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USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 196 crew members registered for the USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54).

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Noringhang, NomeE-30000 – May 14, 2004OD
Uhlir, ShannonFC3Aug 17, 1990 – Dec 17, 1994Combat Systems I finally found this site...its good to know that a bunch of you are still around. I hope everybody is having a great life. i would enjoy hearing from you all. take care.
Woods, Nathan profile iconSTG31991 – 1995Sonar10/5/21 - Wow just found this site. Hey guys! I enjoyed my time as Plank Owner aboard the Chilly Willy, goofing off in Sonar Control and epic wrestling matches. I'm in SoCal near Disneyland, doing Architecture. Ping me!
Gray, ErnestE6/EN1(SW)Jul 11, 1991 – Dec 31, 1995AuxilaryThanks to all The original A-Gang boys for all there Hard work while we were together, Without you I would never had made E7.
Remson, Vincent E.FC1(SW)Dec 29, 1991 – Jul 1, 1996CO-CMPlankowner Great times, Great crew! Hit me up anytime! What's up, PLANKOWNERS!!!!?
Christy, ChadSTG21992 – 1995CAPlankowner - I miss all my shipmates. God Bless you all and I hope to hear from you one day... ALL 326 OF YOU ORIGINAL CREWMEMBERS!!!
Bianconi "B", MikeFC2(SW)1992 – 1995CFPlankowner!!! Best Times on the Best Ship in the Fleet!
Acevedo, JacobMS1 (RET)1992 –SupplyPlank Owner
Scarbrough, HarmonSTG 31992 – 1994CAI regret leaving just before commissioning. I still remember the fun in Maine we had. The c trials we did putting the ship through its paces. Chief Neve, Ramby, Newsome, White, Schipper, etc... The best group of guys.
Glatstein, JonFC1(SW)Jan 16, 1992 – Apr 1, 1994WeaponsPlankowner.
Bolado, Mikehm3Jan 19, 1992 – Nov 25, 1994nav/admin medicalplankowner. if any of my buddies see me on this drop me a line. i miss you guys. some of my best memories.
Schipper, ChuckSTG 1 (SW)May 1992 – Sep 1996CAPlankowner CHUCK BUCKS
Schultz, DavidFCC(SW)May 1, 1992 – Nov 1, 1996CFI retired in June 2002. Currently work on CG Modernization Program and Norway F100. I currently reside in the Moorestown NJ area.
Rodriguez, JoeFC3Jun 2, 1992 – Aug 8, 1994WeaponsGood Times
Hodges, William (Bill)SK1(SW) RetJun 7, 1992 – Oct 15, 1996S-1 Supply StorekeepersI retired in 2000. Currently located in Yuma, AZ.
Bassett, HalETCJun 28, 1992 – Mar 16, 1996CEFirst and Last PRECOMM. Great crew
Kersey, RicOS1Jul 7, 1992 – Dec 14, 1996OPS/OIPlankowner, good times, long ago, Retired and movin on
Hodges, WilliamSK1(SW)Jul 17, 1992 – Oct 30, 1996S-1 StorekeepersPLANKOWNER Retired SK1(SW) 04/2000.
Thomas, DannySTG2Aug 1992 – Jan 1996CA
Robbins, Gerald (Donn)FCC (SW)Aug 1992 – Nov 25, 1995Strike (CM)Plankowner. My first Pre-com. Transferred off before it left for Japan. Learned a lot that helped when I precommed USS The Sullivans (DDG 68).
Elmer, GaryRM2Aug 20, 1992 – Oct 11, 1995OC02What a great ship to serve on with such a great crew!!! Plankowner and proud to say it!!!! Destroyerman Always!!!!
Newsome, JasonSTG3Sep 1992 – Jun 30, 1995CAPLANKOWNER - I had fun during my 3 years onboard the Chilly Willy. The plankowner crew was a great bunch of guys that worked well together and knew how to have fun. Hope everyone is enjoying life. Hope to hear from you guys.
Lochman, Chris "Huggy Bear"OSC (SW)Sep 1992 – Feb 1997OIPlankowner, Good Crew!! Good Division!!
Welch, KevinOS1Sep 1, 1992 – Dec 10, 1996OITo all my friends and shipmates. It was a wonderful time onboard. To my CIC/OI people; I remember the midwatches and fun times in Combat. Take Care all and I will be retired in April of 2007. 24 big ones.
Storr, Kelsey A.ICC(SW/AW)Sep 10, 1992 – Jan 24, 1996CEPlankowner
Blanchette, B.GM21993 – 1995CO(Plankowner) One of three Precom's... and this one was the best of all. Currently Retired Navy. The Gunnersmates were a tight knit group. If any of you guys ever read this drop me a line.
Maydole, LeviMR31993 – 1997RPlankowner
Moore, DuaneGSM21993 – 1995MPPlankowner
English, LarryET21993 – 1997CE
Burchard, Travis M.OS3Jan 1993 – Sep 14, 1996OIPlankowner
Davies, MarkFC1Jan 1993 – Apr 1997CFPlankowner
Trefzger, Cris T-boneFC1Jan 1993 – 1998Combat Systems, CMPlankowner. Can't remember what month I left the chilly willy, but I remember all the good times and good shipmates. How's everybody?
Harvey, DavidGMC(SW)Jan 1993 – May 1996COPLANKOWNER! Loved every minute of it from Maine to San Diego. Had the best VLS techs in the fleet.
