasn't already been said! The shoup was a learning experience for sure, and I appreciate all the people that stood by me and supported me, I made some good friends. and actually had some good times!!!!!!!!! TRE BIEN!
Ayala, SonnyGMC(SW)Mar 4, 2001 – Feb 1, 2005WGLet the Journey continue. Retirement is'nt to bad, but the commute is a challenge. Gunner
The 1st Dcfn, "Dobs!"DCFNApr 1, 2001 –repairI picked my ship, my ship picked me, and life never was the same from then on. And yes, I did check onboard for real on April Fool's Day...
Stephens/payne, NicoleE-5/FC2May 12, 2001 – Aug 12, 2005CF
Bennett, AhmadE-5/OS2(SW)May 15, 2001 – Jun 17, 2003OIHad some good times, some sad times, and some FUN times. I will always remember my friends that were my second family. "Rockman" you will be missed. Mardi Gras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why me?
Pruett, Merlin AdrianSM1 NOW MACJun 2001 – Feb 2004NN01-02We had our ups and downs but we made it. If you want to email me
Nugen, Tarin "da Nuge"FC3(SW)Jun 2001 – Mar 2005CF
Ochoa, OmarGUNNER\'S MATEJun 2001 – Feb 2004WGI can say only one thing: VLS 4 life! The Plank Owner Gunner's Ruled the Poop Shoup! Watts, Stanky Stanley, "V" for Velaquez, Funky Flora, Peila, and "Guitar Hero" Gebhardt, Mighty Mammen, Disgruntled Howe, wicked Wright, and
Flores, JoefE-5 SM2(SW)Jul 7, 2001 – Jan 1, 2003nno2Was fun wasnt it? LOL Shit sucked and most new it.
Arneson, MikeFC1Aug 2001 – Feb 2006CFThird Ship, Second Plank. Lots of memories from Shoup, some bad, more were good. Good friends on the crew kept me sane, and pointed in the right direction. Went from FC2 assistant WCS to FC1(SW) LPO in 4 years, that makes it worthwhile...
Aksztulewicz, Ed (Az)PNC(SW)Aug 15, 2001 – Feb 5, 2005X-1Good memories of Pre-com.
Lievsay, ChristinaSH1Aug 19, 2001 – Apr 1, 2004S-3Plankowners RULE !!!!
Davin, MikeET3Sep 1, 2001 – Jun 23, 2004CSIt wasn't that bad. Hade some good times.
Roldanperez, Luis (Baby Doc)HM3(SW) NOW HM2(SW)Sep 10, 2001 – Jun 1, 2004NMO1I had a lot of good times and i had the pleasure to work with some really good people. I tought i was not going to miss it but right now i sure do been deploy in kuwait. PLANKOWNERS FOREVER!
Guidone, TonyCTRC(SW)Oct 1, 2001 – Mar 31, 2004OT - SSES
Olson, Jeffrey "Olie"OS2 TO OS3Oct 13, 2001 – Nov 5, 2002OIIt wasnt the greatest place, but the friends I made and have kept are great, sorry I left you guys the way I did, but I am a much happier man now... Tilt your beers for the "Rockman"
Purdum, BillyEMC (SW)Oct 15, 2001 – Mar 1, 2004ElectricalI really enjoyed my time spent onboard but out of all my fond memroies were the the relationships and mentoring of the future leaders of tomorrows Navy.
Mahannah, MikeNC1(SW)Oct 20, 2001 – Jul 31, 2004NX01One of the best crews I had the privledge of knowing. Had the worst CO, initially, I had in my career.
Atkins, AliciaOS3Oct 26, 2001 – Dec 20, 2003OI
Wilder, RobertMS2Oct 27, 2001 – Feb 2, 2006S2Plankowner
Wilder, RobertNov 2001 – Feb 2006SS02
Seese, AndrewCS2(SW)Nov 1, 2001 – Feb 1, 2006S-2Well I'll elaborate more when I get bonged off!
