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USS Oscar Austin (DDG 79) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oscar Austin (DDG 79). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 145 crew members registered for the USS Oscar Austin (DDG 79).

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Dalo, TaraSN2000 – 2002DeckSome of the best people were on this ship!
Avila, MelindaE32000 – 2001Admin
Plohg, JimmyFNJan 1, 2000 – Sep 15, 2000ENGTime was to short lots of great people. Look me up in Detroit.
Reese, MACSMACSFeb 1, 2000 – Dec 8, 2003NAVTHE FIRST AND ONLY SMC!
Adams, BrianET2(SW)Mar 2000 – Aug 2004CE
Chavis, ErbaDC2Apr 14, 2000 – Mar 5, 2004EDC1/ER02
Mehling, MichaelDC2(SW)May 2000 – Sep 2004ER02My first and only ship but a great one more laughs and memories that i can remember. I'm now a NYC firefighter.
Dill, HarryE-4/IT3Jul 7, 2000 – Mar 15, 2003OSMeet alot of great people onboard this great vessel. Lot of friends that I will never forget. Wish the best for all from past to present. Stay fast and always remember the great peopkr you will meet..
Dess, MattSTG2Aug 15, 2000 – Feb 20, 2004WAGreat Ship, Great Division. Would love to do it again.
Daugherty, StevenCTT2Nov 16, 2000 – Nov 18, 2003OT
David, PatrickEM1(SW)Nov 22, 2000 – Feb 1, 2005EEGO GO GO EnginEERING!!!!!!!! And CS, kinda.. and Supply I guess for the HRS parts.. and the midrats, I guess.. but yeah! Thanks to EE (EMCS Whiteford and the crew) and the rest of Eng for providing the inspiration to get through the UW times, UROCK!!
Palermo, SteveGSM2 (SW)Dec 2000 – Aug 2002EM02Nothing like a pre-com. Being there to experiance the first time for everything was great. Went back onboard in Aug 05 to find my name still graffitied in black sharpie marker everywhere in Main 2 !!! If your bored on watch take a look, You will see!
Wiggins, PatrickOS1 (SW)Dec 17, 2000 – May 15, 2004OIHad pretty good times. Want to say that I do miss THE OI, some of you! As far as 0S2 Rodriguez, stop lying about what you don't know. See yall back up in VA in Summer 2008.
Smith, Terrance (The Kid)CTNC2001 – 2004OT
Gadow, ShawnCTT2Jan 2001 – Jan 2003OT
Newton, JohnnyE6?HM1May 12, 2001 – Sep 13, 2003MedicalMy first Command as an IDC. I had a great time. Miss the Madden tournaments and Lots of the crew. Had a great time as well on both Med Cruises I went on.
Ellis, TanishaOS2May 19, 2001 – May 31, 2005OI01
Evjen, DylanFC2(SW)Jun 2, 2001 – Sep 4, 2005CF03
Rosadino, IngridFC 3 (SW)Jun 4, 2001 – Sep 1, 2002CF
Rosadino, Jason "Poopyporkhammer"FC2(SW)Jun 10, 2001 – Sep 1, 2005CS/CFAnd don't call me Buttass. Handled by a beamdong.
Bradley, JoLTJGJun 28, 2001 – Jul 6, 2003S3/4
Delacruz, BrianE-5 CTRAug 13, 2001 – Sep 19, 2005WFAn experience, to say the least. Working in teh FP division is absolutley something I wil never forget
Gaston, Christina (Tina)DC3/ IT3Aug 31, 2001 – 2003Engineering/ IT Communications
Hansen, DaneET2(SW)Sep 17, 2001 – Sep 1, 2005CS/CETriple Dong!!!
Gillis, StevenGSE2Oct 3, 2001 – Dec 7, 2005EM
McGinn, Matt "mutha Fuckin McGinn Bitch:ET3.....ETSNNov 2001 – Jan 2004OE/CEWhere the hell is Byers? I cant even descibe how much fun I had on board. Good People, good friends, and damn good times.
