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USS McFaul (DDG 74) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McFaul (DDG 74). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 146 crew members registered for the USS McFaul (DDG 74).

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Grubbs, RobertSH2/SH1/MA12001 – 2003S-3Hoorah from "GUNNY"
Gilbert, CharlesIC1/E62001 – Jun 2002CE
Patterson, DarianYNSNFeb 2001 – Feb 2002AdminWould love to keep in touch with members of the Mcfaul around yr. 2001.Currently a Music artist for Dollyhood Records
Arbogast, JonathanCTM2May 15, 2001 – May 15, 2004OTAfter I left McFaul went to Ft. Meade, Got out as planned in 2006, happily enjoying civilian life. Getting a divorce from a cheating wife. Thanking God everyday for his blessings. E-mail me.
Seipp, RobertET2Jul 2001 – Feb 2006CEGreat Time on McFaul. Big mistake with a neighbor at the end. Combo of divorce and substance abuse not good. But love all of you that served with me. Did the Keys Thing, now the Jersey thing. Still haven't found what I want.
Huard, PatriciaFC2Jul 12, 2001 – Jan 10, 2004CGI am now an AZ serving in Oceana with VFA-106 EF. And am expecting a boy in July.
Ruth, John M.FC2Aug 25, 2001 – Feb 18, 2004CF / CGI am now a AT2 stationed up here in Whidbey Island, WA w/ VAQ-129. Working on the EA-6B Prowler.
Fain, JoelNov 7, 2001 – Nov 7, 2004VAEngaged to be married, still serving in the navy and stationed in Norfolk, Va.
Ridgeway, JustinOS2(SW) / AIC (C/S-SLEEPY)Dec 17, 2001 – Jul 23, 2005OPS/OI
Hilton, LindaE-6Feb 1, 2002 – Jan 5, 2004EXECUTIVEAloha everyone, I am in Hawaii and I am stationed at Camp H. M. Smith Marine Corps Base. I really miss the people on board McFaul that made her so great. Take care and Mahalo.
Garcia, DamianIT2Mar 2002 – Jun 2005OCWhat an adventure! Met some cool people, had some good times, but unfortunately, a lot of bad was mixed in with it so I had to bid you guys adieu. Good to see this online so we can all catch up. Look forward to hearing from you.
Hodo, Parise-5Mar 2002 – Jul 2003repair
Marrow, FurmanSTG1(SW)Apr 2002 – Oct 31, 2005CAGood times, great people. Retired living in Maryland, working for National Institute Of Health.
Claudio, EdyCTO1Jun 14, 2002 – Jun 18, 2005OTShared some great time with some great people onboard McFaul.
Camacho, JohnnyIC2Aug 7, 2002 – Jul 10, 2006CEI had a good time, well most of the time, CE was great will definately miss the port visits. The crew was awesome, Now at 2nd Fleet being an IT, going to Strayer University, love this place!
Anderson, Robert (Sams)STG3Aug 9, 2002 – Aug 27, 2005CA
(Carey) Noble, LauraETC (SW)Aug 15, 2002 – Sep 30, 2005CE/TrainingRetired in Lewisburg, TN (just south of Nashville). Loving the new life, but miss the Navy people. Drop me a line if you're ever in the area.
Lindsay(hernandez), PamelaSK3Sep 2002 – Dec 2005Supply It was a great experience to have shared the good and bad times with all of you. Lindsay and I got married and we now have a cute baby boy. If it wasn't for the McFaul me and him would of probably never met. Well Best of luck to everyone.
Williams, EricFC2Sep 2, 2002 – Mar 15, 2007CMHad some good memories on there. I can't say I enjoyed it, but some of the people made it worth it.
Massey, TroyOSC(SW)Sep 21, 2002 –OI-01"Best Damn Ship in the Navy" but without the folks to take her to sea.. Nothing but a floating tin-can!!! For all the great friends of the past and present, thanks for all the great memories and everything we have accomplished together!!
Bennett (Mejia), ClassieYN2(SW)Nov 14, 2002 – Apr 10, 2005XX
Lewis, BrandonPS2(SW)Dec 28, 2002 – Nov 1, 2006ExecWhats up guys? I finnally made second after 2 tries and i started in deck so it is possible just set your mind to it. I am station at PSD Afloat with u guys records for now i how to transfer in November to go Recruiting or to be a classifier.
Rockwell, WalterOS2(SW)2003 – 2005Operations
Luebbert, BrianLTJGJan 17, 2003 – Sep 1, 2005EA01 and OD01What an amazing ship and even more amazing crew. My family and I are in Monterey, CA for the time being. Really miss the thrill of going to sea with such a great group of people. All the best to the best!
McGarry, TimETCFeb 18, 2003 – Mar 17, 2006CEBest and most rewarding tour of my career. Thanks to the the ET and IC bunch for making it that way. Keep in touch.
Carter, GaryE4/CS3Mar 15, 2003 – Oct 22, 2005Supply IIposted...
Maggipinto, Marshall "pinto"E-5/FC2Sep 1, 2003 – Apr 22, 2008CS/CFI miss all the cool kids onboard McFizzle, you know, all the salty cats. I have to admit that I met some of the best people I have ever known onboard that rusty can. As for the rest of you poor slobs; have a Fun Time in the Navy.
Dorrin (Stowe), YvonneSTG2Sep 26, 2003 – May 11, 2005CAI really enjoyed getting to know each and every person on board. CA division was hot stuff! Take care all!
Lefevre, BrandonGSMFN(SW)Oct 6, 2003 – Jun 1, 2005MPAfter leaving this ship, I realized how good I had it. Would definitely do it all over again
Scheuerell, JohnFC1Nov 15, 2003 – Dec 20, 2006CG
Deshotel, StevePC3(SW)Dec 27, 2003 – Jan 15, 2005S-1 Enjoyed my time on the ship. Met alot of good people. Stationed at NAS Sigonella in Sicily now. Look me up if your in the Med.
Watson, GlenE5/OS2Dec 29, 2003 – Jul 23, 2007OITo all the friends I have served with, thanks for the great time. McFaul is truly the most tactical warship on the waterfront. Keep on keeping on to you all, and fair winds.
Alvarez, DamianSKCSFeb 8, 2004 – May 1, 2007S-1
Curnell, AmandaFC3(SW)Mar 30, 2004 – Dec 7, 2005CFThanks for a great frist tour, or atleast part of one. I will miss most of you. Thanks for all that I learned. I have great stories to share over at MARMC now. Good luck, and try not to hit anything else.
Barrick, RyanCTR2Jul 10, 2004 – Jun 10, 2007OT
Henry, ParisE-7/FCCSep 14, 2004 – May 5, 2007CM
Braley, TiffanySTG3Nov 28, 2004 –CAGood crew Good times and more to come.
Tindall, MattGM2Dec 15, 2004 – Jun 4, 2006CG
Fisher, ScottGM2(SW)Dec 31, 2004 – Dec 14, 2007CGWell it was a good time but dont let this place get you down. All those who wanna do riverine dont take it from me

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