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USS Chandler (DDG 996) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Chandler (DDG 996). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 469 crew members registered for the USS Chandler (DDG 996).

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Kohlmyer, CharlesYNSN1996 – 1999Deck/AdminAll I got to say is I never forget that dirty Eng who cockblocked me in Columbia..But seriously thank you all for some of the best times of my life..Im out of the Navy and Graduated from college now. Find me on Myspace if wanna chat..
Grauman, JesseRM E-31996 – 1999Radioman - ComunicationsGood god, Its been years gents and I still think back to Chandler and its crew! Living in Puyallup WA now and missing the hell outa Panama :D keep in touch all!
Marshall, ThomasBMC1996 – 1999DECKI had a great time
Brasher, JeremyETJan 1996 – May 1999CEMiss alotta of the guys and the times, but not being underway.
Brood, Stacy LOS2Feb 1996 – Aug 1999Ops
DeiulIIs, PeteRM3(SW)Feb 1996 – Mar 1999OCI never thought that I would say it, but I miss all you scrubs. Remember when the guys from deck did that crab dance at the wog talent show...I still lose it when I remember some of those stories..take care all of you guys and I wish you all the best
Johnson, Matt profile icongsm3Apr 1996 – Jul 1997mpGood times, to many funny incidents to list. Hope to here from a few shipmates
Mudrak, MikeOS3May 1996 – Aug 1998OPSWhat going on!? Looking for some of my old OPS buddies and stumbled across this site. Hit me up.
Wells, Kenms1Jun 1996 – Still sailing as a wage mariner.
Jolin, ShannonRM3Jun 1996 – Sep 1999Engineering - RadiomanOne hell of a ship with extraordinary shipmates from all over the US. Many memories, I often wonder how all are these days. Hit me up guys......
Stover, MikeHT2Jun 6, 1996 – Nov 23, 1999ENG/HULL SHOP Good to see alot of the guys on here. I'm now with the SEAL Teams at NAB Little Creek Va. Soon to be Panama City FL. Email me at:
Bond, CoreyIC3(SW)Jun 17, 1996 – Sep 23, 1999CENow an IC1 at SIMA Norfolk, and CDR Becker (now Capt. Becker) is the Navsta CO!!!
Bond, CoreyIC1(SW)Jun 17, 1996 – Sep 23, 1999CEYa'll shoot me an email at
Wardell, LeviOSSNAug 1996 – Jul 1997OpsWhile short lived, my time on the Chandler will never be forgotten.
Turcott, PaulGM2Aug 6, 1996 – Nov 11, 1999Combat Systems
Turcott, PaulGM2Aug 10, 1996 – Nov 10, 1999Combat Systems/ GunneryI remember her as being one of the most religious ships in the Navy. Though there are a lot of people I miss, there are handful I don?t. I remember being caught in the middle of a religious war between Christians and Wiccans which made for an interes
Apodaca, Reuben V.OSCAug 14, 1996 – Sep 1999OIHad some excellent times on Chandler. Just found out that ENS Kristensen (LCDR) was one of the SEAL's killed in Afganistan on 6/28/05. He used to fall asleep on watch in CIC-I guess surface ops was just too boring. RIP Mr. Kristensen.
Mann, KevinSN/RM3Aug 20, 1996 – Oct 1, 1999deck/radiotime of my life in everett hope all you guys are doing well
Williams, JohnSTG 2Aug 24, 1996 – Feb 3, 1999CSA1Getting soaked when Pplling into Everett for the first time, how appropriate.
Johnson, Mark WilliamMS1Sep 4, 1996 – Nov 13, 1998S-2
Cruzlavarez, JoseMS3Sep 7, 1996 – Nov 16, 1999S-2, SUPPLYNow back in Everett, Wa as an MA1(SW) working in the security department. I'm so gratefull of my time in the Chandler, it changede my lify for the best. I consider all of my fellow chipmates to be like my family.
Stursberg, CharlieGM3Sep 9, 1996 – May 9, 1999combatjust wanted to say whats up to everyone. I had some of the best times of my life on that ship. I am living back in NY. I have a baby girl and one on the way. I keep in contact with a few of the boys. I hope to hear from the ones I don't.
Scott, MichaelBM3Oct 1996 – 1999DeckAll i have to say is that Uss Chandler was the best ship that i served on. Met alot of good freinds that i still keep in touch with!! What up to all of my Homies!! How many Chandler People are still up here in the Great Northwest?
Flick, Rory (Doc)HM2(SW)Oct 1996 – 1999MedicalBest Command ever. Best Crew. Best experiences ever. Cartegena especially.
Beers, LewisETCOct 15, 1996 – Oct 15, 1998CEBest and worst times of my life. I miss all my fellow shipmates. Look me up in NMCI Whitepages.
Glenn, NathanYN2/E-5Nov 22, 1996 – 1999AdminHey whats up still doing the Navy thing currently stationed on Coast Guard Island, in Alameda CA
Perkins, ShaneGSM 3Dec 26, 1996 – Jul 12, 1999mpgreat ship, great shipmates, but jackass's like princess rah rah made it suck.
