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USS Laboon (DDG 58) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Laboon (DDG 58). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 187 crew members registered for the USS Laboon (DDG 58).

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Bailey, JackPNC(SW)Mar 1, 1990 – Sep 1, 1993Admin OfficerPlank Owners Rule: Retired, 1998 Living in Northern Neck of Virginia of course near the Bay.
Tanner, Chris (The Woodbeast)DC21993 – 1996DCPlankowner!! I'm back in Ohio, (Re)Married, and building (yawn) Aircraft Jacks, many for the USMIL. I'm still the guy with the strange intrests...I've been a Ghost Hunter for 9 years now (seriously). Send me an email!
Burk, StonyET2 (SW)1993 – 1998CSPlankowner-got out in 98-Currently Firefighter/Paramedic in Orange Beach, AL, married 6 years, father of two boys. Still tell story of getting left in the hospital in France with a ruptured appendix. SSG in Army Res. Airborne,Infantry.
Ray, JohnFC1(SW)1993 – 1998CFPlankowner, Laboon's 1st SAR Swimmer, built a house in NH, work for Combat Systems at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Still happily married, kids are healthy, great dog, still jammin' on the guitar, still have Chad's plankowner mug!
Darnell, DwayneRM31993 – Apr 1, 1998OPSPlankowner-with alot of memories and lessons learned. Wouldn't change them for the world. Well I might have taken the advise of a few shipmates-on not getting hitched. What a mistake. Thank you all! And please drink JIM BEAM products!
Gaines, Kevin profile iconBM31993 – Dec 13, 1997DeckI am also a plankowner and miss the old crew. Plenty of good times.
Koenig, KurtEW1Jan 1, 1993 – Jan 4, 1997OI/OWPlankowner all the way. Who remembers flying P3s to Norva for the weekend or was that my van? Great time on this ship but I made the right choice getting out for my two girls.
Pensyl, DaveGMCS(SW)Feb 1993 – Nov 1996CO
Diraimo, MarcGSM1Feb 12, 1993 – May 18, 1995MP I was there when the ship was still being brought to life and what a life she is having
Steele, JasonE5/ETMar 1993 – Feb 2, 1998Proud plankowner. Left the navy and am currently living in Illinois. (Back to AZ in about 7 years.)
Kittelmann, ChadE5/FC2Aug 1993 – Apr 1998CFPlankowner
Parks, JohnFCC(SW)Aug 1993 – Sep 1998CX/WXPLANKOWNER: Part of the first Strike Team and shot the first Tomahawk Cruise Missiles from this mighty warship. "Fearless Fifty Eight"
Brown, MattE-5/ET2Aug 1993 – Oct 1995CSPlankowner
Kampwerth, BrentDK3Aug 1, 1993 – Jun 7, 1997S-4Proud to be Plankowner and currently living in IL engaged to a beautiful woman and proud dad 0f 2 children
Hill, JeffFC2(SW)Aug 1, 1993 – Oct 1, 1997Plankowner. Left the Navy in March 2000 (10 years to the day). Living in my hometown of Gilmer, TX. Raise Brangus cattle and still fish in my limited spare time. Work for Cisco Systems and travel more now than I ever did in the Navy.
McCain, JohnFC2Sep 1993 – Feb 1996CFPlankowner
Staffieri, RobertET1(SW)Sep 1993 – Apr 1997CEPlankowner. Best ship I ever had the opportunity to serve on. Chiefs, Officers and crew were fantastic. I hope to hear from some of you guys.
Demarest, BobETC(SW/AW)Sep 3, 1993 – Dec 6, 1996CEWhat can you say, I had a great time on Laboon... Precomm in Bath was a trip and so was the time in Portland. Second ship I'm a plankowner of, but this was the best.
Norton, JoeFCCMSep 9, 1993 – Jan 26, 2000CSLots of found memories, great crew. Still reside in VA Beach as a GOVT employee.
Omalley, Michaele7Sep 13, 1993 – Jul 10, 1995Admin
Lapenna, JosephOSC(SW)Nov 1993 – Jun 1997OIMade CPO in '96!
