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USS McCampbell (DDG 85) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McCampbell (DDG 85). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 100 crew members registered for the USS McCampbell (DDG 85).

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Rosales, RobertDCC1994 –
McGuill, ElleAVID SUPPORTER1999 – 2003part of bath/brunswick maine's adopt a sailor programDAMN we miss you guys! had hella fun with you all... RIVERSIDE! MCMILLIANS!!! anyone wanna share battle scars holla atcha girl..
Mungia, DavidCPO2000 – 2005MPPrecom Crew 2000 - 2002 Post Commissioning 2002 - 2005 Group Supervisor of Operations & Maintenance: Main Propulsion Engine RM #2; Electrical Power Generation and Distribution; Machinery Controls Division
Hoffmann, JohnIC2Jan 1, 2000 – Apr 10, 2004IPLANKOWNER---- That was by far the best command, Ol, Monty really made that ship what it was the crew was awesome as well.
Hoffmann, JohnIC2Jan 7, 2000 – Aug 26, 2004ICWas on the precom crew...was the best crew in the Navy thus far
Bryant, SwIC1(SW)Jan 14, 2000 – Mar 1, 2006CI & CEPLANKOWNER. Learned more then I could chew off from many great people and some not so great people. Always will miss the Aft IC, taking pictures of the crew (at there best times) and the ICs that took over after I left.
Jones, Pc3PC2/E5Mar 1, 2000 – Sep 10, 2003S-3/4Just wanna say this was the best command in my Naval career. Great memories as well. God Bless
Hibbard, Jason profile iconGSE1May 1, 2000 – May 1, 2003MPHello, hope all is well...reach out
Heffner, GilBMCMay 20, 2000 – Apr 15, 2003Deck/OD01
Hedden(johnson), SherrySTG1Aug 1, 2000 – Aug 21, 2006CAThe best years in my Navy Career. Had to put up with a lot of knuckheads, but I also worked with and for a lot of great people. I miss the ship.....and especially berth 4 "ladies"!
Gilbert, DanielSK1(SW)Sep 20, 2000 – Jan 4, 2004S-1My third and final Plankowning ship. I had a blast. There were plenty of headaches and they know who they were (so does everyone else), but that's expected. Met some great friends and shipmates and won't forget any of it all.
Rietz, BradSKCS(SW/AW)Oct 2000 – Aug 1, 2003S-1PLANKOWNER. Thank you to all in Supply, especially S-1, for your patience!! Overall, I enjoyed working with y'all. We all had our moments, that's to be understood. Best wishes to all.
Curran, Jeffrey S.HMCS(SW)Oct 8, 2000 – Jul 7, 2003Nav/Admin (Medical)Served as Leading Chief NAV/ADMIN MEDICAL. Independent Duty Corpsman
Lunsford, JamieFC1Nov 3, 2000 – Mar 4, 2004CFI don't even know where to start with all the memories that I haven't intentionally blocked mentally to bury the (mostly physical, but mental as well) pain of being around FCC Lemon, Arellano, Bundick, and Seaholts.
Butler "billy", NonaE-6Nov 13, 2000 – Oct 2, 2003CAI miss shipboard life. I also miss the girls i use to hang out with. I miss the times i hung out with the STG's . Best of all I miss you all. It's a small world we all shall pass each others path again.
Barber, kimberlyIT3Nov 15, 2000 – Nov 13, 2003I had a good time! I miss hanging out with those who were real. I am enjoying civilian life.
Branson, LeeFC3Nov 15, 2000 – Jan 21, 2003CFLoving Civilian life..... Hated CF chain of command.... Really miss the commisioning crew we had some great time reguardless of others.... Just wanted to say "Thank You" to every one that made my navy stay enjoyable! good luck to all
Wegner, Anthony "Tony"OSCMDec 27, 2000 – Nov 30, 2004OPSPlankowner. Thanks to all who worked in Tranining and OPS Department.
Williams, JeromeSK22001 – 2005S-1The ship was a good time!
Henley (Phillips), BorisNC1(SW)2001 – Aug 31, 2005Nav/Admin
Lauer, StaceyCS2Jan 2001 – Apr 2005S-2I will never forget the great times in san diego and in maine with the origional plankowner crew!
Guidry, ErickFC2(SW)Jan 1, 2001 – Mar 29, 2004CMGreat time. Best group of people I have ever worked with.
Stone, ChrisEW2 (SW)Jan 7, 2001 – Oct 28, 2005OT02Already been a few years.... Miss you guys.
Smith, JeremiahFC2Feb 16, 2001 – Jun 3, 2005CF
Barsky, HalCTO1(SW)Mar 6, 2001 – Jan 5, 2004OT01Had good time on ship. One of the first blue shirts to arrive at the command. Plankowner, ESWS quald. Designed/Produced command commissioning book.
Williams, Just WillFC1Apr 1, 2001 – Jan 5, 2006CF BabyRemarks? I feel we all made the best of that ship. A lot of good came from that ship for me. Long work hours and lots of broken equipment, but the memories FAR out weigh the bad stuff. Plankowners, WE BUILT A WARSHIP!!! Be proud of that.
