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USS Hopper (DDG 70) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hopper (DDG 70). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 76 crew members registered for the USS Hopper (DDG 70).

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Salazar, Michelle/salIC3Aug 1995 – Jul 19982 the original Plankowners: U have 2 admit we went thru a lot of $*#! getn her from Bath 2 Pearl. Losing the ships lei homeportn should have been a sign of things to come. But I had the experience of a lifetime on the Hopper, good & bad.
England, JamesOS2/E5Nov 28, 1995 –OI div
Sturgill, MarkRM31996 – 1999OCHello to all those who remember, me and the hell we went through.
Bingen, BrianE 5 / OS21996 –OPS/OIPrecom. Now a deputy sheriff in Colorado.
Malaki, DanielSK1(RET)1996 – 2000S-1I reported on board the Hopper in Bath Maine and went on couple of the sea trials. Sailed her to San Francisco for the commisioning and to Pearl Harbor. Made 1.5 deployments on her and left in July 2000 via helicopter in the persian gulf.
Sheryll, ByrneMAC1996 – 1999CMAAAKA MA1 Deardorff. This was an awesome ship with a great crew. I literally put my blood sweat and tears into Hopper. I wrote my name inside the sonar dome. All memory of her both bad and good is carved deeply in my heart. Retirement coming in 2007.
Welch, BryanET2 [ETCS(retired)]1996 – 1999CEGreat tour, rough time during PRECOM through first deployment, but we made it and did well. I have seen several of my HOPPER Shipmates throughout my career/travels and they are still doing great things.
Palmieri, JoannJan 1996 – Oct 1999
Moscariello, Nick/mosGSM2 (SW)Jan 1996 – Mar 2002MP
Cart, SherriRM1Jan 1996 – Jun 1, 1998OI - Original LAN Administrator
Phouangphangna, VirakoneGSE2Jan 6, 1996 – Aug 23, 1999ME"dare and do"
Welton, WilliamDK2Feb 6, 1996 – May 15, 1999S4Hey looking for DC2 and FC2 and MA1, and DKC
Lanford, HaroldRM3/2Apr 1996 – May 1999OPS/OCFrom the long cold days and nights of Bath during the fitting out of Hopper, to the last portcall of Fiji on her Maiden Deployment, I enjoyed myself and our crew. I'm still proud of Hopper and the good things she is doing.
Broekhof, MichaelQM1Apr 16, 1996 – Apr 16, 2001ONPRECOM was a good learning experience on what not to do again...
Thompson, GeorgeOSSNMay 1996 – Jul 1997
Leslie, PattyET1(SW)May 1996 – Nov 1998CELPO of CE division. Plankowner. First time through the Panama Canal. Retired from USN out of Bath, ME.
Phouangphangna, Virakone / Nick :GSE @Jun 6, 1996 – Aug 3, 1999MELooking to get in touch with Shipmates serve during the year.
Scribner, MarkHMCD (SW) retJul 1, 1996 – Jul 1, 2000Medical
Poole, MikeOS2Aug 1996 – Sep 1999OIfrom pre-comm days up in Bath thru DESERT FOX, despite all that happened, I couldn't have served on a better ship with a better crew!!! How about that Strike Team?!?!
Maestro, JoeE-5/OS2Sep 1996 – May 1999OI
Dery, MichaelSTG1(SW)Sep 2, 1996 – May 5, 2000CS First LAN AdministratorDrills,drills and more drills. Great Crew, Great Ship
Todd, JoeE-5/OS2Sep 10, 1996 – Oct 10, 2000OIGreat ship Great Crew. Many thanks to all of those that pushed me to qualify. Not sure what happened after all of the Precom Crew left.
Schmink, RonCPOOct 1996 – Feb 2000CABest ship I ever served on now that I have retired wish I could come back in
Morgan, AdamFCCOct 1, 1996 – Apr 1, 1999CMCommissioned and took HOPPER through her first deployment. OPERATION DESERT FOX was executed by the entire crew with such fine percision, it was like it was an everyday thing.
