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USS Bulkeley (DDG 84) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bulkeley (DDG 84). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 87 crew members registered for the USS Bulkeley (DDG 84).

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Villegas, KenyaOS 20000 – Jan 18, 2005OIGOD PLEASE CONTINUE TO BLESS THAT SHIP!
Jordan, Cody Aka Dirt LolE-20000 – May 20, 2006od01miss it
Commander, AaronEW3May 1989 – Mar 1990EWGreat first ship!!!
Bloom, WillCTO22000 –OT
Nussberger, ShaunSK2(SW)2000 – Aug 2003SupplyMany great memories with all the Plankowners. I miss everyone and even good ol' Pascagoula, MS. Keep in touch!
Courville, JamesCMDCM2000 – 2003ExecGreat crew, great ship, great shipmates. I still think about Bulkeley to this day with the fondest of memories.
Markle, GlennDCC(SW)2000 – 2003RThe best group of individuals (Officers/Sailors) I’ve ever had the privilege of serving with, wish you all the very best.
Whitley, TodOS1(SW)Jan 2000 – Apr 15, 2003OperationsTo all of those that remember and was there, Thank you and we will be shipmates for life.
Jurkowski, Donald (Crusty)GMCM(SW/AW), USN(RET)Feb 24, 2000 – Dec 30, 2003CS/WEPS LCPOMiss you all! Retired Life is great! Looking forward to the first PLANKOWNER reunion.
Phelps, MitchSTG1(SW) X2May 8, 2000 – May 31, 2004WA/CA WeaponsWhat A Ride It Was!
Hockenberry, Christina (Hock)E5Jun 20, 2000 – May 15, 2005Supply DepartmentLoved the Bulkeley Crew.. Miss being Underway, and overseas....
Fruchey, Brian/geneFC2(SW)Sep 15, 2000 – Feb 10, 2005WEPS/WGMK160 TECH, VBSS MEMBER, XEROX TECH, PLANKOWNER BABY.
Charneski, DanielFCOct 2000 – Oct 2002WepsSorry I went out the way I did. Miss those of you who were kewl (you know who you were).
Ayres, ChrisGM2 (SW)Oct 2000 – Oct 2005CM01 and WM01would go back if i had to but instead i like the "Civilian life" to much....
Jauregui, JulioGSM2Nov 16, 2000 – Aug 17, 2003Main PropulsionPLANKOWNER, PreCom is unique experience, tighter crew....glad to be a part of it. Now an MA1.
Kesby, ChristinaIT3Nov 20, 2000 – Apr 4, 2003OPSBest ship EVER!!! Miss it and its wonderful plankowner crew!!
Long, ChuckFC2(SW)Dec 2000 – Aug 2003WG
Sullivan, Jonathan Aka Sully profile iconE32001 – 2003???RIP Jonathan *Laugh now, cry later* TRUST NO ONE! This is Joanthans wife - Brandi.
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Camacho, PatriciaSM2Jan 2001 – Jun 2004Navigation
Myers, JasonFC2Feb 1, 2001 – Feb 15, 2006CF
Nielsen, DavidMACFeb 20, 2001 – Oct 31, 2003Counter Terrorism / Weapons
Massengill, LisaE-5/BM2Mar 2001 – Aug 2003DeckHi everyone!! Hope everyone is well!! I sure have a lot of good memories on the Bulkeley!! I miss the great port visits we had!! :)
Youngbey, MarissaOS2Mar 2001 – Apr 2004OIThe 1 and only ship I was on and I loved every minute of it
McKenzie, David "pirate"OS1Mar 9, 2001 – Aug 7, 2005OIPre Com is the bomb, best people to serve with...and yes it was MY SHIP.
Camacho, PatriciaSM2Mar 12, 2001 – Jun 24, 2004NAV/ADMINFor all of you who know, nothing has to be said.
Gulston, RandallE-4-AS3Apr 10, 2001 – Jan 5, 2004EngineeringSome of my best days and the greatest group of people I've served with.
Naranjo, Juan profile iconBM2Apr 25, 2001 – Jul 25, 2006ODI remember going through the Manhattan harbor to be commission 08DEC2001 after 911, one of the saddest days of my life but proud to be in the Navy. I had a good time on board. Deck division was the best. Good old times.
Benton, DamienFC2(NOW FC1)May 2001 – Dec 2002wm/cmI was on the Bulkeley as a plankowner until I came off LIMDU. Great ship, not so great lower C.O.C. but that happens. Went to DDG-91 and pre-commed it. Left there as a First class and 2 NAMS. Now I am an RDC in Great Lakes.
D'aurelio, MikeET2May 2001 – Aug 23, 2003CE
Dosher, CebrinaQM3May 2001 – Sep 2002nav admintime of my life
Boone, KaseySH3May 2, 2001 – Sep 15, 2004SupplyMiss all the plankowners, living in OH,still married!? Became a county sheriff deputy on 1-15-06. Best time in my life. Wished i could turn back time.
Vasquez, RosaE4May 18, 2001 – Sep 2002adminPLANKOWNER 4 EVER!!!! don't really miss mississipi, but i had some of the best times with my fellow plankowners, still in on shore duty now, never thought i'd say it, but i miss sea duty LOL!
Smith, JasonLTJGJun 2001 – May 2004WG/WC
Oneill, MattDC2Jun 2001 – Sep 2002RI wonder if anyone is still afraid to go in to the DC shop and let the door close behind them. if anyone knows how to get a hold of mike gogets have him drop me a line at
Hoyden, Sean "hoydie"EW1(SW)Jun 1, 2001 – Apr 1, 2003OTAs was said above, if you were there, there's nothing you don't already know.
Reynolds, TonajSNJun 1, 2001 – Mar 1, 2003ODIt was a Pleasure serving with my fellow deck division crew
Kirkhorn, JohnIC1Jun 9, 2001 – Mar 22, 2005CE IC WCS CE LPOPlankowner. Freedom's Torch was a very challenging tour. One I will never forget.
Dargie, GenniferSM2Jun 15, 2001 – Sep 3, 2004NAV/ADMINYes I am plankowner. One of the best ship's I've been on. The crew was great(the plankowner's that is). Wish I could do it again with the same precom crew. Wish everyone the best out there. Miss you bunches.
Crawford, PatCTMCAug 20, 2001 – Aug 25, 2003OT/NAV/ADMINI have retired. Now a contractor at NSGA Norfolk.
Surrento, MikeICC(SW)Aug 20, 2001 – Sep 13, 2004CE / CSMM / E LCPOGreat memories on the Bulkeley. Still active duty, quickly approaching 20 years...WOW! Any old shipmates can reach me at
Langley, KevinFCC(SW)Sep 4, 2001 – Nov 29, 2004CS01Great crew to work with during the commissioning process.
Morrison, AmberFC3/MA2Nov 21, 2001 – Nov 14, 2003WGAbsolutely the best crew I've served with!!!!!
Whitaker, MarkSH1Dec 5, 2001 – Jul 8, 2003S-3OUR TEAM WAS FIRST!
Hurtzig, EliseQM3Dec 17, 2001 – Sep 17, 2003NAV/ADMIN California Maritime Academy

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 2001 | 2002 – now

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