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USS Winston Churchill (DDG 81) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Winston Churchill (DDG 81). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 111 crew members registered for the USS Winston Churchill (DDG 81).

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Stanley, MalayaE3Jan 3, 2001 – Feb 23, 2004mpoff to dt a-school at last
Kinsey, MelissaGM2Jan 4, 2001 – Nov 7, 2005
Havens, LisaIT1Jan 25, 2001 – Jun 1, 2005ICI had the best time with my fellow plankowners, and have some great memories and friendships that I will never forget. Please feel free to write me at,
Charfauros, MariaE4/ETMar 6, 2001 – Nov 7, 2005IS/IE02Hello from the Guam girl! If you'd like to write me, use I'll never forget CDR Mike Franken, ETC Perkinson, or IE division... Take care everyone.
Duran, SteveGM1Apr 20, 2001 – Oct 5, 2003COGreat Commisioning Crew, and a better division. Best group of second classes I ever worked with, even Chili. Will miss everyone there though.
Hallinan/sagaser, Megan0-3May 2001 – Apr 2003CUAugmenting CENTCOM, stationed at PACOM. CSO's comment is right on.
Cool, Rebecca "Trouble"GSE3Jun 21, 2001 – Aug 15, 2004mp
Guardiola, OscarMR22002 – 2006I have nothing to say.
Bennett, AdamDCFNJan 4, 2002 – Jul 19, 2005Repair
Bennett, AdamDCFNJan 4, 2002 – Sep 15, 2004Repairto all the DC guys it was great serving with ya captin franken was the best keep in touch love to jonesmitchel jose edwards rigsby even borders jama even ka;eel was always good for a laugh thanks for helping me become what i have today
Hamilla, Ryan E-5Apr 2002 – Jun 2005OCI gained a lot of experiences while onboard the ship. I also gained a lot of friends that I shared an everlasting bond with. I enjoyed visiting different ports and creating memories with my shipmates!
Allen, RussellIC1 (SW)May 24, 2002 –IC01So far, as of now, I reported on board in May of 2002 and I was a ICFN, now and IC1. I got good and bad memories like any other job but the ship is great and the family is even better. "IC Baby!" Data Distribution Data Conversion
Lopez, SendyCS 2(SW)Jul 15, 2002 – Jul 15, 2005S-2At first I could not wait to get out of there!!! But now that I'm gone I have to admit that I really miss the ship and most of the people on there and some of the things we did. Now Im back home. Hope you all are doing well.
Ivie, BillGM2Aug 2002 –CO
Rothen, RobertET 1 (SS/SW)Aug 28, 2002 – Dec 17, 2002IS04
Hansen, EdwardSTG2(SW)Oct 2002 – Nov 2004CA3Have fun, I know its not hte same without me
Lillie, ElijahSM2Oct 15, 2002 – May 5, 2006ON02What a crazy time it was aboard this ship. I had a blast seeing England, Bahrain, Greece, Italy, France, UAE. Tons of good friendships made. I wish i could do it all over again. what an amazing time on this ship. ha a a
Guzman,, Darren D.gooseBMOct 23, 2002 – May 20041 St. Div -VBSS & FLIGHT QUARTERS CHALK AN CHAINMAN
Andrews, Mantrelle22003 – 2004S-2I can honestly say that I did enjoy the time i had aboard the churchill and the wonderful friends I met. I miss the navy and all the experiences we had from sea sick to being drunk is my email
Blunk, TonishaOS2Jan 3, 2003 – Oct 16, 2004OIHello.....Just want to give a shout out to all my homies I use to party with on this ship....if your ever in Reno look me up! Only if your cool....
Brand, Daniel "Otter"SK3 (SW)Jan 5, 2003 –S1To all my brothers and sisters I have worked with in the belly of the beast. Supply rules and know one will admit it until they need the parts LOL. Its been a trip very long and very strange.
Payne, DarrellSH3Feb 2003 – Jan 25, 2005supplyjust wanted u cats out there to know i am doing fine
Seeley, Butt ChinE-4Feb 6, 2003 – Nov 7, 2005IW/ OTkunia hawaii here i come...mike jones!!!
