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USS Mahan (DDG 72) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mahan (DDG 72). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 104 crew members registered for the USS Mahan (DDG 72).

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Van Roekel, MicaiahEM2Jan 14, 1999 – Oct 31, 2001EI wish I was still on the Mahan. It was a great crew and ship. I would never traid it. I only have 14 years left till I retire.
Van Roekel, MicaiahE-1/4Jan 14, 1999 – Oct 1, 2001E-DIVOne of the best ships in the fleet, and my first and most favorite command. Love you all so much. I still keep in contact with her crew even 20 later. Thank you all for your mentorship. Contact me anytime. V/R EMC
House, LucasIT1(SW)Mar 16, 1999 – Sep 29, 2002OPS/OCHad a lot of good times and worked with a lot of good people. Thanks!
Baxter, SteveSTG1(SW/IUSS)Apr 1999 – Aug 2001CAWell,well well, I had a few good memeories here, Pink Palace, just when I thought I had forgotten! I saw some of you later on at Dam Neck...good times for all that remember. Anybody seen "THE GUY?"
De Jesus, MiguelIT2 (SW)May 5, 1999 – Jun 2003OPS/OCGreat Command with great people.
Murray, KrisSTG2Jul 1, 1999 – Dec 20, 2001CAHad a blast on Med Cruise 2000. Some of my most memorable moments occured on this cruise. Great crew, great division, great friends. Let's not forget to raise one up for Travis Weston.
Moore, MackeyPC1(SW)RET.Sep 1999 – Aug 2002SupplyHope everyone's going great, I've retired from the navy and living and working in Mississippi. Feel free to email me at
Pinto-cadiz, JeremiahEW2/E-5Nov 19, 1999 – Aug 15, 2002opsWas there for the first cruise, had to leave before the second one. Shout out to HUNTER, DOWD and the crew you know who you are! if you ever see this hit me up.
Richardson (Dudley), DeniciaOS2Feb 2000 – Jun 2005OD-OIHands down my most memorable command. I had some very good memories there. Med cruise 2002 was a BLAST!! Great command, great crew!
McGhee, AaronSTG2(SW/IUSS)Oct 10, 2000 – Sep 3, 2004CAI had a great time onboard Mahan. Met a lot of great people who I am still in contact with.
Tuschong, Fred (Mr. One)MR1Oct 31, 2000 – Oct 5, 2006RBy far the best ship in the fleet. All credit goes to it's crew. No matter how many people left the "Mighty Mahan" those who took their place carried the torch. I'll never stop telling stories about the people and the 02' 04
(biggs) Jones, Michelle (Lil'boats)BM12001 – 2002OD01BOSN4LIFE MAHAN rocks
Koster, ScottOS22001 – 2005OI
Rios Jr, BenjaminE-1/E-5Jan 2001 – May 2004A-Gang
Rowe, KyleE-1/FNJan 12, 2001 – Nov 20, 2005MP
Weber, TonyE-3Feb 1, 2001 – Oct 18, 2003SupplyJust hoping all is well with everyone who served. Feel free to contact my crazy self if you remember me.
Villetamorcelo, VitoSKFeb 27, 2001 – Feb 26, 2005S-1while on board made many friends I wish I would had kept in touch with, mostly a great Crew and I can say as many it was Def. an experience. great and funny memories.
Hodge, Eric "Hooge" "alligator" "the Head"STG2 (SW)Mar 2001 – Mar 2003CA
Hans, JoshBM3Mar 2001 – Sep 2004DeckDamn I miss that Ship. It was a hell of a ride. There were many times I wondered how the hell I got back to my rack. But it was still fun. I can never forget Rota Spain at Benny's. Every Sunday night he had a cookout!!!!
Polk, CedricSH1Apr 1, 2001 – Apr 2, 2005S3By far my best command.. Learned a lot and had a lot of good times.
Kovaleski, SkiE-1Apr 16, 2001 – May 5, 2002S-2Thanks to the S-2 division, as well as MA1 Oglesby For all your support.
Davis, Mssn Harold Desmond Jr.E-3Aug 9, 2001 – Aug 9, 2005417
Pellegrino, GregET1Aug 18, 2001 – May 18, 2004CEThose that know me know the "real" deal ... One of the top dogs on the ship until I wasn't anymore. I know one thing, I can sleep at night ... Had some great times on the ship, despite some "issues" ... Med Cruise 2002 Rocked!
Triska, TiffanyBM3/E-4Oct 12, 2001 – Jan 19, 2004OD01
Howe, ChrisFC3Feb 2, 2002 – Mar 15, 2004CFJust remembering the good times....Med Cruise 02... good times
Branton, DaveFC1-FC1(SW)-???Apr 9, 2002 – Nov 15, 2005CFIt's been real, and I am not the only one you know!!! If you know what I am talking about fine, otherwise it's best to keep wondering... hope everyone is doing fine.
Lipinski, Anthony (Tony) profile iconGMC(SW/AW) ret.May 2002 – Sep 2004CM-VLS techsGreat ship with a great crew.
Harris, ChrisIT1/RETIREDMay 6, 2002 – Aug 10, 2006OC01The greatest RADIO Shack in the Fleet. Always represent IT's.
Myers, JimmyOS2Jun 19, 2002 – Sep 19, 2005OD and OII have a lot of great memories onboard. Since Ive been out Ive been trying to get back near the ocean because of the time I served onboard. I miss the smell, sounds, views and so much of the ocean. I t was truely and awesome Experience
Harte, Oliver profile iconE2 / EM2 (SW)Aug 30, 2002 –ElectricalStationed aboard the USS Mahan (DDG72). Served as Electrician's Mate 2nd class
Jarreau, TerraGSM3Jan 15, 2003 – Apr 10, 2004EngineeringJust trying to reunite with the old shipmates. Keep in touch.
Jarreau, TerraGSM3Jan 16, 2003 – Nov 1, 2004ENGINEERING
Abresch, BrandiGSEFNApr 2003 – Oct 2003ENG
Bruce, LloydFC2(SW)Apr 2003 – Oct 3, 2007CFMy only ship. My experience on the USS Mahan was one that I talk about all the time. Most sailors will never get to work with as great of a crew as I did or go to the amount of ports that we visited. Built to Fight!!
Tucker, Big TukFC2(SW)Aug 10, 2003 – Aug 11, 2007CMNot active anymore, I got medically retired in 2010...
Greene, JaimelPS3Sep 10, 2003 – Apr 1, 2005S-4Good Times OnBoard The Mighty Mahan!!! Learned A Lot!!!!
Furmanski, Christian Aka "ski"E-5/OS2Apr 26, 2004 – Nov 20, 2007OI 01Hmmm what to say. Probably my best memories come from the '04 cruise. But in the end it was a ton of fun. Highlight of the entire four years will always be Fleet Week 2004.
Smith, DanielBM3Apr 26, 2004 – Nov 30, 2007DeckI must say the NAVY helped me to become a man, and I couldn't pick a better ship to be on. Wouldn't have done it differently.
Moncrief, SamuelTM3Dec 26, 2004 – Jan 17, 2007gunner's mate

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