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USS Chandler (DDG 996) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Chandler (DDG 996). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 469 crew members registered for the USS Chandler (DDG 996).

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Pierce, Michael D.FC2(SW)1985 – 1989Combat SystemsCIWS crew chief - 2 tours of the Gulf. This was one of the best times of my life. Looking for Bill Harter.
McDonald, JoeEW21985 – 1987EWBob Rick and I had a reunion in vegas last year. Can't find the rest of the ew's in blue lights. Still looking. What a great crew!
McCarty, TimSN-QM21985 – Jun 1989NavHeard about the site, a lot of great memories w/ great friends, after Chandler went to CARGRU got out in 91. Tyler n Rich whats up!
Hall, WalterGMG21985 – 1990CGOne of the most exciting tours I had in the Navy.
Bentley, KevinMS31985 – 1988SupplyWow, just found this site after all of these years. A lot of people I know on this list. Great Memories, fun time in my life. Hope to talk to a bunch of you Old Salts.
Anderson, BrentSM31985 – 1987OCTwo west-pacs in 2 years. F'n great times travelin' and partyin' with the craziest. Shout out to John Kjell KC Jones Matt Spaid Brian, Patrick, Dewie and Bill from the signal gang and the o's'.
Darden, ScottFC21985 – 1987Combat SystemsLoved my time on Chandler. CIWS crew was the best guys I worked with. Also the whole crew was tight. Shout out to my snipe buddies too.
Hood Jr, Howard WE11985 – 1987BoatswainmateService to my country while seeing the world.
Egbert, Samuel profile iconSN/E3Jan 1985 – Feb 1986odi found some of the people i served on chandler with here. i now work as an i-t tech in arizona, and my family's brittish royal heritage has been recognized officially.
Lloyd, Michael profile iconE8Jan 1985 – May 1989CACommand Senior Chief
Gibbs, DouglasPNSNJan 2, 1985 – Jul 1, 1985Admin.The USS Chandler was my first command. July 1, 1985, the day she left on WestPac which eventually led her to the Arabian Sea, I was injured in a near-fatal car accident and removed from the command. My best memories are with the Chandler.
Smith, SteveEW2Jan 5, 1985 – Apr 20, 1986OperationsSpent 8 years in the Navy and the Chandler was by far the best times of my enlistment!!EW gang was awesome!! Worked hard, played hard!!
Neugent, Blake "Randy / Terrible TedFNJan 18, 1985 – Jun 10, 1985A GangI still remember some good times on Chandler. I'd like to say hello to Matt Weller and Steve Greene...long times no see brothers !!!
Naylor, GarrettEW2Feb 1985 – Aug 1986Where's Bob? He's outstanding in his field.
Jackson, ChrisBM2Feb 1985 – Oct 1989OD/Deck
Bartlett, Ken "Buger"IC2 / E5Feb 1, 1985 – Feb 10, 1988EHad a great time with you guys. I miss all of ya, especially the engineer's. Does anyone know where IC2 Lipsey, Craig is at? Got out and became a freakin Electrician and started my own business.
Davis, Artemus "AJ"STGC (SW/IUSS)Mar 1985 – Aug 1988CAAfter all the other commands I've been on, I still reflect back the "USS Ad Mortem Bohica " with fond memories. I recall that we were family in one form or another and we all had each others back, something I hope everyone carried with them
Clouatre, MichaelFC2Mar 1985 – Aug 1989Combat/ CFGood times. I remember a lot of good people.
Egan, PatSM2Mar 1985 – Jan 1989oc02I remember it all like yesterday. Anybody want to join me in the P.I. June 07 I am there. I am on a quest to find my Honeyko. I can't remember her name, But i have a description. Anybody wanna keep in touch? Hey grothman, that was my pee!!
Norwood, Darryl. "Wood"BM3Mar 1985 – Nov 1988OD/DeckGreatest time of my military career.
Hammons, DavidOS3Mar 13, 1985 – Jun 24, 1988OperationsJust wanted to say hi to the salty dogs of U.S.S. Chandler, livin in California and I hope to see some of you in here.
Rockwell, GeneSTG2Mar 15, 1985 – Jan 10, 1987Sonar
Harter, BillHT2Mar 18, 1985 – May 13, 1988R The best thing I ever did in my life was Join the Navy...The second best thing I ever did was get out. Funny but true. I'm A Fighter/Paramedic In Iowa. (went back home).