Cole, GaryE-5/OS2Nov 1993 – Dec 1996OIProud to be a Plankowner!!
Slaughter, JasonE-3/STGNov 1993 – Jun 1997CAPlankowner. Currently married to a wonderful woman, in AFR as a chaplain assistant, and in seminary to become a chaplain
Lopez, CarlosSK2Nov 18, 1993 – Mar 15, 1998S-1Plankowner. Had the best supply dept!!!Lt Gelsinger,Lt Dowd,Lt Book,Yarbrough,Berrios,Swain,Tan,Turner, Pace, Leung, kampy, ben. too many to list. Good times, Everything went to hell after Capt Mcdonald transfered
Hairston, KevinRM2Nov 20, 1993 – Jan 8, 1998OCPlankowner...I made alot of good friends. The 1st MEF-96 was a good one..Currently working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico as a field engineer for a major oilfield service company.
Davis, ChrisE-4 SH3Dec 1993 – Jul 1997supplylots of fun ..... HAs any one heard from OS2 Lett or RM2 Hunter. Yes I am a Damn PLankowner!!!
Donaldson, JasonIC3Dec 3, 1993 – Jul 10, 1995ce/csplankowner
Franklin, BrianOS2Dec 12, 1993 – Mar 24, 1994OIAlso know as "DOC". Proud to be a Plankowner
Fields, JohnBM 21994 – 1996Plankowner
Kessler, MikeHT21994 – May 1996RPlankowner Currently in Midland, TX working as a Maint. Supt. in the natural gas industry. Happily married to a wonderful woman.
Merrell, JimGMM1(SW)1994 – Dec 31, 1997CAPlank Owner. Retired 1997. Live in Connecticut on a lake. How sweet is that? Work for a defense contractor as a Field Service Technician on the Oxygen Generator for US submarines. Thoroughly enjoyed my time on Laboon.
Cooper, JohnSN1994 – 1996DeckPlankowner. Now work for the Army.
Smith, SeanHM3 FMF1994 – Jan 1996OPSPLANKOWNER! Left this ship in 1996 to go to Corps school. The two years on this ship were the best two years I spent in the military.
Bryant, JerryE31994 –opsPlank owner best couple years in the navy. went to builder A school in gulfport ms. then to construction battalion in California married a great girl living in northern cailfornia. anybody heard from Boats Loman that guy just cracked me up.
Glover, TravisE31994 – 1996
Valdez, RodneyDC31994 – 1997RPlankowner! Living in S.C. still married 11years. Working for South Carolina Electric and Gas . I'm the fire protection maintenance and repair supervisor. Any Plankowner HT's or DC send me an e-mail .
Randle, Jerry (Slick)GSM11994 – 1998MPEnjoying life on the coast of NC! Feel free to contact me.
Harrelson, EdHT31994 – 1997RepairPlankowner. Living in carrollton il.with my wife of ten years and our 4 boys. Im a boilermaker for conocophillips woodriver refinery.Had alot of good times onboard milliondollar experience i wouldnt give a nickel for.
Brown, Brentgsec1994 – 1996mp
Smallwood, Christophersr11994 –oppsbest time i ever had i see. getting back intouch with alot of the guys from then
Kampwerth, Brent/kampy profile iconDK31994 – 1997S-4
Bennett, JasonGSM3Jan 1994 – Jan 1998plankowner. currently with the laboon crew aboard the uss gonzalez participating in the east coast sea swap. happily married for 10 years and proud dad of 2 girls 8 & 6.
Noel, RobertBM3Jan 1994 – Dec 1997I now live in a town called Porter, Texas. It is about 20 minutes north of Houston. Married to a wonderful wife of 41/2 years. I have one son.
Riggs, TimothyE5Jan 1994 – Oct 1997ops
Dean, ChrisEW1Jan 1994 – Aug 1999OIPlankowner on the Fearless 58. Served 24 years in the Navy, and this was the best crew!
