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USS Ramage (DDG 61) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ramage (DDG 61). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 159 crew members registered for the USS Ramage (DDG 61).

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Vedner, Robert "Dakota"MS31995 – Apr 16, 1997Plankowner. I needed to leave to soon, I wish with all my heart I could have stayed. I made some really good friends on that ship and it would be great to talk with them again. Dakota
Gibson, ErnestFC11995 – Oct 1997CGMade my 1st Med Cruise and retired on this boat. Had a great time in Boston with the USS Constitution and hoisted my shadowbox retirement flag aboard her. Enjoyed playing with the ship's band. Go Gunners!
Hoffman, MarkDamage Controlman 2nd Class E-51995 – May 3, 1999Repair DivisionThe greatest sailors ever to serve our country! Fair winds and following Seas! Thank you for all the good times, and to my shipmates still serving thank you and God Bless you all! Stay Safe!
Clark, KeithEM1Jan 1995 – Jul 1999EEPreCom Crew The Best ship I been on so far!! RAMAGE DOING DAMAGE!!!
Slate, Eric JasonE4/YN3Jan 1, 1995 – Sep 19, 1998DeckWell I had a lot of fun when I look back. There was so much growing up I did with our ship. I wish I was back on her. I got out of the Navy in 98. I went back in one year later after the birth of my son. My website is
Hindman, SteveNCC(SW/AW)Jan 5, 1995 – Jun 4, 1998ADMINRetired and living in Fruita, Colorado.
Mulverhill, BrianOS2Feb 1995 – Aug 1998OI
Samons, John (Johnnie)GSE2Feb 1995 – Oct 15, 1999MPprecom to 99 loved it and hated it
Labrecque, JpFC1(SW)Mar 1995 – Jul 1999CFMy time on Ramage was a rewarding and worthwhile. I will always look back on my time onboard with fond memories.
Ardaya, Hugo P.DK2(SW)Mar 1, 1995 – Nov 1, 1999Supply/S-4I guess I can now say that my time on board was fun. It was not easy, but now that is over, I realize how much work we did.
Barnhart, Brandon "Barney"FC2(SW)Mar 11, 1995 – Jul 15, 1999CFHey all-good to see so many plankowners in one place- need a few more AAA guys though...
Anthony, TerenceHM2May 1995 – Aug 1998NX/MHO1The Ramage was one of the best tours in my career! I am currently the SEL for the Medical department on the USS Kitty Hawk CV 63. I credit a great deal of my success in the Navy to the people that I served with on the Ramage!
Cashwell, BrettOSC(SW)May 7, 1995 – May 1, 2000OIHugh! What happened.
Thomas, GreatdaygreatshipGSM2May 22, 1995 – May 2000MPGreat Day Great Ship Ramage. Honored to serve with all there. Honored to be a Comachotero. By far my best sea tour. Oil Lab rules....
Eldridge, EdgeSTG2Jun 1995 – Dec 1997WEPS
Williams, RoderickSH3Jun 1995 – 1997SUPPLYWut up everybody. To all the plankowners, God Bless y'all. Rose, Doc, SH1 Stewart, Big Wash, Barnes all y'all. Hope you are blessed. Big Rose, hold it down in the Pentagon. Chill Will
Lambert, DuaneOS2Jun 3, 1995 – Jun 6, 2000OI-01
Miller, JasonMS3Sep 1995 – Jun 1996S2Just thought I would drop in and see who is around.
Kleinfelter, EugeneEN1(SW)Nov 10, 1995 – Jan 15, 2000AuxiliaryBest time i had in the navy. Very hard work bringing her to life. But we had a hell of and engineering department to get the light off inspections out the way. I still see her leaving and coming home from underway.
Booher, KevinSNDec 26, 1995 – Sep 1998ops
Holmes, JosephFC31996 – 1998WGSo much fun getting it done, I'm still strong as an ox and sharp as a tack. Navy days are gone now I travel all alone. Coming to a city near you. Drop me a line all who know me. (
Mabry, ChristopherRM3May 14, 1996 – May 24, 1999OperationsIt was fun
Possert, RickFC2(SW)May 16, 1996 – May 16, 2001WMServed with some great people on RAMAGE - had a great CO (HC), great Chiefs, and some awesome fellow blueshirts. Hope to talk to or see (most of) you MFers out in the fleet or in civvie life; there are still a few of you that I consider family...
Dilson "Lord of War", RamirezEN2(SW)Oct 2, 1996 – Oct 2, 2001A-GANGWho the hell gave Mr Sausage a website? Gentleman, it was by far one of the hardest partying crews ever. We also worked just as hard! Thanx for making me the CPO I am today. Camachoteros Always!
Denmead, MichaelDC1 (SW)Jan 1997 – Jan 1999R-Div
Jackson, BobbySTG2Jan 10, 1997 – Jun 19, 2001WEPS/WA
Jackson, BobbySTG2 (SW)Jan 10, 1997 – Jun 19, 2001WEPS/WALots of good and bad times on board, but still some of the best times of my life. Maried now, civilian police officer, and deploying with the ARMY (thats funny). If you served with me email me at
Robert E. Peterson, PeteFCC(SW)Apr 1997 – May 1998CSCSMM, A.A.A., "let's go have a beer or forty", Group-Sail (when do we sleep?), OP Sail 200, "Boss-ton", best part was getting commissioned CWO2 and LEAVING!
