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USS Fife (DD 991) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fife (DD 991). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 619 crew members registered for the USS Fife (DD 991).

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Foussat, DennisSTG1/STGC1970 – 1975CAHas it really beem that long? Plank Owner Visited the ship for a reunion in San Diego in 20-something - hadn't changed much - good times and bad - but only remember the good so many years past
Agee, William "Bill"ET 1Mar 1976 – Mar 1982CE
Lansford, MikeENGINEMAN 4TH CLASS1979 – 1981EngineeringHey everyone...this is Furd. Get in touch with me Plank Owner
Martin, WadeSTG11979 – 1982ASPlank owner - FIT Team member
Love, Allan (Doc)HM31979 – 1981Navagation SickbayI'm a plank owner also. God it's been a long time since I thought of the Fife. the name of the guy that popped hiself on the quarterdeck was Torres. I was the one that got the 0430 wake up. This is Doc Love remember me?
Sheldon, KenOS31979 – Dec 20, 1980O IMy last Command and the end of the Navy for me.
Brophy, KevinFTG21979 – 1982Fire Control Mk 86 GFCS
Wilkins, WilliamE-5 FTM1979 – Jun 11, 1981Combat Systems DivisionI was LPO NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile System Div. I also served as the ships entertainment petty officer
Moncus, David/morkSTG21979 – Jul 2, 1982SonarPlankowner.
McDole, JohnHTFN1979 – Aug 28, 1982Repairthe men aboard this ship made me the man i am today if any of you read this please get ahold of me thanks
Camodeo, MichaelRM2May 1979 – May 31, 1981OCPre-com crew started in San Diego and off to Pascagoula. Sully, Where are you at? Remember our first trip around the horn, on fire in the middle of the night and the USS Preble had to come escort us to Panama, Man what a night! Sleep well old girl!
Christian, KurtIC2May 1, 1979 – Apr 30, 1983EWhat up everyone!!!? Looking at this website really brings back a flood of memories! Erhardt, Speedy, Dane, and Tom we need to reconnect!
Owens, StanET1Jul 1979 – May 1983CE
Martinez, S A PatrickSAAug 1979 – May 19811st.plank owener. living in seattle. having fun.
Bryans, EdE-3Aug 1979 – Jun 1981DECKWhats up deck apes."I put my hand upon her toe yo ho"
Banks, MichaelET-1Aug 1979 – Jun 1983CEPascagoola, MS. George county doesn't like Motorcycle riders. Buffarillo Bar and Grill at lovely Lakeside Manor. Threw sponge at Cmdr Ulrich on 03 level. Sure was fun!
Norton, EdLTAug 1979 – Sep 1983CETime really flies by !!!
Dunham, RayET3Aug 1, 1979 – Oct 10, 1981CEPlankowner
Roush, JeffE-2Aug 23, 1979 – Sep 23, 19811stwant to here from other plank owners who were in boot camp co 179
Carter, KcCTO1(SW)Sep 1979 – Jun 1981OZFirst 'CTO' assigned to USS FIFE - during PRECOM cycle (and pre-OUTBOARD) in Pascagoula, MS.
Dockstader, Michael (Doc)GSM 3 - GSM 2Sep 3, 1979 – Jun 30, 1982MPPlankowner My first day on the job in SD pre-com I hung up on the CO transferring the call to the XO. Anyone remember FIFE's nickname. Fire In Fwd Engine room. We had 2 0r 3 Gen Boot Fires. Great Pre Com Crew.
Wick, ToddBM3Oct 1979 – Aug 1982ODMany good memories of commissioning day and the first westpac in 1982
Tilley, BrianE4/SK3Oct 1979 – Feb 1984Deck and SupplyPlankowner Hope to here from the old crew
Hills, TimYNCOct 1979 – Sep 1982Admin/NavigationPlankowner. Retired in 2001 as a YNC. I remember the good times hanging out with TM Ralph Betts and STG Dwayne Ryder. Can't forget about my Admin buddies Greg Ouzts, Marlon Young, Lou Carr, Gary Gaberdiel, Jimmy Bryant
Graham, GilbertSTG3Oct 1, 1979 – May 1, 1983Combat SystemsHey Guys !!!!
