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USS Benfold (DDG 65) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Benfold (DDG 65). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 180 crew members registered for the USS Benfold (DDG 65).

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Maurizzio, RizBM3Jan 1996 – Mar 1997DECKGood Times Good Friends An experience that made me a better man!!
Samalekis, StevenHM3Feb 1996 – Apr 5, 1997AdminPlankowner
Reid, JeffENFN (SW)Feb 1996 – Nov 28, 1998AJust found the website for the ship and interested in hearing from shipmates i toured with.
Olger, ReeseHMCFeb 1996 – Feb 1999Nav/Admin(PLANKOWNER) Hello crew, I hope that all of you are doing well. BENFOLD was an awesome experience that will never be duplicated. I am proud to have served with each one of you.
Kiley (Moran), CharitySH3Feb 5, 1996 – Feb 19, 1999S3/MP
Root, JamesBM2Mar 1996 – Mar 1998ODPlankowner
King, DewayneE-3May 1996 – Oct 1997ENGINEERPLANKOWNER
Hansen, BrianLTJGAug 10, 1996 – Apr 9, 1998OC OfficerI loved it. Made Benfold's first deployment. I enjoyed being on the ship, and knowing everyone there.
Rhodes, AlexGSM2(SW)Dec 20, 1996 – Dec 7, 2001M(ain) P(imps)MISS THE MEMORIES!! LOVED THE "BEST DAMN SHIP IN THE NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Double, Willie OS31997 – 2000OIWas one of the greatest experiences of my life, thank each and every one of you for being a part of it, fair winds and following seas
Bartz, BradMS1Feb 24, 1997 – Sep 26, 1998S-5I was on the benfold but the crews leadership did not reflect professional standards.Few too many "earned" ESWS. It was handed to the crew. Love the real navy, good people on board but the cpo's were a joke,abused their rank often. Sad
Schneider, BrentETC(SW)Mar 29, 1997 – Mar 10, 2000CEExcellent tour on a great ship with one hell of a crew. I am proud to have served with all of you. We did a great job of taking care of ships business and each other. Great times while on liberty! Thailand, Australia and Cabo come to mind.
Summers, KirkGSM3May 1997 – Jun 28, 1999mpWell I was on the best damn ship in the U.S. Navy
White, CurtisSM2May 25, 1997 – Dec 30, 2001The sexiest man alive!!!
Earn, DonitaGSM3Jun 17, 1997 – Jun 7, 1999Main Propulsion
Burger, LarryEN1 (SW)Aug 1997 – 1999A-DivJust found this web page seen some familar names good to know your still out and about, Retired from the Navy in 2000
Arford, Jan (Janetta)CTO2Aug 1997 – Feb 1998Ops
Trantham, RichardSM2Aug 1, 1997 – Dec 1, 1997SIGSServed a short wile had a great time. Transfered to the USS Rentz. Since have crossed rated to MAster-At-Arms MA1
Earn, DonitaGSM2Aug 1, 1997 – Aug 22, 1999Engineering/Main PropulsionHello to everyone....if you would like to contact me you can at
Kwak, Sok SanE4Aug 19, 1997 – Jul 1, 2006S4
Flanagan, NC1 (Kelly) AKA Snake LadyNC1(AW)Sep 1997 – May 1999Nav / AdminBest Damn ship in the Navy.. Cheers CDR Abrashoff Now I work for the best damn Aviation Company..Eclipse Aviation.. Earned the Silver anchor for the ship.. not the best but a good start!!
Sebock, Matt(biscuit)GSE2Sep 1997 – Aug 2000MP
Burger, LarryEN1 (SW)Sep 1997 – Oct 1998A-DivisionJust found this sight, met a lot of great people I retired from the Navy in Aug of 2000 but I have so many memories from my time in the Navy some bad but mostly good, would like to hear from any shipmates
Hornback, JaredE-6/FC1Oct 1997 – Jan 2002CFThe best SPY Radar tech ever!
Farias, CarlosET2(SW)Oct 6, 1997 – Sep 1, 1999CE
Adams, NathanEN2(SW)Nov 1997 – Jan 1999A-gangman the memories... I think I can put a face to everyone on here. e-mail me at glad to see ms1 bartz is still himself.
