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USS Fife (DD 991) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fife (DD 991). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 619 crew members registered for the USS Fife (DD 991).

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Tamayo, KelvinGSM2 (SW)Feb 8, 1996 – Jan 9, 1999MPI will never forget the experiences I had on the FIFE, from all the great, and sometimes awfully bad but still funny moments to the interaction with some special "characters" I currently have made the transit to civilian
Arnett, RandyRM3Mar 1996 – Mar 1998OCHope all you guys are doing good, did have lots of fun while I was there...but civilian life is nice!!
Thurston, D. Sherrod (Hot Rod) (the Mad Ms)MS3Mar 15, 1996 – Oct 30, 2000Supply S-2Just googled the ship and read that it now sleeps with the fishes.Damn,that hurts. Anyways, what's up to 1-0,Deese,Starks aka Edward,DP,Worthy. Too many of ya'll to name. E-mail me and lets chat about old times.
Good, StephanGSM3Apr 1996 – May 2001MP
Owen, VinceE-5Jun 1996 – Jun 1999A-gang
Sheley, Jeff (Smokie Joe Or The Don)E-4/RM3Jun 1996 – Oct 26, 1999OCI had a lot of fun as Radio Watch Supervisor, but I had a lot more fun when I was on liberty. I miss those days. I hated to see the Fife go, but I loved to watch it leave.
Dick, Travis Dickem DownBM3Jun 10, 1996 – Feb 12, 1999ODwhats up just seeing who else found you doing whitney, kelly, pretty wilson, johan, knicks, lyle, too many to list you all dont be mad. look me up easy to find
Smith, JeffreyET2Jul 30, 1996 – Sep 7, 1999CEJosh, Jack, Kat, Teeter, Sprech, Rob, Sammy, Bart, Aaron, Niki, Andrea, Rosi, Luke, Ferg, Jr, McCulley... (and all of you I missed) It was one hell of a good time. Let's get together again!
Marks, ChrisOS2Aug 10, 1996 – Dec 7, 2000OIS'up Japan crew, hope you are all doing well.
Joyce, Newton ScottEW2Aug 19, 1996 – Mar 10, 1998OZ
Gering, LeopoldE-5 GSMAug 30, 1996 – Apr 1, 2000MP
Grice, VictorDC3Oct 1996 – May 1999Repairhad some great times onboard the Fife Dog from Japan to Everett
Mcculley, Michael J.E-5/HT2(SW)Nov 20, 1996 – May 5, 1999R
Luna, JustinDC3Jan 1997 – Apr 2000RHello everyone!!! Some good times....Right Mick!!
Williams, MauricePN2Jan 4, 1997 – Feb 4, 2002Amin
Archer, JonathanOSSNJan 14, 1997 – Jun 16, 1998OIMy First ship
Baldwin, Pleashette (Money)BM2(SW)Jan 15, 1997 – Dec 15, 2002ODI miss most of yall, most of yall suck, I am in Japan having a good time!!! I miss the Fife and wish I could have kept in touch with most. I'm going to VA in a few months though....Good luck to all!
Laguna, CarlosGMM3Jan 18, 1997 – Jan 1, 1999CMHad the greatest time onboard. Worked on the MK41 VLS launcher as well as with the Tomahawk guys for my two years onboard.
Wilson, Kevin / Pretty WilsonBOATSWAINS MATE 2ND CLASSMar 1, 1997 – Nov 1, 2000Best Time of My Life! Thank You !!! BM3 Doza call me! 215-307-9037
Kelly, MichaelDC2Mar 17, 1997 – Mar 17, 2001ERHad some good times on the Fife.
Schade, MariaYN1(AW)Apr 1997 – Jan 2002NXHey! What's up? I'm still in the Navy, on Whidbey Island, with a squadron, man are the Air people different! Prima Donna's! But it's okay getting U/W, even if it is on the Lincoln, no GQ!
Thomas, RobertE-4/FC3Apr 20, 1997 – Apr 10, 1998CFNATO SEA-Chicken
Bell, DugGSE3May 5, 1997 – Apr 20, 2000
Moore, Thomas DonaldSN (E-3)Jun 1997 – Aug 1997DECKWasnt the best experience but its cool to be able to see the ship get its just desert. God Bless the FIFE...what a ride it was!
Laguna, CarlosGMM3Jun 6, 1997 – Jan 18, 1999CM - MK 41 VLS
Bell, James/bggmg3Aug 4, 1997 – Aug 4, 2001gunner's mate departmentWell i hope you guys are all doin well in what ever fields your in. That's in or out of the service.
