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USS Hayler (DD 997) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hayler (DD 997). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 509 crew members registered for the USS Hayler (DD 997).

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Aschenbrener, PaulQMSN1993 – 1996Nav
Ramirez, DavidEWC(SW)1993 – 1997
Hernandez, David ( Paco)Gsm31993 – 1996EngineeringWas an honor to meet and serve with all of my shipmates. Lee,Xman,Gonzo may u rest in peace,Speedy,that's only a few. I have wonderful memories and I'm so glad that we can keep them alive thru each other.
Cieszki, Skios31993 – 1995oiwould love to hear from old shipmates
Thornhill, Anthony (Toney)GSMFN1993 – 1995Mechanical Engine Room 1Looking to connect with some of the people onboard.
Hugunin, Chad (Huggy)HT3Feb 22, 1993 – Nov 20, 1996rThis was my first ship, and by far the best. From deck seamen to HT3, I consider it a privelidge to serve on the finest destroyer in the navy.
Arnovitz Hixson, DavidLTMar 1993 – Apr 1996CV, OCSome of the best times that can be had in the US Navy were had on the Hayler. Outstanding ports, excellent people and a good ship - what more could a DIVO want. Fair winds wherever your paths have led.
Crawford, Scott (Scooter)HT3(SW)Mar 10, 1993 – Jun 15, 1995R-Hull TechI will always remember the Good Times we Had. The Boys Jerry/Duff/Keith/Pauly Dowd/Wassel. HAd a blast.
Frederick, JohnBMC(SW)Mar 13, 1993 – Sep 5, 1993CSHayler was my first ship as an STG3. Unfortunately I was detached to limdu after a major surgery. Since then I have been on Minesweeps in Texas and Bahrain, recruiting duty, and am currently assigned to DLIELC in San Antonio, TX.
Lassahn, GeoffrySNApr 1993 – May 1994OD
Duffy, PatrickMS2(SW)Apr 6, 1993 – Jun 13, 1997SupplyGreat times,great people,great ship.I'll always remember The Med,NightBaking,Bubba's,The Four Horseman,Ft.Lauderdale,St.Patty's Day at Collins,Berthing Wars,BaltOps,StJohn,long nights,rough mornings,cold beer,and my boys.
Yocum, Chrisgsm3Apr 15, 1993 – Oct 22, 1996engineering divisionsome of the best friends i ever had was in the navy
Yocum, Christopher profile icongsm3Apr 22, 1993 – Oct 19, 1995m divisionlooking to find the engine room guys. lifetime of memories.
Smith, Dennis / MattEM3May 1993 – Jul 1, 1996EngineeringThanks to the crew for all the support they showed my parents and I during my hospital stay and limited duty away. You guys were wonderful! A stand-up crew that took care of one their own. I commend each of you 4 the memories!
Brennand, RonaldE-5May 5, 1993 – Apr 2, 1995EngGSE(SW)2 Brennand
Gonzalez, JoseSK3May 13, 1993 – Oct 25, 1994GONZO SAYS "WAZAAP!"
Lee, MarcGSM2Jun 1, 1993 – Aug 4, 1996M
Langevin, JerryMSSNJun 2, 1993 – Jun 2, 1995supplyNever forget the places I went, the ship, and the good times I had with Duffy, Scooter, Keith, Jones, and Marcy a.k.a. Mark.
Rogers, JamesEW3Jun 15, 1993 – Jul 15, 1995OWWas my first ship in the Navy and the Sailors I served with truly helped shape my future both in and out of the Navy. EWCS Rosenmarkle, EWC Ramirez, EW1 Schneider, EW2 Joe Moon, EW2 Frank Lee, EW3 Jelly, EW3 Phoebus...
Karsten, John E.E-4/GM2Jul 3, 1993 – Jun 15, 1998CO
Hiatt, BarryHT2Sep 1993 – Dec 1994RepairGood ship, kept me busy welding Thanks to MP div.
Druschel, Kennystg3Sep 1993 – May 1995calots of memories...too many times in egypt!she was a good ship...
