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USS Ross (DDG 71) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ross (DDG 71). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 170 crew members registered for the USS Ross (DDG 71).

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Maners, Mike "Where'S My Coffee Cup"STG1(SW)Jan 1997 – Jan 20, 2001CABest Ship I ever served on! The ROSS crew, took care of business, got it done. The reward - serving onboard ROSS!
McKee, MichaelSTG1(SW)Jan 1997 – Dec 2000CAFinest Ship in the Fleet from CO to the juniors, one big family!!
Rice, JeffE-8 MSJan 1997 – Mar 1999supplyTeam Ross!! Look Forward to hearing from any Ross member. I am the original Plank owner!! Stew burner!!! Jeff Rice MSCS SW
Fouss, AndyOS1(SW)Jan 1, 1997 – Jan 1, 1999OIYO
Fresh, ChristopherIT3Jan 1, 1997 – Mar 1, 2000Radio220 characters isn't enough! 6 kids and countin, married to the woman I met while stationed on the Ross. She is what opened my eyes to getting out! HAHA just playin...
Raulerson, DavidSH3Jan 1, 1997 – May 15, 2000S-41st Ships store operator.
Holzer, JohnTHEN FC1 NOW LTJGJan 15, 1997 – May 10, 2000CFA great ship, many fond memories of my friends there. Miss you all and drop me a line to say hi. Still going with 5 years to go until I retire. By far the best crew I have served with, past, present, and future!
Jones, SteveIT2(SW)Jan 26, 1997 – May 8, 2000Comms/CombatWow, some of these names out here bring out some memories. Still married, 2 great kids, and one on the way....Still not trying to keep up with Smitty though. Work as Network Engineer at large Insurance company in Dallas.
Singh, SoniaE-3Feb 27, 1997 – Apr 10, 1998EngineeringI was the first female on the Ross to go to Captains Mast. The first female to get off the ship pregnant. I am still in touch with Bispham. How is everyone doing?? Ross had a lot of great people. Tootle is an asshole.
Cole, AnthonyFC2(SW)Mar 1997 – Apr 2001Combat SystemsMy best friends were and still are the Plankowners and fellow shipmates of the USS ROSS. I Love you Bastards. FC's Rule!!!
Ramirez, DanielYN3Apr 1997 – Mar 15, 2000Adminanyone out there.
Ginnow, Jeff (Ross Boss)CDRApr 16, 1997 – Dec 20, 1999ExecutiveGreatest crew I ever served with, proud to be Ross Boss #1
Adams, ThomasSTG1Jun 17, 1997 – Jan 1, 1998CAIt was short, but fun while it last. WOW!!
Sanchez, MaryBM1(SW)Jun 28, 1997 – Apr 3, 2000R-5 R-7 HAZMATI was one of the last Plankowners to depart. Hello to all. ROSS WILL ALWAYS BE THE BOSS. Hey, where are the Plankowners?????
Sweeney, EricIC3 THEN ICFNJul 1, 1997 – Apr 5, 1998ceMany fond memories but none better than the purle monkeys and getting botted out.First plankowner to get booted I think. wassup Tim Noah Jon Mariano Phil MoLester and all who closed the watering hole with a double fisted last call
Brasell, Ryan D. "Braz"MS3Sep 20, 1997 – Jun 18, 2000SupplyHello to all other plankowners..Still in Navy. Stationed in Everett, WA..married with a baby on the way..Let me hear from some of you!
Bjornson, DannieSTG3Mar 5, 1998 – Jul 27, 2001SS03I'm looking for a way to get in touch with an old friend from the boat, GSM2 Joseph Giocondo. If anyone has any way of getting in touch with him please give him my email address. email:
Baird, ThomasSTG2(SW)Jun 22, 1998 – Oct 2, 2002CAThis was the best ship in the fleet. From the CO to the crew everyone looked out for each other. It was truly one big happy family
Haney, DanFCCSJun 26, 1998 – Sep 25, 2000CF/CSI met some wonderful people on the Ross. I hope everyone is well and getting promoted. I retired after 21 years and 7 months on 01Apr05. Moving to Huntington, West Virginia to be a manager for a crane maintenance company
Olechnicki, Michael(Ole)E-6/GSMSep 16, 1998 – Oct 22, 1998S-2YO YO IAM STILL KICK'N
Tasseff, Aaron Z. (Taz)FC1(SW)Sep 25, 1998 – Oct 1, 2002CFThe greatest experience of my life! Proud of every minute I spent onboard and look forward to coming back as a Kakki!
