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USS Gonzalez (DDG 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Gonzalez (DDG 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 122 crew members registered for the USS Gonzalez (DDG 66).

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Johns, Diana "Dee"IC1(SW)Feb 15, 1998 – Sep 1, 2000CEhey there,after the gonzo tour i went to bath, maine to commision DDG-85 USS McCampbell. Gotta love the lobster!!! Now i'm recruiting out of Dallas, Tx!!! yee haw!!!
Mett, Paul profile iconOS1Apr 1998 – Apr 2003OILast boat two med cruises made 1st class while on board
Wright, Joshua Aka Baby WrightEM1 (SW)Apr 5, 1998 – Apr 15, 2003Good luck to the greatest warship in the Navy! This was the best ship I have been on. To all the friends I have made on here. STAY SAFE AND KEEP THE LIGHTS ON AND THE SHAFTS ROLLING! God Bless the GONZO crew past and future!
Crocker, MattBM2Jul 6, 1998 – Jul 25, 2001ODHello to all especially those i served with in deck. I am currently in reserves as a BM2 stationed at CNRMA. Best wishes to all.
Larned, BillET2(SW)Jul 15, 1998 – Oct 11, 2002CE
Green, Latoya T.ET3Aug 1998 – May 2003CEGonzo's first Med. Deployment was the Greatest! Currently stationed out in Misawa AFB in Northern Japan.(ComPatReconFor7thFLT)
Sandy, CliffFCC(SW)Aug 1998 – Apr 2002CFgreat bunch folks. seemed I spent half my tour on the CSC console. 2 cruises, a bunch of ports, mostly Italy, and good times with Ray B, Barry H, Dennis T, Mike W, Tom C and Jim B
White, William W.ET2 (SW)Aug 21, 1998 – Mar 7, 2003CS/CEGood to see you're all doing well and living free. I'm in Diego Garcia for PRW-1. Going to Flag duty in Tampa. Take care and Blue Skies!!
Wommack, Gary WommackENC/SW/DV WOMMACKSep 22, 1998 – Apr 30, 2000A GangShooting Tomahawks at the Serbs, almost hitting ourselves with one, all those reporters on board. Hey Roy Dyson, if you read this do you remember coming back down Gibralter and getting past those big "guard monkeys" with the big fangs???
Murphy, NathanBMSNNov 1998 – Apr 6, 2001God Bless you all and take care of the ship...
Ortiz, ManuelSH2(SW)Nov 20, 1998 – Oct 2, 2002S-3
Mckee, JerryFC2 (SW)Dec 25, 1998 – Dec 2, 2002CXLife on the Gonzo was good. Goog friends and good command. Went on my first Med. and ended up in Operation Allied Force and Noble Anvil. Spent alot of time on those CIWS mounts. But what I really miss are the people. We had alot of laughs and go
Pilcher, MichaelOS2Dec 26, 1998 – Aug 8, 2002OIServing on the Gonzalez was the best experience of my life.
Byrd II, James F.MAC(SW)Apr 10, 1999 – May 22, 2002X2It was an great time to be on the ship. I have a lot of great memories about the time I spent on the ship before transferring to San Antonio to be an instructor for the MA A-School.
Cummings, WilliamSTGC(SW)Jun 1, 1999 – Jul 2, 2003CA DIVISIONGood times.
Rupert, ScottBMC(SW)Oct 1999 – Oct 20031ST
Forney, JosephIC2Oct 4, 1999 – Apr 4, 2002CEI guess it is safe to assume that since I have left, the noise coming from FWD IC has dropped by 100 decibels. Congratulations IC1(SW) DEE
Bruno, SydneySK2Oct 9, 1999 – Nov 10, 2001SupplyServed on Board for 2 years in Supply Department. Completed three months of a six month deployment. Departed cruise right before 9/11.
Wright, MichaelETCNov 1999 – Mar 2003CE LCPOThe Gonzalez...SNFM cruises, parties in London, Lord Vader on the net in CIC (OPS -This is the TAO...) Pickle slushies in Savannah GA when hungover (IC2 Sowers will never forgive me for that). The list goes on...
Tripp, DennisMSC(SW) RetiredDec 1, 1999 – Jan 1, 2002S2/5Last ship I served on and a challenging one at that. SNFM cruises are fun for most, but a logistic nightmare for Supply. I'll have a lot of memories.