Judge, KeithFN. E3Sep 1, 1993 – Nov 1993EngineeringI will always love the Hayler
Cappuzzo, Donald "Cap"SKCSSep 7, 1993 – Aug 13, 1995S-! Served on her twice.
Steele, ChuckHM3Sep 22, 1993 – Oct 20, 1996MedicalI had so much fun during my time onboard Hayler. I miss all you guys and gals so much, I wish all my brothers and sisters the best, may God bless you. Baby Doc out!
Corder, Eric J. CorderE-6/OS1 (SW)Oct 20, 1993 – Oct 20, 1995OIGood times. I hated the Hurgada hurries!
Wilson, GrantGSM3Nov 1993 – Aug 14, 1996EngineeringWhoa! Time slips on by...
Bounds, MikeBMSNNov 1993 – Aug 23, 1995DECK DOGSMany long night with out sleep and too much fun!!! Any time you all want to gather in Ole St. Louis, just let me know I can set everything up. I figure the midwest would be good for everyone to meet in the middle, let's do this in 2009
Judge, KeithFN/E3Nov 1993 – May 1996Engineering
Hinty, JohnE3Nov 1, 1993 – May 26, 1995Engenering
Rubio, AlbertGM2(then) CWO3(now)Nov 28, 1993 – Oct 1, 1997CMWithout a doubt, the best ship I have ever served on!!!! Many deployments and a hell of a lot of good times.
Garrick, NathanE-51994 – 2000Deck
Gonzales, Adam(Speedy)HTFNJan 1994 – Sep 1997RGreat times with great people
Flesher, WayneOS1(SW)Jan 15, 1994 – Jan 15, 1996OIGreat ship! Great First Class Mess/Association!!!
Lee, FrankEW1Jan 20, 1994 – Jul 12, 1998OWThe only ship I ever knew... I forgot all the crap and now wish I could go out to sea on Hayler again... it's a sick world.
Neely, JohnRMCJan 31, 1994 – Jan 31, 1996LCPO OC01 & OC02 DivisionsMy finest tour of duty thanks to our crew & Captain, Cdr. A.B. Hicks.
Castleberry, BurkeET2Feb 1994 – Mar 1998CEGreat times.
Faux, Calvin L.BM1(SW)Feb 10, 1994 – Mar 3, 1998ODFirst Division LPO, First Class mess president
Purcell, MarkEN2Mar 1, 1994 – Apr 1, 1997A GangA Gang Had the best time on this command.
Stephens, ShayneOSCS(SW)Apr 1, 1994 – Mar 31, 1996OI / OperationsMy last two years before I retired were on the Hayler. What a ship to go out on...she was the best!
Ashton Jr, LawrenceBM3May 1994 – Jun 1997Deck
Davis, MikeEW2(THEN)/CTTC(NOW)Jun 1994 – Jun 1998OWAs a seaman on Hayler, I never would have thought that one of those chiefs would initiate me a few years down the road.
Wilson, Ken StickCWO2Jun 1994 – Aug 1997A/EAbsolutely the best. I miss the old girl. My last afloat command, and first with women on-board. All warriors, and contacts I still maintain.
Anderson, CharlieE5/IT2Jun 11, 1994 – 1998OC
Wilson, KenCWO2Jul 1994 – Aug 1997EngineeringThe best time I had in my 22 year career for sea comands.
Truman, RonaldDCC (SW)Jul 24, 1994 – Jul 29, 1996EngGreat Ship but things happened and i left now I am Retired
Perez, AntonioEM2Aug 1994 – Feb 1999E
Suarez, Andres Aka RicoEW2Aug 1, 1994 – Mar 16, 1997OWhad a pleasure to serve with one of the best group of guys..And I will do it all over the again!...Jelly, Pheabus, M. Davis, David Ramirez, Frank Lee, Rogers, and others...
Ehrhart, JasonSNSep 21, 1994 – May 31, 19971st
Hamlin, JoshuaEN-3Oct 1, 1994 – Nov 22, 1996A-GangGlad that I found this site. Hoping to connect and find some of the guys I used to hang out with!

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