McCready, Sarah (Nugget)DC3Nov 16, 2001 – Dec 15, 2004ENG/ER02I have had many wonderful experiences while aboard the Oscar Austin and I would not trade anything about my last 3 years there. Two trips to europe and one trip to the med has made my navy career worth the journey.
Floyd-mccray, TerryCTO2(SW)Dec 17, 2001 – Apr 4, 2005OTBEST COMMAND EVER!!!! I miss everyone, but the memories are ever-lasting! Hope you're all doing well...Ciao!
Patterson, WilliamET2(SW)Dec 22, 2001 – May 19, 2006CE"It's not the SAS!!! It's the ON-201!"
Thorstad, JohnMR1(SW)2002 – 2005ERO1/REPAIRHad a great time. Pop that rice Wesley! I miss everyone, especially DC2 Mehling & HT2 Pitts. God they made me laugh. I don't miss aft VCHT however. My Divo was a penis....Dear Sir, I married her anyway! HAHAHA....I love YN1 Thorstad (Heck)
Lane, KevinGM12002 – 2004WO02
Awis, AndrewE-32002 – Nov 26, 2006DeckGreat ship, tons of memories, miss it a lot.
Gillespie, Christina (Baby Doc)E5/HM2 (SW)Jan 5, 2002 – Jan 15, 2005MedicalThanks for the memories!!! I loved the travel and places we were able to see. Thanks to all of my great liberty buddies who put up with my endless shopping adventures! It was definately an adventure!
Kenny, Spencer/ WorktruckHT3Feb 2, 2002 – Oct 15, 2003ERO1
Kimberlin, Jimmie "Thunder"DC3Mar 29, 2002 – Nov 4, 2002ERO1I was the guy who got run over by the boat!!
Swank, ChristopherFC2 (SW)Apr 1, 2002 – Jul 23, 2005CFWhy is Dane yelling Triple Dong?
McClure, Terry/ TcFC2(SW)Apr 1, 2002 – Sep 20, 2004CF03It was fun. I will always remember my time on the OA. To the guys that are on there. Have fun and I will catch you around.
Meglic, KevinSNMay 15, 2002 – Apr 24, 2003OD01
O'Donnell, KellyE-5/ITJun 16, 2002 – Oct 9, 2003CC
Thorstad (Heck At The Time), ValerieYN2Jul 2002 – Dec 2004EXECLOVED THIS SHIP!!! Miss everyone! J.P.CORDLE, BEST CO I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! :)
Thorstad (Heck), ValerieYN1Jul 18, 2002 – Dec 15, 2004WHATEVER ADMIN IS THIS MONTH!Hey all!! Love EVERYONE I knew on that ship!! Wonderful crew and tons of memories!! Thanks for everything!! : ) Remember, MR2(SW) Thorstad and YN2 Heck were "just good friends". : ) I can't think of a better reason to get married!
Rosales, ClaudiaIT2 (SW)Aug 2002 – Dec 2003CCI hated being there. Deployment was cool but limited liberty time sucked. All the khakis sucked (except for a few...very few). Favortism is a common practice. Thanks to a few that left me with awesome memories.
Breshears, JeffOS1Aug 22, 2002 – Dec 1, 2005OIWell me hating Aegis as I do, this was one fine ship. I learned alot from her and all her crew, for all of ya that know how to reach give me a holla sometime. Don't think I'll ever be able to leave this crazy state, so if ya need anything just
Paterson, Jereme BCTRC(SW)Sep 8, 2002 – Jun 16, 2005OTGood tour of duty. Served with some awesome people. Best of luck to the new crew! Keep up the good work!!!!
Souslin, SteveETC(SW)Sep 15, 2002 – Sep 5, 2005Combat Electronics
Hazard, ChristopherFC3(SW)Oct 16, 2002 –WM

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1999 | 2000 – 2002 | 2003 – now

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