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USS Ross (DDG 71) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ross (DDG 71). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 170 crew members registered for the USS Ross (DDG 71).

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Gazzara, RobertCW03Apr 10, 1995 – Apr 15, 1998MPBy Far the BEST of the BEST, Engineering PLANK OWNERS we set the standard and it shows!! I miss everyone who I ran with, drank with, cried with and of course bled with on her, It has made me what I am today. Best of luck to everyone!!
Phillips, RickRMC (SW)Apr 20, 1995 – Nov 10, 1998OCI was one of the 1st crew members assigned to pre-comm in Pascagoula, Ms. I had the pleasure of working with some of the finest sailors in the Navy, one of whom was RM3 Karen Clark who as excelled in her Naval Career.
Coyle, TimGM3Jul 24, 1995 – Jul 24, 1999Combat SystemsI was proud to captain the ship, and lead us on to victory against Canada. There were tough times, but I somehow managed to heroically save our ship.
(Carey) Noble, LauraET1 (SW)Oct 15, 1995 – Jul 4, 1999CEMy last name changed to Noble in OCT 99. I retired from USS McFaul (DDG-74) as ETC(SW) Noble in SEPT 05. Brad and I are now living in Lewisburg, TN. Drop us a line if you're going to be in the area.
Rogers, Lee (Master Blaster)FCCM (SW)Oct 15, 1995 – Apr 30, 1999CSMM
Mansfield, JeffGSMCDec 30, 1995 – May 1, 2000MPBy far the best ship on the waterfront. The most rewarding tour and the best crew ever assembled. I retired July 31st, 2005, and am now working in management as a Six Sigma Black Belt in my hometown. Good luck to each and every one of you.
Ripplinger, Paul (Ripp)FC21996 – 2000CFMiss the hell out of all my boys from CF division, you guys are the best. PLANKOWNER BABY! RADAR 3!! CLUB ROSS!
Brozak, DennisIC21996 – Aug 14, 2000CE04I had a great time on ROSS. IC1 Baker taught me a lot and i will never forget it. CE ROCKS (most of the time) ET1 Lewis. LT Lamb. Thoms, Legarebrown, Lockey, ET's Cronin, Garcia, :), thanks for eveything. I found the cruise video finally.
Giotownhouse, JDONT REMEMBER1996 – 1999mp
Oberhausen, ThomasSTGCS(SW)1996 – 1999CAI'd like to hear from any Sonar Techs. The Sonar Gang was the best I ever served with in my 20 year career. HEY KROPF; I TOLD YOU SO! Les, I am still alive in Pensacola, FL. I'd love to hear from any Plankowners at
Christian, TyroneOS21996 –OIGreatest crew ever. Awesome memories. Hot women hotter times and of course the keg parties!!
Wiley, ChristopherGM11996 – Aug 1998CGPlank Owner
Spoolman, KarlOSC (SW)Jan 1996 – Dec 1996OI
Falco, MichaelGSEC(SW)Feb 15, 1996 – Mar 28, 1999Engineering
Strum, Dahla "Aegis Bm"BM1Feb 19, 1996 – Oct 26, 1999DeckIt was fun when all the Plankowners was there I sure I will never find a better crew then the one on the ROSS
Stewart, HalEXTREMELY PETTY OFFICERMar 1996 – Jul 21, 1999owWhats up, give me a buzz if you see this. It would be nice to see what everyone is up to esp. my ow people, and berthing 2.
Stotler, Carrie (Nelly)YN1Mar 1996 – Sep 1999AdminThe Pre-com Sailors where the best. We all worked hard to make USS ROSS the best. There were so many laughs and good times had by all. It was great
Morris, RickET1Mar 10, 1996 – Jun 19, 1999CEThe ET1
Whitted, GregoryMS2Mar 15, 1996 – Mar 15, 2001Supply/S-2DivHey plankowners what up still alive and kicking in TN S-2 was the greatest. Shout out to M.Houser .
Van Horn, GeorgeFCCMar 28, 1996 – Apr 30, 1999CFFirst LCPO of CF Div, Plankowner
Montgomery, MontyGM1(SW)Apr 1996 – Aug 2000COGREAT SHIP!!
Holloman, James (Hollywood)RMSN THEN IT1 NOWApr 1996 – Nov 2000OCFrom the watering hole in MS. to "Who's got the mail" The Ross has been my best duty station thus far. The first RMs' in the shack set the standard.We took a lickin but together we kept on ticken. I will never forget the "The Shac
Vaughn, Keeta DOS2(SW)Apr 1, 1996 – Jul 1, 2000OIWell, it doesn't get any better than the ROSS. I wish that I turn back the hand of time and relive that wonderful experience. We had a blast!!!
Rohr, RichardOS1 (SW)Apr 1, 1996 – May 29, 1997OI
Van Horn, GeorgeFCCApr 3, 1996 – Feb 18, 1999CFJust stoping by to say hello and fair winds to the men manning her now.
Pisciotta, Anthonygsm2Apr 13, 1996 –mpmy first pre com . learned alot
Tallon, KevinOSCApr 15, 1996 – Sep 15, 2000OIAs I look back over time this was by far the best tour, best ship and most of all best people. Retired and still living in VA Beach.
Woten, MarkENC(SW/MTS)May 14, 1996 – Oct 6, 2000Auxiliary EA01Retired 31 December 2003 from TSC Great Lakes as Diesel Division Technical Training Officer (TTO) Enjoyed my time onboard while it lasted. Retirement is GREAT!
