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USS Paul Hamilton (DDG 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Paul Hamilton (DDG 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 155 crew members registered for the USS Paul Hamilton (DDG 60).

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Brown, SamuelJun 23, 1991 – Mar 1, 2003OD 01/ XN 01Whats up from college campus
Stinton, Kenneth / KennyGSE 21993 –EngineeringWas # 9 in the manning of the ship. First JSQ, First person to raise the Jack, First non-commisioned sailor to drive the boat, First person on the ship to start counter measure washdown while in port with rails fully manned. Capt. was not happy.
Demoss, DonaldENC(SW)1993 – Oct 27, 1998A-GangBest ship, Best department, Very best division. A-gang.
Gleaton, AllenPN2(SW)1993 – Nov 21, 1997PersonnelCurrently a Captain in the SC Army National Guard.
Hannesson, EarlLTOct 1993 – May 1997STOFirst one at the PCU... Good memories, long days and great shipmates!!!
MacDonald, James, Jim, MacOS21994 – 1998OIMy best day on Paul Hamilton was the last one!!
Root, NathanTMSN1994 – Nov 16, 1996SonarCould not wait to depart, yet, ship and crew will forever live in my heart...
Thurman, ShaneIC31994 – 1998made many good friends.
Handy, DarinIC21994 – Feb 23, 1998CEI cant remember the date I reported. I sure can remember when I left. It was fun while it lasted. Hope everyone is doing well.
Kane, StevenFC1/FC2 (SW)Jan 3, 1994 – Jan 31, 1996CFHad some great times, met some great people, this was the turning point and end of my naval career, but the starting point of where and who I am today. Greatful for the experiences and knowledge attained abourd 60 and the Navy in general.
Galbraith, RandyRM3Jan 5, 1994 – Jul 7, 1997Operations"the courage to bail" HI was fun. and Australia was even better chiping and painting sucked
Easterbrooks, PaulSKC(SW)Jan 15, 1994 – Nov 30, 1997S-1
Sedlow, DouglasIC2Feb 1994 – Dec 1995ICI still have my plankowner plaque and command ball-cap. I will never forget testing and commissioning that ship!
Richardson, RobinOS1(SW)Mar 1994 – Jun 1997OIPlankowner. Miss everyone except OSC Moore.
Durham (Plank Owner), KeithSK2Mar 1994 – Oct 30, 1999Supply Support a.k.a. GSKMy time aboard Paul Hamiltion was a great learning oppertunity for me. I learned alot, I played alot and I met strange and entrusting people.
Brothers, CharlesOscs swMar 1994 – Jan 1996Combat systemMissed the old oi division gang hope you had good time
Lofink, JohnFCCMar 19, 1994 – Jul 10, 1996WeaponsHad fun qualifying the CIWS and 5/54 gun in Maine, I hope my name is still on the Plank owner plague in the Chief's mess.
Johnsom, RussellBMSNMar 22, 1994 – Jul 1, 1996OD01/DeckLike trying to swim against the current. Made some good friends and learned some hard lessons though.
Sargee, ChristopherSK3Apr 22, 1994 – Oct 19, 1997S-1Was on the Hamilton from the precom building in Maine till I left in 97
Ziegler, MarcRM1May 1994 – Jun 1997OPS\\OCLots of underway time and will never forget getting a one month extension to finish the maiden deployment.
Graham, ZoENFN/E-3May 1994 – Nov 1996A Gang
Skonecki, Thomas profile iconSM2May 1994 – Jun 1997OPSWas the first to reenlist at the PCU onboard PH in Bath Maine. Enjoyed the Commissioning, Panama canal, and our new homeport in Hawaii.
Paul, KevinRM2May 10, 1994 – May 18, 1997Operations
Wetherbee, ChuckE4/BM3Jun 1994 – Aug 1996deckgood times, good friends, good memories until i got thyroid cancer and was taken off the ship, aint life a bitch.
Tejchman, Mark "Gunner"GMC(SW)Jun 8, 1994 – Aug 1, 1997CO
Powell, RandyBM3Jul 12, 1994 – Apr 8, 1998OD01Known to many as the world's greatest Boatswain's Mate!!!
Burton, NateE-3Jul 27, 1994 – Jun 26, 1998ENG
Nielsen, HansDC2Aug 1994 – May 1997RWhat a trip to see everyone listed here! Being on the PH was a blast. Great memories and even better friends. I still live in Hawaii and work at the Univ. of Hawaii, so get ahold of me if you visit. Contact me at hansn@hawaii. Cheers!
Santos, Ryan3 AND 3/4 STARSAug 16, 1994 – Aug 16, 1999Whatever happened to Raber?
Pilgrim, Jerry, IzzyIS1(SW)Sep 1994 – Mar 1999OPSRetired, living the life as a civilian. Lot of good memories and some not-so-good, but for the most part all good. "If it doesn't smell like simple green, it ain't clean"! Miss Hawai'i and the warm weather.
