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USS Callaghan (DDG 994) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Callaghan (DDG 994). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 351 crew members registered for the USS Callaghan (DDG 994).

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Baker, CraigFC31989 – 1993CF
Chmelik, JosephRMC(SW)1989 – 1991OCDidn't make a cruise on her, but I went through her ROH and the new threat upgrade there in Long Beach. It will be great to contact any of the old radio gang during that overhaul.
Stevens, JohnGSE2Feb 1989 – Aug 1990MPMy first ship. I had a lot of great times on this ship.
Deleon, ChristopherSKC(SW/AW)Feb 1989 – Aug 1992SUPPLY/S-1Great Ship and Crew. Was a stricker and now a Chief Petty Officer. Outstanding World Cruise 92 with the leadership of CDR Ryan. Thanks CAPT. Sir I was your STBD Lookout for GQ during deployment. Gob Bless to All !!! v/r, Chief DeLeon
Neal, RonaldOS2Mar 1, 1989 – Dec 17, 1993OI
Dembia, FrankLTApr 1989 – Apr 1992DCA/MPA3 memorable years with a great crew!
Echols, MichaelEW2May 1989 – Jul 1991OWEW2 Mark Ross and EWC Edward Heidebret, Started me on the path to enlightenment. Thank you Mark and Ed
Moyer, LarsET3Jun 20, 1989 – Mar 12, 1992CSSome good times, Some good friends. Still wont call ETCS(SW) "Insert Name Here" if I am told by the CO that I have fallen overboard.....:)
Tran, MyE-4Jul 17, 1989 – Feb 12, 1991BM then SHI really missed my ship and shipmates. Still looking for my best friend TM3 Nguyen Duc. Please contact me if you see this message. 209-623-9906. and by the way I saw your message SKC Deleon. nice to see you again.
Empfield, TomEN3Aug 1989 – Aug 1992A-GangThe one and only A-Gang, do I need to say any more.
Whitman, MarkFCCOct 1, 1989 – Sep 1, 1992CM/CG
Hill, MarkQM1Dec 1989 – Dec 1991NavigationShe was a fine ship, I enjoyed being underway on that beautiful greyhound of the sea. Sleek and fast. I'm glad I got the bridge painted blue instead of that old puke green.
Ramos, EddieGSM2Dec 30, 1989 – Jan 1, 1995mpGreat ship, and great times. The world cruise was the best cruise by far in my career in the navy. Now GSMC stationed at ACU-5 Camp Pendleton.
Brown, TimHMCS(SW)1990 –Sailed in Callaghan for 6 weeks during 1990 as Senior Corpsman, CDS-33. Had a great time in a really good ship.
Killingsworth, RobertMAC(SW)1990 – 1993CMAAOutstanding crew, served with Cdr. Champagne and Cdr. Ryan. Outstanding command, great CPO Mess. Never forget trip to Persian Gulf.
Lincoln, DarrenSTG21990 – 1992The Callaghan was in interesting ship with an interesting crew. I couldn't wait to get off that ship and out of the Navy but I am glad I was there.
Berger, WilliamETCS(SW)1990 – 1993Combat SystemsGreat Chiefs Mess
Hernandez, GustavoGSM 31990 – 1992MP
Diedrich, ScottHT3Jan 15, 1990 – Aug 20, 1994RepairHad an awesome time aboard Callaghan,hope to get in touch with some R Division People (Stover,Burkley,Gidrey,Minard,phil,Hyatt,etc.)World Cruise 1991,west pac 1993 please email me @ or
Champagne, LeeCDR/CAPTFeb 1990 – Feb 1992COIt was a great ship, with a great crew, was proud to be CO for two years.
Nelsen, RickEN2(SW)Feb 10, 1990 – Aug 21, 1992A-GANG
Polgrean, DavidOS 2Mar 1990 – May 30, 1993OI
Robinson, DavidOS3Mar 17, 1990 – Nov 6, 1991OIMet some really good people. Have some great memories.
Paquin, PatrickDS 3Mar 31, 1990 – Sep 18, 1992Combat Systems/Repair 8Never thought I'd say this but I wish I could see the old girl once again. When we were underway it was some of the best times I ever had.
Andrews, RonaldSNApr 1990 – Feb 1993S-3 Hello everyone. Good to find this site and remember the good times aboard with some familiar names. Anyone know where Zeno Arnce is? The barber on board from 1990-1994?
Oneil, Kevinen3Apr 18, 1990 – Nov 10, 1993a ganghad to love the pi
Fields, KennethFC2 (SW)May 1990 – May 1992Combat Systems (CF)
Ramirez, Ronald "Ronnie"SH3May 1, 1990 – May 5, 1995S-3Just want to say hello to my old shipmates in s-3 and s-4 divisions. Chris Wylie, Keith Lytle, Shawn Delauney and many other good friends. Its been a long time guys.
Rahenkamp, JasnoGMG3May 1, 1990 – Jun 1, 1993Combat OrdinanceShips Armorer - MT 52 Gun Mount Captain, MT 51 EP2 panel operator, Mk26 operator. Great Ship and Crew. Refurbished Ammo Elevators, and Mags. Ships force security trainer.