Brodmann, RichardENCS(SW)Jun 1, 1996 – Apr 30, 2000LCPOOf my 20 years in the Navy ROSS was without a doubt the finest ship with the finest crew. I'm proud to be a Plankowner and to have served with such a great bunch of people...TEAM ROSS RULES!
Losee, NoelET2Jun 15, 1996 – Mar 23, 1999CE
Baker, RobIC1Jun 15, 1996 – Mar 23, 1999CEROSS was by far my best tour. Plankowners have a special bond. Send an e-mail and I'll keep in contact.
Sparkman, DaleGM2Jun 17, 1996 – Apr 9, 1999CO
Crummie, CarlosQMSN THEN QM1(SW) NOWJun 17, 1996 – Dec 14, 1999nav/adminwhat is going on
Perera, DiogenesSTGCJul 1996 – May 16, 2000CAWithout a doubt the best ship and crew I have known. The Sonar techs were the best out there, even Hickey. I retire in Dec 2005, to all that continue to serve on the Ross, serve her proudly!
Feldman, DavidEN3Jul 1, 1996 – Nov 28, 1999eao1
Feldman, DavidEN3Jul 15, 1996 – Nov 28, 1999A-GangThe only gang in the Navy. We came, we saw, we kicked some Yogus ass
Theisen, Joshua "Chuck"STG2(SW)/ NOW DC1(SW)Jul 30, 1996 – Mar 6, 2000CAThe best ship I have been on. Proud to be a Plankowner. Lots of memories. Now at ATG PAC in San Diego.
Cothern, CliffRM3Aug 21, 1996 – Apr 16, 1999OC01While serving onboard, I couldn't wait to get out of the service and off that ship. But now I find myself telling new friends great stories of old friends and of a ship I still hope to never see again but remember fondly.
Schneider, Christine "Chris"LTJG FORMER STG2Aug 26, 1996 – Jul 4, 1999CAThis was the best tour that I have had. Thanks to all of you who helped me get my commission. I will never forget any of you.
Day, Bobby "jughead" "juggernaut"BM2(SW)Sep 1996 – Aug 1999DeckLooking for all the deck apes and people I had a blast with Precomming Ross. Email me at
Dendy, JasonOS2 (NON-SW)Sep 1, 1996 – Feb 9, 1999OIBest Ship I ever served on with the best crew and the best Captain bar-none (Jeff Ginnow).
Stone, ScottStg2Sep 1, 1996 – Jun 1, 2000CAAt the time we didn’t know just how great life was. The plankowner crew was by far the best crew I ever had the pleasure of serving with. I miss all of you. Even you CA03 circus clowns.
Philippy, Christina "Flipper"EN2Sep 19, 1996 – Jun 2, 1999A-GangI have a few words for the PLANKOWNERS! "Hey, were you born in a barn!?" It was fun (HA), but I am an aircraft mechanic with a real job now. Still miss everyone though! Until the next plankowner reunion, then! Feel free to drop a line and say
Maddox, JeremyFC2 (SW)Sep 20, 1996 – Mar 19, 2001CMPlankowners baby!
Dunham, JeffreyGM1/GMCOct 1996 – Nov 1998CODESTROYER LIFE FOREVER!!!! Ross Boss#1 Rock's. This was one hell of a ride that I will never forget and too many shipmates to list that are always in my thoughts. Plankowner's Rule!!! Secondly to GUNNERS!!! Thank's for the ride... L
Blair, JamesFC2Oct 1, 1996 – Apr 16, 2002CFI left the Navy in 2005. I live in Portland Oregon with my beautiful wife Katherine and our 3 children Samantha, Jeremiah, and Rebecca. I love the ship and I love the crew. May God bless each of you.
Broughton, FeastGSM3Oct 12, 1996 – Jan 2000MP/Oil LabLearned a lot from the time I spent onboard. Looking forward to the next Plankowner's reunion
Brokaw, AdamBM3Oct 23, 1996 – Jun 16, 1999DeckIt was an experience to last a life time. The ROSS has giving lots of great memories!
Fluker, JamesMS1Nov 1, 1996 – Sep 20, 2000S2ONE GREAT CREW AND SHIP
Jordan, ShaneEN3Nov 2, 1996 – Jul 16, 1999A-GangHad a blast while on board the Ross. I wish I had stayed on after my first term, but I went reserve and got out in 2004. I miss all my ole mates!!
Kropf, AronSTG1Nov 5, 1996 – Jan 13, 2003CALast Plank Owner to transfer.
Montgomery, RickPNC(AW)Nov 15, 1996 – Jan 4, 1998AdminGreat Ship but most of all Great Crew
Fredette, LeoE-5/OS2Dec 1996 – Aug 2002OPS/OI-01From PRECOMM as OSSR to OS2 sw. Next to the last Plankowner ( Dam you Aaron * Shaking my fist ) Had a great time with a great bunch of people. Up in Maine. I still hear the Ross on the Radios now and then, just don't recognize the voices anymore
McCarthy, DavidOs1Dec 1996 –OIPlankowners rock. Best crew ever.
Smith, AdamYN2Dec 5, 1996 – Jun 4, 2000admin
Smith, AdamYN2Dec 5, 1996 – Jul 10, 2000adminhope to hear from some old friends or non-friends
Wall, Harry R.BMSNDec 21, 1996 – Jun 22, 2000"Operations"It,was not only an honor,but also a privledge,to not only,serve and sail with these fine people,but it was a blessing to have Commishened" this fine ship.Then to be apart of another crew to make it's maiden voyage.....

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