Lizcano, LesE-3Oct 10, 1979 – Jul 18, 1981plank owner- it's been a long time but the memories are still fresh
Sinclair, ScottBM3Oct 28, 1979 – Aug 22, 1982DECK
Baril, GaryBM2Nov 1979 – Aug 19821stWhatever became of "Choo-Choo" Anderson?
Sutherland, CharlesRM2Nov 1979 – Feb 10, 1981CommunicationsEnjoyed working with all the Radioman on board. Felt bad for leaving you all you were a great group of people.
Swangel, MichaelHT1Dec 1979 – Apr 1981RepairI am a Plank Owner. I made the variety of flavors in the Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker. I Shattered my Knee in Pusan Korea and left the ship Apr.30, 1981 for the Hospital in Subic Bay. Contact me at
Anderson, DaneGS1980 – 1984MPGood to see others had as good a time onboard as those of us that got it all started. while it was hard work at times the good times helped balance them out --- Hey speedy, Whats up?
Huber, Tim And Or Horrible Huber The BugSTG31980 – 1982ca, sonarPlank owner and went on first westpac, hey all.
Carter, CharlesCTR31980 – 1982OZIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Joined in Pascagoula. I was aboard for the cruise thru the panama canal to San Diego and the first Wespac.
Dornburg, KarlQM-21980 – 1982NavigationGreat times, recently retired as a LCDR after 26 years active and reserve. CT1, thanks for the cesna flight study guide. I received my Navy "Wings of Gold" in 1993 and had the time of my life in flight training.
Whisenhunt, Billy profile icongmgsn1980 – Jul 8, 1983cgcant believe they sank our ship remember all the good times at the bb and g hi scott sinclair
Alden, MarkOS21980 – Jun 1985OSHey all..I'm currently living in San Antonio, Tx. I just saw the video of the sinking.. My heart is sad.. lots of good memories on that aluminum can... Look me up on facebook... BTW... I am a plankowner ..
Green, MichaelGSM1980 –MPPlank owner. Had some great times. Sorry to see her go.
Craw, BarryGSM21980 – 1982MPAfter 13 Years in the Navy I went into the Air Guard and retired in 2007 as a Master Sgt
Ryder, DwayneSTG31980 – 1982SonarPlankowner. My first Westpac. Cuss out LT. Witsel after being on watch for 36 hrs. I remember when Torres shot himself. He was my watch relief that morn. I was the one who showed him how to use the .45, still think of it
Martin, JohnGSMCJan 1980 – Jul 31, 1982MP
Young, MarlonE-5Jan 1980 – Oct 1, 1982PERSONNELYeoman, Legal Clerk, Postal Clerk Ship's Office
Fullmer, DonGSM3 and GSM2Jan 1980 – Jan 1984MPI'm sorry to see she is gone, she was a class act.
Schmitt, Steve (Schmitty)GMT2Jan 1980 – Jan 1982CSGreat to be a Fife Plank owner. Shout out to CS division and hanging with Stormin Norman Sawyer, Huber, Betts, Prentice, Hubbard. Good times during shake down (in Acapulco & Panama) and took the Fife on her first W-Pac
Buckley, Derek (Rick) "Big D"E5 to 4 to 5Jan 1, 1980 – Jan 1, 1982RepairSkeleton crew, Would have beat you to Passcagula Sam but chose to ski days before reporting. That's right 30 + convalescent leave. Made the trip to Diego on the Fife, remember the canal but WTF Cozumel? Can't say I did.
Newman, SamHT 2Jan 24, 1980 – Nov 6, 1981What a mess. First Ht's on and we really had to install all the equipment, welders, etc. But great crew. I finally go the middle rack and was ready for West-Pac. But father died on Soviet mission and got out on Hardship.
Stremel, JohnET3, ET2Feb 1980 – Aug 1983CEGreat to scan over so many names that instantly brings back loads of memories (mostly good!) Very thankful for the experiences and what it taught me.
Newman, SamHT2Feb 1, 1980 – Nov 4, 1981RepairGreat commisioning crew. Great times in Cosmul,Accupoco, Pamana, San Fran. San Deigo and Pascagulo. Got out before West Pac. Old crew contact me!!!! Hey Matt.!!!!