Murphy, ShawnE4/BM3Jan 1997 – Oct 2000OD
Hinojos, Javier "big Daddy"GSM1Jan 4, 1997 – Mar 6, 2000MPPreCom duty was by far the toughest yet most rewarding duty. If I had the chance to do it all again I WOULD! I miss all my fellow Plankowners because we went through A LOT of crap together and took HOPPER from PreCom to firing Missles!
Carrasco, Cynthia S.MR1(SW)Feb 3, 1997 – Apr 5, 2000RMade First Class now. Am I bitter that it didn't happen there? What do you think?
Brown, AlfredaE4/GSE3Mar 1997 – Jun 1998MEPleasure to serve aboard the USS Hopper. Learned a lot and met a lot of great people.
Perry, ShawnDC 3Apr 1997 – Jul 2000rprecom was the best experiance I have had. Good friends, and great shipmates
Land, Tamara TamSM2(SW)May 1997 – Aug 18, 2001ON
Emory, ScottET2Jun 30, 1997 – Aug 16, 2000CEMy only years at sea were aboard the HOPPER and will always be remembered as the greatest years of my life.
Lopez, JoeSH2Aug 27, 1997 – Aug 1, 2002Glencer is full of %!@@***!!!^**, this ship kicked butt and is still kicking butt, I plan to visit my Ship Store this year.
Holland, AdamFC2 (SW)May 16, 1999 – Jul 10, 2003CF and CS"Its not in the Night Orders." GQ's, CSTT Drills, Man Over-Boards, Cinderella Liberty Ports, Sex Scandals, Chain of Command Fiasco's, equipment casualties, normal doctrine being set off inadvertantly by ETC Pope, and Fight Club
Cardenas, EdwardBM2Jun 6, 1999 – Feb 23, 20031stWent through a lot of BS on this ship, but by far the best time I've had in the Navy!
Lucas, MichelleOS3 (SW)Jul 6, 1999 – Feb 23, 2003OpsIt was the best of times and it was the worst of times. But never to be forgotten.
Dickinson, Stephanie/ DickyHT2(SW)Aug 17, 1999 – Oct 25, 2003RepairThis is by far the best ship in the fleet. I worked with the best. I got out of the Navy and now live in Guam, welding for Smithbridge. I miss you all and will never forget any of you. Dare and Do!
Sanchez, DavidOS2 (SW)Dec 31, 1999 – Jul 1, 2004OIGood times.
Glencer, MarkOS2Feb 2000 – Feb 2002OPS/OIAfter 4 ships and 12 years in the Navy, this Ship was the most unorganized and untrained ship I've ever seen. Good luck to those that get stationed on board DDG-70.
Brown, RodCPOCSM (Royal Australian Navy)Apr 2000 – Sep 2000OSI served on Hopper during exchange from Royal Australian Navy and enjoyed every of the highlights of my career.
Marzan, FerdinandGSM2Jun 2000 – Jul 2003MPWHAT A GOOD SHIP
Greene, WoodyOS1Jul 2000 – Aug 2003OIAdvanced to CPO 2 weeks after transferring, what else can I say, I had an excellent division and awsome mentors. Some of the entries only focus on the negative, you'll have that anywhere. In the words of my old "Sea Pappy" NO EXCUSES!
Ryan, Daniel profile iconGSM1/E6Aug 1, 2000 – Feb 11, 2002Main Propulsion
Thomas, Christopher (Bobo)MA 3Oct 2000 – Dec 2002EngineeringWent through alot of ups and downs , But this was the best ship and crew I had the pleasure of being with!
Tucker, Karey / Tuck LoGM1Nov 6, 2000 – Jul 23, 2004CM LPO Now that I think about it, I had a great tour on board. Meet a lot of people and impacted a lot of people.

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