Kirkland, CapnkirkE3Aug 17, 1997 – Mar 14, 2000ships serviceman
Doza, Gary (No Limit)BM3Sep 1997 – Nov 2000ODJust wanna give a shout-out to my crew especially OD(Japan Crew)you guys kept it for real! just email me anytime....PEACE!....p'noi pride
Stallcup, Jeremiah LBM3Oct 1997 – Jun 2001deckHey whats up, just livin' the dream.
Koehler, JohnGM3Oct 1997 – May 2000CG
Gabehart, BryanQM3(SW) E-4Nov 15, 1997 – Nov 15, 2000NNOut of the navy and loving it. Where is Martin?
Yantarak, LeoOS2Nov 28, 1997 – May 24, 2002OILeave Shore duty and go back on the FIFE any day....
Desrosiers, JoeFCCS(SW/AW)Dec 8, 1997 – Oct 15, 2000CEGreat ship, great crew. You guys rocked. All you guys rocked. Going to "the dark side" (made Warrant). Look me up in San Dog....
McKenzie, JohnGM2Dec 25, 1997 – Aug 27, 1999CGIve become a puddle pirate working for the Coast Guard and gone over to the dark side...
James, DorianITSNDec 26, 1997 – Sep 10, 2001OCTo all my Fife Dogs that may see this holla at cha boy DP. I made it.I did'nt think I woukd miss the boat and crew but I do.
James, DorianSN TO RMSN TO SA TO RMSA AND NOW ON TOPDec 26, 1997 – Sep 10, 2001OD and OCWhat up, if any of my people want to get in touch with me I'm at and if you want to see some folks that not on here check out myspace they have a group on there. Later!!!!!
Pioquinto (Bombard), Nicole NikkiSTG31998 – 2000Had a great time and met alot of great people...Hope anyone that remembers me will hit me up...
Rigsbee, LewisGM11998 –CG
Ramos-espino, EduardoFNJan 1998 – Mar 2000MPJust remembering all the great times onboard the FIFE. Will never forget those memories with Tamayo, Gonzales, Rocky, Gillespie, and more.
Chavers, Richard (Tom)GM1Jan 12, 1998 – Aug 18, 2000CGHope all are doing well.
Beasley, MatthewOS2(SW)Feb 1998 – Jun 2002OIHope all is well. Take care. Beas
Vlaming, ScottIC3Feb 1998 – Mar 1999EE/CFFC1 now
Erickson, MonteSTG1(SW)Feb 1998 – Feb 2000CAI had an outstanding time on my tour and met some outstanding people. Japan was good. Retirement is great!!!
Valdez, RamilDCC(SW/AW)Feb 1998 – Apr 1998
Wiggins, Sylvester (Wiggy)OS2Feb 2, 1998 – Jul 4, 2001OIWhats crackin? Too many memories for one person. Much love to everybody. To my DX comrades, I haven't forgot ya'll. From Yoko to Everett, do what you do. The BAT CAVE will never be forgotten. OI fo' life!
Hicks, Robert "Chili"NC1(SW) - NCCMMar 1998 – Jul 2001Career CounselorGreat tour and alot of Great Sailors. Preparing to retire in December '06, best wishes to all
Bronder, StephenFCC(SW)Mar 1998 – Jun 2000CFWow. Awesome finding this website and seeing a BUNCH of familar names. Hope you all are doing well. Drop me a note just to say hi. Wouldn't mind keeping in touch with any to. The Fife was a great ship coupled with a outstanding crew.
Petermore, KevinE-5/DC2Mar 1998 – Mar 2000Damage Control
Pederson, EricOS2(SW)Mar 14, 1998 – Mar 17, 2000OI DivisionThe Old OS Rises from the Ranks the Bat Cave, the parties the fun Miss all of you
Murray, MitchFCCMar 16, 1998 – Mar 2000CSG
Palmer, Al / AmfpIT2Mar 20, 1998 – Nov 4, 2001OCThe Fife got worse but I got better. Holla back to every one I knew and to those who knew me.
Serio, MattDC1(SW)Apr 1998 – Jan 2000ERFire, Fire, Fire in the General Workshop.
Gable, PhillipEW1Apr 1998 – Mar 2001OZThree long years here prepared me for chief. OZ was the best division and will remain one of my fondest memories. I could write a book about the sea stories...
Weltzin, R.b. (Bert)IT1(SW)Apr 1998 – Aug 2001OCwell i can say is i had a awsome time. i went through 4 CPO/commo swaps and still every time had awsome people to work with. i miss ya'll in radio. our job really got fun when we added the two Lan networks and inmarsat. thanks guys
Boice, Paul "Mick"FC3Apr 5, 1998 – Jun 28, 2002CGLife sure was strange in that old ship. Sorta Miss you guys every now and then. Tony, Burke, miss ya. Got a resume in at lockheed Martin now. Cross your fingers for me.
