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USS Cole (DDG 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cole (DDG 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 134 crew members registered for the USS Cole (DDG 67).

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Riddle, PaulOS2Oct 1997 – Apr 30, 2001OPS/OIDrop an e-mail sometime, it would be good to hear from some of you....
Santos, RicardoTM3Oct 17, 1997 – Jul 23, 2001CAWhats going on shipmates. I found this site and I wanted to list my informationj just in case somebody wants to get in contact with. My phone number is 956 763 7124 and my email address is
Schroeter, KennethMS2(SW)Jan 1998 – Mar 2001supplyI was wondering if anybody knew about any reunions.
Reynolds, Shavar (Ren)SM3Jan 28, 1998 – Mar 13, 2001OPS/NAVADMINGood to see so many people "NEVER FORGETTING" our brothers and sisters that have moved on to a better life. I am on my way to Japan. Hope to hea from some or all you in the near future. Take care everyone.
Thompson, JohnEN3Feb 22, 1998 – Jul 6, 2001A division
Pearson, LaraOS2Mar 1998 – Feb 2000OIArrived as part of the first group of females as the ship returned from its very first cruise and left before the ill fated next one. For those who know...OS2 Shadow is now ISC and I still love him!
Songer, MartinBM 2Apr 14, 1998 – Jan 5, 2001OPS/ODI have served with the finest sailors in the world, and consider all them my brothers and sisters.
Lopez, CathieGSMC(RET)Jul 1998 – Jun 2001MPHello all, Well I would love to say it was my best command, but..., anyway I will never forget it that is for sure. One of the first 18 "Girls" onboard, left shortly after the Yemen "Accident".
Henderson, JohnFCCS(SW)Aug 1998 – Jan 2001CX
Smith, HalfpintOSAug 1998 – Aug 2002OPSHey everybody. Its Halfpint for those who knew me, it would be good to hear from you guys. E-mail me sometimes
Darwin, MarkCWO3Aug 2, 1998 – Sep 1, 2001Main Prop
Clodfelter, JohnHT2Oct 26, 1998 – Oct 12, 2000EngineeringMy son Kenneth was the HT that was killed on the USS Cole and would like to have him added to the crews list.
Morris, GinaE-4Nov 26, 1998 – Aug 10, 2001A GangServed with the best family and had the finest Chief you could ask for.
Priscilla Horner, CillaIC1 (SW/AW)Dec 1998 – Oct 1999ENG/CSThe USS COLE was one of a kind. I had met so many wonderful people who I still remain friends with today and cherish the memories of those lost "yesterday", Their impact on my life has helped me become a the person I am today.
Russell, Michael profile iconQM1/QMC/ENSDec 18, 1998 – Nov 1, 2001NavAdminCOLE was great. 1999 SOY, OOD underway and was the OOD of the all enlisted crew that got the COLE underway for the 2000 deployment. Made QMC and commissioned as an Ops Tech LDO. Great crew, many memories!
Foster, CharlesFC21999 – 2000CFI will never forget the ones lost and wounded.
Bowe, DarylFC21999 – 2003CS
Buckley, JohnEM31999 – May 28, 2001E div
Bair, NathanFCCJan 7, 1999 – Feb 1, 2001CX
Reid, LydiaE-4/OS3Jan 14, 1999 – Jan 2, 2003Just checkin in with u guys. I think about all of you often and would like to hear how you're doin. If you'd like to hit me up and keep in touch please do so by email @
West, BrianE5/FC2Feb 1999 – Oct 31, 2002CM
Harper, MatthewLTFeb 10, 1999 – Jan 10, 2001OI
Parlier, JamesCMDCM(SW/AW/FMF)Jun 1, 1999 – May 4, 2001Command Master ChiefWhats to say, after the terrorist attack, I know that I served with the finest Sailors in the Navy. They are all hero's in my book.
Parlier, JamesCMDCMJun 2, 1999 – Apr 30, 2001Command Master ChiefServed onboard during the 12 October attack. This crew was heroic and will always be my brothers and sisters for life.
Scheuerell, JohnFC3Jun 6, 1999 – Oct 12, 1999CF
Parlier, JamesCMDCMJun 12, 1999 – Apr 21, 2001Command Master ChiefGod bless the COLE and its crew. You will always be in my thoughts an prayers, especially the COLE 17 and their families.
McPeters, Charles.......nickname...macSTG1Jul 9, 1999 –CAI loved this ship and the people. I lost a family member during the attack...RIP Andrew. The crew became people that became family. To you all and the UNTOLD stories of heroism, some I know first hand...I salute you!
Morales, MattBMJul 20, 1999 – Apr 22, 2001OPSI will always remember my family on the cole especially the ones who where taken away from us way to soon I miss you guys.
Harrison, RickMR1(SW)Aug 8, 1999 – Mar 28, 2002RHello to all my Former crew members. I miss all of you. I was aboard in Yemen to all of you that don't know me. I am fine...I wish that someday...we will all meet again. God Bless Rick Harrison
Mitchell, Bryan Aka MitchGSM2Oct 7, 1999 – Feb 17, 2001MP
Hilbert, JosephGSM2/E-5Oct 31, 1999 – Feb 12, 2001Eng/mpI was a member of USS Cole during the attack n yemen
Hayes, JasonFC1Nov 15, 1999 – Nov 28, 2004CFEnjoyed my time there, with the best crew I've ever worked with (you know who you are). Good times and bad, I'll never forget any of them. Missing you all.
Dreyfus, HenryOS2Dec 1999 – Mar 2001OIGood to see old friends on this, drop me an email anytime.
Baker, EricOS 2Dec 1999 – Jan 2001OIWow, I've been away way to long...I miss each and everyone of you. God Bless the shipmates we lost. feel free to email me anytime. Thank You All for your continued service. If your ever in Dallas, TX look me up.
Arthur, ChrisE6/OS1Dec 27, 1999 – Feb 22, 2002OIServed onboard alongside some of the finest Sailors ever. God Bless those that we've lost. Thank you to those that continue to serve COLE and her crew.
Houston, JoeSNJan 2000 – Dec 2000God Bless
Brooks, Charles "Uncle Chuck"STG1(SW) - RETIREDFeb 1, 2000 – Jul 31, 2001CAMost galvanizing experience of my naval career. God bless the USS Cole and all who serve aboard her!! Never forget... before 9/11 there was 10/12.
Newton, ElroyLTFeb 8, 2000 – Jan 1, 2001ENGINEERINGNever Forget
Hagad, ChristopherFC3May 21, 2000 – Jun 30, 2004CM, then CFCole's Pilopino Super Sniper. It was awesome to finish my entire tour and the 2004 cruise with the ship. Always remember...
Rivera, Malihm3Jun 10, 2000 – Nov 16, 2000TAD to Medical Department
Proctor, ChrisE-5/ EW2Jun 11, 2000 – Dec 9, 2005OTI miss everyone
Stewart, Jeremy "stew"HTFNJul 2000 – Feb 2001RI just want to say hey to everyone out there.
Duff, TerryGMSN, GM3, GM2Aug 2000 – Jan 2001Combat OrdinanceBeen some time! I made E-5 and got our for school after 4 yrs. Earned my Master's and am working on my Doctorates degree. Working in Law Enforcement now.
McTureous, RobertGSE1(SW)Aug 14, 2000 – Jul 19, 2002MPI was on board and was wounded on Oct 12 2000
Scheele, JamesSK2Aug 18, 2000 – Feb 4, 2002S-1Never Forget

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1996 | 1997 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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