Casey, CliffEM 31997 – 1999E-Yo, lots of good memories in Panama, chasing ladies and getting chased by monkeys. Good times, I miss all of you bastards even the smelly ones(ingersol).
Scott, BradleyFN1997 – 1999
London, Kevin profile iconSN1997 – 1999DeckShout out to my Deck Division guys. Shout out to Amerson, Sutherland, Scott,DJ Kholmeyer, Mike scott, Kevin mann , Valentine, Archibald,Vasquez,Rainey,Lutz,Burr,Lange, Corazco, tibbet,Carney and a lot more. Much Love
Abcd, AndyGM1997 –Missle gunner
Snell, JoshuaOS31997 – 1999OI
Johnson, SteveFC1Jan 1997 – 1999CFStepped onboard without a clue and was told: "Welcome aboard, fix your gear we leave tomorrow." Best command I ever saw, best crew, best ship. Damn I miss her. Great to see some familiar names- brings back more memories.
Meyers, SeanGM2Jan 7, 1997 – Jun 15, 1999CombatDid the final CrackPac, never received my shellback card. Looking for dates and infor on where and how to receive card.
Winter, ScottSTG1(SW)Feb 28, 1997 – Oct 1999CALoved the Chandler. First time I saw her was when she replaced Us in the Persian Gulf Nov.'87 when I was on the Standley (CG-32). I'm a teacher now in Bothell, Washington at Cedar Park Christian School. Drop me a line.
O'Leary, WesleyRMSNMar 1997 – Sep 1997
Phillips, JesseFNMar 1997 – Aug 2000ENBeen awhile, been looking for some of you guys for ever. Sorry we lost touch!
Haapala, AlecGMC(SW)Mar 18, 1997 – Sep 2, 1999CMThe finest MK 26 Missile launchers in the fleet, maintained by the finest Gunner's Mates around! Now retired and writing online training for an elevator company in Minnesota.
Randone, JarredIC3Apr 1997 – Sep 1999CEHey fellas. Good to see most of you. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm doin alright; still married, 2 kids, and manager of a telecomm dept. If anyone knows how to reach Joey Trotta, Ken Wells, or John Thomas, please drop me a line. Take it easy
Myers, Tony profile iconEN3Apr 1997 – 1999A-gangI'd love to hear from anyone I've served with, and if you're still in the Seattle area and need any plumbing work done give me a call at 253-255-6360 and help support a shipmates' small business!
Valentine, ChrisOS3 AND WAS OS2Apr 22, 1997 – Sep 22, 1999OperationsThought you could get me down. LOL
Myers, Anthony "Tony"EN3May 1997 – Sep 1999A/ENGAlmost 5 year civilian, now I'm back in school studying business management @ Tacoma Comm College in WA. I have a baby boy due this summer('05) and engaged to be married. Contact me @ I'd love to hear from you guys.
Ingram, JimRM1May 1, 1997 – Aug 25, 1999OCWould be great to hear from former shipmates.
Bigge, DavidDS2May 15, 1997 – Oct 1, 2000CBS Data Systems
Hartung, KevinGSE2Jun 1997 – Sep 1999MPI didn't know this was even around I have ran into a few old shipmates. I would like to see a few more people I'm once again back in Everett,Wa.
Boyle, ChrisLTJun 1997 – Jul 1998Navigation
Block, DaveDC3Jun 4, 1997 – Jun
Hartung, KevinGSE3Jun 25, 1997 – Sep 8, 1999MP
Ingersoll, RickEN2Aug 1997 – Jul 1999It was the best ship I was on I miss the crew and the great friendships I had there. my last boat I was on was nothing compared to the chandler. I now live in columbus and have a daughter with my wife of six years. and work in a lab
Dutton, JimLTSep 1997 – Oct 1999ELECO, DCAProud to have been the last DCA aboard the Largest and Best Destroyer the world has ever known!
Bennet, EdwardOSCSNov 1, 1997 – Sep 9, 1999OI
Weimer, JeffDS1/FC1Nov 23, 1997 – Sep 17, 1999CDDamn good ship. Was near my hometown, too! Stayed in, retired as FCCS(SW/AW). Now working for NAVSEA in DC. Still married to the sweetheart I met onboard (she was on a tour), 3 kids later & now am a (step)grandpa!
Teegarden, ShaneGSE3Dec 1, 1997 – 1999ENGI don't have much to say but it is cool to read remarks from a few of the guys that I served with. I have been out of the Navy for 4 years now so it has brought back a lot of good memories.
Bennet, EdwardOS1Dec 17, 1997 – Sep 1, 1999oiwhats up homies? Looking for the OS's from 1997-decom. Now an OSC Stationed in Corpus Christi, TX. Remember the PABST
Kamppi, Glenn E.MRC(SW)Dec 26, 1997 – Sep 23, 1999SupplySupply Dept LCPO/3-M Coordinator

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