Klingler, RickETCM(SW/AW)Jun 1997 – May 2000CEMade ETC on the ship; qual'd SW. RAMAGE taught me how to be CPO and a "Sailor". Retiring Sept 30, 2012 to live in sunny Jacksonville, FL. Thanks for the memories!
Bonner, JamarPN3Aug 1997 – Oct 2001AdminWas my first ship and had a blast with the best CO ever on the best med cruise ever. What up HIP! Still talk to some lifetime friends from this boat.
Mullins, Luke "boats"BM3Sep 1997 – Jan 2001First. Had a blast on the ship and dodged a number of bullets Don Juan baby! It was the best time of my life and the worst time of my life but I learnd alot from BMC(SW) McFarlane and BM1(SW) Berrios. Did you make chief yet??
Shultz, JohnSTG1Sep 1997 – Dec 2000WA
Rochefort, MatthewSTGSep 20, 1997 – Apr 5, 1998WEPS
League, BradIC2(SW)Dec 8, 1997 – Feb 3, 2003I can't say that I miss the Ramage. It sucked me for all that I had to offer. I do miss pulling into ports and getting hammered. Little Tommy Kloehn was fun to harass...
Tigue, PhillipGM2(SW)1998 – 2001WMHmmm....Day's a drunk, Peek's a rancid bastard, Junior's incompetent, Tony crapped every day at 8:00 sharp, Blanchard wanted a star, Possert was fat, Stumpy was a hard charger, and the Cockroach was, well, the Cockroach.
Stockstill, BjIT1 (SW)1998 – 2003OCfirst 4 1/2 years of my Career on this fine lady. made some pretty good friends onboard. I DO NOT miss painting the stacks though!!
Work, StephenIC2 (SW)1998 – 2002CEI have a lot of fond memories of my time aboard. 2 Med deployments plus a short stint on another ship for a North Atlantic cruise. I loved running the movies for everyone.
Jefferson, DerrickGSM31998 – 2000MPGood times!
Bower, RustySKCS(SW) GODJan 30, 1998 – May 30, 2000Supply Dept LCPO/3MCThe last and best ship I was ever on in the NAVY. Lots of good times, good crew, great Capt. (Hip). This is the way to go when you want to retire. By the way, screw you Pre-Com whiners!
Crompton, JoshFC3Mar 4, 1998 – May 10, 1999CS/AegisI had a good time onboard and wish I could have stuck around. I moved on and am a Mechanical Engineer now. Thanks to the Navy for getting me on track. Senior Chief Smith was a great role model and a great help to me. Thanks Senior.
Kloehn, TomFC2(SW)Apr 1, 1998 – Oct 21, 2002CFAAA all the way!
Day, JohnGM2(SW)Aug 1998 – Jun 2002Weapons/WM My tour on the Ramage was a very educational and important time in my life. I met a lot of good people on board.Friends that I will never forget. I miss them and the great times that we had.Our paths crossed and it was good now we move on and grow.
Poor, DewayneSTG3Aug 24, 1998 – Jul 26, 2000WA01The time I spent aboard UUS Ramage are the most memorable times in my life, and everything I've learned from that experience has helped me excel to where I am today. Thank you to all the friends I had then, and may many more lives be changed.
Karr, MaxxET3Sep 1998 – Nov 2000CSI met alot of great people and have alot of great stories to tell from my time aboard the USS Ramage.
Zook, Timothy profile iconEM3Sep 1998 – Jun 2000EEGreat ship
Bell, JeffreySK2Sep 1998 – Apr 2001s-1loved the good times we had
Black, RobertEMC (SW/AW)Sep 8, 1998 – Nov 30, 2000E - Electrical DivI had an awesome time on the Ramage. Was proud to be one of "Comacho's Comachotero's"! The USS Ramage was my last Command in the US Navy, it was a difficult transition to civilian life after over 20 years in the Navy.
Ebersole, SeanOS2(SW)Sep 10, 1998 – Apr 16, 2002OIThe time I had on here was a great experience and made me who I am today. Ramage is a fine ship and keep charging Red Ramage...
Boles, CharlesBMSNOct 1998 – Oct 2000DeckI enjoyed my time on the Ramage.I hope that everyone is doing well.
Bowers, JayIT2 (SW)Oct 5, 1998 – Jan 5, 2002OC
Kent, Franz "Frenchie"EN1(SW)Oct 17, 1998 – Sep 9, 2002A-DIVHad great times with one of the greatest CO's of all time. A DDG ledgend (CDR Hiplito Commacho). I did my first MED criuse along with the Kosovo Campagin.
Rangel, EddieOS3Nov 10, 1998 – Dec 27, 2000OIWow. Hey Maxx. Hey Dewayne. Hey Sean. I remeber serving on board the Ramage like it was yesterday. A lot of Good Times and Good Memories. Some Bad ones too. I threw up alot. Sea Sickness Sucked. lol. I hope everyone is doing well.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1994 | 1995 – 1998 | 1999 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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