Locke, AmyFC3(SW)Apr 6, 2001 – May 24, 2005CFPlank Owner!! Where to begin? These were the worst and best times in my life. I am getting out, but I have learned how not to treat people, courtesy of my old Chain of Command. You all know who that was!!! I will miss you all. You are my family.
Gambito, Dante/bitoGSM2Apr 11, 2001 – Oct 11, 2003EM03/Ships OIL KING!Plank Owner! Miss the BBQ's in Bath Maine, RearEnding a pick-truck@the front gate of Brunswick Naval Air Station with the ships brand new duty van not knowing the new cheng saw it all! (Mr Roberts! hehehe) Koo! Koo! everyhour on the Swics on mid
Furhman, MichelleOS2(SW)Apr 16, 2001 – Mar 4, 2005OI
Richard, SlusserFC2Apr 21, 2001 –CF
Ryan, Diane "Mccampbell Morale Mom"CTR1(SW)Apr 24, 2001 – Jun 13, 2003OTFrocked to First Class Petty Officer July 2001. My 1st ship: Plankowner, Shellback, ESWS qual, "Morale Mom" (seamstress, positive encouragement, etc), & shipmate. Great adventures, port visits, and operational successes/achievements exceedi
McQueary, BuddHT1May 16, 2001 – Jan 4, 2006ERHad A great time onboard and met alot of great people . I would like to say I miss the ship but that would be a lie. I do miss some of the people and would like to work with a few in the future. I am outa there take care guys
Prisant, AshleyLTJGJun 2001 – Oct 2003Navigator/Gunnery OfficerIt's been a long time since Commissioning in SF in Aug 2002. I will not forget the ship or the people that I met.
Kling, Mike "Static"CTR1(SW)Jun 17, 2001 – Aug 16, 2004OTO1The Mic-digity, good times. PLANKOWNER! Met alot of great people, and had alot of fun. Served as OT Division LPO. Learned from my COC how NOT to treat sailors.
Sumilang, JenniferGSE3Jun 20, 2001 –MPI'm doing my thing on here can't wait for WESTPAC Going to have allot of fun. What happens on Westpac stays on Westpac. Well update after Westpac Jennie aka Candycoochie
Palmisano, John BradleyGSM2 (SW) PALMISANOJul 20, 2001 – Sep 11, 2004Main PropulsionThe first to catch a fish underway, The first 2nd class EOOW, Engineering rocks, I miss turning wrenches, TSC Great Lakes, it's not a good choice, not for me. I miss San Diego, Maine, and all the good times we had, work hard play hard!!
Young, SaraBM2(SW)Jul 21, 2001 – Dec 19, 2004OD01Plankowner as well!! As rough as some of the times were, I still had a great time. Thanks to all of you who helped me to become who I am today! I am going to miss you guys, shoot, I aready do! Take care and God bless all of you!
Baldovin, MelanieDDG 85Aug 11, 2001 – Sep 22, 2003NX02Great tour! Achieved alot and met some really great people.
Madden, Rhettsh3Aug 20, 2001 – Apr 10, 2005s3i was the barber on that ship. a plankowner i miss waterman goodridge muckelroy and sk2 vargas crazy
Collier, JamesCTO3Sep 2001 – Nov 27, 2004OT01I made some friends and seen lots of places i'll never forget while onboard
Morrow, JustinOS2/E-5Sep 9, 2001 – Mar 31, 2004OperationA true Shipmate
Gant, StephenDCC(SW)Sep 11, 2001 – Dec 13, 2003RepairI was the Leading Petty Officer of ER Div
Gleason, Tydarryl "Gleazilla"GSE2Sep 21, 2001 – Apr 27, 2004EM03PLANKOWNER making firm believers out of non-believers about my GSE'ing (suckas). Performing NFL type highlights at Sweetwater. Bustin' tight flows in Cabo. It was cool. WHY IN THE HELL Y'ALL LET ME MARRY THAT DUMB $#%@! OUT OF MAINE? LMAO
Jeanbaptiste, Joel "Aka" Jay-bSK2(SW)Oct 3, 2001 – May 1, 2006S-1Plankowner! Serving onboard the "Mighty McCampbell" had been an amazing experience. We had a lot of good times and also a few bad times, but it was all worth it.
Friend, EricOS3Oct 23, 2001 – Mar 26, 2006OperationsPlanked Owned the McCampbell. Everyone that remembers me, knows me. But I had a great time in there. Love liberty call and hanging out. Hope everyone is doing well. email me at if you want to get in contact.
Harrison, Katrina (Trina)OS3Nov 15, 2001 – Jul 2, 2005ODPLANKOWNER I had a love-hate thing going on with my time on the ship. Made some lifelong friends and memories. I wish the best in life for all my shipmates. Would definitely attend a reunion if it ever happens.
Arizaga, LizetBM3Nov 20, 2001 – Feb 14, 2003ODI was best known as SN Rodriguez and I'm really proud to say that I served in USS Mccampbell, I'll never forget that.
Thompson, (henry) CardellFC3Dec 12, 2001 – May 5, 2005CfI thought of my self as the Token black person in the division. Six and out though off to go to school at UofH. Hopefully bigger and better things no more Wroking parties, or Port and Starboard Watches. For those that make a career Good luck to you.

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