Davis, JeffFCCJan 1998 – Jan 2000CG
Doak, JessicaE5Jan 1, 1998 – May 10, 2001ODI have many wonderful and crazy memories of my tour on the Benfold. It truly was an experience he of a lifetime.
Seales, JaimeGSE2Jan 1, 1998 – Sep 1, 2000Engineering
Astore, SabrinaBM3Feb 1998 – Sep 2000OD
Powell, ArmethaOS2Feb 11, 1998 – Jun 3, 2003OI
Estrella, Rogelio-roy (Boats)E5/BM2Mar 2, 1998 – Apr 20, 2003OD01Currently Stationed @ NCBM, Miramar. Planning on taking orders to Bahrain late summer of 06. Miss everyone who knew me during my tour, and thanks to those who made it a memorable one. Hope to hear from some of you, until then I wish everyone the best
Shaw, JamesSNApr 23, 1998 – Jan 7, 2002OD
Shaw, JamesRMSN/SNApr 23, 1998 – Jan 7, 2002OC/ODI had alot of fun and enjoyed being onboard the Benfold. I do miss being aboard and the crew. Too bad my laptop crashed and I lost all the great pictures I had. :(
Artis, MichaelOS2Jun 30, 1998 – Mar 15, 2003OIA lot of good times. I am medically retired now and enjoying life
Herrera, RestyDK1(SW/AW)Jul 2, 1998 – Apr 8, 2002S-4
Davis, ShawnOS1Aug 30, 1998 – Oct 12, 2003OI
Dean, RussellSTG2 (SW)Sep 1998 – Jul 2002CA / WT
Wilcox, HaroldYN2Dec 10, 1998 – Dec 10, 2001EX
Anderson, AprilGSE21999 – 2001MP/GSE ShopThis was the frigging good ship lollipop. Heaven on earth. I had a great time & miss a lot of you. Ruting thanx for leting me hang w/ you. Old Spice keep it real! Oil Lab rocks-GSEs rock except one, u can bite me.
Seales, JayGSE2Jan 1, 1999 – Jul 1, 2000EngineeringBest Damn Ship in the Navy!! I had a blast but love the civilian life a bit more. Hit me up if you remember me.
Morris, LawrenceCHIEFJan 19, 1999 – Feb 22, 2003CFCF was the best division I was ever a part of. I miss everyone.
Nesbitt, HaroldSTG1 (SW)Mar 15, 1999 – Nov 15, 2003CA / WTMy time on board was varied from a great beginning to an aggrevating end. The crew was tight and we knew how to get the job done. Sea Swap sucked and our crew got a bad rap when it should have been recognized for the hard work.
Burton, Kenneth “senior Chief Diesel”GSCSMar 15, 1999 – 2002Engineering DepartmentThanks to all my shipmates who my time aboard a true adventure.
Goode, MarkOS2May 15, 1999 – Dec 15, 1999OII was an OSSR When I was on board. I was TAD from COMTHIRDFLT for the deployment that year. I'm currently stationed at TPU Great Lakes, IL.
Cooke, Peter (Cookie)GM2May 16, 1999 – Jan 25, 2002CM
Mitchell, NickSNJul 30, 1999 – Feb 1, 2001OD
Hernandez, JefteBM1Jul 31, 1999 – Dec 2003ODGot to the Benfold while on deployment as a seaman apprentice and left as a second class boatswain's mate. Definitely the best damn ship in the navy, at least when I was there from 1999 until 2003 before crew swap.
Maxim, Joseph (Madmax)FC1(SW)Jul 31, 1999 – Apr 10, 2003CFProud member of the "Best Damn Division on the Best Damn Ship in the Navy. Benfold was my second favorite ship, had tons of great experiences and great people to work with.
Sikes, DerekHT1Aug 20, 1999 – Mar 18, 2002RepairGood times. I miss it. Shore Duty is boring compared to the Benfold's wild years!
Sikes, DerekHT1Sep 1, 1999 – Jul 31, 2003REPAIR
Masrelian, RozieNC1(SW)Nov 1999 – May 2003WM
Foos, PaulDC2Nov 2, 1999 – May 4, 2003RepairThe best time I ever had in the Navy. Well it was the only ship I had been attatched too. Liked the crew and enjoyed sea.
Foos, PaulE-5/DC2 (SW)Nov 2, 1999 – Apr 4, 2003RepairPosting again to get an account. Keep the Benfold the Best Damn Ship in the Navy!

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