McKee, Jerry (Tugboat)FC2 (SW)Dec 25, 1999 – Jan 2003CX01CIWS tech on Fighting Freddy's maiden and 2nd deployments and the many underways within.
Gifford, Mike (Giffy)QMCDec 26, 1999 – Jan 14, 2005Nav/AdminBest navigation team on the waterfront.
Evans, Justin (Jed)BM2 (SW)Jan 2, 2000 – Jul 19, 20041stI had the best times that I never want to have again! Anyone remember the RHIB wreck? Thanks to Rupe, Hawk, Phil, Troy, Mac, Mike and people to numerous to name who helped me out. She was a good ship, keep her that way!
Busch-myers, ReneeFC2(SW)Mar 2, 2000 – Jul 2002CXI loved my job, the ship, and the crew. I hated screwing up my ankle. I'll miss EMMA (MT 21) and the rest of the crew.
Pham, LanBM2May 24, 2000 – Dec 15, 2003OD01
Reeves, EarlFCC(SW)Jun 30, 2000 – Apr 15, 2004CX
Puckett, CraigYN3Sep 2000 – Sep 2003XMGreat experience. Fun times with Russo, Casey and working with Belcher and Ortiz. My email is
Bittner, Timothy CETC(SW)Nov 21, 2000 – Dec 15, 2003CE
Andrews, ChristinaEN3Nov 21, 2000 – Apr 12, 2001
Teti, ShannonE5/FC2(SW)Dec 20, 2000 – Mar 5, 2005CF
Barger, Jason T.GSM2(SW)Jan 2, 2001 – Mar 25, 2005MP
Richards, RalphOS1(SW/AW)Jan 8, 2001 – Nov 30, 2004OIBest damn division on the ship!! Anyone care to disagree? Couldn't touch Crew 3. Served with the best OS's in my career. Enjoying the retired life in sunny Florida! GO GATORS!!!!!
Bolton, DanielOSC (SW)Jan 12, 2001 – Feb 22, 2005OIGoood ship with a lot of memories. SNFM 2001 was a good cruise. Crew that always went "Beyond the Call!"
Conary, BobFCC (SW)Feb 23, 2001 – Jun 16, 2003CSXHope you all are well, and are safe on your deployment. If you are in Maine, look me up.
Jackson, SteveOS2 (SW/SAR)Apr 4, 2001 – Sep 21, 2003OII shed more blood on that ship then anyone. I will always remember the Gonzalez and all my friends I had. My life almost ended on the Gonzo but im glad it didnt. The ship changed my life forever. SAR Swimmers always be vigilant.Anything can happen.
Devore, Kristieleecs3Jun 1, 2001 – 2002supply/galleyBest time of my life, I loved being on the ship and serving the crew, we had the tightest crew ever and i wouldn't have wanted to go around the world with any other crew! You all are awesome!
McDonald, JamesGM2 "SW"Jun 4, 2001 – Jun 21, 2004CG02I remember the RHIB accident. I had great and bad times on that ship. I didn't think so then but those were some of the best years of my life. I'll be an elementary teacher fall 2010 go figure. Gunners Mate for Life!
John, Abdul A.FC2 (SW)Jul 23, 2001 –CF/CS
Ingram, KareneOS1(SW)Nov 2001 – Nov 2004OI01This was the best ship I've be stationed on. I worked with some of the best OS's in the fleet, a DDG is the place to be to learn your rate.
Burns, LyndolIT3 when i leftDec 1, 2001 – Aug 31, 2003RadioHey guys i miss you all!!!! Any of my shipmates is free to look me up and add me on facebook if you want especially if you have any photos or videos with me in them lmao.... Lyndol Burns in Gadsden Al! Love you all!
Lawson, RimzQM4Dec 15, 2001 – Jan 15, 2004mp
Gordillo, Juan / GordHT2 / PS2Dec 27, 2001 – Mar 5, 2005RMy first and only ship. I miss it....great times long and hours working with my brothers in R division. Remember chasing that clog for 12 hours and flooding the captain's cabin?... Too all that I served with thank you and good luck!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1997 | 1998 – 2001 | 2002 – now

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