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USS Callaghan (DDG 994) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Callaghan (DDG 994). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 351 crew members registered for the USS Callaghan (DDG 994).

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Rocha, ChrisFC21992 – Mar 31, 1998CFAlot of good times, Great CO for the WestPac.
Brunner, BruinEW31992 – 1993CE
Garside, CouryE-3 FN1992 – 1994En
Borchik, KenAE1Jan 1992 – Jul 1992HSL 35 Air DetWorld Cruise! Couldn't be beat, great liberty ports, great ship. I found out I made Chief at the end of this cruise! Been quite a ride since then! Retiring in Feb 2007. My best to all... AVCM(AW/SW) Ken Borchik
Smalley, Mike "smalls"SM3Jan 1992 – Jan 1994Deck/ Operations
Taggart, VanceDC3Mar 17, 1992 – Mar 17, 1993R-DivGreat ship. Good memories.
Dupire, MikeYNSNApr 1992 – Mar 1994AdminJust wanted to say hi to the old crew of the Callaghan. Moved back to my hometown of Jackson, California shortly after the end of my enlistement. Currently work as a night manager for a Best Western hotel.
Wylie, ChrisSH3Apr 15, 1992 – Sep 22, 1995S-3e-mail me at I would like to get in touch with old friends
Spiegel, JohnGMM1May 19, 1992 – May 4, 1994CO
Campbell, BillGMCJun 1992 – Jan 1996COGreat Gun Crew -- Good Times -- Memories WESTPAC 93 - 94 Retired GMC(SW)
Upshaw, ZackeryYN3Jun 3, 1992 – Nov 15, 1993NXI was reminiscing over some past adventures and the Callaghan popped up strongly in mind. thinking of ther past and past friends, stay up you guys.
Dario, RogelioGSM2Jul 1992 – Sep 1997MP
Van Doran, Robert "V-man"BMSNJul 10, 1992 – Jun 30, 1994DeckHad a blst with folks like Voudrey, Levy and many others.. Names are slipping. Did a cruise to the gulf, what a blast!!
Craig, TimothyGMG 300Jul 10, 1992 – Jul 10, 1994COI like being a civilian Australia was Swell.
Daniel, NoelGSM2Jul 22, 1992 – Apr 10, 1997MPThe best crew i ever worked with.
Rexin, KirkFC2Aug 1, 1992 – Sep 15, 1997CFMany good memories. Don't forget... When painting a ship; one coat for dust and two for rust. :)
Carr, MikeFC2Sep 1992 – Sep 1996CFI have a lot of great memories during this time. There is also a group in Facebook.
Knutson, JimRM1Oct 10, 1992 – Sep 29, 1997OCThe best sea tour I had, Capt Wisecup is one of the best CO's.
Herrod, KenFC2Nov 1992 – Nov 1996
Hercules, DavidOS3Nov 1, 1992 – Dec 10, 1996It was an honor to serve with such a great crew on such magical ship. I'd love to hear from old ship mates. Email me at
Gerhardt, StephenGMM2Nov 17, 1992 – Aug 21, 1995Combat Ordinance
Gerhardt, StephenGMM2Nov 17, 1992 – Aug 20, 1995CO
Wallace, Tim Lil DocHM3Dec 1, 1992 – Jan 15, 1995MedicalAwesome time.
Tenoever, BillGSM 31993 – 1996Engineering
Hetland, BoatsBMCSJan 6, 1993 – Oct 18, 1997IST/DECKWithout Question the tightest crew ever with. I served on 7 ships and no one can match or worked harder and played hard, some officers should have been fired on the spot. the enlisted ran the ship.
Ryan, DavidCDR/CAPTJan 30, 1993 – Oct 31, 1993COBest Warship I ever served on--because we had the Best Crew--We were ready to give and take hard knocks--can't say anything better than that- Capt Ryan
Brunner, BruinEW3Feb 1993 – Nov 1994CE
Bowden, RickeyMSSNFeb 3, 1993 – Nov 10, 1994S-2My first ship and the start to memories I now miss a lot. Hope to catch up with old shipmates. Australia was the best.
Donnelly, Brian profile iconSTG3Mar 15, 1993 – Aug 9, 1996CAI had a great time in CA Division. Made some great friends. Looking for Reece, Roberts, Kircher, Ford, Davis, Stephens and Working.
Donnelly, BrianSTG3Mar 16, 1993 – Jul 3, 1996CAGood times under the command of the first and third commanders. The middle commander...not so much. The first and third were true warriors.
Roberts, Jason BuckGSM3Apr 10, 1993 – May 29, 1997MER1 Looking for OJ Keenon.Valdez send me an Email when you get back from pac #187-) Had a great time on that
Wade, PatOS2Apr 14, 1993 – Jul 18, 1996OISome great times. Grew up a lot in those 4 years. Proud to have served with the best ship and best crew in San Diego.
Townsdin, JamesEW 2Apr 15, 1993 – Apr 20, 1996Hello everyone, wow it has been a long time. what is everyone up to nowadays?
Davis, ChristopherFRApr 15, 1993 – Dec 31, 1994Interior communications
Summers, MichaelENCMay 1993 – May 1995'A' gangHad a great division. We did the impossible. With half a crew, we did a westpac and had no casreps. Hard working group.
Garrison, JimmyIT2May 31, 1993 – May 31, 1997OCWas in Deck division for the first couple of years then cross rated to RM for the last couple of years. Left the ship in 1997 to start my tour in Diego Garcia. Had a great time while I was there.
Sitton, ChrisSTG3Jun 1993 – Jul 1996CA
Vittozzi, KeithSTG1Jul 1993 – Nov 1994AS
Anderson, Ryan 'Ande'RM3Jul 1993 – Feb 1996OC
Cawley, SeanOS 2Jul 14, 1993 – Mar 8, 1998OIwould love to talk to you guys to see what your doing now cdr Wisecup best co ever
Jackson, Dave "Doc"HMC (SW/AW/FMF)Sep 1993 – Sep 1996NX MedicalGreat Ship and Great Crew! Best Deployment for me was 1995-96.
Story, TedSTG1(SW)Sep 1993 – Jan 1995AS
Cosby, StevePC3Sep 5, 1993 – Oct 11, 1994AdminWas a Postal Clerk.
Hatcher, DonDC2Oct 1993 – Jun 1995RepairMy best times in the nav were here my div rocked until dccs walked in the shop holding his rainbow coffee cup fo r ransom "nuts" stop that. What Whale?
Knutson, JamesRM1(SW)Oct 1993 – Sep 1996OCBest Ship the Navy every had. Was A Sad day when they sold her to China.
Rubio, FrankE-2Oct 1993 – Aug 1994M-Division
Asciutto, TonyGSE2Oct 1, 1993 – May 17, 1996EngineeringWhat an amazing time in my life! Great crew, visited amazing places, defended our country! I will never forget my time onboard.
Darnell, RonaldGMG1Nov 1993 – Jul 1, 1995CSG2Any shipmates e-mails welcome
MacKey, Adamfireman E2Nov 1993 – Aug 16, 1995Aganger (auxilary division)hey guys this is spiderman. Australia was the best liberty portt in the world!
Yamamoto, TakashiLCDRDec 1993 – Sep 1996EngineeringChief Engineer
Capangpangan, Renato "Kp"GSE2Dec 23, 1993 – Mar 28, 1998MP

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