Edwards, Lloyd profile iconBM3Feb 2, 1980 – Jul 10, 1982DECKTransfering from the (DE / FF 1038-USS McCloy) to a new ship like the USS FIFE was a gr8 experience for me as it would've been 4 any sailor. Tks. Boats Gallagher and Family for the making E-4 Party at your home. Boatswains Mate forever.
Guadagnini, Robert GuadEM2Feb 10, 1980 – Jun 2, 1982EWho would ever think we could look back at a ship fondly.
Kennedy, TerryOS3Feb 12, 1980 – Mar 10, 1981Operations
Rioual, Michael J.EW2Mar 1980 – Jul 1983dd-991
Whitty, JosephOS3Mar 1980 – Jun 1982OI
Erhardt, MikeIC2Mar 1980 – Feb 1985EWas amazed to find out the Fife is no more. Lots of great memories from the Commissioning to the end of my enlistment.
Schranz, PaulOS2Mar 1980 – Jul 1983OILike to hear from any of the commissioning crew from OI DIV
Kennedy, TerryOS3Mar 1, 1980 – Feb 25, 1981OperationsPlank Owner
Ilg, Matthew THT2/E-5Mar 19, 1980 – Jun 28, 1981RepairI was a Plankowner.
Paradise, DanFTG1Mar 22, 1980 – Jul 31, 1984GunneryThe "Big J Sucks" ... wonder who was behind that? Teach the New Jersey to think they were better than us! Hello to all the Plankowners and the early crew of the FIFE. Weren't we supposed to get a piece of her on Decomm
Ballard, MichaelEN2Mar 28, 1980 – Jun 10, 1982A
Michael, CampbellMNCM(SW) RET.Mar 30, 1980 – Feb 12, 1982CAArrived in PRECOM as an STGSN and left as an STG2. (Plankowner)
Stackpole, DougGSCM(SW)Apr 1980 – May 1982MPlankowner - GSE2 while onboard. One of my best tours
Westburg, DanSTG3Apr 1980 – Mar 1982CAPlankowner
Fitzwater, ChrisOS-2Apr 1980 – Jun 1981OIPlankowner. Anyone remeber the name of the personnelman who popped a cap on the Quarterdeck at 0430 in SD. Still hate that it happened.
Vanderfin, GerryGSM 2Apr 1980 – Jul 1983M divWESPAC 82 with my brother.
Tienhaara, RogerEM2May 1980 – Oct 1983E
Petty, DouglasHT3May 1980 – Nov 1981RepairPlank Owner
Prentice, WendellGMTMay 1980 – Aug 1984CAIt has been so long. Sorry to hear is is gone.
Tanner, WilliamE-6/DS-1May 1980 – Aug 1981
Rush, Marshall profile icon3rd Class SignalmanMay 15, 1980 – Sep 9, 1982CommunicationsCommissioning crew aboard USS Fife DD991 Spruance class Destroyer. Commissioned in Pascagoula Mississippi through the Panama Canal stationed in San Diego. What a time.
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Moore, ThomasET/E-6May 30, 1980 – Mar 29, 1985CEI would like to hear from any shipmate that served aboard Fife. I was saddened to see that she was decomissioned. I always felt a bit safer thinking she was on the job!
Hills, TimothyYN3May 30, 1980 – Sep 30, 1982ADMIN/NAVIGATIONPlank owner
Girard, JohnHt2Jun 6, 1980 – Jun 6, 1984R
Lambert, Stephen (Speedy)IC1(SW)Jun 19, 1980 – Apr 30, 1985EThe Great Fife rests at last!
Girard, JohnHT 2Jun 29, 1980 – 1984Repair
Culver, RobertLTAug 1980 – Mar 1983OZGreat experience, was assigned as Fife's first OZ Div. Off. Highlight was becoming SWO qual.
Smith, TaylorCTA1Oct 7, 1980 – Sep 9, 1982OZOZ Plank owner. A great ship, great time and made great friends. First WESTPAC.
Fischer, Ron (Gunner)GMG3Dec 16, 1980 – Aug 23, 1983CombatI just want to say hi to any shipmates of mine. It's been a long time but I still think about the USS Fife, the people that I served with and the time aboard.

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