Riggs, EricSNOct 1994 – May 27, 1997DeckSure miss those good times in Hawaii. Places like Dukes on Sunday are hard to come by in Michigan. I miss the rock at Waimea bay and hiking to Monae Falls. No more GQ's
Waldon, Jr, George AOS2 (SW)Oct 1994 – Mar 26, 1998OI DivisionFor the most positive memorable event onboard, I crecall when we were in Singapore and and there was atleast 6 of us in the club TGIF's and one of the sailors couldn't handle one "tall Long Island Ice Tea" !
Mulroy, JamesE-6/BM1 (SW)Nov 13, 1994 – Jun 13, 1998OD01 DECKA lot of hard work and long hours, but alot of good times. Drink one for BOB!!!!!!
Riggs, EricE-3 SNNov 15, 1994 – May 25, 1997DeckNot a day goes by that I don't think of all of the wonderful people I've met. The new song by Jimmy Buffet, Dukes on Sunday brought back a lot of memories.
Byrne, GregMSCMDec 15, 1994 – Jan 15, 1999S-2Always Haze Gray and Underway. Thanks Hammer..........
Scott-smith, WillE-5/QM2(SW)Dec 29, 1994 – Jan 4, 2000NN01/NAVNeat-o.
Davis, RickE-5/OS21995 – Aug 18, 1998OIGood luck to you all. Beat wishes. Fair winds and following seas. Take care of my DDRT.
Glover, ZachDC@1995 – 1998RHoping to catch up with some of the old crew
Page, RobOS21995 – 1999Operations
Arnoux, Carl (Tonto)Gm31995 – 2000Ops and weaponsI had good times and bad times in the deck dept then transferred to weapons dept and had fun their and very glad I made friends so I hope to meet them again some day in the near future
Clausen, Christopher profile iconGMG GMM PO11995 – 2000Weapons
Burnett, AmosE6Jan 1995 – May 1999CAArrived a 1st class, left a chief...good memories! One of the original crew members.
Worl, LathamBM3Jan 1995 – Oct 19971st.Original crew-member. Good times and bad times too. But have mercy miss percy I am glad I am not there in the Gulf now with all of that nonsense going on. Lets get our troops back home! Vote OUT Mr. Bush. Our freedom depends upon it.
Burkhardt, ToddIC1 SWJan 1995 – Aug 1999CEFour key terms come to mind: ASSBAG Kit Cat Club SNAP and of course BOB
Mardis, DerekOS2Jan 1995 – Sep 1998OIWhats up fellas, I am always ramblin on about "when I was in the Navy, bla bla bla" Hows It going everyone? Im still looking for those Link 11 filters, and I cant forget that hawaiian punch from RM1 Molaki! Oh and shining brass in the rai
Morris, JasonBM3Jan 2, 1995 – Feb 1, 1997ODO1 OPSThe old Mul-dog! Glad u made 1st finally. Cross rated to the Seabees and am now an EO1. Good times, and great fun. Plankowner for life.
Nihart, JeremyGSM2Jan 7, 1995 – Jun 6, 1998MP
Page, KellyDC1Feb 1995 – Apr 1998RThis is Kelly's wife, Katie. Unfortunately Kelly died on 9-14-1997. He was a firefighter in Lowell Ma and died in the Line of Duty. He had a heart attack shortly after fighting a fire. He leaves 3 daughters.
Porretta, Georgems1Mar 1, 1995 – Dec 1, 1999supplyNot sure of start or end dates. Best crew by far of any ship road on. Retired in Hawaii now. I think this was the toughest job I ever had in the Navy, but it was the most rewarding. Fair winds and following seas!
Gillespie, TerryFC1Apr 1995 – Apr 1998CO
McKown, JackFC2 (SW)May 1995 – Aug 1999COSome of the best and worst times of my life...boarding party, GQ, the Penalty Box...I love being a civilian!
Hudson, BlakeE3 EWFNJun 1995 – Apr 1998OIGood times, Great friends, Best memories!!!!
Collins, JohnYOEMAN VIA THE DECK DIVISIONJul 29, 1995 – Jan 11, 1998NAV/ADMINI loved every minute of it. All 1,239,120 of them. Master Chief Lombardi, you were the best damn sailor I ever saw. Cheif Koons, I really did think JP5 powered the RAMFan 2000....Chuck Weatherbee, where have you gone? "Damn that's a lot of w
Flowers, PatrickIT1/E6Oct 22, 1995 – Sep 3, 1998COMMUNICATIONS
Hunter, BrentMS2(SW)Nov 10, 1995 – Feb 12, 1999S2MANY LONG HARD DAYS, BUT ONLY GOOD MEMORIES

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