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USS Fife (DD 991) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fife (DD 991). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 619 crew members registered for the USS Fife (DD 991).

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White, BrianaGM31999 – 2001combatGot out of the navy as a GM2, not sure if I miss you guys or not..but we did have some fun times...married DC2 Kelly ....having a blast playing in the snow here in Colorado
Israel, YochebedBM2Jan 1999 – Feb 2003ODI was trying to find info on ribbons we may have received from unitas, and I came across this, I just couldn't resist telling all of you"Get a Life"!
Underhill, TimCTR 1(SW)Feb 1999 – Sep 2002OZHad a great time on '00 deployment, you can reach me by e mail.
Madison, Herlitra /ladeedksaApr 1999 –supplyHello all you Navy folks! It's Madison here saying hello to the old crew....some of you made it a dream, some a nightmare! But, God Bless !!! Email me ya want. If not ....I still can hold a lil tune! :)
Will, WillyIT3Apr 26, 1999 – Nov 26, 2002OCWord to the poosies in OC. Yes, the civilian life can bite some A. Always missin the homies in the hole of Ops Berthing. Never missing cleanin man chowder outta the showers. Holla back if you owe me money.
Williams, Ralph profile iconGMCMay 1999 – Dec 2002CGGreatest achievement for a Gunners Mate. I was the leading Gunner on a Destroyer. Proudest time of my career. Retired in 2005 as a GMC. Now teaching in San Antonio Texas. Fife was a great ship with a great crew.
Williams, Ralph S.GMCMay 3, 1999 – Dec 1, 2002CG
Lewis, SteveLTMay 15, 1999 – Jul 31, 2001OZGreat times! I loved doing the VBSS operations. Best to all of you who worked with me in OZ Division. I'm retired, working as a contractor at STRATCOM now. Drop me an email if you have a few. "Stay no one!" Cheers!!!
Lewis, SteveLT/O-2May 15, 1999 – Jul 31, 2001OZ
Zeiger, JenniferE-2Jul 1999 – Jul 2001SeamenI had a blast while it lasted. Married IC3 Zeiger,had a boy and well divorced.I do miss the navy life,but wouldn't have changed a thing.
Thibeault, CraigGSMC (SW/MTS)Jul 1, 1999 – Dec 2, 2002MPRetired. Check me out on
Pezza, JeremySK2 (SW)Aug 21, 1999 – Aug 21, 2001S-1Some of the greatest adventures of my life were on this boat. I was glad to have been there and I was glad to say goodbye to the Navy from her Quarterdeck. Good job and a college grad now, but I still kind of miss it.
Senecal, CatQM3Sep 1, 1999 – Jan 1, 2001Navigation
Crabdree, TomFC2Sep 19, 1999 – Feb 1, 2003CG
McManues, CoryE-5/BM2Oct 8, 1999 – Jan 15, 2003ODFIFE WAS OUTSTANDING . REALLY CAN'T COMPLAINE ABOUT IT OR THE PEOPLE YA'LL WERE AWESOME . DROP ME A LINE .( the email is my moms i'm too lazy to get my own account )
Stankis, BrianOS1 THEN OSCOct 15, 1999 – Feb 2, 2003OIOSCS Now on the PCU GHW BUSH
Mott, EricE-6/IT1(SW)Oct 18, 1999 – Feb 28, 2003OCMy time onboard was not the worst and most definitely not the best. I would like to give a shout out to Jon Westrum (aka Bam Bam) Keep on lift'in. To everyone else, take care of yourselves.
Davis, JasonE-6/FC1Oct 22, 1999 – Feb 14, 2003CE
Nyder, Derek (Deriyaki-formerly Derek Vaughn)SANov 1999 – Dec 17, 2001ODMiss ya'll, OD was the bomb. We had alot of fun 2gether. anybody know where BM3 Mcmanues, miara and or SM3 stark are. I'd love to stay in touch. Gotta go ( think it was nov I got aboard, but can't remember)
Piele, WaltSTG2Nov 15, 1999 – Feb 2003CSA1Miss this great ship had its ups and downs but enjoyed being there
Quinola, Lody J.BM2Nov 29, 1999 – Feb 20, 2003ODwhat else to say, "GO FIFE" probably the best ship ever. hope you guys stay safe and have fun at the same time. good luck! oh yeah my current duty station sucks ass!