Kurtz, Phillip / En2EN2Nov 2, 2001 – Jun 2003A-Gang
Obriant, Steven/ ObE-3/SNNov 8, 2001 – Sep 19, 2004OPSHad the blast of my Life. Miss everybody that I had the oppurtunity to meet. Just remember: ANYBODY CAN MAKE RATE, BUT ONLY GOD CAN MAKE A BOATSWAINSMATE!!!! ARRR!!!
Vargas, JesusLS1(SW)Nov 10, 2001 – Feb 12, 2006S-1Dont we all miss the Port and Starboard Duty at Ingalls Shipbuilding? Drunken times at Thunders and Biloxy trips. AAAH the good ol' days.
Wright, Terrance RabbitGM1Dec 3, 2001 – Sep 6, 2006WGIt was a Great time and a lifetime of Knowledge. Thank God and the crew for a great time.
Anderson, Mike "Natureboy"RM2(SW/AW)Dec 26, 2001 – Aug 15, 2003CIThe best radioman the ship will ever know!!!!
Demaria, JohneeQM1(SW)Jan 7, 2002 – Feb 10, 2004NN01What a journey!!
Sanders, Aaron "The Colonel"CTT2 (SW)Feb 2002 – Jun 4, 2005OT
Hubbert, JerumET3Feb 1, 2002 – Apr 5, 2004CEGood Time Great People I had fun
Callirgos, Carlos "Calli"SK2(SW)Feb 5, 2002 – Sep 10, 2005S-1Im still onboard for another year. Great! hahaha
Redmond, DuaneCTTC(SW)Feb 19, 2002 – Dec 8, 2003OWHave many great memories. Greatest experience of my Naval Career. Pre-commissioning a ship is the most challenging and thankless job in the Navy
Carango, AngeloCTN2Feb 20, 2002 – Feb 10, 2005OPS
Kyles, EddieCTM3(SW)Jul 30, 2002 – Jul 1, 2004OT They say your best command is your last one. I guess that's true because I really miss the crew. They were like family. I can't wait to get back on another ship and hope it's as good as the Shoup.
Vazquez, ErikFC3 (SW)Aug 8, 2002 – Jan 4, 2004Combat Sys.Wow guys, good times had and good memories taken from this ship... I'll miss you guys. Hey CF01! Good luck!!!!!!!
Aimone, JoeBM2Dec 9, 2002 – Jul 26, 2006OD01Playing cards in Pennick's storeroom. I've got some great memories of the people and ports we hit. I'll never forget some of you, others I try to forget on a daily basis. May the four winds blow you safely home.
Carrington, DavidDDG 862003 – 2004auxmade a few good friends learned some valuable lessons the hard way learned the most important lesson after the fact to those who helped me learn it thanks you know who you where
Cummins, RobertE-7/DCCJan 3, 2003 – Jul 5, 2006RepairR-division LCPO.
Sharp, JenniferQM2(SW)Feb 3, 2003 – Dec 20, 2004First
Fatuch, James "Pip"ET2Mar 2003 – Mar 2007CEIt's been a grand time, 3 deployments, 4 CO's, a lot of good times and bad. I'll miss it...a little
Straup, AndrewGSMFNJun 18, 2003 – Aug 27, 2006MPSO FAR SO GOOD JUST KEEP ON TRUCKIN'
Dixon, The Big MixFC3Aug 3, 2003 – Apr 23, 2008CFFair weather and following seas ahead boyos.
Long, LashunSNSep 2003 – Jun 2005Deck / Ships officeOne of the best experiences I have had in my life. Made some great memories, friends and visited some cool places.
Duran, "babyguns"GM2Oct 4, 2003 – Jul 27, 2007WG/CGIt was knowledge filled experience and so much fun.... thank you to all that made it that way.
Duffy, DavidE-5/ITNov 3, 2003 – Jan 8, 2005IT

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