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USS Fletcher (DD 992) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fletcher (DD 992). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 356 crew members registered for the USS Fletcher (DD 992).

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Johnson, JayLTJG1994 – 1997MASWO, M-DIV, MPA
Everson, KevinET1(SW)1994 – 1997CSE
Overton, RobertGSM3Jan 4, 1994 – Aug 20, 1997M DIVI had a lot of fun onboard with all my crewmates. I wish I would have never left.
Andrade, Richard (Mario)RM3Jan 5, 1994 – Jun 15, 1996OpsHow are all my old shipmates doing? Hope all is well. After leaving the Navy I went back home and Graduated from USC (Go Trojans!) with a degree in computer science, I am now living the good life in Sarasota, FL working on the same field.
Summers, JerryGSE2 (SW)Feb 26, 1994 – Nov 16, 1999ALOHA!!ALOHA "Fighting Jack" Hello Craig, Glenda, Scrivnuts, EMCS Eric DeMaria (don't you forget the S!) When is the next camp out?? GSE3 Jason H, CHIEF AL!! Padua, GSEC Parsons best divo ever! hope your new students are doing as well as your mdiv
Edwards, SteveIC2Apr 1994 – Dec 1997CSE
Talley, CharlesGMG3Apr 1994 – Mar 1996CSThe time I spent on the Fletcher and on deployment were the best of my life. I wish I had stayed in. I miss the Fletcher, and am sad to hear she is decommisioned.
Soper, WilliamMS3Jun 1994 – Mar 13, 1998Supply
Cain, ChrisSN/BM3Jun 7, 1994 – Jun 18, 1997DECKgreat ship had a blast
Shane, LloydFN/IC3Oct 1994 – Jul 1997MP/CE
Bolo, Rodrigo (Rudy)E5/BM2Nov 14, 1994 – May 22, 1998OPS/DECKTo the deck crew, thanks for all the memories and laughter, you guys were the best deck crew i've ever work with, to my hard working crazy deck guys, Joe Ellington,(aka) Gee Dunk.. Mike Cavalho, Mario Andrade, and Vargas.. stay in touch.
Bolo, Rodrigo (Rudy)E5/BM2Nov 14, 1994 – May 2024OPS/DECKTO AL MY DECK CREW AND SHIPMATE OF THE FIGHTING JACK MUCH ALOHA..GOD BLESS. Ellington/Vargas/Carvalho/ Andrade...Stay out of troubles.
Sizemore, PaulE-5/ET21995 – 1999CSE
Montague, Schon (Monty)FC21995 – Dec 1999CSMSaw a video of the old fighting jack getting sunk to be a reef. Torpedo took her down quick. Does anyone remember standing quarterdeck watch with me. I need help if anyone remembers how much pain I was in.
Yarusso, ChristopherSM3/E-4Jan 17, 1995 – Oct 25, 1998octhefletcher was great and i do miss the crew fun. those were some times to be had. and for those who know me(preacher,little boy, yo, flanders kid, etc....) it was all good... man,, i really miss those days out on the water.
Troupe, MatthewET2Feb 1995 – Jun 1998CSFletcher was a one of my better commands, enjoyed being in Hawaii.
Cruz, RonaldEMC/E-7Apr 19, 1995 – May 18, 2000ENG/EDESSERT FOX was awesome sending 45 TOMAHAWKS to IRAQ using the newly installed VLS back in 1999. E Division was great keeping the lights ON, 24HRS a day...
Pugh, TrishRM3Apr 24, 1995 – Apr 24, 1999OCI was an RM3 stationed onboard the USS Fletcher (DD-992). I went through two deployments while stationed onboard.
Wood, MarieCTRCS(SW)May 1995 – Jul 1998OZBest tour of my career!
Brown, JeffDS2 (sw)- DS1(SW)Jun 1995 – Jun 1998CEHawaii Was great, would go back in a heart beat. I wonder if the FIghting Jack picture is still on the side of the KCMX?
Lesher, ArthurET1(SW)Aug 1995 – Dec 1996CSEMy last ship! Loved the people who worked for and with me. I remember working my butt off getting all of our UHF comm gear to pass testing.
Dauch, TaraE-1Jan 1996 – Apr 1996It was a short period but the memories will last a lifetime. There were good friends and great times. I am saddened to here the ship has been decommissioned. I would serve aboard the ship again anytime.
Vargas, Joaquin/ VatoTHEN: E-1/E-4, NOW E-6Jan 11, 1996 – Jul 4, 20001stI grew up onboard Fighting Jack she brought me through hard times and the good. I never thought that I would be sitting right here right now 11 years later still riding these ships. To the original crew of Fletcher much love from San Diego.
Quattro, JohnMS3Jun 1, 1996 – Jan 20, 1999S-2
Vigil, HeatherQM3 (SW)Jul 1996 – Jul 19991st then Supply as a QMHa! What to say! I definitely feel like I grew up on the ship I arrived fresh out of highschool and left 2 weeks after my 21st birthday.
Marino, RobOSSNAug 1996 – Apr 1997OI
Barnes, JonathanDC2(SW)Oct 8, 1996 – Jun 15, 1999RHey 992 , 2 west packs. Man did we get fucked up. I had alot of fun. Anyone heard from R div. Stone?, troy? Victor. Hit me up
Ingram, DanOSCNov 11, 1996 – Jun 2, 2000OIThe OI Division on Fletcher was the best I've seen. They continue their outstanding performance at their follow-on commands. Yes I'm watching. And I am proud. -Dano-
Jones (Hester), LauraE7/NCCDec 1, 1996 – Dec 1, 1999NAVEX
Stout, MarkSK1Feb 1997 – Nov 2000Supply
Garcia, JohnnyGSM3Jun 1997 – Dec 2000M-DivDude the best I could remember was the spades tournament on the mess decks
Silloway, AlexLTJul 1997 – Feb 2000OpsI have very fond memories of my time aboard Fletcher and all the great people I got to work with. I'm now working for JPMorgan Chase in Phoenix, AZ. It's not as exciting as being "Ops", but it pays a helluva lot better!
Bailey, DanielMACMSep 12, 1997 – May 15, 2001CMAA"Chief MAC" Oficiated at countless CO's masts. Also served as Helicopter Control Officer and VBSS Team member.
Sewell, JasonDC2(SW)Oct 1997 – Jan 2000Worked for DCC Michael D. Jordan, HT2 Bryant, and Peter Rolled you "MAC Bailey" in Eng. Bearthing. Had a blast on 992 and would not trade it for anything. Met a ton of great people. XO--Secure the soda machine.
Morton, CraigGSE1Oct 10, 1997 – Nov 21, 2000MPHowdy :)
Smith, YvonneHMHN (LILDOC)Nov 1997 – 2000MedicalThis was my first and only ship duty. I learned a lot about me and had blast in every port.
Brickous, GregOSCS(SW)Dec 1997 – Feb 2002OIThe "Fighting Jack" was a blast to serve on. Will never forget the fight in Phuket and the car in San Diego... The best and most exciting division I ever worked with.
Fulford, Thomas / SuppoLTDec 15, 1997 – Mar 1, 2000Supply DeptReally enjoyed my time as SUPPO. Had the greatest staff which made my job that much easier. Retired 2013, currently working for the Federal government as Contract Specialist.
Porter, AlexIC2Dec 17, 1997 – Mar 21, 2001CSE

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