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USS Ramage (DDG 61) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ramage (DDG 61). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 159 crew members registered for the USS Ramage (DDG 61).

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Weeks, PaulFC2Apr 1, 1992 – Nov 1995combat systemsThis ship is CURSED. I hope to hell that it sinks with all hands. Absolute worst bunch of shitbags (with a few exceptions, and they know who they are) hell has ever assembled.... The chain of command can bite a DICK.. DIE YOU ROTTEN MOTHERF
Boyce, SteveITC (SW)1993 – 1998OCGreat Ship, Best of friends. Retired in 2001, became Army Civilian and retired from that. Fullr retired in Georgia living the good life.
Seybert, Justin (Bert)GSM21994 – 1999precom through 1999
Ouellette, KellyMS31994 – 1999S-2A great ship to be a part. Some of the best people i've ever know were part of my family for 5 long years. I truly miss you guys. Thanks for the great times...
Adams, BrianSTG2 (SW)1994 – Aug 7, 1997WAHad a lot of fun in those days, I even still stay in contact with some of the friends I made on the ship.
Fritts, KeithRMSR1994 – 1995
Crosson, DavidET31994 – Nov 10, 1998CE03Doubles as a great fishing boat when everyone else has liberty but you're on restriction.
Denk, PaulEWC(SW)Jan 1994 – Oct 1995OTPlankowner. EW1, then EWC Tyrone Taylor - Great Shipmate. EW3 Mutsch and EW3 Kroeger and EW3 Ballard were great sailors.
Melendez, JoeyO-3Feb 1994 – Apr 1996R, OTPlankowner DCA, EWO. Great Ship and Crew.
Matthews, Douglas K.OS1(SW)Mar 1994 – May 1997OIWorked with some good guys. Won't ever miss the navy, but the friends were the best.
Super, JamesPN3Mar 3, 1994 – May 15, 1996AdminI was the first blue shirt to make his way to Pacagoula, MS. And I miss the ship and all the friends I made when I was aboard. I don't miss general quarters though. Any ways, hey to all the plank owners out there.
Donahue, PatrickTM3Apr 1994 – Nov 1997ASWTorpedoman and Rescue Swimmer
Williams, TroyFC2(SW)May 1994 – Apr 1997CFLooking back, it was the best time of my life. I got to serve with some great folks. I hope this registration will allow me to make contact with some old buddies/shipmates. Go FCS-ORTS!
Joyce, BrianFC3May 1994 – Jan 1996CF
Greeno, BradEM1(SW)May 1, 1994 – Oct 1, 1998EEWas really proud to serve here best ship in 20 year career.
Ramey, TravisEN2May 26, 1994 – Aug 13, 1999AuxlariesWe the Plankowner Crew worked our tails off to the bone to make a ship that would last thru the duration of crews. I hope all those who enter AUX2 remember those who rode her out of Pascagoula.
Mancuso, MarkGMG2Jun 1994 – May 1997WGMan I miss this ship... Best time of my life... I think about my time on her almost daily... Good ship, great crew... I hope everyone is where they want to be in life..
Greyer, Alan/ ChrisGM1Jun 1, 1994 – Aug 1, 1997WGGreat Ship Good Times. In Calfornia Now. GMCS now who would guess.
Brown, DavidFC1(SW)Jun 14, 1994 – Jul 15, 1999CS/CFI hope all of the people that I had the priviledge to serve with are doing great.
Smith, MartyFCCM(SW)Jul 1994 – Jul 1999CF/Combat Systems5 LONG but good years. Retired 3 years ago, work for the USCG now in Va Beach. We joined the wrong canoe club! Some awesome times at the HUT in Puerto Rico. Email Drop a note, you know I'll buy you a beer!
Annand, J. H.OSCJul 1, 1994 – Nov 8, 1998OIPre-com crew through first deployment.
Rupp, PaulOS2(SW)Jul 10, 1994 – Dec 18, 1998OI
Pulcher, ChrisSTG(SW)2Aug 1, 1994 – Jul 23, 1998WA
Vetti, ChristopherMSSNAug 1, 1994 – Dec 19, 1994Supply
Pace, DavidGSM3 / GSM2Aug 5, 1994 – Apr 17, 1997MP
Parker, HaroldHMCS(SW/AW)Aug 10, 1994 – Aug 25, 1997MH01/XPlankowner and designer of the medical department spaces. Great ship to be on knowing that you planned for the future.
Stumpff, JackGM1Aug 15, 1994 – Dec 15, 1999You people go on and on like it was all 'happy happy' on the Ramage... whatever. It was a good ship, and a great crew, but i seem to remember our OPTEMPO sucking a big, fat, hairy... you get the point. Hope nobody I know is dead or incarcerated
Busch, NathanSNAug 19, 1994 – Aug 19, 1996DeckThose years aboard the Ramage were among the hardest in my life, but I wouldn't take them back. Advice to prospective Naval enlistees: Don't join the Apprentice program.
Taylor, TyroneEWC(SW)Aug 20, 1994 – Mar 10, 1997OTGreat experience as plankowner of one of the Navy's baddest ships...great crew, awesome CPO mess and excellent command. Had some wonderful friends on the Ramage.
Roseboro, OtisYN1(SW/AW)Aug 25, 1994 – May 10, 1998Nav/AdminSup plankowners, it's Rose. I'm stationed at the Pentagon. Hope everyone from the original crew is doing well. Keep in touch. RAMAGE Style 4ever.
Pulcher, ChrisSTG2(SW)Aug 30, 1994 – Jul 21, 1998WAPlankowner, Just looking for some ol' shipmates. Ozzie been looking for you and McCullars.
Murray, PeterSK2(SW)Sep 1994 – May 1998S1First pre-com duty. A lot of work, but very enlightening. Had some good times & some bad, but overall I enjoyed it. Really liked the Constitution sail ops.
McGovern, JohnEM/E3Sep 1994 – Jul 1996SquidMet a lot of good people and learned a lot about myself as a person.
Hufnagle, KevinFCC(SW)Sep 1, 1994 – May 30, 1998CFPre-Com through first Deployment. Best ship class and best ship I served on. Go AAA's
Pace, DavidGSM2Sep 9, 1994 – May 28, 1997MP
Cass, BrettHT 3Oct 1994 – Jun 6, 1997Pre-com - maiden deployment,
Hobart, MarkOS2Oct 31, 1994 – Jun 6, 1997OI
Clinton, SteveEW2Nov 1994 – Nov 1999OT
Thomas, ClarenceDKCNov 17, 1994 – Jan 28, 1998S4Wishing the best for all those with whom I've served with. Retired and living in North Augusta, SC and enjoying my new life. For those who are still on active duty continue to handle your business and be safe.
Amaral, Stephen profile iconE-6 FC1(SW)Nov 21, 1994 – Apr 22, 1997Combat Systems Librarian & Command DAPAStill in touch with a few. When I met FC2 Frazier the 2nd time at Millington, TN., I had him drop a package for Officer. Made it first time up. He retired as a Naval Aviator, Helicopter Pilot. BZ. Troy Williams came by.
Alcorn, ThomasDC1 (SW)Nov 24, 1994 – Nov 1997ENG RWas the best ship in the fleet! I miss the crew and the ship. Alot of good times ,but the old saying hold true DCTT has seen enough
Melendez, OzzieRM2Dec 15, 1994 – Mar 30, 1997OCWassup people? I am in still in this grand ole canoe club.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1994 | 1995 – 1998 | 1999 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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