Kok, MaartenLT (LTJG THEN)Nov 1998 – Jun 1999Exchange officer from The netherlands. Great time with the gang in the Caribean, then very impressive in the Adriatic, shooting arrows at Belgrade. Now serving on HNLMS Tromp after 5 months on the ground in Afghanistan. Maried now, 2 girls (2 and 4)
Beck, Nicholas T.FNDec 26, 1998 – May 8, 2000MPI worked with/for the best people I've ever met - left and became an FC - currently on The Sullivans (DDG-68)
Park, DylanOSSR-OS2Dec 28, 1998 – Jun 10, 2002OIThe best crew, back when we still had many plankowners. I made the first two deployments. I miss the mighty Ross.
Langone, Stephen "Squishy"GM2(SW) -GM1(SW)1999 – 2003Combat Systems / CO01Damn best ship ever. VLS Kicked Kosovos ASS
Duron, RaymondGSE-31999 – 2001MP
Zeigler, RufusOS2Jan 1, 1999 – Jul 11, 2003OI DivisionWow good times Almost brought me to tears just looking at the ship where life started for me Good people and good times It was like it was all a dream and I would not trade it for anything Fare Winds and Following Seas
Edwards, JesseDCFNMar 1999 – Jan 2002(THE ANIMAL HOUSE)Man I miss this ship had fun while it lasted, some of the coolest people I ever met on board.
(biggs) Jones, Michelle (Lil'boats)BM1Mar 1, 1999 – Mar 15, 2000OD01"If Lovin' the Navy is wrong, I don't wanna be right" A.T. Smith, BMCM Bosn4Life yall.
Torres, MiguelTM3 (T-REX)Mar 17, 1999 – Apr 21, 2001CAHello Everyone!
Nicholson, GeorgeSTG1Mar 26, 1999 – Oct 1, 2002CA babyYo money, whassup??!!
Smith(smitty), TonyIT1(SW)Apr 21, 1999 – Feb 14, 2003OPS/CommIm up here working with the Joint Chiefs of Staff now hope all is well with everyone on the baddest destroyer in the fleet
Escalante, RonnieGSE2Jul 1999 – Jul 2001MPMP Rules!!
Barnwell, Dwayne C.GSE2(SW)Jul 20, 1999 – Oct 5, 2003Main PropulsionOne of the most kick ass divisions ever. As a GSE we really set the standard on how things should be...go TEAM ROSS
Harper (Ellis), ShvonnaFC2Jul 21, 1999 – Jul 21, 2001CFThe best ship I have ever been on. I met a lot of good people who helped to shape my life. I miss you all.
Harper, RickIT1Sep 1999 – Sep 2002OCO1Some of the bestand the worst times in my career! The best Radio Shack in the fleet!
Guyette, Peter (Petey)FC2(SW)Nov 1999 – Jun 2004CF DivisionBest DDG in the Atlantic Fleet. I had an absolute blast and was sorry to go, but now I am happily married and working in Boston, MA (Beantown baby!!!)
Miskimmin, JohnET2(SW)Nov 10, 1999 – Nov 13, 2003CE
Espinoza, Eirene "ESPY!"OS2Dec 1999 – Sep 15, 2004OI01My first and last boat...I still remember the good old days...and believe it or not I'd rather be on a boat- I MISS IT!
Tarulli, LeonardoDCFN2000 –R
Newman, DougQM2Jan 12, 2000 – Apr 15, 2002NN01Good Ship
Wetenhall, RichardGSM3/E-4Feb 11, 2000 – Mar 7, 2005MPJust wanted to put a shout out to my Engineering Peeps who helped me with the ladies if you know what I mean lol. Hope you all are are soaring high. Holla...
Kreider Fka Lewis, RachaelSNOct 15, 2000 – Nov 15, 2001supply
Reyes, MiguelE-5/GSM2Nov 11, 2000 – Dec 17, 2005MPThe ROSS is one of the best ship that's why so maby sailor are going back to the ROSS for more. I spent my first 5 years on the ROSS and she was good to me. EB14/OIL LAB The best workcenter onboard the Ross. Pimpin ain't easy"EB14"
Rorabaugh, Mike "Ro-Ro"OS2(SW)Dec 12, 2000 – Jul 11, 2003OI - DC01Ahh the good ole days of ship life. Yep they were great until dec 2001. They just went down hill from there. Miss the cleaning and repainting of our departments on a bi-weekly basis. To all the friends I had, peace out and Kiss my ***
Childs, KevinDC3Dec 13, 2000 – Apr 27, 2004R

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