Garhart, JosephE-6/EN1Jul 1990 – Jul 1994ALPO of A gang 90-94
Hartt, AndrewOS2Jul 1, 1990 – Jul 1, 1992OperationsThe world cruise was the best cruise ever!!!!
Modie, MichaelGSM3 / HT3Aug 28, 1990 – Jun 8, 1993MP and RWORLD CRUISE 92", remembering the french girls that followed. and the nintendo game tournements in ER02. UNREPS were great! CALLAGHAN FLYBYE! HT1 Modie. Reno,NV.
Schwab, JimLTSep 1990 – Apr 1992Navigator/1st LieutennantNothing like being a fleet steaming OOD on a Caddilac of a ship with a gem of a crew. Many great times - deployment was a highlight
McMahon, EricFC3Sep 1, 1990 – Jan 1, 1993fcjust checking to see who's where. Anyone know about Don Whelen? Just seeing the names is great. Great memories.
Hill, DanOSC9SW)Oct 10, 1990 – Oct 21, 1996OIBest Command I served on. Hardest working and playing crew in the world!
Hager, ChuckDC2Nov 1990 – Apr 1994RExcellent group of guys in "R".
Kneipp, JamesBM3Nov 25, 1990 – Nov 26, 1992Deck, The best on board at the time.I had some real good times then, the cruise was great, my first of my navy career. Now I just got to Iraq with US Navy Customs Quebec in Balad Iraq. The BM's on board were the best, we had that going good, no complaints. Email me all who remember.
Newman, HughFN, EN3Dec 1990 – Aug 1993A-Gang, Oil Lab'92 World Cruise was fun. Too bad it was only 6-months.
Griffin, ChuckBM2(SW)Dec 1, 1990 – Aug 1, 1993odgreat ship with outstanding shipmates had an amazing time
Barachina, JoeET21991 – 1993CE
Yaeger, RichFC2Jan 1991 – Jan 1995Combat Missiles / Combat Firecontrol
Cabell, JohnLTJan 1, 1991 – Dec 23, 1993She was a terrific ship with a great crew. It was truly an honor to serve with my shipmates.
Brewer, MikeBMSAJan 16, 1991 – Aug 13, 1992The best time of my life all good memories look me up zig! contact
Brewer, MikeBMSNJan 17, 1991 – Aug 13, 1992ODworld cruise was awsome bm2 veras my buddy contact me gonzo white troy and robinette griffin arnce
Stover, MikeHT3/HT2Feb 10, 1991 – May 22, 1994ENG/HULL SHOP Hey guys good to hear from you all the Callaghan and Chandler i hear r headed to an asian country. i am with the SEAL Teams now in VA. you can email me at
Borzone, JohnE - 3 QuartermasterMar 1, 1991 – Sep 28, 1992NXWhat can I say.. What an awesome time around the world with Capt. Ryan and the crew.. It was truly an amazing experience. I miss the full moon on a sea of glass at 3am in the morning....
Hibbard, TomSTG3 & STG2(SW)Apr 12, 1991 – Apr 9, 1993CA
Patterson, GeneET3May 9, 1991 – May 1, 1995ceGreat Ship. Great Times
Albrecht, ThomasMSC(SW)May 10, 1991 – Sep 18, 1993Food Service S-2Awesome ship and crew! Served with best CO ever, "Mad Dog" Dave Ryan! Made Chief Petty Officer after deploying on 1992 World Cruise. Memories will live on....
Duran, EduardoEN2May 11, 1991 – Jan 8, 1996A GANGGreat memories!!! Left and converted to GSM. Now GSMC Duran.
Borgelt, ToddFC3May 22, 1991 – Jul 21, 1993CFHad a great time on our world cruise and other trip. I think of good times and good friends often. Wouldn't change a thing.
White, Donnell "Dizzy"QM3Aug 1991 – Apr 1992NavigationMy last few months on active duty after DDG-12 decomm. Great ship and crew.
Beamish, ToddYN3Aug 11, 1991 – May 15, 1995ENG LOGROOM YNBest tour in my career. I think of her often and the great crew I served with. CALLAGHAN is my first love and I will never forget her.
Bussell, KenFC2Oct 1, 1991 – Oct 1, 1992FCWorld cruise was great. Never got a cruise book. E-mail me if you have one I can get copies of. Went to San Diego to go see her again. Didn't know she had been decomissioned. Sure do miss the life.
Watson, William "gus"FC2/E-5Oct 31, 1991 – Apr 10, 1995FoxThe big black Fire Control Guy. What's up to everyone. to anyone trying to catch up!
Shealey, ShealeyE-3Nov 8, 1991 – May 6, 1993DeckGreat Memories!
Johnson, BryanE-4/QM/BMNov 10, 1991 – Jun 10, 1994DECK/NAVOnly remember the good times and there were many
Swanson, LeeSTG2(SW)Dec 1991 – Mar 1993CAGood to see some familiar names on this list. Lots of good memories of many people. BTW-I've seen the Callaghan in mothballs over in Bremerton and its a sad sight.
Mountain, JamesHNDec 15, 1991 – Dec 4, 1992Medical

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1988 | 1989 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1995 | 1996 – now

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