Delashmit, BruceHMCS (SW) RETApr 1985 – Oct 1990MedicalI've been called many things, some bad, some good - the best was "Doc" by the greatest guys around. Retired 1998, consultant now with 7 grandkids. The next retirement is just down the road.
Wagner, RichardHMCS (SW)Apr 10, 1985 – Apr 10, 1987MedicalThe best crew to ever serve with, many hours of hard work. But I could not have done that job without the hard work of HM3 Eric Wiltz. HMCS Delashment, my relief should not take credit for 2 years of work he did not do.
Delashmit, Bruce "Doc"HMCS (SW) RETIREDApr 15, 1985 – Oct 15, 1990MedicalOne of the best times of my life. I saw more, did more, heard more and lived more in those five years than in any of the other of my 21 years. Best of wishes for a long and health life. FYI: I still keep all of your secrets - you liberty hounds.
Tullier, Lourey (L.j.)QM3May 1985 – Jan 1989ONO1Made alot of friends, went to alot of nice places, it was one heck of a time. Went from navigating destroyers to navigating semi trucks around the US. Hope to hear from some of you. Stay safe.
Kjell, Johnos2 (sw)May 5, 1985 – Apr 30, 1988oilooking for any old friends from west pacs, frisco trips, or just trippin trips. wat up jim miller, kc jones, huggy bear, kevin bentley, bo powell, anyone out there hit me up.
Finlay, Barrye-4,qm3May 13, 1985 – Jul 7, 1986navigationgreat ship great crew. miss the old days,although they seem like another life
Ulch, CraigGSM1Jun 1985 – Jun 1990MPGreetings shipmates! I can be contacted at ulchcm at
Carr, StephenGSE2Jun 3, 1985 – Jun 3, 1988ENGHey meatheads. Hope all is well. I'm a Chemical Engineer in Dallas these days. All my technical brilliance goes directly back to trying to keep the warships lights burning and screws turning. Good to see you all doing well. Drop me a line.
Andrews, JerryGSM2Jun 9, 1985 – Apr 18, 1987EngineeringHello all havent heard from som of you in a while.
Griggs, StanSK2Jun 15, 1985 – Mar 1, 1987SupplywEST PAC 1986 was the best, Two great years on this great Ship
Titsworth, GeorgeRM2Jun 20, 1985 – Jun 19, 1987OCWhat a time. It was my first ship and I had some serious big and little brothers where I'm an only son. I will always be proud of the Chandler! Remember Capt. Natter? He went far and deserved it! Best CO I ever worked for!
Stickney, JohnOS3Aug 1985 – Jan 1988OIGood times, good people...miss all of it!
Johnson, JamesRMCAug 1, 1985 – Sep 1, 1986COMMUNICATIONSI was a non-volunteer crossdeck transfer from the USS Arlington AGMR2. My efforts rewarded the Chandler with it's first Green C in Communications. I was acting Division Officer and LCPO of COMMS.
Crow, RaymonSH1 (SW/AW)Aug 30, 1985 – Jul 22, 1988S-3
Thompson, SteveGSM2Sep 1985 – May 1987MPThis was a GREAT ship with a GREAT crew. I truely miss the fun times. It was an honor to serve with you all.
Pierre, MichaelGMM3Sep 1985 – Apr 1990COLiving in Ohio for 15 years. Got out of Navy in 1995. I hope all are well!
Eschenburg, SteveSTG2Oct 1985 – Oct 1987CAOk, I don't remember the exact dates, those are close. But I do remember WESPAC '86! AJ made Chief? Nice fish Tyler! Glad to hear Rauback is still kicking and Scott found gainful employment. Ha! I'd go back if I could.
Wilson, IvanFC2Oct 10, 1985 – Mar 15, 1990CFOh! those were the days. I had a great time and regret nothing.
Morgan, Guyms2Nov 1, 1985 – 1987S-2
Cole, TylerSTG2Nov 11, 1985 – May 29, 1989CAGMG2 Pint a strawberry jelly(Ponticelli), DS2 Combs, STG2 Branham,STG1 Steineger, STGSN Hollis, STG2 AJ Davis, STG2 Mike Davis, STGCS Jay Hensen,LT Thane Rivers, Brownlie, LTjg Pete Clapham, and last but not least STG2 Gene Rockwell. where are ya!
Woolfolk, LanceOS2Nov 29, 1985 – Jul 10, 1988OperationsHad a great time. .... Two trips to the Gulf.... a lot of fun.

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