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USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 168 crew members registered for the USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62).

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Rueda, Jose " Rudy"DC3Jan 10, 1996 – Oct 28, 2000
Rueda, Jose " Rudy"DC3Feb 5, 1996 – Oct 28, 2000OD & RI had a great time. It would be nice to contact you guys. My e-mail is or
Sutton, StowieRM3Apr 1, 1996 – Aug 18, 1998OPSGreat times on the Fitz. The best time had to be getting drunk with Diaz, going home with fat women, and missing ships movement. Since then, I am married and working for FedEx
Wells, Tre'DK3Jul 1996 – Jan 2000SupplyMy first and only ship in my short time in the Navy. Went back to school got my degree and working back in the insurance industry again as a Commercial Excess/Surplus Line Underwriter. Have bought 2 homes but San Diego is too expensive now!
Wewasson, ChadAug 1996 – Aug 2000S_3
Mihailescu, Bogdan - ScuEN3Nov 1996 – Nov 1999A-GangHey, it's been a long time...I am in Orange County, working as engineer for a small medical company in Irvine. Miss most of you, I had a great time. And, yeah, I did quit Drop me a line, shippie!
Villegas, HectorGSM 3Dec 31, 1996 – Mar 22, 2000MpaWhat's up peeps. What's up Luscious heard from Manny?
Mejia, DannyEWC(SW)Jan 1997 – Apr 2001OTRetired in 2005. Now a Deputy Sheriff in Stanislaus County Modesto Ca.
Roskam, RyanDC2Jan 1, 1997 – Sep 6, 2000Remail: or living in San Diego as a starving artist.
Lords, Michael "Jeremy"E5Feb 1997 – Jun 2001CFHello shipmates!!! I'm living in Houston, TX and working as an IT Recruiter here. A lot has changed in life as I'm sure it has with everyone else. Look me up.
Thacker, JasenDC3Feb 1, 1997 – Nov 20, 2000R DivisionWhat's up fuckers!! Life is good I'm married & living in Miami. I work for a company that tracks assets in hospitals. Hit me up especially if your anywhere around S Florida.
Manzano, VincentGSM3Feb 13, 1997 – Nov 18, 2000MP
Phipps, Big DaddyFC DUECEFeb 17, 1997 – Mar 2001CO and OpsBiatches! Just moved from San Diego to Omaha. Got an early out in 2004 and was contracting at TTGP. Currently working for a worldwide Telco doing WAN engineering. Oh yeah got SOBER! 3 years and counting! LIFE IS GOOD. MISS most of you, not ALL of you
Elder, CraigE5/ET2Mar 1997 – Jul 2000CECurrently in Ohio, working for SBC
Hayes, TerrenceRM2Apr 1997 – Apr 2000OPS
Chambers, BillO-2/LTJGMay 1997 – May 2000MPI'm still on active duty.
Kearney, MichaelE-4/GSEJun 1997 – Mar 5, 2000MPIt's good to see some of my old shipmates names here, but where is that nut "Peppy" remember him? He put me through so much crap but I still miss him crazy huh? hope everybody is doing well in life peace from San Diego.
Villegas, HectorE-4/GSM3Jun 1, 1997 – Jun 1, 2000MPWAS UP Shipmates, to many crazy times u fu#$^%$ Know what i mean. Just working as a bouncer in L.A. and going to NURsing School(RN).
More, AnthonyGM2Jun 5, 1997 – Dec 6, 1999CO
Cooper, CoopE-8 GSCSJul 1, 1997 – Aug 1, 2000ENG LCPOIT's Me....
Lejman, DanDCCJul 21, 1997 – Oct 31, 2000RBlew the dust off the video of 99 Gulf. Someone should blow the dust off Bill Chambers.
Gregory, Bertrandgsm3Oct 1, 1997 – 2000mp
Isenman, James W.FC1(SW)Oct 21, 1997 – Oct 21, 1999CF
Franco, Jesse FrancoGSM3Nov 1997 –MP ER 2
Linden, Lt DarrylLTNov 15, 1997 – Mar 1, 1999SUPPLYGreatest crew, CPO Mess and Wardroom I have ever been around. Proud to have served under great Commissioning Skipper CAPT Holst. Memories: PC1 King,Maldives,Seychelles,Kenya,Sydney,Phuket,T-hawks,when is next Steel Beach
McCray, AlonzoOS2Dec 15, 1997 – Sep 11, 1998OII got on board when there was still alot of arrogant plankowners, fortunately i got off before they all went on West Pac 98 in November. It was last tour in Navy Thank God! I am glad to hear it is now a great ship
Howard, Davidsr/ e11998 – 2000BMmarried and retired in branson,mo.
Steele, VerlinMMCSJun 1, 1998 – Oct 20, 2000Admin5 weeks until I retire at 30. Had fun, the Fitz will always be in my heart
Steele, ToddMMCS (SW/AW)Jul 13, 1998 – Oct 12, 2000Nav/admin3MC, CMAA, SMMO, you name it. Going to the USS Denver
Remson, Vincent E.FC1(SW)Jul 30, 1998 – Jul 17, 2000COSome of the best & worst of times! For all of the "haters" that were after me... I STILL got mine & won the "game!"
Tarango, Fernando (Jesus)OS2Sep 20, 1998 – Sep 20, 2002OINo regrets about the Fitz. Lots of good people and lots of idiots just like anywhere in life. Ive been doing good and wish everyone i served with the best.
MacSkassy, JonasE-4 DC3Nov 1, 1998 – Jun 18, 1999R
Majure, ChrisO-2/ COMMONov 4, 1998 – Feb 22, 1999COMMI cross decked from O'Kane to fill the COMMO slot on the Fitz for the Nov 98 deployment. Was on the DIVO watch rotation on the bridge and CCS. Will always remember Desert Fox Ops. Capt asked me to stay, wish I had.
Grubbs, JoelFCSNDec 18, 1998 – Oct 17, 2001COI'm in Iceland. Married a Navy Chick. Where is Shook?
Ward, HeathHM21999 – 2002MedicalFITZ was the best sea command that I've been at in my career. Now an HMCS at SWMI-East. Wish the best to all.
Mosher, Ryan / Baby2tonsGM2Jan 8, 1999 – Dec 18, 2003COSpent some time onboard, saw people come and go but I'll never forget the memories and friends I made. When I was onboard I couldn't wait to get off but now I would do anything to go back!
Carlson, JohnBM2Jan 26, 1999 – Aug 26, 20011 STi MISS my deck div.I never knew How much they meant to me .But as a meracnt sailor .I know all of my guys where my back bone..I love you deck guys
Hughesa, AnthonyFC2(SW)Mar 9, 1999 – Mar 13, 2003CF
Lyons, CraigYN3Apr 1999 – Apr 2001NAV/ADMINNow and LN1(SW) and looking to make Chief.
Ayala, RoMAC (SW)Nov 6, 1999 – Dec 30, 2001NAVADMLoved it..the very best 2 all! Retired ;))
Correa, M. A.SK3Dec 1999 – Dec 2001SupplyHope all is well! Very proud and fortunate to have served with the best people out there! Please drop me a line or two It will be great to hear from you guys.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1995 | 1996 – 1999 | 2000 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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