Martinez, AbelRM3Feb 23, 1993 – Jan 12, 1996OCIf Any only whats to get a hold of me shoot me an e-mail.
Gaulke, RobOS3Mar 1993 – Aug 1996OPS/OIPlankowner. 1st (and last) command. Great group of people. What a life experience!
Geyer, RobertOS3Mar 1993 – Nov 1993CIC/OpsHey everyone. Wasn't at the command long but made some friends. Have been great since I was forced out and wont ever forget the experiences I had while there. drop me an email anytime. hope everyone had great careers in
Carr, GaryMS1(SW) RETMar 15, 1993 – Sep 29, 1996S-2Hey Fellow PLANKOWNERS, How it goiong?? I Loved watching you guys leave SD for Japan, Now live in ....wait for it.....BATH maine!!! E-mail is Hit me up!!
Hopkins, Dave/catfishBM3Mar 28, 1993 – Mar 28, 1997ODPlankowner, Great bunch of sailors.
Wilson, MikeGMM3Apr 1993 – Jul 31, 1995COPlankowner I had the best time the two years I served on board. Both up in Bath Maine and in San Diego.
Pinon, Manuel/"P"MS3Apr 1993 – Jan 1997S-2Plankowner
Giove, PeterMS3Apr 1993 – Aug 1997S2Plankowner, now a Security Officer at the United States Naval War College, NPT, RI. Don't f**k with a Curtis Wilbur crewmember, you'll just embarrass yourself. Steelhammer Plankowners...untouchable, unstoppable, uncontrollable. LONG LIVE BHOP
Berg, RobFC2May 1993 – Jul 1997cm/co whichever we got thrown intoplankowner...them ciws guns are mine...last ciws plankowner to leave the chilly d
Gielow, MattOS2May 3, 1993 – Feb 14, 1997OIPlankowner
Willis, AlanET2/1May 23, 1993 – May 19, 1999CS/CEMy second Pre-Comm and second Ship. Had a very interesting time but learned alot. Thanks to all my Shipmates that helped me through it and hopefully I was able to help a few as well.
Nelson, Robert "nels"SHSNMay 28, 1993 – Aug 30, 1996SupplyWhat's Up? To all my friends on the "Chilly Willy". These were some of the best times. What's up to Jarmon, Lundow, Lewis, Fisher, Pinon, Hunter, and everyone who I served with. I'm currently an oncology Tech at VA hospital
Hamilton, DaleSH2Jun 1993 –S3Plankowner
Denstedt, MichaelSNJun 1, 1993 – Mar 1, 1995ODPlankowner
Sandoval, CharlesDC2Jun 1, 1993 – Jan 15, 1997RepairCHILLY WILLY PLANKOWNERS!!! Some of the best memories I have were shared with all of with you. I would love to hear from you!!!!!!!!!
Miller, CharlesDC1Jun 16, 1993 – Feb 10, 1996RBest Command and Crew that I had the priveldge to serve with. Class testing was long and hard, would do it all over again! Retired in 2005 after serving as Warrant Officer in the Amphib Navy.
Wink, Frank EQM3Jul 1993 – Sep 1996NAV/ADMINCame to the Pre-com Chilly Willy as a screaming seaman. Honored to take it to sea and deploy with her maiden cruise. Sorry I didn't stay in Yoko but I liked the beaches of San Diego better. Best ship I've ever been on.
Elliott, MarkSTG2Jul 15, 1993 – May 31, 1995ca
Wink, FrankQM3Aug 1993 – Sep 1996Nav / AdminPlankowner
Gates, DavidEW2Aug 1993 – May 1996OPS
Scott, RobertEW2Sep 1993 – Jun 1995OWPlankowner
Ward, ScottGSM2Sep 1993 – Jul 31, 1996MPI found my old plankowner hat and it brought back some good memories. Anyone know if the brass plaque is still at the top on MER1 from the original crew?
Wardrett, JavonYN3Sep 1993 – Apr 1997NAV/ADMINWhat's going on guys?
Newsome, JasonSTG3Sep 15, 1993 – Jul 30, 1995Combat Systems - CAHello to all the plankowners out there! I had an awesome time onboard the Chilly Willy. Hope everyone is having a great life! I would like to hear from you all so drop me a line some time.
Sellers, DanielQM3Oct 15, 1993 – Jul 15, 1996Nav/AdminMan was I a pain in the ass back then. But when you couldn't stand your management team what did you expect..... Miss a few of my old shipmates though... And really miss being out at sea... Wouldn't have changed anything
East, Charles E.FC2Nov 1993 – Oct 1994FOXPlankowner, AEGIS Display Technician
Jodsaas, RobFC2Nov 1993 – Aug 1996CFPlankowner
Reed, JamesFC2Nov 1, 1993 – Nov 12, 1996CFPlankowner. Had many a good times and made many a good friend aboard the Wilbur.
Willis, PaulFC2Nov 1, 1993 – Jul 1, 1996CMMK 160 guy, where is Shannon Uhlir!!! Just chatted with Vince Remson, whats up bro!!! Now a LT teaching NROTC at University of Washington and loving it!! Married with 4 kids (yes 4!!) Email me and say hello!!
Schaffner, JaySTG1Nov 10, 1993 – Sep 9, 1996calookin for biggin
Klann, ChrisSH3Dec 12, 1993 – Jul 18, 1997S-3Plankowner

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 2001 | 2002 – now

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