Harig, JeffreyMSC (SW) RetiredJan 26, 1994 – Jan 26, 1997S-2, Food servicePlank owner, USS Laboon, Great Shipmates,Great Memories, Great times. Retired 2005, Last duty station was NAS Sigonella, Sicily. Enjoying life, and living the dream. You can find me on facebook,
Rosquist, BenMS3Feb 1994 – Aug 1997S1Proud to be a Plankowner. From Norfolk to Maine, back to Norfolk to the Persian Gulf. It was mainly fun. I made many wonderful friends and had many wonderful adventures.
Szuch, ThomasNC1/ RetiredFeb 1994 – May 1997S-2Great Times, Great Friends! One of the best CO's and Crew I ever served with! Still great friends wit several, McCormick and I are still hanging out, as neighbors now!
Anderson, D.brett (Andy)ms3Feb 1994 – Sep 1997supplyPlankowner,live in indiana. had a great time on Laboon.please feel free to contact me
Liddy, DavidENS/LTJGFeb 1994 – Sep 1995MP DivisionA fine ship, and an even finer crew. I was (and still am) proud to have been a part of this tremendously professional group and am very proud to have been a Laboon plankowner and her first MPA. Thanks, shipmates!
Thompson, KirkGSE3Feb 5, 1994 – Jan 4, 1999MPjust trying to fiind friends from my old ship.
Guntang, MarloweMS2Feb 19, 1994 – Feb 19, 1999S-5Plankowner USS LABOON DDG 58. (FEARLESS 58). Missed all my shipmates and fellow MS's.. Feel free to contact me.
Rooks, ConanBM3Mar 1994 – Oct 1997PLANK OWNER.
Young, MaxSNMar 1994 – Feb 1996Plankowner
Mosberger, DavidE-4 DC3Mar 1994 – Dec 1997RPLANKOWNER
McCann, StephenE-6/EN1(SW)Mar 1994 – Dec 1999Engineering/APlankowner now retired and finishing up my degree in Computer Technologies and a Certificate in Computer Networking.Currently living just east of Manchester N.H.
Houle, DavidEW1Mar 13, 1994 – May 13, 1999OI/OWSome of the best of my 20 years was spent here. I met my wife of 20 years now during precom. Can't wait to see the ship again.
Noel, RobertE4/BM3Mar 18, 1994 – Jan 9, 1998OpsProud to be a plank owner. Some of the best times in my life were spent abord the Laboon.
Robb, ChristopherGSM3Apr 1994 – Aug 27, 1997ENG.PLANKOWNER and now an electronics engineer working in Pinellas Park Florida for a millitary electronics division
'bohannon, Big Daddy BoApr 1994 – Dec 1998God of ALL RADIOMAN. PLANK OWNER 4 LIFE: MR. ARKANSAS
Schmitt, JonRM2Apr 1994 – Dec 1998OCSome of the best times I ever had in my life were on this ship, as well as some of the worst. DON'T SIT ON THE BITS!
Rooks, ConanBM3Apr 1994 – Oct 1997ODGreat times, great friends, great memories. Plankowner
Tamayo, KelvinGSM1 (SW)Apr 4, 1994 – Nov 13, 19961stprecom crew, started out in 1st, or deck, then struck out and went to GS A school, was a great crew, possibly the best I ever served with
Young, MichaelGMM2\\E-5Apr 13, 1994 – Oct 31, 1996cs
Hellums, DavidOS2May 1994 – Dec 1997OIPlankowner; I am honored to have served with the commissioning crew. The memories are forever.
Arellano, SalE-3May 1994 – Mar 1996DeckPlankowner!! Living in San Diego. Still in touch with friends I made onboard this girl. Best friends and best memories of my life!!! Where's MS3 Jesse Workman? ...and his Chocolate chip cookie evolutions?
Connors, ThomasPC2May 1994 – Jun 1996S-1Currently living in Ct.Supervisor for Intl. Paper. Genie and I have been married for 10 years and have just been blessed with our 1st grandchild! Had great times on the Laboon and some bad ones too.Proud to have been the 1st PC! MAIL CALL!
