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USS Lassen (DDG 82) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Lassen (DDG 82). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 96 crew members registered for the USS Lassen (DDG 82).

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Colvin, BrianHTFN-HT32002 – 2004ERDidnt think I would after the 10 month deployment...But I do miss it all sometimes.
Victorino, BenrichardDC2(SW)Mar 1, 2002 – Jul 1, 2005R
Victorino, BenrichardDC2Apr 2002 – Jul 1, 2005RI should've stayed with the ship, frigates sucks! this crew sucks, Florida sucks. i miss all the good times!
Canizalez, Ismael "Squish"E-5/EM2Apr 1, 2002 – Jul 15, 2005Good Ship, Great People. It was good meeting and with you all. Good luck in what ever you choose to do.
Bond, JamesQM1 (SW)Nov 2002 – Nov 2004NX02Miss you guys but shore duty sure is nice
Kenneweg, CmcNov 22, 2002 – Jun 10, 2004EXECI truly appreciated working for the finest crew during one of the longest deployments in my career. I will always cherish your professionalism and your service to country. Thanks to all. Your CMC
Archuleta, Veronica- ArchieBM2Nov 27, 2002 – Jul 11, 2007OD
Ramos, EddieAD2(AW/SW)Jan 3, 2003 – Oct 16, 2003AIR DETACHMENT HSL-47I had the best time with all the crew and all the friend's that I made on the awesome ship, to bad that we can't do that all over YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD Times Iwon't forget the time we had in all of those great plaes that we visited.
Lewis, MatthewE-5Jan 6, 2003 – Jun 17, 2006s-2love the ship and crew miss everyone wish i could go back we all had good times on this ship, even our long deployment in 2003. miss all u guys
Jackson, KevinAM3Jan 16, 2003 – Jun 27, 2003Air Det.
Zuazua Gaona, JorgeBM3/E-4Jan 23, 2003 – Oct 1, 2006ODThis is a goog ship, I'll miss it when I leave.
Thornton, Daniele/t-berrySTG3(SW)Feb 23, 2003 – Nov 8, 2004wonderful ship and crew... lots of memories
Riley, Eric J.E-5/FC2(SW)Feb 24, 2003 –WM
Orr, William BrandonET2 (SW)Sep 2003 – Dec 2005CE
Salinas, MelvynIT1Oct 13, 2003 – Jul 3, 2005CC
Sandersfeld, RobertEN2(SW)Nov 2003 – May 2005Aemail me at
Lewis, CharlesSTGC(SW)Nov 5, 2003 – Sep 2005WS/CA
McElhiney, Monica KenowskiYN3Nov 10, 2003 – Jun 6, 2005AdminGood times, Great memories!!!!
Corbatonarias, JorgeGSM2Nov 26, 2003 –EMJapan is awesome... ... the ship not at all.
Kaewkalya, Jennifer "kae"SNDec 2003 – May 2004DECK
Murphy, KennethFCCDec 1, 2003 – Jun 30, 2005CM
Wingate, CassieSEAMEN2004 – 2005
Hernandez, PatriciaIT22004 – 2005IT
Davis, JerrodSH22004 – 2005S3
Walker, DanielleSTG2/E-5Feb 6, 2004 – Feb 6, 2006WS
Tessmer, MichaelOS2Apr 7, 2004 – May 3, 2005Operations
Wainaina, TomSH3/SH2(SW)Apr 27, 2004 – Dec 2, 2006S-3I made some great friends , if you are one of them keep in touch.
George, AnnieSNJun 2004 – Jul 2005DeckI miss you all so much... I am on the site right now because there is an opening for HM3 on the Lassen right now... I thought about torturing that crew one more time, but I think not. I miss you all so much, smooth sailing Lassen. Much love
Sundt, NoahGSM3(SW)Nov 2004 –EMI hate the Navy in Japan, too many rules and regulations. The ship is a great ship despite all the terrible rumors. I still can't wait to leave!
Cornwell, AmandaSTG2Feb 2005 – Feb 2008CA
Aquino, RemendoGSEC/E7Mar 2005 – May 2008
Marchese, Natasha "Cheesy"FC3Jun 5, 2005 –WMThe ship was great in San Diego, but now I can't WAIT to get out of Japan...
Mees, MessGM3(SW)Jun 9, 2005 – Sep 18, 2007WG;)
Mendenhall, EricOS2(SW)Jul 1, 2005 – Dec 20, 2006OILassen... Advanced and elegant, she was like a pheonix rising from the Vincennes` ashes, and she raised me right up with her. I had such a good time serving aboard her, and hanging with all my shipmates. FW&FS...
Glatz, DanFCCSep 2, 2005 – Sep 15, 2008CX/CF
Schultz, AndrewET1(SW/AW)Sep 8, 2005 – Sep 6, 2008CE
Mickna, KimITC(SW/DV)2006 – 2008CMAA
Kippers, Demiko "Kipp"YNC(SW)Jan 6, 2006 – Jan 6, 2009EXECUTIVE/XX01Serving as the Ship's Secretary onboard. We have an excellent crew. If you get the opportunity, come aboard, I guarantee a rewarding tour.
Moore, MichaelDC2Mar 14, 2006 – Feb 14, 2008eng/er
Martinez, Jose "martay"BM2May 25, 2006 – Feb 14, 2009OD01Regardless of what people say about our division we are the best on the ship!! We make things happen.
Rankin, MaoE-5Mar 2007 – Feb 2010S-2Never thought I'd miss this ship after I left but I do. Had some crazy, fun times!!
Estelle, Jacinda A.k.a First LadyOS2(SW/AW)Mar 1, 2007 –OI or DIE!!I came here and i was real excited to be in japan and travel. I seen and done it all over here now some things i can't take back but i prayed and moved on. The Lassen has matured me so when i go back to the states i expect no less.
Casner, RobinGSM3Jun 12, 2008 – Jan 14, 2010Main propulsion
Tompkins, TravisFC3Nov 14, 2015 – Oct 17, 2017CF/CGNothing like getting bust down to 3rd, only to find out the next week you were about to put on FC1... At least Japan was cool! Wish I just wasn't so damn naive

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