Quinola, LodyBM2Nov 29, 1999 – Feb 20, 2003OD
Mckeever, ValerieE-4/GSE3Dec 1999 – Jun 2001MP
Crespo, GregoryLTDec 1999 – Jan 2002OI
Lavala, KezeOS2 LAVALADec 3, 1999 –OIWat up FIFE, doing the college thing and the reserve, but still missing the good and bad times on fife. hit me up at
Dalrymple, JamesE-5/ STG22000 –CA
Eaton, OdessaSTG32000 – 2001CAI wish I had stayed in the Navy . . .
Cruise, GuyFC1 (SW/AW)2000 – 2001CM2
Smith, JenniferGSM3Jan 2000 – Feb 2003MPIt wasn't always the best of times but it was a good time. Pre-Comm afterwards wasn't so bad either. I miss both at times.
McIlvain, DanielNOW EN2Jan 18, 2000 – Aug 2001EAWish I could have kept in touch with some of you. Specially the engineers. I have the easy life for now in the aviation side HM-15. On my way recruiting. Still an EN tho. Plogmann, WHATS UP MAN?
Branch, Rick "Lil' Nap"LTFeb 2000 – Feb 2002CE EMOGreat times with the entire crew of FIFE! It has been my best tour in the Navy. Just remember the bottom line is....
Ramirez, LorenzoCTR2(SW)/E5Feb 25, 2000 – Feb 1, 2003OZ
George, GalenFC1(SW)Mar 2000 – Dec 2002CFI always thought the grass would be greener..... I really wish that FIFE was still around. We had some really great times on her.
McHugh, Martin (Marty)SK2Mar 1, 2000 – Feb 28, 2003SUPPLYHey guys, well I've been a civilian for a while now. It's great!I go to Southern CT St.Univ.And I'm playing drums in my band, "Bombay".My time on the Fife seemed like a liftime but it was a cool experience.Good luck to you all.Ha
Westrum, JonEW2(SW) E-5Mar 27, 2000 – Feb 28, 2003OZShore duty is not the route to go...
Scheminant, ChrisMR1(SW)May 2000 – Jan 2003Repair ER04
Kotula, ScottCTR2(SW)May 20, 2000 – Feb 1, 2003OZI will have to agree with most people that you are the best group of people that I have served with and gotten to know. I truely miss all the good times that we have had. Wish we can do it all again sometime. And to OZ...divison I know. AND FUBM!
Nakata, DavyneIC3May 30, 2000 – Feb 28, 2003EngineeringThanks for the memories!
Salters, JohnJun 14, 2000 – Jun 26, 2002CETo all my peeps in CE: Chaffee, Osch, Strimp, May, Davis, Hefke, Blankney, Almazon, Seto, JD, Kohel, Pike-a-choo, Angry Bob, La Pearl, In-Sain, LTJG, LiL Wutzke, and all that aren't mentioned. You guys were the best!
Rhoda, JamesBM2(SW)Jun 20, 2000 – Feb 18, 2003FirstLife is good in sunny Florida.
Young, JayLTJul 1, 2000 – May 5, 2002CG
Fahrenkrug, RobertFCCJul 30, 2000 – Mar 1, 2003CEHad a great time onboard and met some great shipmates. Joey, look me up sometime.
Rubio, AlbertGM1/GMC(then) CWO3(now)Sep 29, 2000 – Jan 13, 2003CMGood ship, good memories. Made Chief on this ship, damn good tour.
Laperle, DanielET2Sep 30, 2000 – Feb 10, 2003CEAhoy from Great Lakes... Now shine those boots, recruit!
Slebodnik, BrianGM2(SW)Nov 17, 2000 – Feb 6, 2003Combat SystemsDudes, I got two words for you, Shout at the Devil!! So I'm in Sicily and it blows and i hate it. So does Calvert. Wish I was back on another ship with all of you's except for Ski cause he's got a hard-on for Jim Morrison. Ok that's it
Curtiss, Fe'AdolphusCTT1(SW/AW)Nov 28, 2000 – Feb 6, 2003OZOZ in the house! SPOOKS!
Strimple, MattFC2Dec 2000 – Feb 2003ceLove to get in touch with anyone "on board" while I was there. What's up! I'm at and like SKI would say.....I Love It. I can't believe some of you....and you know who you are are still "IN"
Ingersol, DanCTRC(SW)Dec 9, 2000 – Mar 1, 2003OZHad a great time on the mighty warship Fife and took away a lot of great memories. The retired life is great and so is college. Yes, I'm finally getting edumacated! To all those I served with, take care and drop a line to say hi.
Riley, Eric J.E-4/ FC3(SW)Dec 16, 2000 – Jan 17, 2003CM

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