Cooper, CoreyApr 8, 1998 – Mar 1999CI
Richardson, BrianCTRC(SW/AW)Apr 11, 1998 – Jan 31, 2000OZBest group of people I ever worked with. Had some of the greatest times in my career on that ship. What bunch of yahoos we were. I miss the times and I find it a bit sad she is on the ocean floor. Serving til the end I suppose.
Megna, MarkTM2(SW)Apr 25, 1998 – Mar 22, 2002CA
Cooper, CoreyOS2(SW)May 1998 – Mar 1999CIOn crew who brought her over from Japan to Everett WA
Gire, BrentGSE2(sw)May 1998 – Oct 2002MPWell if you remember me, you probably didn't like me. I miss all of you. My life was hell but the ship life was all that kept me sane, I hope all of you guys are doing well, if I did you wrong.... My apologies.
Short (Aka..hubbell), NatashaGM2May 5, 1998 – Jul 6, 2001CG"CHI'IZHII!!" we go again!we still livin it up like we did from day one. *sigh!* such good memories..much luv 2 my husband Justin (good ol' EN3 Short himself) missin' u everyday!..hope all y'all are doing as good as i a
Galvez (Hill), CrisEW2(SW)May 5, 1998 – Nov 2000OZCTT1(SW) now, but an EW always.
William, Mauricebm1May 13, 1998 – May 13, 2002deckThis was the worst ship in the Navy. The worst Chief's mess led by ISCM Herb Gregory and That not warfare Chief's mess. I didn't know a Chief could bounce $3500.00 in checks and retire.
Dendy, AllenGSE3May 15, 1998 – Feb 21, 2000
Acklin, Jennifere-3May 22, 1998 – Aug 9, 2000OPERATIONS SPECIALIST
Williams, Ralph S.GMCMay 30, 1998 – Dec 1, 2003CG
Hughes, Gary "huey"FC2Jun 1998 – Jun 2002CF
Ryan, KimberlySM3Jun 1998 – Jul 2001
Tornabeni, LesleeE-3Jun 1998 – Aug 1998Seaman
Swenson, JohnFC1(SW)Jun 16, 1998 – Mar 15, 2000CG
Cooper, CoreyOS2(SW)Jul 1, 1998 – Feb 28, 1999OI/CIMoved ship from Yoko Japan to Everett WA enjoyed our trip to Mex and seeing Sammy Hagar
Urita, Michael (Big U)GSM1Aug 1998 – Jul 1, 2001MP
Urita, Michael "Big U"GSM1Aug 4, 1998 – Jul 2, 2001MPI had a great time with some of you and an outstanding with others.
Nowling, Wiley (Big Wiley Style)FC2Aug 10, 1998 – Aug 14, 2002CMShe was great! I have been on several ships since her and none compare. Best times of my life. Shout out to Harbor, Craddree, oechel, price, rubio, Palmieri, laseign, huges, GM2 Grifith, ski, luckavsky, belone, Corey jones, The galvez's, and every
Contreras, ChrystelOSSNAug 29, 1998 – Mar 30, 2000OII think I was a bit dramatic in the Navy. Wasn't so bad after all....but still prefer the civilian life living on the beach. Growing up and maturing does wonders! Hope everyone I came across is doing well in life.
Arnett (Blakney), Katrina (Kat)ET2(SW)Sep 9, 1998 – Mar 11, 2002CEEnjoyed most of my time and went to places I will probably never get to go again. I miss a lot of you and hope your lives continue to be rewarding and fun. For those friends out there I've lost contact with, send me an e-mail. xxoo Kat
Gonzales, Leanderthen CTM3 / now LTjgOct 26, 1998 – Jun 1, 2000OZWish I would have known that years later the Fife would easily be my favorite tour. Tough to do when you're mess cranking. Good people.
Rohn, EarlGSM1Oct 31, 1998 – Mar 15, 2003Main PropulsionI got out just over a year ago and I landed my dream job. I am a power plant operator in vegas. Yea guys the jobs are out here!!!
Martin, StephenQM3Nov 1998 – Aug 2002Nav/Admin
Lennaman, Steven (Lenny)E-5/STG2Dec 1998 – 2000CA
Mentz, ShaunOS3Dec 1, 1998 – Sep 28, 1999OPS/OIIt was awsome to spend the last year of my navy life on a great boat with some great buddies, if you guys see this message feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.
Knigge, JaySTG1(SW)Dec 27, 1998 – Apr 15, 2002CAHello all! Loving life in Idaho
Jones, Corey RyanDec 30, 1998 – Aug 28, 2001The only person I really miss is SH3 Jones. He was a hell of a sailor. I hope my kids grow up to be just like him. I still to this day get a tear in my eye every time I pop me open a soda.

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