McCalister, MichaelQM2May 1994 – Jul 1998OperationsPlankowner. My first ship. Made many lifelong friends and really enjoyed my time aboard. Great port visits and great times.
Niederberger, MatthewSM3May 1, 1994 – Feb 13, 1996OPSPlankowner Signalman. Now a web analytics consultant in the Netherlands. Experienced interesting times on Laboon, would like to get in touch with old shipmates. Was good friends with (MS3) Jesse Workman who passed away in 2004.
Luevanos, JaimePN3May 8, 1994 – Jan 18, 1998adminPlankowner-Firefighter/Paramedic with Dallas Fire Department for nine years. Have a great wife, two beautiful daughters, and my boxer Hank. Good times and memories while onboard.
Sheehan, JamesFC2May 16, 1994 – Jan 3, 1999CF/CXPlankowner I got out of the navy and stayed in Virginia. I am a defense contractor. I am still married and now have two kids.
Ashley, WilliamOS2May 19, 1994 – Nov 3, 1998OISome of the best friends and best times I have ever had!!
Pangco, Glenn (Pangco The Dragon)FNJun 1994 – Mar 1996A GangI miss all of my fellow A Gangers and Engineers. I had so much fun during our stay at Brunswick & Bath Maine. After Laboon I went to Dental A School. Still Active now HM1 here in Cali. Proud to be Plankowner of USS Laboon.
Byram, MarkHM3/FNJun 1994 – Jan 13, 1996Repair/MedicalPlank Owner - I converted to HM and transferred off the ship to A school after the first OPPE. Now I'm living in Fort Worth, Texas working as an Accountant for the Dept of Treasury and have 2 great girls and a cool wife.
Dubell, RobertRM1Jun 29, 1994 – Dec 28, 1996CommunicationsPlankowner, Bathe Maine crew ! Home of the BMW's on Thursday nights !!!!......Good times for sure..Retired in 2002 as a Chief. Pre-sales Engineer for a Cisco Gold Partner working out of Virginia Beach. Fishing on weekends Still Think'n
Swain, GarySK2Jul 1, 1994 –Supply S-1Plankowner
Horne, BrianE5/FC2(SW)Jul 15, 1994 – Jun 2, 1997CSLeft the Laboon and separated from the Navy in '97. Living in Maine with my wife and daughter. The Laboon was great, but I have to say though, I don't miss the long separations of deployments!
Louthan, TallonFC2(SW)Aug 1994 – Dec 1999CF/CXPlankowner. Did some Tomahawk stuff.
Taylor, RhondaENS/LTJGAug 1994 – Apr 1997OCPLANK OWNER Assigned Pre-Com CIC-O, but CO shifted me to CommO after finding out my enlisted service as an ET1. I love and miss all my shipmates! Was honored to serve with the best Pre-Com crew! THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!
Schumacher, Wayne (Shoe)DC1(SW)Aug 6, 1994 – Feb 1, 1997
Grezlik, Mike "The Grezz"HT2Aug 10, 1994 – Jun 10, 1997RepairPlankowner/Civilian I reside in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina
Sangillo III, Ralph/fluffHT3Sep 1994 – Dec 1996Engineering/RepairI now work for DoD Navsea SupShip Groton, CT as a QA Specialist. Married 3 kids.
Byram, MarkFRSep 10, 1994 – Jan 15, 1997Eng/Medical
Brodnick, DaveGSE2Nov 1994 – Apr 1999MPLiving in South Jersey, doing well. Plankowner
Ferrell, RussGSM2Nov 1994 – 1998MPPlankowner
Paquin, BruceET2(SW)Nov 1994 – Nov 1994CEHi all, I am a Plankowner too. Did my ten and got out after the Pentagon thing. Working for DISA in IL. Fond memories of the Black Angus in PR(Stoney/Steele) and the Pool in Dubai (Huddleston). Drop me aline if you want to catch up.
Pearson, JamesDec 1994 – Sep 2000Aux.PLANKOWNER....Just wanted to say hi to everyone. hope everything is going well. it was on heck of a run.

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