Seeley, James "Butt Chin"CTOSNMar 6, 2003 – Mar 6, 2006IW01-OT01life is better since "she" left, our new CO is da schizzle. lost a lot of the originals from dep. the new people scare me, ship still sucks cause it's a ship though...but hey that life, thats it for me...rick james bitch!
Cavalier, Luigi "Loose"LT. JGMar 8, 2003 – Jun 6, 2003combat inforamtion centerIts a very good ship it's a ship of my dreams and I'm proud to be in the navy. "It's not a job its adventure"
Hancock, SamanthaE3Mar 26, 2003 – Mar 6, 2005OD01For all of u on the Churchill who remember, I still have an open email account at email me :) I miss the Navy and love u all!!!
Canales, Timoteo "Teacher"GS-12Apr 1, 2003 – May 29, 2003PACE Instructor of History2nd to my last PACE assignment; not called "teacher;" had to stop PACE after August due to slowdown in assignments; captain was Ms. Graft; enjoyed liberty in Gibralter and England; now a FT instructor in Waco, TX. HELLO former students!
Wegner, CarlaSN (NOW HM3)Sep 20, 2003 – Nov 29, 2004OD-01I enjoyed my time on the Churchill. I wont forget any of you,and I hope to see you in the future. Please write me and let me know how you are, since I dont have to many peoples email addresses.
Belay, AdamQMNov 20, 2003 – Mar 25, 2004NXMy time onboard was a short one do to being sent to the USS Barry (DDG 52) but enjoyed working with the QM's onboard.
Ross, Leslie H.E7/CPO EMC(SW/AW)2004 – 2005
Pierce, ScottSEAMANMar 22, 2004 – Oct 20, 2006deckloved the helm for divtacs and plane guard on deployment!!!
Winn, King (Da Kang!!)GSMFNApr 2004 – Aug 2008MPYeah, Ships been smashed. Working hard for no money. I better make 3rd. Poop.
Cardenas, Marcos (Vato)GSMApr 2004 – Jan 3000main proulsionshipmate go to da chief ma and ask him if u can take a urinalysis cause u all fucked up rudypu
Lucio, MarioGSM3May 10, 2004 – Oct 2008MP not EM bitchThis place is crazy, Shining like a diamond in a goats ass!
Ericksen, DavidCTT2Sep 1, 2004 – Sep 1, 2008
Snell, From HellENFNNov 20, 2004 –A-Teamwhen i was like 13 or 14 i saw this boat being launched into the water, when i was 19 i was checking on board this bitch, what are the odds?...still wish i went west coast though
Meirs, BradDC1(SW)2005 – 2009Engineering/ Supply/ Deck/ AdminFind me on FACEBOOK!
Davis, CourtneyGM22005 – 2007CG01I am very proud serving on the churchill with CG division. Great group of guys. Great times!!
McQueen, DaveAM2Jan 7, 2005 – Jul 7, 2008DeckLooking for photos of Abe Lincoln 2000-2001
Holley, BarryIS1Mar 1, 2005 – Mar 1, 2007Haven't gotten there yet but will be there soon.
Pace (Gmiterek)(fyfe), LaylaEN1 (SW)Jul 15, 2005 – Jul 17, 2008A Gang
Trexler, PatrickQMC2006 – 2007NAV/EXEC
Ellis, KyleDC3May 21, 2006 – Aug 21, 2009ERGood times in the shop no regrets met some cool people and some not so nice people
East, Steven, West, North, South, Easter BunnyCTR3Jun 21, 2006 – Nov 22, 2008OT-01I had a nice time aboard, alot of faces and good friends.
Scott, Sara-anne (Scotty)FC2Oct 15, 2007 – Sep 4, 2009CFServed with pride on the '07 - '08 Deployment in support of Opperation Iraqi Freedom. There after served some time in the yards, more underways, and the yards again. Had a GREAT time...
Kyle, JessicaYN2Aug 4, 2008 – Jul 24, 2012EXEC/EX01Had a blast onboard the Churchill. I will miss all my crewmembers.

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